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2007, Vol.41, No.4

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    A Study on the Transfiguration of Management Forms in Public Libraries

    Hee-Yoon Yoon | 2007, 41(4) | pp.5~28 | number of Cited : 10
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    This paper is succeeding research of change of management paradigms and techniques in library. From 1980's major industrialized nations adopted new public management theory with ideological source and strategic technique of administrative reform and management renovation. The researcher analyzed the reasons which applies NPM, the state where its concrete technique is applied in public library management reform, and transfiguration process of management forms(outsourcing, contracting out and designated manager system, private finance initiative, etc.)
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    The Roles of Public Libraries in Solving the Dysfunctions of Information Society

    고영삼 , Yong Wan Cho | 2007, 41(4) | pp.29~48 | number of Cited : 7
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    In these days, we can draw many benefits from information and information technology but some side effects threatening information society have arisen. This study aims to examine information divide and internet addiction as dysfunction of information society. Until now, public libraries have little to do with these serious problems. So this study suggests new roles of public libraries to tackle information divide and internet addiction.
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    A Study on Revitalization of Library Service for the Alienated Class

    Nam Young Joon | 2007, 41(4) | pp.49~68 | number of Cited : 19
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    To promote information service and to encourage active participation from the group categorized as the alienated class(group of people), this study suggests the basic concepts and strategy for the information services to alienated class who does not have full public library services. The paper classifies three separate groups of alienated groups, handicapped, poor(economically unfortunate group) and elderly group. The service shall consider their needs from their own point of concern and interests. There are three distinctive considerations, infra structure(facility building, space, place), administrative consideration, and equipments. Infra-structure includes the planning of the space to facilitate the equipments and reference materials which will be controlled and moderated by a librarian. Administrative service includes the development for the educational system between the end users and external experts. It also includes the individualized education system for each group. Material and equipment consideration should include the each group's specific needs such as the infra-structures which is provided for the handicapped person.
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    A Study on an Information Gap for People with Disabilities

    이영숙 | 2007, 41(4) | pp.69~91 | number of Cited : 21
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    This research focuses library services for people with disabilities in public libraries and draws many issues and the difficulties faced by the libraries. Data are collected and analyzed based on a survey conducted by the National Library Support Center for the Disabled. As a further research users with disabilities study is recommended. Apart from the visually impaired, people with hearing impairment and physical impairment should be included.
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    A Study on the Influence of Factors That Makes Web Sites Credible

    Youngkee Kim | 2007, 41(4) | pp.93~111 | number of Cited : 27
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    The Internet is now an integral part of the everyday lives of a majority of people. Web users are becoming increasingly skeptical of the information and services offered online. They are demanding web sites that offer credible information. This study focused on what features of web sites affect the perception of web credibility. For this purpose, I took the responses from 648 people and extracted 49 factors that affect web credibility. I placed the individual factors - the specific questions asked in the survey - into one of four categories: expertise, trustworthiness, ads and other and calculated the means for each of the 49 factors. As a result, 29 out of 49 factors increase the perceptions of credibility and 20 factors decrease the web credibility. Sites with frequently update, the credentials of authors, strict content guides, search capabilities, clear connections to the real world fared good in credibility. Technical problems such as broken links, site sown, or typographical errors were rated the most negative on this scale. On the other end of the scale, a domain name that ends in '.org' or '.or.kr' caused little change in perception of credibility.
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    A Study on the Service Satisfaction of University Library Portal for Chinese Students in Korea

    Soosang Lee , 위 성 광 | 2007, 41(4) | pp.113~134 | number of Cited : 15
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    This study deals with the role and responsibility of university library in multicultural society. For this purpose, centered the Chinese students in Pusan University, with internet questionnaire surveys on customer satisfaction to the current library portal service and set up a effective digital library evaluation model. In the meanwhile we borrowed evaluation methods and items from LibQUAL+ in part, a world wide famous model, and use Tsinghua University Library‘s evaluation statistic norms. To summarize the results of this survey, Chinese student’s service satisfaction about Pusan University library is still fairly low. Undergraduate and graduate students(including doctor courses) group follows, undergraduates student’s satisfaction level is lower than graduate. By analyzing simple satisfaction we can know that library portal service maintained low importance or influence to the user, to internet space user’s satisfaction is a relatively high level. And compared with other dimension, statistic data show out that internet space user’s satisfaction still maintained a relative high level.
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    A Study on the Raising of Academic Library Funds in Korea

    최 용 관 , Jinwon Suh | 2007, 41(4) | pp.135~160 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study aims to raise academic library funds in Korea through how to raise funds and what conditions are. In order to do this, case studies on academic library funds of university in America as well as academic library funds of university in Korea have been analyzed. As for the specific plan for raising academic library funds, I have indicated to establish office for library development and include library as one of allotment for infrastructure which is similar to the Development Impact Fee in the U.S.A., and the use of library supporting organizations like “Library Friends.”
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    The Effect of Teacher Librarian's Information Literacy on Library-Assisted Instruction

    Lee Seung-Gil | 2007, 41(4) | pp.161~180 | number of Cited : 6
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    The purpose of this study is on Effect of Teacher Librarian Information Literacy on Library-Assisted Instruction and on searching the method of increasing the Information Literacy. The result of this study indicates that there is no statistically meaningful between the Library-Assisted Instruction and Teacher Librarian's Information Literacy. However the School Library-Assisted Instruction extremely lacks forming a scheme and Information Literacy extremely lacks Information seeking. Therefore subject teachers and the librarian teachers need to reinforce the cooperation to reinvigorate the School Library-Assisted Instruction and systematic training program of Information seeking have to be practiced to increase Librarian Teacher's Information Literacy.
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    A Study on the Functional Change and Application Scheme of U-library/museum

    Hwang, Dong Ryul | 2007, 41(4) | pp.181~199 | number of Cited : 10
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    A ubiquitous refers to the integration of the existing documentation, cyber space, and high-tech digital technology into a wireless terminal through ubiquitous computing and network technology. With the ubiquitous environment, a library and museum can extend its roles and functions all the more, and expectedly results in internal and external great changes. The purpose of this study was to examine the changed forms and contents of a ubiquitous-library/museum. Specially, We wished to forecast change that occur in museum user service and government official management side.
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    An Analytical Study on Research Trends of Young People Bibliotherapy Program

    Hahn Bock-Hee | 2007, 41(4) | pp.201~215 | number of Cited : 11
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    This study is to examine the research trends of the young people in Korea through an analysis of master's and doctor's dissertations. And to analyze the citations and documents in various aspects, such as; year, object, pattern, bibliotherapy program etc. The study is to present basic data for researcher and to indicate the direction of the study in the future.
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    A Study on Implementation of Library Utilization Education System Based on SDG(Single Display Groupware)

    Myung Gwan Kim , 노 재 형 , 유 귀 현 | 2007, 41(4) | pp.217~227 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This study describes a system which makes children use a cooperation study for the education of a library use and applies SDG technology to this cooperation study. SDG means a system which is able to do a cooperation work as a multi-inputting device in a computer display. Through the use library utilization education system based on SDG, learners study simultaneously and collaborately. On this thesis, We embodied the understanding of the decimal classification of Korea and the arrangement of a bookshelf and the study of the location tracking as a game style based on an existed study that a cooperation study used SDG is more superior that an individual study used a single device. Librarians through this system will be able to easily and interestingly instruct children for the use of a library.
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    A Study on Developing an Adaptive R&D Information Service Portal

    Sung-Pil Choi , Hyun Yang Cho | 2007, 41(4) | pp.229~250 | number of Cited : 1
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    This paper suggested a way to solve the problems by using domain experts who are already in the significant level of knowledge in those fields. For the purpose of achieving our goal, a very simple and efficient approach to construct the knowledge-base which can play an important role in providing researchers with essential information in need was proposed. In addition, the Adaptive R&D Information Service Portal with a new schema structure and a construction method of representing expert's knowledge efficiently was developed. With the simplicity and expandability of the proposed system it can be a good model for a similar system to be developed.
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    A Study on Grade Differences in the Effect of Reading Methods on the Self-Directed Learning Ability of the Children

    조 미 아 | 2007, 41(4) | pp.251~271 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to investigate grade differences in the effect of reading methods - “oral reading”, “silent reading”, “intensive reading”, “extensive reading”, “thorough reading”, “selective reading” - influences on the self-directed learning ability. The data were collected by using 12 classes of 2nd, 4th, 6th-grade, 286 children of an elementary school. The influences according to reading methods on the self-directed learning ability were surveyed through the self-directed learning ability test and through questionnaire. Out of reading methods, “intensive reading” had significant influence on the self-directed learning ability. Out of reading methods of 4th and 6th-grade children, “intensive reading” had the most influence on the self-directed learning ability. However, out of reading methods of 2nd-grade children “thorough reading” had most influence on the self-directed learning ability.
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    The Development of Performance Indicators for the Institution of Information Transfer Based on BSC and the Analysis of Their Importance

    Kwak, Seung-Jin , Jae Hwang Choi , Hwanmin Kim | 2007, 41(4) | pp.273~294 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to focus on developing the performance indicators for the distribution of scholarly information based on BSC and to analyze the importance of the performance indicators against the specialists. From the case studies on performance indicators both at home and abroad four viewpoints(information resource, information service, user, and economy) were derived. In addition, the core success factors(CSF) and key performance indicators(KPI) were extracted from the viewpoints. Four viewpoints are composed of 12 CSF items and 31 KPI items. In order to analyze the weight of the performance indicators, questions were thrown to the specialists in universities and research institutes. For the method of analysis, analytic hierarchy process(AHP) was adopted. As a result, the analysis showed that the user viewpoint, information service viewpoint, information resource viewpoint and economic viewpoint are in the order of their importance.
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    A Study on the Utility of FRBR Model in Korean Bibliographic Record

    KimJeonghyen | 2007, 41(4) | pp.295~314 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    IFLA's FRBR model is a significant contribution to cataloging on both theoretical and practical grounds. This paper provides a brief overview of FRBR, a methodology for applying the FRBR work concept to a random sample of 1,000 bibliographic records taken from Korean National Bibliographic, and estimates of the number of works in Korean National Bibliographic and their associated characteristics, based on analysis of the sample. FRBR model can be applied to 16.9% of all works in Korean National Bibliographic. Results suggest that the majority of benefits associated with applying FRBR to Korean National Bibliographic could be obtained by concentrated on a relatively small number of complex works.
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    A Study of e-Service Quality and User Satisfaction in Public Libraries

    Yunkeum Chang | 2007, 41(4) | pp.315~329 | number of Cited : 21
    Abstract PDF
    The objective of this study is to identify key dimensions of e-service quality and explore their relations to user satisfaction at public libraries. This research used a modified e-service quality model and surveyed Internet service users for measuring and assessing Internet users' service satisfaction at 'A' public library in Seoul region. Using an exploratory factor analysis, the study identified three factors, named Service Affect, Information Access, and Tangibles as key dimensions for public library e-service quality. Also it was found that users' satisfaction was strongly positively correlated to their intention to refer others to the service.
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    A Study on the Printed Books of Ch'un-ch'iu(春秋) Commentary in Chosun Dynasty Period

    염 종 일 , Song Il Gie | 2007, 41(4) | pp.331~346 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to research into the characteristics of the printed books of Ch'un-ch'iu(春秋) commentary in Chosun dynasty by analyzing the types and forms of the existing printed books through the investigation of the bibliographic records of the books. To achieve this purpose, this study selected some of the 'Chak-pan' catalog(冊板目錄) printed in Chosun dynasty which has relatively clear and accurate history and investigated the block printing's condition of the printed books of Ch'un-ch'iu(春秋) commentary. In addition, a comprehensive book catalog of Ch'un-ch'iu(春秋) commentary was created by retrieving old book catalog from databases by several authoritative information centers and university libraries. Based on this catalog, this research created a new 'Union Catalog(綜合目錄)' which contains bibliographies of the Ch'un-ch'iu(春秋) commentary through field investigations by identifying, picture-taking, and copying the real books. The new union catalog functions as the basis of the bibliographic analysis of this research.
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    A Study of Information Commons as Model of Library Integrated Service

    Mi-Kyeung Jung , NamTaeWoo | 2007, 41(4) | pp.347~363 | number of Cited : 13
    Abstract PDF
    According to alternation of Digital Information Environment, users require more complicated and variable services. This study refined theoretically definition, concept, and materiality of Information Commons which is introduced and diffused throughout U.S. Universities’ libraries. Information Commons is not simple facilities and spaces of library, but it is a united service model that is designed to fulfill variable information requirements of users with offering cooperative services, coalition of human resources, physical spaces, and facilities of redefinitions. In order to successful introduction and construction of Information Commons, it should be preceded that approaching digital information resources, offering continual services, and integration of resources that focus on the users.
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    Developing and Applying the Evaluation Measures for Public Library Service to Children

    Oh, Dong-Geun , Kim,Jong Sung , Choi Sung Yeol and 2 other persons | 2007, 41(4) | pp.365~385 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    This study develops a set of measures for public library services to children. It is designed to use both measures for library service quality including personnel, library materials and resources, spaces for the service, and other services, and those for library customer satisfaction on equal basis. It specifies 23 scales for 4 each dimensions of measures for service quality, based on the suggestions both from the consulting members of specialists and from the personnel of the National Library for Children and Young Adults, and from the results obtained from the analysis on the questionnaires from the public librarians to children and researchers in this fields. This measures were testified by applying to 18 sample libraries.
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    Designing Preservation Metadata for Archives of Korean Traditional Arts

    OH, SAM GYUN , 권 기 성 | 2007, 41(4) | pp.387~412 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    This study designed a suitable preservation metadata for archives of Korean traditional arts. To accomplish this task, we consulted OAIS reference model and PREMIS data dictionary, analyzed various preservation metadata, and surveyed resource characteristics of Korean traditional arts. We adopted elements with namespaces, honored original definitions and scopes by not violating principles of designing application profiles, and extended elements where necessary.