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2005, Vol.39, No.1

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    Comparative Study of Feature Selection Methods for Korean Web Documents Clustering

    Youngkee Kim | 2005, 39(1) | pp.45~58 | number of Cited : 1
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    This paper is a comparative study of feature selection methods for Korean web documents clustering. First, we focused on how the term feature and the co-link of web documents affect clustering performance. We clustered web documents by native term feature, co-link and both, and compared the output results with the originally allocated category. And we selected term features for each category using X2, Information Gain (IG), and Mutual Information (MI) from training documents, and applied these features to other experimental documents. In addition we suggested a new method named Max Feature Selection, which selects terms that have the maximum count for a category in each experimental document, and applied X2 (or MI or IG) values to each term instead of term frequency of documents, and clustered them. In the results, X2 shows a better performance than IG or MI, but the difference appears to be slight. But when we applied the Max Feature Selection Method, the clustering performance improved notably. Max Feature Selection is a simple but effective means of feature space reduction and shows powerful performance for Korean web document clustering.
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    A Study on Development and Utilization of Specialized Programs in Curriculum of Library and Information Science

    Younghee Noh | 2005, 39(1) | pp.59~80 | number of Cited : 14
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    In the era of knowledge and information society, specialists with a specific concentration are more appreciated than broad knowledge. Therefore, it is a growing trend that universities and departments restructure their vision and plans to foster specialized professionals. While responding to the needs of working libraries and adhering to the basic educational goals, the programs of the library and information science sector should be flexible to the external changes. In this sense, each university should develop customized curriculum based on its related policies, resources, and surrounding circumstances, with an emphasis on specialization over standardization. This paper discusses how to build specialized education programs in line with specific environments that each university is surrounded with, and by doing so, raise information professionals with specialized concentrations.
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    Study on Faculty Status for Academic Librarians

    이숙희 | 2005, 39(1) | pp.81~103 | number of Cited : 3
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    The pupose of the study is to define the concept of faculty librarian system and provide suggestions in developing the system as a professional mode suitable for academic librarianship. The background and development of the system were reviewed and the advantages and disadvantages of faculty librarian system were addressed along with the investigations of the current status of professor librarians in USA. Key issues related to a rank system, qualification, evaluation and edcucation of faculty librarian were discussed in the light of implementing and promoting this system in domestic university libraries.
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    Impact of the Bunko Movement on School Library in Japan

    Kwon,Eun-Kyung | 2005, 39(1) | pp.105~126 | number of Cited : 1
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    This paper investigates the Bunko, the center of Japanese child ren's reading movement, and its consisted by two parts; one subject is the programs and the law made by government which is related to either the school library or children's reading, the other is Bunko movements initiated by c itizen mostly mothers who wish to improve their children's reading ts started in 1960's and motivate the establishment of public libraries in 1970's, and it has tri ggered activating the school library after early 1990's. By analyzing the relationships of the two subject s it can be concluded that they are tightly connected each other by emphasizing the function of sch teaching-learning center but as a reading facility. It makes di fficult for the Japanese school library to establish the most important function of supporting curricul um.
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    Research on the Information Service of the Ubiquitous Library Age

    고성순 | Kang Hye-Young | 2005, 39(1) | pp.127~145 | number of Cited : 6
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    Today we are preparing to accept the ubiquitous library age. Th is article will serve to define the concepts of the hybrid library, the gateway library and the ubi advanced concepts of the digital library. It will review the ma in projects about them in order to portray what the future libraries will be like and how they can be developed. In particular, the eLib University and Penn State University, and the ubiquitous library projects in Carnegie Mel on University and Maryland University will be surveyed, through which the characteristics of the information services being operated by the ubiquitous libraries will be scanned.
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    South Korean Universal Service and Korean Reunification: Policy Analysis

    정분희 | 2005, 39(1) | pp.147~166 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to redefine the concept and scope of universal service and to develop universal service policy of South Korea for Korean reunification. The basic assumption of this study is that well developed universal service may contribute to the eventual reunification by ensuring equal access to information resources for the two peoples. The theoretical foundation of this study includes social capital and diffusion of innovations theory. This study uses policy analysis as both data collection and data analysis, more specifically qualitative policy analysis with triangulation for improving credibility. Data for the analysis were collected through legislation, other policy documents, and major agreements between North and South Korea related to informatization and unification. This study, identified the major characteristics of universal service and explored the current universal service in South Korea by analyzing major policy instruments of South Korea. In addition, this study presented a great possibility of cooperating in telecommunication policy and telecommunication infrastructure. Consequently, this study proposed policy recommendations in five areas: 1) redefining the scope of universal service, 2) developing a unified telecommunication infrastructure, 3) developing policy instruments, 4) restructuring government organizations, and 5) creating a participatory universal service model for Korean reunification.
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    Curricular Model of Information Literary for School Libraries in Korea

    Myung-Kyu Park | Han, Sang-Wan | 2005, 39(1) | pp.167~194 | number of Cited : 4
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    The purpose of this study is to present a curricular model of information literacy at a national level to build a foundation for information literacy education that has not yet been systematically established in the Korean education system.
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    Study on the Adoption of the FRBR Model

    Lee Sung Sook | Taesoo Kim | 2005, 39(1) | pp.195~220 | number of Cited : 6
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    This study examines the concept of the FRBR model of IFLA, which stratifies the bibliographic relationships between related works and bibliographic records and effectively links them, as well as the problems occurring in the applied cases. Moreover, it modifies the FRBR model by accepting the excluding perspectives of main entry heading and introducing ISTC as a linking device of the related work. This study examines the validity of the M-FRBR model by applying it to Korean literature, resettles the data elements of MODS based on the M-FRBR model, and realizes a bibliographic system based on the modified record format.
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    Efficiency in the Provision of Library Services Using Data Envelopment Analysis

    Kim Sun Ae | 2005, 39(1) | pp.221~239 | number of Cited : 34
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    This paper asesses the relative efficiency of public library s ervices by examining the relationship between library inputs and library outputs in library systems. Using Data Envelopment Analysis, this study derives efficiency scores in the provision of librar Seoul. The data are survey observa tions for 2002. We employ tot al holdings, total serials, and total acquisitions as inputs, and total circulations and reader visit s as outputs. The result shows that the could be reduced by one-three without sacrificing output if all libraries were as efficient as the be nchmark 4 identified by DEA. Too many total collections are the main source of inefficiency.
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    Study on the Description Elements for the Management of Special Format Archives

    박진희 | Lee Too-Young | 2005, 39(1) | pp.241~263 | number of Cited : 6
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    The purpose of this study is to investigate the description ele ments for the effective management of the special format archives. cription rules for data elements including that of both general archives and special format arch ives were analyzed in order to extract the core description elements for special format archives. The result of the study proposed n accordance of the basic formats of ISAD(G).
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    Analysis of Query Types and Topics Submitted to Naver

    Soyeon Park | LEE JOON HO | 김지승 | 2005, 39(1) | pp.265~278 | number of Cited : 14
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    This study examines web query types and topics submitted to Nav er during one year period by analyzing query logs and click logs. Query logs capture queries users submited to the system, and click logs consist of documents users clicked and viewed. This study presents a methodology to s is also suggested. When classified by query types, there are more site search queries than content search queries. Queries about computer/internet, entertainment, shopping, game, education rank hightest. The implications for system designers and web content providers are discussed.
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    Study on Friends of Libraries Groups: Libraries Need Friends

    Kim, Young-seok | 2005, 39(1) | pp.279~294 | number of Cited : 6
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    This study aims to examine and analyze the operations and activities of Friends of Libraries groups in foreign countries. Friends of Libraries are groups of people who are voluntarily associated in order to assist libraries in their work. They have been involved with various libraries in many countries for almost a century. They support libraries by raising funds, working as volunteers, performing P.R. activities, operating political campaigns and being involved in the community. Nowadays, Friends groups are considered more important than at any time in their history because they provide such diverse support. Thus, new groups are being established in many countries. This study suggests that the establishment of Friends groups could improve library operations and services in Korea.
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    Comparative Study on the Storytelling Program for Preschoolers in the Public Libraries of Korea and America

    정혜경 | Hyun Hee Kim | 2005, 39(1) | pp.295~320 | number of Cited : 7
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    Storytelling is a form of arts and a very effective way of scho ol readiness for illiterate preschoolers. Although storytelling programs for preschoolers have been in high increa se in Korea, the programs curently operating ublic because of the lack of understanding of the public and unsystematic operation of the program. The pu rpose of this study is to draw out efective ways to reform the storytelling programs for preschoolers of Ko analysis with those of American public libraries. Analytical ap proaches were discussed with the four essential elements for storytelling program; program, children's librarian, preschooler. and library environment.