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2008, Vol.42, No.2

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    A Study of the Job Analysis for Library Children's Services in Korea

    Hee-Yoon Yoon | 2008, 42(2) | pp.5~27 | number of Cited : 5
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    The purpose of this paper based on the preliminary research is to develop the standard job models for children's service of public and children libraries in Korea. To do so, the author surveyed and analysed the perception of library staff of current jobs for children's service using the online questionnaire. And author proposed the standard models(importance, difficulty, professionalism, and performance requirements) of library jobs for strengthening children's services. In addition, the this study suggested a plans to enhance professionalism of children's librarian and to introduce its qualification system.
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    A Study on the Library 2.0 Service From a Information Ecosystem View Point

    Soosang Lee | 2008, 42(2) | pp.29~49 | number of Cited : 18
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    Library 2.0 stands for the term which suggests the changes in library's services. Library 2.0, the term, was first appeared in 2005 and have studied as a meaningful model for library services. The majority was related to the definition of basic concepts, overview of best practices, and case study for individual implementation. There are three goals of this study which is distinguished from other library 2.0 studies. First, I have surveyed various types of services and classified into three groups. Second, I have examined the properties viewed in this light of content, user, and manager. Third, I have propose a new conceptual model of a information ecosystem which thinks the library 2.0 collectively.
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    A Study on Effect That Bibliotherapy Gets in Middle-Aged Woman Stress

    구연배 | 2008, 42(2) | pp.51~68 | number of Cited : 5
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    The research which sees in the object, fundamental data under providing should have boiled 40 housewife students who are in the process of attending in the SOHAE college attempted about the effect which the bibliotherapy program reaches in stress decrement of the middle-aged woman. The result first, before bibliotherapy of the experimental group the stress degree was average 44.5%, after bibliotherapy the stress 10.25% degree came to be low with 34.25%. Second, recording where the private talk people all bibliotherapy which participated to a clinical bibliotherapy seems will be advanced the condition which is stabilized emotionally very, the stress relaxation which leads the bibliotherapy which is continuous and to seem in the family life management which is healthy strong desire.
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    Assessing Satisfaction on Scholarly Journals and Document Delivery Services at Foreign Journal Supporting Center

    Jae-Hwang Choi | 2008, 42(2) | pp.69~85 | number of Cited : 6
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    The purpose of this study is to analyze user satisfaction on scholarly journals and document delivery services(DDS) at foreign journal supporting center, which is founded at K University in 2007. The number of 72 users answered the quality of scholarly journals, and 69 users answered for the DDS survey. For the scholarly journal survey, up-to-date, usability, and expertness were asked, and fastness of DDS and easiness of application procedures were asked for the DDS survey. This study reveals that overall users using or visiting foreign journal supporting center are satisfied with the quality of scholarly journals and DDS.
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    Constituents Analysis of Standards and Guidelines of Library Service for People with Disability

    Youngkee Kim | YeonOk Lee | 2008, 42(2) | pp.87~108 | number of Cited : 16
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    The purpose of standards and guidelines of library service for people with disability is to provide libraries, governments and other stakeholders with a framework for developing library services for people with disability. This paper is to identify the constituents of standards and guidelines of library service for people with disability. These constituents are developed by analysis and investigation of foreign standards and are based on many people's advice such as members of the advisory committee. Extracted constituents of standards and guidelines of library service for people with disability are as follows: physical accessibility to library building and facilities, construction of alternative formats, access to services and programs, assistance engineering devices, web accessibility and universal design, training and staff development, cooperation and networking etc. Finally, we clarified main contents of each element to be included in standard.
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    Study on the Application of the Concept of Information Commons in School Libraries

    정미경 | 2008, 42(2) | pp.109~146 | number of Cited : 6
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    This study focuses on how to introduce the concept of Information Commons(IC) into school libraries in order to help them perform their roles required to satisfy new types of their users' demands. It intends to examine the concept of IC to draw the IC elements applicable to school libraries and propose a feasible model for them. The main objects of this study are school libraries and Information Commons. In particular, this study brings the derivation of IC elements and the construction of an IC model for school libraries into focus. This study sorted the three factors by peculiarities of school libraries. Each classification is as follows: physical elements were divided into learning space, creation space, community space, and service counters; human resources were divided into teacher-librarian, IT engineers, and student assistants; and services were divided into information literacy training and integrated, collaborative services. Based upon the derived IC constituents, it proposed a diagram that outlines the IC services concept for school libraries, an IC model and an IC floor plan for them.
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    A Study on Developing the Evaluation Indicators for Academic Libraries

    Chul Wan Kwak | Kwack, Dong Chul | Dong-Jo Noh and 1other persons | 2008, 42(2) | pp.147~170 | number of Cited : 8
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    Evaluation of an academic library is a key to its success. Library and Information Policy Bureau of the President of the Republic of Korea conducted a trial evaluation on academic libraries with a university evaluation index developed by KERIS in 2005. The committee decided to review its feasibility based on the feedbacks from the academic libraries after the trial. This study aims to address the indexing issues appeared during the trial and suggest a new evaluation index tailored to academic libraries. First, the evaluation field is condensed from 7 to 6 as “financing” and “infrastructure” are integrated into “budget and infrastructure.” Secondly, both “user charter” and “planning” are removed from the “library management” field category, and “library self-assessment” is added instead. In “information resource” field, “non-books and etc.” is added. Third, evaluation categories for “budget and infrastructure” field are altered to budget-related items and library equipment. Forth, “collection turnover rate” category is incorporated into “collection usage” in “information usage” field, and “library use rate” in “information service” field is moved to “information resource” field and renamed as “use rate.”
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    A Study on the Cultural Programs of Public Libraries in Seoul

    Chan-Sik Cho | 2008, 42(2) | pp.171~188 | number of Cited : 16
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    The practice and management of cultural programs of public libraries have drown social attention as the importance of the public library has been emphasized in the process of social development. In this context, this study looks into the theoretical background of the importance on the public library's cultural programs, examines the practice of cultural programs of public libraries in Seoul from various perspectives through web-pages, and investigates the managerial aspects of them through survey of 20 public libraries in Seoul. By so doing, this study aims at enhancing our understanding on the cultural programs of public libraries.
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    A Study on the Method of Measuring the Economic Use Value of Public Libraries

    Soon Hee Pyo | Dong Youl Jeong | 2008, 42(2) | pp.209~234 | number of Cited : 25
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    According to increasing the benefits from public libraries, there are many studies for measuring the library value. This study presents a methodology for measuring use value of the public library in terms of time value, surplus value of alternative service, value of library service, and overall value of library. The cost-benefit ratio of the time value compared to library's annual budget is 11:1, and the cost-benefit ratio of the overall library value was measured by user's WTP is 0.3:1. This study proposed the method for measuring use value of the public library according to the process, the results of these measurments for each value and the factors affecting the values.
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    A Theoretical Study on the Concept of ‘Customer’ as a Replaced Term with User

    GIYEONG KIM | 2008, 42(2) | pp.235~253 | number of Cited : 6
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    Although use of the term ‘customer’ has been and is being increased in the area of Library and Information Science, its concept is not clearly differentiated from the replaced term ‘user’. Moreover, there has been a tendency that librarians would have objection against using the term customer. Based on this situation, the concept of customer is examined by comparing with related terms, and its impact on library management is discussed. Libraries have adapted marketing viewpoint by applying the concept of customer to themselves, and it requires total change in the library management.
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    A Study On Establishment Plan of Consulting System for the Construction and Operation of a Public Library

    Hyun-Tae Joung | 2008, 42(2) | pp.255~275 | number of Cited : 1
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    As small-scale libraries such as Children Library, Small Library, Miracle Library, have recently increased in number, it is required to establish the library consulting system in order to provide them with special knowledges and experiences necessary for library construction and operation. The result of the survey about public librarian's opinions confirms that the latent demand for library consulting is very high. In case of our country where the social experience in library consulting service is insufficient, it is desirable that the library consulting service be executed by the government offices as public service.
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    The Study of BSC Balanced Scorecard of School Library

    Young Joon Nam | jang bo Seong | 이수영 | 2008, 42(2) | pp.277~294 | number of Cited : 11
    Abstract PDF
    This study has proposed the balanced scorecard for the development of BSC of school library; this study has thus analyzed the forerunners of similar research on the balanced scorecard. For the hierarchial process analysis of the balanced scorecard, librarians and experts of related fields were polled using the AHP method. Some of the major categories for the balanced scorecard(36 categories total) are disposition of librarians, development of user-demand reflecting system, user education, adequacy of faculty-education aid accommodation, location of library, etc.
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    A Study on Establishment of Information Service Policy of National Digital Library

    Dong-Jo Noh | Yunkeum Chang | Kwak, Seung-Jin | 2008, 42(2) | pp.295~308 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    For National Digital Library(NDL) to properly perform it's ideal function as a representative digital library in Korea, information service policy considering the IT and Ubiquitous environment shall be established. Information service policy of NDL was established with focus group interviews and a survey targeting the users and librarians in this study. To raise the propriety of information service policy, final draft of information service policy was proposed after the interim evaluation targeting the concerned parties of NDL and 1st & 2nd verification by external specialists and the consultation group. In this manner, vision, mission, goal, objective, strategy, etc of information service policy of NDL were proposed. Information service policy of NDL proposed in this study not only proposes the fact and base to other digital libraries that wishes to establish the information service policy and arrange detailed guidelines as a case study but also secures the direction and vision of global information service policy of NDL. Furthermore, it will contribute for NDL to build its reputation as a world renowned digital library.
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    Basic Study for Analysis of Public Libraries Contribution for Resolving the Gap in Knowledge and Information

    Eun-Chul Lee | Hyojung Sim | 2008, 42(2) | pp.309~325 | number of Cited : 8
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    The purpose of this study is to identify the concept and current status of resolving the gap in knowledge and information provided as a new role of public libraries. We have examined what kind of role public libraries has to play, and have analyzed the relationship of financial independence of public libraries and local autonomous entities, the use of public libraries and the social class vulnerable to knowledge and information by utilizing existing statistical data. Through this, We have presented a basic point in question needed in searching for a way to strengthen the role of public libraries in resolving the gap in knowledge and information..
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    Librarians' Experience of Occupational Socialization: A Phenomenological Study

    Kim Kapseon | 2008, 42(2) | pp.327~370 | number of Cited : 8
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    The purpose of this study was to identify and understand the meaning and structure of librarians' experience of occupational socialization. Two in-depth interviews were conducted with each of the sixteen participants, practiced above 5 years in libraries and selected by theoretical sampling. Colaizzi's method of phenomenological interpretation was used to arrive at themes that represent what the experience of being a librarian meant to participants. Five thematic categories emerged from the data: 1) growing through deepening work and extending ability, 2) adapting the organization culture, 3) come to maturity along with users, 3) having double consciousness of the profession, 4) seeking self-realization as a librarian. Thus, librarians' experience means to orient toward the becoming a librarian with the professional situated the practice, and is the process librarian concretizes and realizes the ideal type of librarianship in the practice through adjustable interactive-process with environments.
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    An Acquisition Policy Study by the Use Survey of a Public Library: Focused on the Analysis of Circulation Records of the H-public Library Users in 2007

    Kyeong-Jong Yoo | Il-Jong Park | 2008, 42(2) | pp.371~392 | number of Cited : 8
    Abstract PDF
    The books and circulation-related data in the Online Public Access Catalog System of the H-public library were collected and analyzed in this paper. The methods which may be applied to the Customer Relationship Management in a public library based on the results were also suggested here. Collected data were 57,927 bibliographic data of books, 11,871 patron data, and 27,145 circulation records. The type of collections, circulation frequencies, total number of circulated books, publication year, and use factor as relation factor from the analyzed data of circulation records were extracted. They were also analyzed, and verified by various statistical methods such as correlation coefficient, non- parametric method, etc.
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    A Study on the Buddhist Book of Triad Buddhist Statue in Wangryongsawon

    SongIlGie | 2008, 42(2) | pp.393~420 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    This article investigates and evaluates the relics settled from the center of the chest of triad Buddhist statue which is located in the temple of Wangryong in KyungJu as a whole. Especially, it focuses on the evaluation of the value of classical book in the course of research. As a result, it is revealed that classical books, such as Dohaekumgangkyung, Myobubyeonhwakyungsammae chambub, Jangsukyung, Seonjongyounggajib are as important printing much as to be national treasure.
  • 18.

    A Basic Study on the Making a Pattern Language for the Architectural Design of Public Libraries

    Lee Sang Bok | CheZin Lim | Jeong-Mi Lee and 1other persons | 2008, 42(2) | pp.421~444 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    This study aims to make a method that user of design information can use design information actively, after grasped a demerit that the exiting design information is passively given to user of design information for library architecture. This study with the study purpose has significations as following. Firstly, user of design information is able to use the information proposed in this study more actively than the exiting design information, because the design information in this study is proposed as the relative structures for design solution. Secondly, user of design information is able to have a participation chance for design of public library as a community facility, because the design information in this study plays not only a role in a check list for library space but also a role in normative design information for library design.
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    An Analysis on Education Needs for Information Literacy Programs of Professional Secretaries

    최인숙 | 2008, 42(2) | pp.445~466 | number of Cited : 4
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    The purpose of this study is to raise the importance of information literacy programs for professional secretaries and to present guidelines for organizing them. While the level of projects in secretaries' information service is defined as an influencing factor to the necessity of information literacy programs, the level of scholarships or secretarial science as a major is not. An analysis on education needs of secretaries recommended that curriculum should be composed of 15 topics such as: meta search engines, special search engines, boolean operators, digital libraries, usenet, information centers, internet reference sources, SDI, topic search request, document delivery service, e-journals, commercial databases, fulltext service, search strategy and general search engines.