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2002, Vol.36, No.1

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    A study on the Vitalization of Dong-office Minilibraries as Service Stations for Public Library in Daejeon City

    Kim,Young-Shin | 2002, 36(1) | pp.5~24 | number of Cited : 1
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    The purpose of this study is to find out ways for establishing the identity and for strengthening the function of Dong-office minilibraries, which are nation-widely sprouted according to the Government’s policy of converting the Dong-office’s functions. The general operating status of the minilibraries were investigated by telephone interviews with the minilibrary operators, the collection and usage status by on-site observations, and the user behaviour by user surveys. For the effective operation of the Dong-office minilibraries, they should be identified as service stations of public libraries, supported technically by the local public libraries, and connected to the local educational and social service institutions for the securance of users and volunteers. Networks among the minilibrary operators should also be established for exchanges and cooperations. Furthermore, operating models should be developed according to the library’s environments and the user’s needs.
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    User-oriented Evaluation of NDSL Information Service

    Sa Rah Yoo | 2002, 36(1) | pp.25~40 | number of Cited : 10
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    With the perspective of information management, on-going monitoring of the specified service function is one of the major activities and even critical process. The research consisted of three empirical research questions such as, the current usage and overall user-satisfaction, the quality of the R&D information content and the service, and the problems which have been observed by the actual user group of National Digital Science Library (NDSL). The results of the investigation provided several guidelines that can be utilized for the improvements of the R&D information user service as well as some recommendations for overall optimal administration.
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    A Study on Usability Evaluation for Improving Quality of University Digital Library Website in Korea

    Eung-Bong Lee | YOU, BEOMJONG | Sukdong Kim and 1other persons | 2002, 36(1) | pp.41~60 | number of Cited : 4
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    This study aims to evaluate the usability for improving quality of Hoseo university digital library website. Compatibility of web browser and loading speed are analyzed in using Doctor HTML and Web Site Garage, and seven major attributes of website, that is navigation, functionality, user control, language and contents, system and user feedback, consistency, architectural and visual clarity, are analyzed and evaluated in using online questionnaire method. Finally this paper was suggested some problems and improvements of that website mentioned above, and general guidelines of website construction based on usability in university digital library in korea.
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    Quality Evaluation and Management of a Shared Cataloging DB: the Case of KERIS UNICAT DB

    LEE,JAE WHOAN | 2002, 36(1) | pp.61~89 | number of Cited : 10
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    This study intends to evaluate the quality of the KERIS UNICAT DB, and to suggest both theoretical and practical methods for the quality improvement of the DB. To the end, this study developed a quality evaluation model and verified the quality of the UNICAT DB in a comprehensive way. Emphasis was on analyzing the factors causing such inferior and substandard bibliographic records in the UNICAT DB. Also suggested are the management strategies and substantial guidelines to improve the quality of the UNICAT DB.
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    An Analysis on the Strategies and Managing Behaviors of the Village Mini-Library Movement in Korea

    Lee,Yong-Nam | 2002, 36(1) | pp.91~109 | number of Cited : 2
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    This study is to analyze and interpretate strategies and managing behaviors in order to propel village mini-library movement in Korea from the starting year of the village mini-library to 1980. The strategies conducted for propelling the movement can be divided into two: one is the strategies, as an output goal, related to establishing and managing mini-library; the other the strategies, as a support goal, related to carrying out the movement procedures. Therefore, the study is to examine the two strategies individually using by the qualitative research method such as analyzing related historical records and literatures, interviewing the persons concerned, and organizing the author’s experience.
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    A Study on Historical Trends of the Research for Reference Sevice in Korea

    SoonJa Bae | 2002, 36(1) | pp.111~125 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to know the trends of research of reference service in Korea before 21th century from beginning. After analyzing of representative subject bibliographies , domestic research of this field can be devided into four chronical stages; the beginning stage in 1950’s, the changing stage in 1970’s, the developing stage in 1980’s and professional stage in 1990’s. And found out both domestic and internaional research seemed to have focused on the service theory, however there have been some differences in their lower subjects.
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    A Study on Reading Guidance for Creativity Enhancement by Using Fantasy Literature

    Soyoung Yoo | 2002, 36(1) | pp.127~143 | number of Cited : 0
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    The author describes the reasons why fantasy literature is more useful for reading guidance than realistic fiction. The activities of the human brain are in accordance with the activities of creating fantastic stories. She explains that the characteristics of creativity, according to the findings of psychologists and neuroscientists, are inherent in the activities of the human brain which is integrating information. These properties of information integrating are strongly immanent in fantasy literature. Fantasy literature provides the brains of readers with opportunities to integrate information because of its heterogeneity, for fantasy literature includes both realistic and unrealistic characters and settings comparable to those of realistic fiction. Also fantasy literature appeals to the curiosity and interest of young people, so students easily pay attention to it. Therefore, the author recommends that teacher-librarians use fantasy literature for reading guidance for students. In order to achieve successful reading guidance at school libraries, the author recommends the following.① A school library should have teacher-librarians who are well grounded in literature.② School authorities should elevate the teacher-librarian’s status to the same level as that of other teachers and create conditions such that teacher-librarians can best carry out their responsibilities.③ It is necessary that a variety of lesson plans be developed for use by teacher-librarians.
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    A Study on the Guideline of Authority Record for Heading Control

    Ok-Kyung Chung | 2002, 36(1) | pp.146~163 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to suggest a rational guidelines of authority record for heading controls. It analyzes the headings of AACR2R and KCR2. To efficient retrieval, It suggests distinction of different persons and different corporate bodies of the same name and subject list. It also investigates the problems and suggests the possible improvements for control of headings. The rules for heading control retains the frame from headings of cataloging rules. The guideline for heading controls will be integrated in the rules for headings.
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    A Study on the Construction of Contents for Collection Management Web Sites of University Libraries

    Hye-Young Yoon | 2002, 36(1) | pp.165~186 | number of Cited : 4
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    The collection management paradigm has drastically changed since the emergence of collection management activities on the internet. Due to the technological development of web, web has become the newly open field as a useful tool to facilitate collection management transactions.The purpose of this study is, by evaluating web sites of the university library’s collection management in United States, to construct the contents of collection management web site. To fulfill the purpose, 6 categories for the contents of the collection management web site are suggested.The result of this study can be used as the basic data for researching of collection management web site. Web site is playing a role of stepping up its activities and informing useful information on its selection tool and collection development policy.
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    DDC21의 우선순위표에 관한 연구

    배영활 | Oh, Dong-Geun | 2002, 36(1) | pp.187~209 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This study analyzes the concepts and background of introducing preference order in general classification schemes and investigates and analyzes the major tables of preference of DDC 21 specifically in the Tables and in the Schedules. It also suggests specific examples for application in almost all cases of the tables of preference.
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    A Study on the Application of Quality Certification System in Library Services

    Lee Sang Bok | 2002, 36(1) | pp.211~231 | number of Cited : 2
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    The purpose of this study is to apply the international quality certification system to service quality evaluation in library and information service centers. The study compared various aspects of their quality certification systems and considered application studies of foreign libraries. The results of this study illustrate that TQM based quality certification systems-Deming Quality Prize, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards, European Quality Awards-reflects a broader, more dynamic and custome-oriented quality concepts. On the contrary, ISO 9000 Standards are based on a narrow, static and in house-oriented quality concepts emphasizing conformance to specifications.
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    A Model to Utilize the Volunteer Service in Public Libraries

    Seol, Moon-won | 2002, 36(1) | pp.233~258 | number of Cited : 10
    Abstract PDF
    Utilizing volunteers is one of the essential strategies to enhance and diversify the library service, especially in public libraries which have limited human resources. The purpose of this study is to explore a guideline which can be applied to recruit and manage volunteers in public libraries. To prepare a guideline, library volunteerism in foreign countries was discussed through the literature and the internet, and an empirical survey was conducted to analyze the volunteer management condition in 422 public libraries. Based on these surveys, a guideline composed of eight steps was recommended. This guideline can help libraries recruit, train, retain, and supervise volunteers in effective manner.
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    A Study on the Foundation of the Great Library of Alexandria

    NamTaeWoo | 2002, 36(1) | pp.259~296 | number of Cited : 2
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    The purpose of this Study is on the Foundation of the Great Library of Alexandria. The foundation of the Great Library at Alexandria was a natural consequence of the enormous growth for book production and the book trade, in which Athens had taken the lead from the fifth century BC. onward. Alexandria Library(BC. 290∼AD. 642) is the first to house the collection of comprehensive knowledge on the world in human history. The library is the birthplace of mainstream of Greek civilization and played a pivotal role in academic world. The purpose of this research could be summarized as follows;The purpose of this research is 1) considering establishment, development and decline of Alexandria Library, 2) researching the historical foundation background of Museum and Library, 3) investigating effect on the cataloging history 4) reviewing the value of the Library’s stock of books. This Study employs historical research methods mainly through literature review and mutual comparative methods of many researcher’s studies.
  • 14.

    A Comparative Study on the Information Literacy Programs

    Kang Hye-Young | 2002, 36(1) | pp.297~320 | number of Cited : 10
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to identify theoretical basis of information literacy program in the Korea. Nine Information Literacy Program were compared with ACRL Information Standards. The result of this study is as follows: (1) The identification of information needed was included in the programs that emphasized a thesis or topic statement and formulated question, critical thinking, information technology. (2) Most programs contained mainly potential sources for information. (3) Each programs had element of Information access strategy and skills that explained to OPAC, Indexes and Abstracts, On-line retrievals. (4) Implements the search strategy using various formats was essential elements in the programs. (5) Evaluation and synthesis was included in the programs, partially evaluation for information process and satisfaction was included. (6) The writing skills for termpaper, quotations and oral presentations are important elements of information use in the programs, however, those programs didn’t contain enough the ethical and legal uses of information with respect to the standard.