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Review Process

1. Scope and Principles


1) The following regulations shall be applied to all manuscripts (research papers, research notes, technical articles). submitted to KSEIA.

2) The editorial board should review a submitted manuscript and inform authors whether the manuscript meets the aims and scope of JEIA or not within a week. Once a manuscript has been submitted, it will not be returned to the authors


2. Appointment of reviewers and review schedule


1) There should be three peer reviewers for a research paper and two peer reviewers for a study note or a technical article. Reviewers will be appointed by Editor through recommendation from the specialized members of editorial board. More details will be regulated by Regulation on the Editorial Board. The list of reviewers appointed should be completely confidential and the name of authors should not be disclosed over all reviewing process

2) An appointed reviewer should report the result of an manuscript review by the given format of the Editorial Board within two weeks. Otherwise, a reminder letter in the name of the editor will be sent immediately. If a reviewer fails to report the result of manuscript review within a week after receiving a reminder letter, manuscript review will be preceded by appointing other reviewers. Authors should submit a revised manuscript within four weeks after completing a review process,. If authors inevitably fail to submit by the deadline, authors may submit a statement of reasons to the Editorial Board and apply for deadline extension of additional maximum four weeks. If authors fail to submit within this period, a manuscript should be resubmitted.


3. Results of manuscript evaluation and communication


1) Results of manuscript evaluation are classified into four categories: accept, accept with revisions, reevaluation with revisions, and reject.

“Accept” means that the manuscript is accepted for publication without any revision

“Accept with revision” means that the manuscript is acceptable only if the author makes a revision and get a confirmation from the editorial board meeting.

“Reevaluation with revision” is to revise the manuscript immediately and then send it back to the reviewers to decide its acceptability.

     Review results must be kept confidential, and will not be disclosed to anyone other than the authors.


2) A research paper will not be published when two out of three reviewers evaluate a paper as” reject” or when one of three reviewers gives a paper “reject” and then a newly appointed reviewer gives a paper “reject” again. A study note or a technical will not be published when one of two reviewers gives a paper “reject” and then a newly appointed reviewer gives a paper “reject” again.

3) Reviewers and authors can communicate anonymously concerning results of a paper review through the editorial board. The final decision will be made by the editorial board. Reviewers and submitters are not allowed to make an objection to the judgment made by the editorial board.


4) Reviewers should give a paper " reject " with a written document describing the reasons for rejection in full details when the contents of a paper is associated with the following reasons. Reviewers shall respond to authors disagreeing with their judgment results

    (1) Detection of misconducts such as plagiarism

    (2) Lack of novelty or inadequacy of research methodology or discussion

    (3) Inappropriateness for the aims and scope of JKEIA