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2013, Vol.22, No.1

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    Agricultural Soil Carbon Management Considering Water Environment

    이경숙 | Yoon, KwangSik | 최동호 and 3other persons | 2013, 22(1) | pp.1~17 | number of Cited : 3
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    Carbon sequestration on soil is one of the counter measurements against climate change in agricultural sector. Increasing incorporation of organic fertilizer would increase soil organic carbon (SOC) but it could bring high potential of nutrient losses which would result in water quality degradation. In this paper, literature review on soil organic carbon behavior according to agricultural management is presented. The results of field experiment to identify the effect of organic and commercial fertilizer applications on SOC and runoff water quality were also presented. Field experiment confirmed increased SOC and nutrient concentrations in runoff water as application rate of organic fertilizer increase. The potential use of simulation model to develop best agricultural management practice considering carbon sequestration and water quality conservation at the same time is discussed and monitoring and modeling strategies are also suggested to achieve the goal.
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    The Land Surface Temperature Analysis of Seoul city using Satellite Image

    Jeong, Jong Chul | 2013, 22(1) | pp.19~26 | number of Cited : 3
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    The propose of this study is to analyze the optimum spatial resolution of the urban spatial thermal environment structure and to evaluate of the possibility detection using aerial photographs and thermal satellite images. The proper techniques of the optimum spatial resolution for the urban spatial thermal environment structure were analyzed. Thermal infrared satellite image of Seoul city were used for the change rate of surface temperature variation and suggested to the spatial extent and effects of urban surface characteristics and spatial data was interpreted as regions. To extract the surface temperature, Landsat thermal infrared satellite image compared with an automatic weather station data and in the field of the measured temperature and surface temperature by thermal environment affects, the spatial domain has been verified. The surface temperature of the satellite images to extract after adjusting surface temperature isotherms were constructed. The changes in surface temperature from 2008 to 2012the average surface temperature observation images of changing areas were divided into space. The results of this study are as follows: Through analysis of satellite imagery, Seoul city surface temperature change due to extraction comfort indices were classified into four grades. The comfort index indicative of the temperature of Gangnam-gu, 23.7 ~ 27.2 (C˚) range and Songpagu,a 22.7 ~ 30.6 (C˚) respectively, the surface temperature of Yeouido 25.8 ~ 32.6 (C˚) were in the range.
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    The Fish Fauna and Disturbance of Geographical Distributions in the Eastern Civilian Control Line of Korea

    박승철 | 이광열 | Tae-Bong Choi and 3other persons | 2013, 22(1) | pp.27~37 | number of Cited : 4
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    The fish fauna and disturbance of geographical distributions in the eastern Civilian Control Line of Korea were investigated from May to September 2012. Total 35 species sampled during the period were belonged to 13 families. There were 9 Korean endemic species (25.71%) that distributed in the flows into West and South Sea. Distributions of invasion fishes in the studied streams based on geographical distributions of freshwater fish were total 13 species that classified 1 species, C. cuvieri from foreign country and 12 species from other water systems. Hence there have been anthropogenically introduced from too many years ago. Also groups according to the similarities of each studied stations was divided into 4 groups by similarity 50% because difference in them was considered to effect of domestic invasion species. In conclusion, three streams in the eastern Civilian Control Line of Korea were invaded by many alien fishes. Therefore, we are considered to require precise investigation and monitoring for the preparations to management measure.
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    Prediction of Landslides Occurrence Probability under Climate Change using MaxEnt Model

    Ho Gul Kim | Lee, Dong Kun | Yong-Won Mo and 3other persons | 2013, 22(1) | pp.39~50 | number of Cited : 12
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    Occurrence of landslides has been increasing due to extreme weather events(e.g. heavy rainfall, torrential rains) by climate change. Pyeongchang, Korea had seriously been damaged by landslides caused by a typhoon, Ewiniar in 2006. Moreover, the frequency and intensity of landslides are increasing in summer due to torrential rain. Therefore, risk assessment and adaptation measure is urgently needed to build resilience. To support landslide adaptation measures, this study predicted landslides occurrence using MaxEnt model and suggested susceptibility map of landslides. Precipitation data of RCP 8.5 Climate change scenarios were used to analyze an impact of increase in rainfall in the future. In 2050 and 2090, the probability of landslides occurrence was predicted to increase. These were due to an increase in heavy rainfall and cumulative rainfall. As a result of analysis, factors that has major impact on landslide appeared to be climate factors, prediction accuracy of the model was very high(92%). In the future Pyeongchang will have serious rainfall compare to 2006 and more intense landslides area expected to increase. This study will help to establish adaptation measure against landslides due to heavy rainfall.
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    Prevention and Resolution of Conflicts on Development and Environment in Korea

    Lee, Jong-Ho | 2013, 22(1) | pp.51~64 | number of Cited : 2
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    정부 주도의 대규모 개발사업은 개발과 환경보전이라는 가치관의 차이, 개발로 인한 공익과 환경 파괴로 인한 환경이익 침해와 같은 공익 간의 상충, 사업으로 예상되는 국익과 개인의 재산권 침해 등과 같은 문제를 초래하는 경우가 많았다. 그럼에도 불구하고 정부는 개발정책과 계획을 수립하고 개발사업을 집행하는 과정에서 발생되는 자연훼손이나 환경파괴, 경제적 타당성, 사회적 문제 등을 객관적이고 과학적으로 조사하거나 제대로 검증하지 않아 갈등이 빈번하게 발생하였다. 이러한 갈등을 해결하기 위한 기존의 연구는 대개 갈등의 원인을 이해관계, 가치관, 사실관계, 제도 측면에서 규명하고 해결방안으로 주로 주민참여와 거버넌스, 전략환경평가, 사회영향평가 등을 제시하였다. 본 연구에서는 한국에서 1980년대 중반이후 주요 개발갈등사례를 개발사업 종류, 갈등당사자, 갈등 쟁점, 갈등 원인, 선거공약 여부, 소송 여부에 따라 정리한 후, 갈등 예방과 해소를 위한 법과 제도를 고찰하였다. 그리고 선거공약 또는 개발정책 및 계획안 구상단계, 개발정책 및 개발계획 수립단계, 개발사업 시행단계, 갈등·분쟁 발생단계 등으로 구분하여 갈등예방 및 해소방안을 제시하였다. 선거공약 단계에서는 공직선거법상 선거공약서 규정에 국가재정법상 예비타당성분석을 도입하고, 개발정책 및 개발계획 수립단계에서는 전략환경평가와 갈등영향평가의 연계, 전략환경평가과정에 사회영향평가 및 주민참여의 강화, 환경계획과 개발계획의 연계 등을 제시하였다. 개발사업 시행단계에서는 환경영향평가 과정에서의 주민참여를 강화하고, 개발사업 시행단계에서 갈등이 발생하는 경우 거버넌스 구축과 환경분쟁조정법, 공공기관의 갈등예방과 해결에 관한 규정 등을 근거로 하는 갈등해소방안을 제시하였다.
  • 6.

    A Study on Setting up Method for Visual Management of Forest Landscape and Field Application - Focused on Forest Landscape around High One Resort in Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do -

    Lee Gwan Gye | 장효진 | 이민주 and 1other persons | 2013, 22(1) | pp.65~78 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    Since pursuing the pleasant life for people, there is an increase of desire to appreciate outstanding scenery with the difference in certain level for perception and understanding of human on landscaping, However, the quality of landscaping has become artificial with the pleasance to be declining due to the urbanization. This study was applied at the site around High One Resort area in Gohan-eup, Jeongseon-gun Gangwon-do for analyzing the areas sensitive to the landscaping change as well as degree of requirement for landscape management for forest landscape management with the focus on presenting the zoning method and the management class classification method. Even if the forest is the same, the function of it is different depending on land use or what resource is placed that the forestry function is found out to present the management plan for each forestry function in the subject site and the result of the management grade classification is analyzed in overlapping to the forestry function level. As a result, from the landscaping management requirement and visual absorption analysis, the result formulated for upper, middle and lower zones to classify the final forestry landscape management degree into 1-4 grades and the management plan is presented on the respective 1- 4 grade area for each forestry function. By applying the technique to set the management grade, it was possible to formulate the result to provide the means for integrated management in consideration of the forestry function and management of forestry landscape and resources.
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    Management Scheme According to Characteristics of PM-10 Occurred from Large Scale Development Site

    Woo-Taeg Kwon | lee woo sik | Hong Sangpyo | 2013, 22(1) | pp.79~87 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to establish PM-10 management manual for developing large scale sites by assessing the status of PM-10 reduction at ongoing large scale development sites. After analyzing the meteorological conditions and air quality characteristics of Sihwa MTV development site, ISCST3 (Industrial Source Complex Short Term Model 3) was implemented to predict PM-10 generation. The outcomes of ISCST3 modelling were utilized for verification of site survey data. As a result of applying air pollution modeling, the diffusion rate of PM-10 decreases according as the wind speed decreases. And the emission rate of PM-10 increase is linear to the concentration of PM-10. The reduction target of PM-10 can be derived quantitatively from the difference between the forecasted emission rate and the permissible emission limit of PM-10. The assessment of PM-10 characteristics which is deduced from ISCST3 and site survey can be practically applied to accomplish environmentally acceptable air quality manual for large scale development sites.
  • 8.

    Development and application of radiological risk assessment program RADCONS

    JEONG, HYOJOON | 박미선 | HWANG WON TAE and 2other persons | 2013, 22(1) | pp.89~97 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    RADCONS Ver. 1.0 (RADiological CONSequence Assessment Program) was developed for radiological risk assessment in this study. A Gaussian plume model was used to analyze the fate and transport of radionuclides released into the air in case of accidents. Both single meterological data and time series meterological data can be used in RADCONS. To assess the radiological risk of the early phase after an accident, ED (Effective Dose) estimated by both deterministic and probabilistic approaches are presented. These EDs by deterministic and probabilistic will be helpful to efficient decision making for decision makers. External doses from deposited materials by time are presented for quantifying the effects of mid and late phases of an accident. A radiological risk assessment was conducted using RADCONS for an accident scenario of 1 Ci of Cs-137. The maximum of ED for radii of 1,000 meters from the accident point was 8.51E-4 mSv. After Monte-Carlo simulation, considering the uncertainty of the breathing rate and dispersion parameters, the average ED was 8.49E-4, and the 95 percentile was 1.10E-3. A data base of the dose coefficients and a sampling module of the meteorological data will be modified to improve the user’s convenience in the next version.
  • 9.

    Impact of Building Blocks on Inundation Level in Urban Drainage Area

    이정영 | Ha, Sungryong | 2013, 22(1) | pp.99~107 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This study is an impact assessment of building blocks on urban inundation depth and area. LiDAR data is used to generate two original data set in terms of DEM with 5×5 meter and building block elevation layer of the study drainage area in Cheongju and then the building block elevation layer is modified again to the mesh data with same size to DEM. Twodimensional inundation analysis is carried out by applying 2D SWMM model. The inundation depth calculated by using the building block elevation layer shows higher reliability than the DEM. This is resulted from the building block interference to surface flow. In addition, the maximum flooded area by DEM is two times wider than the area by building block layer. In the case of the surface velocity, the difference of velocity is negligible in either DEM or building block case in the low building impact zone. However, If the impact of building on the surface velocity was increase, the gap of velocity was significant.
  • 10.

    Land Use Change Prediction of Cheongju using SLEUTH Model

    박인혁 | Ha, Sungryong | 2013, 22(1) | pp.109~116 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    By IPCC climate change scenario, the socioeconomic actions such as the land use change are closely associated with the climate change as an up zoning action of urban development to increase green gas emission to atmosphere. Prediction of the land use change with rational quality can provide better data for understanding of the climate change in future. This study aims to predict land use change of Cheongju in future and SLEUTH model is used to anticipate with the status quo condition, in which the pattern of land use change in future follows the chronical tendency of land use change during last 25 years. From 40 years prediction since 2000year, the area urbanized compared with 2000 year increases up to 87.8% in 2040 year. The ratios of the area urbanized from agricultural area and natural area in 2040 are decreased to 53.1% and 15.3%, respectively.
  • 11.

    The Effectiveness analysis of the waste recycling system of voluntary agreements

    Jeong, Jong Chul | 2013, 22(1) | pp.117~124 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The introduction of Extended Producer Responsibility(EPR), voluntary agreements and operating were analyzed in this study. The voluntary agreement to participate in the manufacturers, recyclers and management reporting agency data and literature data to verify through research and analysis assessing the performance of the management plan for this system was analyzed. The effectiveness of Voluntary Agreement(VA) on waste analysis system of voluntary agreements with the voluntary agreement of waste reduction savings exemption amount and reductions in greenhouse gases, such as comparison and understanding of business organizations participate waste recycling effects were verified. The Voluntary Agreements as a means of future regulatory system for the ongoing operation of the waste recycling operations and systems effectiveness analysis of the problems appearing in operators and manufacturers suggest ways to improve it.