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2003, Vol.37, No.2

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    사립대학교 도서관경영의 도서관장의 경영관 조사 분석

    Eunju Choi | 2003, 37(2) | pp.5~25 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to investigate private university libray directors’ managerial roles and their views on university library management. Data were collected by sending questionnaires to 103 library directors of member libraries of Korean Private University Library Association. Overall managerial viewpoints of library directors were analyzed, and hypothesis were tested to prove the relationship between director’s professionalism and their managerial style. The importance of university library directors’ role and responsibility were emphasized, and the necessity of entrusting library directors with professional knowledge were suggested.
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    학교도서관 미디어전문가를 위한 교수매체 선정기준 연구

    Park, On-Za | 2003, 37(2) | pp.27~56 | number of Cited : 2
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    The school library media specialists offer the users assistance in using information resources and instructional media by assessing, evaluating and selecting the most appropriate materials for the present educational situation in school. The format of the information media and the scope of the media center collection have constantly been changed by information technology. Media specialist has to know the selection criteria to be capable of providing any media format in the technological society, particularly of providing instruction software(courseware), multimedia, hypermedia and digital reference service to maintain the school library media center as one of the user oriented educational information centers. This paper presents the selection criteria for the instruction media by media format as one of the useful guidelines to the media specialist.
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    전문직 이론을 통해 사서직의 전문성

    LEE,JAE WHOAN | 2003, 37(2) | pp.57~87 | number of Cited : 28
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    The purpose of this article is to discuss on the professionalism of librarianship in Korea. The discussion begins with exploring the conditions which are required for an occupation to be recognized as a profession. The theoretical foundations for discussion is borrowed from ‘Theory of Profession’ in Sociology. In turn, systematically verified are both public image and librarians’ self-confession on librarianship. The weakness and shortcomings of librarianship as a profession are also investigated. Finally suggested are both strategies and methods for the librarianship in Korea to be professionalized.
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    연관규칙을 이용한 문헌정보학 전문용어 클러스터링 기법에 관한 연구

    SEUNG, HYON WOO | Miyoung Park | 2003, 37(2) | pp.89~105 | number of Cited : 5
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    In this paper, an effective method for clustering terminologies extracted from text is proposed, in order to develope a search engine to extract relevant information from large web documents. To prevent frequency of the meaningless association rules among general terminologies, only useful association rules among terminologies are produced using database tables which consist of domain-specific terminologies. Such association rules are produced by applying the Apriori algorithm after forming transaction units from groups of association rules in a document. A group of association rules produced from a terminology forms in a cluster.
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    유용성의 관점에서 본 도서관목록의 품질

    Rho Jee-Hyun | 2003, 37(2) | pp.107~134 | number of Cited : 6
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    This study intends to analyze the utility of library catalogs from library users’ point of view. Emphasis was on verifying how useful library catalogs are as a tool in order to satisfy the information need of library users. To the end, this study developed the criteria and indicators that can be used to measure the utility of library catalogs from users’ viewpoint. On the basis of it, the utility of library catalogs was measured systematically. Sample catalog records for the utility verification were selected from 6 most representative university libraries in Korea. The result of verification was presented and described with the typical examples, and the key factors that caused the low utility of library catalogs were also identified and discussed.
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    디지털콘텐츠 메타데이터 포맷의 비교 연구

    Yoonhee Cho | 2003, 37(2) | pp.135~152 | number of Cited : 6
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    With the rapid growth of the Internet, digital contents have increased in a geometric progression and the types also became much varied. In order to make it easier to identify and search digital contents on the Internet, which is basically a distributed network environment, it is essential to organize and manage metadata. In this study, we have comparatively analyzed the data elements of the meta data formats currently approached from different aspects in diverse fields, so as to provide basic materials for securing interoperability of the meta data formats. We selected Dublin Core, Semantic Header, MARC, IAFA Templates, and TEI Header as the general metadata formats of digital contents used widely in all areas, and we carried out comparisons and analyses based on the literature.
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    월드와이드웹에 나타난 국제 학술 커뮤니케이션 네트워크에 대한 탐사적 연구

    Park, Han Woo | 2003, 37(2) | pp.153~168 | number of Cited : 12
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    A hyperlink on academic World Wide Web has started to be recognized as a form of collaborative communication network connecting individual researchers and research groups and expanding their collaboration relations by making possible easy and direct online contact among people or groups anywhere in the world. This paper describes the structure of academic hyperlinks embedded in universities’ Web sites hosted at the 10 Asian countries and further, examines the association between the structure of the hyperlink network and collaborative communication pattern among those countries based on their frequency of co-authoring articles. This research found that the number of inter-hyperlinks among universities’ Web sites was significantly correlated with the frequency of co-authored articles across the 10 countries.
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    통합형디지털참고봉사를 위한 기반연구:대학도서관을 중심으로

    Hwichool Kim | 2003, 37(2) | pp.169~186 | number of Cited : 10
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    Most of the university libraries in Korea provide digital reference service(DRS), but the use of DRS is very low. The low usage of DRS seems to result from the lack of subject librarians, of staff, of public relations, and of managers’ enthusiastic attitude and understanding of DRS. It is difficult to solve these problems because of the poor circumstances in universities. The collaborative digital reference service(CDRS) is a solution to these problems. Not only CDRS costs little but also can provide reference services in many different subject areas. Though subject specialist librarian, user-friendly system interface, system programs and administrative supports are necessary to implement CDRS, the education and training of the subject specialist librarians is the most important work to be done in the university library situation in Korea.
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    한국 자료관 제도의 역할과 특징에 관한 연구

    방효순 | 2003, 37(2) | pp.187~205 | number of Cited : 3
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    The purpose of this study is to seek the characteristics of Jaryokwan in Korea and suggest the direction of the development for the future, through the analysis of the work process for Record Center(Jaryokwan) regulated in the Law of Records and Archives Management(the Law). According to the Law, Jaryokwan is supposed to cover the areas of the management of semi-current records, government publications, books, and other records. The analysis of the Law shows that Korean Jaryokwan has the characteristics of divisional management of the semi-current records of governments, pursuing the integrated records and archives management systems, tightening the control function from the current-records stage, emphasizing the protection of evidences and security, contribution to the decentralizing storage of archives and simplifying the access to semi-current records for promoting it’s usage. For the future development of Jaryokwan in Korea, this study suggests the imminent needs of the development of ideal model for Korean Jaryokwan, the legal enforcement of posting an Archivist, the more detailed regulation, procedures and methods of work, the close collaboration with Library and Information Science, the pursuit of developing as a regional information center, increasing the flexibility of establishing Jaryokwan.
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    공공도서관의 기부현황과 그 개선방안에 관한 연구-특히 대구광역시 공공도서관을 중심으로-

    Oh, Dong-Geun | 김인식 | 2003, 37(2) | pp.207~227 | number of Cited : 7
    Abstract PDF
    This study first examines the theoretical aspects in general of the philanthropy including donations, gifts, fundraising, and volunteers which can be applied to the public library situations in Korea. It analyzes the general situations of the philanthropy in the public libraries in Daegu Metropolitan City, and suggests the recommendations for the future. The libraries and librarians should develop systematic manuals for the programs and specifies them in a written form and try to apply various methods to motivate donors and volunteers to continue to participate in the programs.
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    미국 학교도서관의 정보활용능력 교육에 관한 연구

    Jong-Sung Kim | 2003, 37(2) | pp.229~252 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the information literacy curriculum of school library in the USA. The writer, to understand the characteristics and principles of information literacy curriculum, analyzes national standards and some state curricula for information literacy education. Finally, through presenting a couple of lessons which were organized based on the information literacy curriculum, drawing out some strategies for development of information literacy curriculum for school library education in Korea.
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    우리나라 전래동화연구의 서지적 고찰

    Soyoung Yoo | 2003, 37(2) | pp.253~268 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    A bibliographical analysis on folktale studies in Korea by Soyoung Yoo This study is aimed primarily at taking a view of the scope and depth of folktale studies in Korea and analysing their subjects study and directions. By doing so, the researcher hopes that this can be of help to users of those studies. The researcher collected all the studies in this field since 1945 and analysed them through SAS program. Thus, the researcher found the studies on Korean folktales started in late 1960’s and flourished and diversified in the middle of the 1990s. The researcher divided the collected materials into two categories, i.e., the study materials which focused on folktales themselves and studies for the exploration of applications of folktales for other purposes. Former analytical study on folktale study themselves is shown to be composed of events, characters, themes and psychological as well as value analysis. there are some comparative studies with folktales of other countries. Latter studies show that the studies are mostly for language educational purpose. Furthermore, they are for illustration, animation, traditional design, costumes studies and theme parks. There are some other studies.
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    도서관의 사명 및 이상 수립에 관한 고찰

    Kwack, Dong Chul | 2003, 37(2) | pp.269~289 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is a basic research to formulate missions and visions in libraries. Results of this study are as follows. First of all, conceptions and characters of terms related to planning, strategic management, organizing culture dealt with missions and visions of an organization are surveyed. Second, the importance of formulating missions and visions in libraries are explained. Third, missions and visions of libraries in Korea and other countries are surveyed and analyzed. Fourth, several basic functions of library formed the foundation on formulating missions and visions in libraries are discussed. Fifth, this study is to provide the desirable direction and expectation of management centering around missions and visions of libraries in Korea.
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    21세기의 도서관,정보센터 건축에 관한 연구

    Chun, Myung-Sook | 2003, 37(2) | pp.291~301 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    The ideal design of the new libraries in 21st century is explored by bench marking many libraries in developed countries. The library buildings are designed to be intelligent, multi-functional, and environmentally compatible, displaying various library treasures and promoting library materials. Thus the libraries become the community centers and tourist attractions.
  • 15.

    초등고학년의 독서부진아에 대한 독서치료 사례연구

    Hahn Bock-Hee | 2003, 37(2) | pp.303~318 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of reading program for the ‘low-reading achiever’ on reading ability. In this regard, this study investigated the effectiveness of bibliotherapy in improving reading attitude, and self-concept in fifth and sixth grade student. In this study it is illustrated how to form questions and leads a discussion for a bibliotherapy session and suggested reading list and annotated bibliography.
  • 16.

    IFLA의 서지레코드 기능요건(FRBR) 모형 고찰

    Lee Sung Sook | 2003, 37(2) | pp.319~342 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    Catalog serves a dual purposes. One is finding function(or identifying function) that is identified and located specific items and the other is collocating function which is displayed specific author’s all works and all related editions.This study is re-examined the functions of catalog. For catalog’s effective serving this study is provided and overviewed the FRBR(Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Record) models as reference conceptual model for functions of catalog.
  • 17.

    전문도서관 기반의 지식경영 방법론 연구-특히 참고 정보봉사를 중심으로-

    노정란 | 2003, 37(2) | pp.343~364 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The importance of Knowledge Management (KM) can be easily recognized in many diverse aspects of the theory studies and in KM’s efforts to help implement the government’s policy to innovate corporation management. The core of KM is to improve the circulation of knowledge by generation, accumulation, sharing, utilization and acquisition by learning. The improvement of knowledge circulation would result in high quality and quantity of intellectual assets in corporations and make decision-making more efficient. This, too, is the operational philosophy of the special libraries. The primary objective of this study is to promote KM by presenting KM methodology and by explaining a theoretical background and cases, based on the existing special libraries. I cite an example of a case wherein merging intellectual assets and human resources activated the company culture. The reference service system, which is the core of the special library, was used in this merging.
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    디지털도서관에서의 전자도서 운영 방안에 관한 연구 : 대학도서관을 중심으로

    WonTae Choi | 2003, 37(2) | pp.365~385 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Because the electronic book field tends to be marked by rapid changes, keeping current with the events and the literature can be difficult. The electronic book means for reading on PCs or hand-held devices were also limited by the quality of the screen. The electronic book will survive and reading devices become much cheaper and much better in quality. This paper, based on recent electronic book technologies, addresses some of the issues that are central to the acceptance and integration of electronic book into academic library. It also addresses the current electronic book environment, notes the increasing issues, details the management factors in academic library, and examines potential future electronic book directions.