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2005, Vol.39, No.2

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    a Study on the library Service for Young Adult : In the Cases of U. S. Public Libraries

    Park, On-Za | 2005, 39(2) | pp.5~33 | number of Cited : 21
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    Young adults are not met adequately by the traditional public library service patterns, being compared for children and adults even though they belong to the main user groups in number. Adolescence is a unique developmental stage distinct from childhood and adulthood and it is fair to say that today's young adults face complex present and confusing future. Projects are made to address the full spectrum of the young adults needs and the important role of public libraries as partners to solve the social youth problems in the USA. The library professional organizations issued young adult service guidelines, recommendations, and manuals to assist public libraries to offer good service programs to young adults. This paper provides the basics of young adult services in the public libraries to help Korean public libraries acknowledge the importance of young adult services and improve the framework of young adult services.
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    Feasibility Study on the Outsourcing of Cataloging in the Libraries

    Hyekyung Jung | 2005, 39(2) | pp.35~55 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study attempts feasibility analysis of cataloging outsourcing. The economic analysis model based on information economics categorizes the benefit into direct benefit and value linking. We measure direct benefit by cost savings and cost avoidance, value linking by the degree of improvement in cataloging quality. The results show that there is no feasibility overall, because librarians spent more time to control the quality due to vendor's lack of professionalism, resulting little effect on cost savings. When cataloging outsourcing is forcibly used under the economically infeasible condition, it is impossible to achieve the basic purpose of operating cost savings and improvement of service function.
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    Improvement fo Standards for School Libraries Instructional Midia and Equipments

    Gi ho Song | 2005, 39(2) | pp.57~84 | number of Cited : 7
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    The standards for instructional media and equipments imply an essential element for curriculum. In knowledge-based society, school libraries are an educational environment to assist curriculum, offer information literacy and reading services. Therefore the standards for school libraries instructional media and equipments are able to suggest the mission of school library media center, and it should contain suitable elements for educational roles. But the current standards are insufficient from quantitatively as well as qualitatively. So the standards, if standards for instructional media and equipments are revised, should be contain following contents.1. facilities guidelines; 2. basic equipment plan; 3. instructional media for educational roles; 4. equipments for each essential area space; 5. more detailed information appliances; 6. improvement of standard for special school library
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    Study on the Integration Strategies of School Library into School's Curriculum

    ByeongKi Lee | 2005, 39(2) | pp.85~105 | number of Cited : 10
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    This paper investigates the integration strategies of school library into school‘s curriculum from a institutional point of view. For this purpose, this study compares and analyze the role and relationship of school library media program to school‘s curriculum in Korea, U.S., Japan. Basing on the comparative result, it proposed the school library relation element that must include in national level curriculum in Korea. To the element which it proposes it includes the compulsion assignment of school library assisted instruction, the time allocation of reading and information literacy instruction, the scope and sequence of information literacy instruction, the flexible schedule.
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    Study on the Service of Korean Language Materials in the Arlington public Library, Texas

    최연미 | 2005, 39(2) | pp.107~121 | number of Cited : 1
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    This research deals with the study of the Arlington Public Library and present situations of public libraries providing Korean language materials services in the United States. The focus of this research is on aspects of the Arlington Public Library, Texas: collecting, classifying, possessing, circulating, and managing the Korean language materials. In addition, this research includes the description of the current trends of Korean language services in public libraries around the US with literature review methods. This research would be a useful steppingstone when libraries in other countries begin services with Korean language materials, or when public libraries in Korea begin to provide foreign language services.
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    Empirical Study on Improving the Performance of Text Categorization Considering the Relationships between Feature Selection Criterea and Weighting Methods

    Lee, Jae Yun | 2005, 39(2) | pp.123~146 | number of Cited : 14
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    This study aims to find consistent strategies for feature selection and feature weighting methods, which can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of kNN text classifier. Feature selection criteria and feature weighting methods are as important factor as classification algorithms to achieve good performance of text categorization systems. Most of the former studies chose conflicting strategies for feature selection criteria and weighting methods. In this study, the performance of several feature selection criteria are measured considering the storage space for inverted index records and the classification time. The classification experiments in this study are conducted to examine the performance of IDF as feature selection criteria and the performance of conventional feature selection criteria, e.g. mutual information, as feature weighting methods. The results of these experiments suggest that using those measures which prefer low-frequency features as feature selection criterion and also as feature weighting method, we can increase the classification speed up to three or five times without loosing classification accuracy.
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    Trends of Search Behavior of Korean Web Users

    Soyeon Park | LEE JOON HO | 2005, 39(2) | pp.147~160 | number of Cited : 6
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    This study examines trends of web query types and topics submitted to NAVER during one year period by analyzing query logs and click logs. There was a seasonal difference in the distribution of query types. Query type distribution was also different between weekdays and weekends, and between different days of the week. The log data show seasonal changes in terms of the topics of queries. Search topics seem to change between weekdays and weekends, and between different days of the week. However, there was little change in overall patterns of search behavior across one year. The implications for system designers and web content providers are discussed.
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    Study on the Strategies for Building a Digital Archive of Electronic Journals

    Honam Choi | Eung-Bong Lee | 2005, 39(2) | pp.161~183 | number of Cited : 14
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    Current electronic journals subscription model based on license purchasing faces a dilemma of uncertainty in securing the perpetual access to the e-journal content that was once licensed and paid. In order to avoid future risks of suspended services this study addresses a digital archiving model and recommends a practical strategies for building a digital archive suitable for Korean library society by analyzing all of both expected problemic issues and success factors in performing the project.
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    Study on Collection Informations for Discovery of Distributed Resources in Digital Libraries

    Lee Sung Sook | 2005, 39(2) | pp.185~209 | number of Cited : 3
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    The description of resources at collection-level is being recognised as an important component of information services that seek to provide integrated access to distributed resources. This research investigated the concept, necessities, and standards of collection level description which manages heterogeneous and distributed resources effectively. Also this research reviewed collection level description projects in other countries to show a new direction of subject access in digital libraries.
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    Study on the Development of the Quality Evaluation Standard of Web-Based Databases

    Hyun-Jin Hong | 2005, 39(2) | pp.211~235 | number of Cited : 16
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    The purpose of this study was to design an extensive evaluation model for the quality of web-based database and to make a comparative analysis of people's awareness of the importance of assessment indices. The evaluation standard developed in this study was constituted by 19 indices and 45 elements in three different areas, including data, service and effectiveness. And a survey was conducted on database experts and nonprofessional users to find out their awareness of the importance of web-based database evaluation elements, and the findings of the study might contribute to laying the foundation for expediting more in-depth research efforts in the future.
  • 11.

    Study on the Web Accessibility Evaluation of Public Libraries in Seoul

    kang soon hee | 2005, 39(2) | pp.237~258 | number of Cited : 18
    Abstract PDF
    Internet Website has become part of daily life. The public library tends to use the website for the information service and the public relations as well. This study aims to evaluate the Web Accessibility for improving universal services in five public libraries website, Seoul Area. Accessibility testing are used two method, that is A-Prompt analysis and HTML Validation Evaluation. The results of evaluation showed that they have been in error. Finally this study well be used for web accessibility in library website.
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    Study on the Leaderships for Development of School Library in Korea

    Jong-Sung Kim | 2005, 39(2) | pp.259~286 | number of Cited : 1
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    The purpose of this paper is to investigate leaderships for development of school library in Korea at the present developmental state. The writer discusses three kinds of leadership: field leadership, administrative leadership, and academic leadership. Each leaderships, for continuous and stable development of school library in Korea, are needed to be enhanced. Especially, establishment of the academic leadership is indispensible to initiate the development of school library in Korea.
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    Usability Evaluation on the Visualization of Information Extraction Output

    Jeeyeon Lee | 2005, 39(2) | pp.287~304 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    The goal of this research is to evaluate the usability of visually browsing the automatically extracted information. A domain-independent information extraction system was used to extract information from news type texts to populate the visually browsable knowledge base. The information extraction system automatically generated Concept-Relation-Concept triples by applying various Natural Language Processing techniques to the text portion of the news articles. To visualize the information stored in the knowledge base, we used PersoanlBrain to develop a visualization portion of the user interface. PersonalBrain is a hyperbolic information visualization system, which enables the users to link information into a network of logical associations. To understand the usability of the visually browsable knowledge base, 15 test subjects were observed while they use the visual interface and also interviewed afterward. By applying a qualitative test data analysis method, a number of usability problems and further research directions were identified.
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    Analytical Study on Research Trends of Bibliotherapy in Overseas

    Gum-Sook Hoang | 2005, 39(2) | pp.305~320 | number of Cited : 20
    Abstract PDF
    This study is to examine the research trends of bibliotherapy at abroad through an analysis of databases(monograph, master's and doctor's dissertations, and journal articles) in overseas and to analyze the citations and documents in various aspects(database, year, field, pattern). The study is to present basic data for bibliotherapist and researcher and to indicate the direction of their study in the future.
  • 15.

    Case Study on the Developmental Bibliotherapy for Self-Actualization

    NamTaeWoo | 이원지 | 2005, 39(2) | pp.321~346 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This research is a case study with the subject of 5th grade elementary students, practice a developmental bibliotherapy, and check the influence on the self-actualization. The subjects of this research is 20 students of 5th grade C elementary school in Gyeonggi province, (including experimental group:10 students, control group:10 students) and we practiced 12 times for 6 weeks. The result of the experimental group represents meaningful effects in the scales of inner-directed, self-actualization value, feeling reactivity, spontaneity, self-regard, self-acceptance. Then, we found in the lasting scale that the effect was lasting after 3 weeks. Therefore, we conclude that a developmental bibliotherapy can gives elementary students a positive influence, and help them form their proper notion as human being.
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    Study on the Activities of the Public Libraries in Promoting Reading in the UK

    Kim, Young-seok | 2005, 39(2) | pp.347~364 | number of Cited : 9
    Abstract PDF
    According to statistics, regarding book reading rates and the number of books read per person, adult literary reading in Korea is very active, even though Internet usage has increased over the last few years. This study plans to discover some practical methods of maintaining this dynamic trend. At present the overall book reading rate in Korea is second to Sweden and the number of books read per person is increasing every year. This study examines the activities of the public libraries in promoting reading the UK, where the book reading rate has been high and a reading renaissance has occurred, as in Korea.