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Information for Authors

1. Qualification and Types of Manuscripts

1) Only enrolled members of KEIA are eligible for submission. Non-members can be included only as collaborative researchers.

2) The topics of all submitted manuscripts must be related to the field of environmental impact assessments and the types of manuscripts are such as research papers, study notes, technical articles, and additionally the special issues determined by the editorial board .

3) Any manuscripts submitted to JEIA must not be released in any other publications


2. Submission Guidelines and Review fees

1) Authors must submit manuscripts in word process format via JKEIA’s website (

2) Enrolled members of KSEIA who have not paid membership fees can submit manuscripts only after fully paying their membership fees.

3) Authors submitting manuscripts will be required to pay the expenses for peer reviews and publication fee. The review expense for research papers is 60,000 won (speedy reviewing 300,000 won) and that for study note or technical article is 40,000 won. After accepting the publication, authors will be asked to pay 150,000 won of publication fee within 8 pages. For exceeded pages, additional fees of 30,000 won per page will be charged.


3. Preparing and Accepting of Manuscript

1) Submitting manuscripts are classified into research paper which is consisted logically and empirically and study note and technical article which are ,usually short in length, descriptive or describing technical process.

2) Special issues, review article, and perspective essays about innovative paradigm can be posted through examination process determined by the editorial board.

3) Recommended length of the manuscript including figures and tables in JEIA format is within 8 pages for research papers and within 6 pages for study notes and technical article

4) A manuscript should be prepared according to the journal’s manuscript guidelines. Manuscript evaluation and reviewer selection are to follow Regulations on Editorial Board and Judgment Regulations on Research Papers.

5) Final editing for printing order of papers including the process of proof is subject to the decision of the Editorial Board. The first proof should be done by authors, the second by the Editorial Board, which can ask authors to revise descriptive structure or any fallacy or inappropriate expressions in the manuscript.


4. copyright transfer agreement

1) Authors must download and fill out the format of Copyright Transfer Agreement, and send the form signed by authors to KSEIA via fax or email.

2) A single author cannot publish no more than two papers in the same issue.

3) Research and publication ethics of KSEIA complies with international standard of publication ethics, and the authors must be well aware about this.

4) The journal is issued six times per year. (February 28(29), April 30, June 30, August 31, October 31, December 31)