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2007, Vol.41, No.2

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    A Study on the Credential System of Librarian in Korea

    Dong Youl Jeong | 2007, 41(2) | pp.5~29 | number of Cited : 9
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    The purpose of this study is to suggest alternative credential system of librarian in Korea. For this purpose, the study analyzes various aspects of credential system in order to find out characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. The data used in this study are drawn from current situations and problems analysis, critical literature review, case study of six countries, and questionnaire survey analysis. Four different kinds of model are suggested. Those are ‘Internal Competency Model’, ‘Minimum Credits Model’, ‘Licence Examination Model’, ‘Graduate School Model’. This study also suggests further research to develop more adequate credential system of librarian in Korea.
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    Policy Issues and Tasks of Public Libraries in Korea

    Hee-Yoon Yoon | 2007, 41(2) | pp.31~54 | number of Cited : 15
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    The aim of this paper is to analyse correlation between the new library act and policy tasks of public libraries in Korea. In order to attain this objective, author set seven policy tasks, that is, amendment and complement of master plan for library development, unification of public library administrative system, institutionalization of local public library and information policy, job analysis and improvement of library personnel system, infrastructure expansion and revision of various legal standards, standardization of management evaluation and statistical system, and strong connection between public library and related cultural institutions. And author suggested the alternatives to drive and improve of these policy tasks.
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    Study on the User's Cognition of Public Libraries' Service for Senior Citizensgh Survey of Senior Citizens' Welfare Center Users

    Kim,Young-Shin | 2007, 41(2) | pp.55~79 | number of Cited : 6
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    As Korea enters into an aging society, the problem of information literacy against senior citizens is becoming a socioeconomic issue in Korea. Since most of the public libraries in Korea are already equipped with infrastructures for information dissemination, they may be able to solve this problem most effectively among public organizations. In this study in order to investigate senior citizen's general understanding of public library, cognizance of the programs for them, their information request levels, preferred contents, information seeking behavior, etc., 176 participants in educational programs at two senior citizens' welfare center were interviewed and surveyed with structured questionnaires. The statistical analysis of the surveyed data has shown that the senior citizen's general understanding of public library was very poor and that those under 75 years old preferred educational programs and those over 75 preferred recreational ones. Recommendations were made based on the results of the analysis.
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    An Evaluation Study on the School Library Revitalization Project

    Younghee Noh | kwon, jae-hyun | 2007, 41(2) | pp.81~110 | number of Cited : 3
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    This study aims to identify challenges faced by the schools participating in the 2006 School Library Revitalization Project so as to incorporate them in the next year's plan, which is the last year of the phase one of the project, as well as in designing the phase two. By doing so, it seeks to contribute to enhancing effectiveness of the School Library Revitalization Project conducted by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development(MOEHRD), the Republic of Korea. The second segment of the research consists of the public survey in 1,281 project schools(2005) and 1,098 project schools(2006) to assess overall performance of the project. The target group is divided into five categories of school inspectors, principals, teachers, school librarians, and students.
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    A Study of Internet Filtering for Public Information Resources

    Kim Youseung | 2007, 41(2) | pp.111~133 | number of Cited : 1
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    Illegal and harmful information on the Internet have been a great concern not only for regulatory authorities, but also all the public institutes, such as public libraries and schools, that provide Internet access service. In particular, for public libraries which play an important role in organizing, opening and providing information resources in the information society, providing Internet access service are indispensible. Therefore, any changes of Internet content regulatory system may have direct effects on services of public libraries. Due to unique characteristics of the Internet, content regulation on the Internet has made a best use of various regulatory methods, ranging from governmental regulation to self-regulation and technical regulatory methods. However, nation by nation, technical regulatory methods on the Internet have been developed in quite different ways. Applying them on public library has been strongly criticised for violating freedom of expression and rights of access to information. This article begins with a theoretical discussion about free speech rights and regulation on Internet. Then it examines filtering software which is one of the most popular technical regulatory methods based on both technical and socio-humanities' prospects and analyses several governments' regulatory approaches to Internet filtering. As a conclusion, issues concerning Internet filtering at public institutes are critically apprised.
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    A Study on Influences of Academic Library Service Quality Satisfaction and the Loyalty of Users

    김규환 | Young Joon Nam | 2007, 41(2) | pp.135~159 | number of Cited : 17
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    The purpose of this study is to analyze the casual relationships of the service quality, the satisfaction of the users, and the loyalty of the users on the academic libraries. The study develops a model and a hypothesis based on the previous researches, and testifies through multiple regressions and path analysis using questionnaires from 266 academic library users(undergraduate students and graduate students) in the C University. The result of this study is summarized as the following: the service qualities of e-service, contents, and librarians significantly influences the satisfaction of the users--undergraduate students on the qualities of library space/environment and contents, and graduate students on the qualities of e-service and librarian. The satisfaction of the users and the quality of e-service are the variables that influence the loyalty of the users. The quality of e-service is an important variable that influence both the satisfaction and the loyalty of the users in academic libraries.
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    Repeated Reading Experience of University Students

    Seung Chae Lee | 2007, 41(2) | pp.161~180 | number of Cited : 8
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    The goal of this study is to examine what sort of books people read repeatedly, what are the different preferences between men and women, how much the repeatedly-read books are related to the most memorable books and how the repeatedly-read books are connected to reading habits. A questionnaire was provided to college students and their repeated reading experiences were searched. The results of the statistical analysis are summarized: 1) Most college students have experienced repeated reading more than twice. 2) The number of college students who have experienced repeated reading twice is the highest and next, those who have read repeatedly 3 times. Also, the number of times of repeated reading tends to be similar between male and female students. 3) The books which many students read repeatedly more than twice are : a) Romance of 3 Kingdoms b) Little Prince c) Da Vinci Code d) Alchemist e) Chinese nine spine stickle back f) Meu Pe de Larania Lima g) Harry Potter. 4) About half of the students have read the most memorable books many times. 5) The importance of books was evaluated on the basis of the number of repeated readers and the number of readings. The order of the important books is Three Romans of 3 kingdoms, Little Prince, Da Vinci Code, Meu Pe de Larania Lima, Tuesdays with Morrie, Harry Potter, and The Myth of Greece and Rome. 6) The preferred books by male college students are mostly the stories of fighters while female likes books that contain deep emotion and morality. More than half of the males' repeated reading was Romance of 3 Kingdoms while the preferred books of females are distributed widely.
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    Future Directions on Digital Information Services of Academic Library

    Eung-Bong Lee | 2007, 41(2) | pp.181~202 | number of Cited : 9
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    Academic libraries are at a turning point. Historically academic libraries were the natural destination for students, faculty, and researchers seeking information. These users came to the library by default. Academic libraries served as the repository for published information as well as the intermediary for acquiring material from the outside world. In this study, suggested are directions of academic library websites construction and current techniques related library 2.0 that could be applied digital information system of academic libraries. And discussed the recent status, problems and future directions of scholarly information service through websites supporting lecture and research project activities for faculties in Korean university libraries.
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    An Analysis of the State Library Services in the United States

    Chul Wan Kwak | 2007, 41(2) | pp.203~218 | number of Cited : 5
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    The purpose of this study was to investigate the state library services in the United States in order to consider what services are needed for regional libraries in Korea. The data were collected from library statistics and library web pages. The analyses particularly focused on examining the residental service and library service of state libraries. The analyses revealed that the state libraries provide funds, services, and training to local libraries, but the service levels are varied among states. State libraries provide state historical information and genealogy information to residential users, and focus on the information needs for handicapped people. Based upon the analysis of U. S. state libraries, Korea regional libraries would provide services different from local public libraries. Also, regional libraries would be operated based upon the regional characteristics.
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    Building a Collaborative Sci-Tech Digital Library

    이나니 | Lee, Mihwa | Mi-Kyeong Cha and 1other persons | 2007, 41(2) | pp.219~236 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study was to build a collaborative digital library model between KISTI and JST for sharing science and technology information created in Korea and Japan. For this study, digital library framework, it's main concepts and widely-used digital library technologies were investigated. And also, best practices of collaborative digital library were surveyed to characterize collaborative digital library trends. Collaborative Sci-Tech digital library model proposed in this study can be applied in real environment and expanded into other institutions and/or subject areas.
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    Comparing the Efficiency of Public Libraries

    Kim Sun Ae | 2007, 41(2) | pp.237~256 | number of Cited : 32
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    This study examined DEA(Data Envelopment Analysis) and how it measures the efficiency of library units. DEA is a useful nonparametric method to evaluate the relative efficiency of a set of decision making units(DMUs) with multiple inputs and outputs. This study evaluated 102 different public libraries utilizing 4 inputs and 4 outputs focussing on the year 2005. For inefficient libraries, the study analysed the potential improvement and the source of inefficiency comparing the peer groups. The result of this study shows that efficiency of public libraries varies in different localities and forms of operation.
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    A Study on Metadata for Sharing the Information of Earth Observation

    Hye-Young Lee | Kwak, Seung-Jin | 2007, 41(2) | pp.257~276 | number of Cited : 5
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    The purpose of this study is to design the metadata for sharing and efficiently using the informations of Earth Observations in Korea. Recently the GEO(Group on Earth Observations) has been starting to manage all nation's informations in a way that benefits the environment as well as humanity by taking a pulse of the plants. For that reason, we have to construct the infra-system to manage and integrate the 12 social benefit areas in Korea; disaster, health, energy, climate, water, biodiversity, agriculture, forest, ocean, space information and geographical information system(GIS). But these informations have only been managed with varied metadatas in each area of observation, and then it is difficult to integrate varied informations. In this study, we solve the problem with meta-metadata.
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    A Critical Study on the Seoul International Book Fair of the National Reading Improvement Policies

    Sangho Kim | 2007, 41(2) | pp.277~289 | number of Cited : 3
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    International book fairs are business enterprise to promote and facilitate international trade of copyright. National reading improvement policies, on the other hand, are supposed to be made to maximize the role of national and regional libraries, not just to boost publication industry. However, Korean government authorities of the reading improvement policies and the Organizing Committee of the Seoul International Book Fair have mapped out and, in effect, carried out their plans as if reading improvement policies are closely related to hosting international book fairs. It is important to realize that hosting book fair has pecuniary motives while making policies for reading improvement must be geared toward the betterment of the general public by reading. In this respect, this study has attempted to point out the problems of the Seoul International Book Fair that are regarded as to relate to reading improvement.
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    A Study on Design and Analysis of Metadata and y based on Humanities and Social Sciences

    JungYeoun Lee | JungMin Kim | Suk-Doo Choi and 1other persons | 2007, 41(2) | pp.291~316 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to design metadata model for describing different kinds of concepts, properties, and semantic relationships of result materials of researches. We examine our metadata model to evaluate correctness and efficiency of the model through contents analysis of a constructed database. From the results of examination, we suggest more effective structure of metadata schema. Domain ontology could constructed by the enlarged thesaurus in order to overcome the limitation of the keyword search, therefore we design a philosophy and religion ontology based on subject classification to improve information retrieval and implement it using XML/Topic Maps to improve retrieval functionality of our database.
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    The Information World of the Aged and the Role of Public Information ServicesSpecial Reference to Busan Area

    CHANG, DURK HYUN | 2007, 41(2) | pp.317~334 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    This study intends to portray the everyday lives of senior citizens in Busan metro area in terms of the information use and behaviors. Employing basic qualitative data collection tools such as interviews and participant observation, the study attempts to illustrate information needs and behaviors of the aged population in their everyday lives. This paper specifically focuses on the following characteristics of information need and information-related behavior of the aged; types of everyday concerns and ways to cope with such concerns; information literacy levels and motives to get information literacy education; and characteristics of information channels of everyday information seeking and information gathering. The role that interpersonal sources play in their everyday lives has been emphasized. Some suggestions to enhance the levels of information literacy of the aged were added as conclusions.
  • 16.

    A Comparison Analysis of Various Approaches to Multidimensional Scaling in Mapping a Knowledge Domain's Intellectual Structure

    Lee, Jae Yun | 2007, 41(2) | pp.335~357 | number of Cited : 25
    Abstract PDF
    There has been many studies representing intellectual structures with multidimensional scaling(MDS). However MDS configuration is limited in representing local details and explicit structures. In this paper, we identified two components of MDS mapping approach; one is MDS algorithm and the other is preparation of data matrix. Various combinations of the two components of MDS mapping are compared through some measures of fit. It is revealed that the conventional approach composed of ALSCAL algorithm and Euclidean distance matrix calculated from Pearson's correlation matrix is the worst of the compared MDS mapping approaches. Otherwise the best approach to make MDS map is composed of PROXSCAL algorithm and z-scored Euclidean distance matrix calculated from Pearson's correlation matrix. These results suggest that we could obtain more detailed and explicit map of a knowledge domain through careful considerations on the process of MDS mapping.
  • 17.

    An Investigation on the Acquisition and Preservation of Online Serials

    Chi-Ju Lee | 2007, 41(2) | pp.359~386 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    This study is to develop the operation models collection and preservation of serials only distributed online. In order to identify all of the requisite items for collection and preservation of the online serials, it conducts Delphi Technique researches with panels of experts from public institutions, organizations, and research institutions. It also deduces the 68 necessary detailed items to develop the operation models for preserving the online serials, and suggests 57 detailed items selected from the compatibility analysis with the investigation and examination of compatibility and urgency. It suggests the automated collection plan of contents with the application of RSS technology of transfer protocol to provide users the updated information from the sites where the contents and data have been constantly and frequently updated. This study strives to design the collection and preservation processes suitable for the online serials.
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    A Study on the Curricular Model Development for Information User Instruction in Korean Library and Information Science Education

    김태경 | 2007, 41(2) | pp.387~412 | number of Cited : 7
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, countries have recognized the significant to instruct the information literacy to library users so that they can positively and actively use the information. However, among the courses of library and information science in the colleges of South Korea which educate the potential librarians, few courses have the objectives to make the students obtain the abilities to teach the information literacy in the future. Since this lack of appropriate educations is reflected on the fields of library, the librarians have many difficulties in preparing for and performing user instructions. As an alternative solution for this problem, this study suggests opening a course, information user instructions, in the curriculum of library and information science of the colleges in South Korea and concretely demonstrated the curricular model. Also the course syllabus displays when this course would open.
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    A Study on the University Library Cooperation in Daejeon

    Dongmin Shin | 2007, 41(2) | pp.413~438 | number of Cited : 7
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to examine and analyze the user’s using status and the perception of librarian gathered through a survey of university library cooperation, in order to address the problem and to suggest a solution for it. The questionnaires are consisted of population characteristics, a satisfaction of the library information material, awareness of the library cooperative activities, user’s experiences and application degree of them, and the needs for the improvement of the activities. ANOVA, t-test and chi-square test were used for examination of hypothesis in the study. In conclusion, users’ satisfaction of information materials having in their library was lower than 50% and they were not aware of library cooperative activities. However, they agreed on the need of the service with the high percentage. Librarians were aware that the lack of information materials which pointed out by users, and recognized that they have not given them enough informations as well as guidance for the library cooperation.