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2008, Vol.42, No.3

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    A Study on the Developing of Evaluation Indicators of Special Libraries

    Hee-Sook Park | Dong Youl Jeong | 2008, 42(3) | pp.11~43 | number of Cited : 4
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    The purpose of this study is to develop evaluation indicators for special libraries. Finally, overall nine evaluation areas including library management, human resources, information resources, finance resources, facility resources, information uses, information services, information sharing and library specialities and 70 evaluation indicators in consideration of the special libraries' characteristics and environments were developed based on the results of the survey of the experts and librarians of the special libraries and on the application of statistical analysis.
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    A Study on the Function of Regional Central Library andCollaborative Role for Community Public Library

    SoonJa Bae | 2008, 42(3) | pp.45~59 | number of Cited : 14
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    This study is to recognize the function of the regional central library`s role and to address its support to the community public libraries; such is one of the focuses of the revised library law. Through the mixed layer model, the regional central library can contribute to a better cooperation between the national central library and community public library in each region. Regional libraries, under the supervision of regional library service committee, can execute many local enterprises efficiently such as library informatization projects, the associative storage, the regional librarian education and the establishment of information commons through integrating the regional information.
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    The Construction and Common Use of Old Document DB in the Foreign Countries

    Soon-Ae Kang | 2008, 42(3) | pp.61~79 | number of Cited : 4
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    The purpose of this paper is to investigate the three aspects of the construction and common use of old document DB in the foreign countries:ⅰ) the processing of old documents, ⅱ) the problem and improvement of DB systems of old documents, and ⅲ) the common use of old document DB. Results from this research are as follows: The National Library of Korea(NLK) copied old documents in the foreign countries from 1982 to 2006 and published the brief catalog. The Reogang Publishing company issued four volumes catalogs of old document in Japan. The National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage(NRICH) investigated old books and published some catalogs of several organizations in Japan, America, France, and all. The National Institute of Korean History(NIKH) investigated old archives and published some catalogs of several organizations in Japan. The characteristics of the Korean Old and Rare Collection Information System(KORCIS) of the NLK, the Old Books Cultural Heritage in Overseas System of the NRICH, and the Korea History DB System and MF Catalog/ Image System of NIKH were described in the DB systems of old documents, the problems of DB systems were checked over and some alternatives were suggested. In the common use of old document DB, KORMARC format and description rules(draft) for archives should be revised to adopt a new standard such as KS editions, and all the institutes involved should thoroughly follow the standards, when creating bibliographic records and digitizing texts. It is necessary to educate and train the specialists of old documents. A government organization should be established to supervise all the procedures of developing technology for sharing digitized resources, using contents, and cooperating with the related internationl organiztions and institutes.
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    The Effects of the Project-Based Learning on LIS Education: Focused on Students' Problem-Solving and Self-Directed Learning Ability

    Han, Seung Hee | 2008, 42(3) | pp.81~101 | number of Cited : 27
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    The purpose of this study is to develop a course with project-based learning method for LIS education and to examine the effects of this method on improvement of problem solving and self-directed learning ability of LIS undergraduate students. The research design was one-group pretest-posttest design in quasi-experimental research. The data were collected from 23 LIS undergraduate students and analyzed by paired t-test with SPSS. The result demonstrated that project-based learning method has an significant effect on improvement of problem solving and self-directed learning ability of LIS undergraduate students.
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    The Grounded Theoretical Study on Negative Emotion Recovery Process of Female College Students Through Bibliotherapy

    Kilja Kim | 2008, 42(3) | pp.103~131 | number of Cited : 4
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    Today, the mental health has a great deal of impact on individuals and the society surrounding. Therefore, this research is to propose a way of bibliotherapical intercession by stages and patterns as to examine the recovery process of students with negative emotion by using the grounded theoretical method. This research collected materials through focus-interview, participant observation and book reports of 4 experiments involving female college students aged from 21 to 23, all having emotional and psychological difficulties. The recovery process of female students with negative emotion involved causal factors such as “recognition of hidden wound”, “Sense of inferiority”, and “difficulty in forming relationships”, as well as contextual factors like “sympathetic attitude”, which altogether brought about the core phenomenon, “pursuit for healthy ego”. This core phenomenon induced to recovering the bright and positive attitude through using the strategies of ‘self insight’ and application of ‘management plan’, influence by such incoherent conditions as ‘intimate surroundings’ and \ ‘support system patterns’. And as time passed, the recovery process appeared tin four stages; ‘issues recognition’, ‘emotional responses’, ‘issue solution’ and ‘self application’.
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    A Study on the Curriculum Development of Continuing Education for Academic Librarians in Korea

    Hye Rhan Chang | Hyun-Jin Hong | Younghee Noh and 1other persons | 2008, 42(3) | pp.133~168 | number of Cited : 6
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    As the library and information environment advanced, librarians should participate in continuing education programs for the improvement of services to satisfy users' need. To develop a curriculum model of continuing education for academic librarians, we reviewed related previous studies and continuing education programs performed both in Korea and overseas. Then, a survey was done to the academic librarians sampled systematically to identify the subject need for education. Based on the analysis, 2 sets of comprehensive curriculum were devised for the middle managers and working librarians respectively. The curriculum for the middle managers is consisted of 27 courses in 9 subject fields, and the curriculum for the working librarians is consisted of 25 courses in 7 subject fields. We selected one highly demanding subject from each curriculum, and developed specific educational program models. ‘Library marketing’ for middle managers and ‘building and management of digital information resources’ for working librarians. Program models include educational goal, content, teaching/learning strategies, duration time, teaching methods/tools, and instructor qualifications in detail. Finally, recommendations are suggested for the promotion and settlement of the continuing education.
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    A Study on the ‘Information and the Library’ Curriculum and the Roles of Teacher-Librarians

    Myung-Sik Hahm | 2008, 42(3) | pp.169~188 | number of Cited : 9
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    This thesis presents the ‘Information and the Library’ curriculum and the roles of teacher- librarians. Related to ‘The School Library Promotion Law’, this thesis presents the effects teacher-librarians instruct ‘Information and the Library’ curriculum to the school libraries, and the challenges related to this curriculum. This thesis contains the role and work of three kinds of staff in the school library, implementation of primary and secondary ‘Information and the Library’ curriculum for information literacy instruction in the school libraries, the effects by ‘Information and the Library’ curriculum, and challenges of ‘Information and the Library’ curriculum. Conclusively, teacher-librarians should accomplish their own instructional activities with ‘Information and the Library’ curriculum in the school curricula as differentiated work from librarians.
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    Librarian's Role and Diversification of Librarian's Worksfor Creating Blue Ocean Strategy of Special Libraries

    LEE JI HO | Park,Ok-Hwa | 2008, 42(3) | pp.189~205 | number of Cited : 6
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    The roles of librarians have been changing with the paradigm shift of libraries. The paradigm of libraries has shifted from a traditional information management-centered way to a hybrid approach emphasizing a balance between collection and access. This study analyzed the internal and external changes of libraries to create Blue Ocean of special libraries by using the SWOT analysis, and adopted ERCR analysis for the reasonable management of libraries. The findings of this study indicate that the scope of role played by librarians belonging to special libraries shall be diversified from their traditional library activities in order to adapt themselves to changes in time. The Blue Ocean Strategy can be successfully developed only if the activities of libraries have been changed so that they are closely related to those activities for which such affiliate organizations are expected to carry out..
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    Comparative Analysis of R&D Information Status: Korea, US, and Japan

    Han-Seok Oh | 2008, 42(3) | pp.207~231 | number of Cited : 6
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    Domestic and foreign research institutions what give speciality information to public of the field of science wish to plan of their continuos development for providing efficient information about various science-technology information, new database system, expasion of acquisition information, making a new information service system of user etc. This article indicates wish to contribute ideal National R&D information system establishment as analyzed and researched into the present state of R&D information system construction of the representative institutions in three countries such as Korea(NTIS), the U.S.(NTIS), and Japan(JST) for efficiently management about present management system of information service of R.O.K.
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    The Study on the Collection Analysis for an International Cooperative Network of Knowledge-Information Resources

    Kim Youseung | LEE JEONG SOO | 김문정 | 2008, 42(3) | pp.233~257 | number of Cited : 0
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    The integration, openness, participation, and technology are essential elements of digital information resources in order to establish an unified and cooperative network of various digital knowledge- information abroad. This study analyzes policies, technologies and administrative aspects of international cooperative networks such as WDL, IPL, TEL. Based on the analysis, a number of collection standards for international cooperation are drawn. Analyzed standards are divided into four different aspects and applied to produce detailed appraisal standards for digital knowledge-information. In conclusion, in order to map out strategies and policies for developing an international cooperative network, the study proposes a number of principles and models for making an appraisal of collections.
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    Establishing Facet for Classifying Theological Terms

    Yeong Jun Yoo | 2008, 42(3) | pp.259~279 | number of Cited : 10
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    The purpose of this study is to classify theological terms using facets and form foundation to build a theological thesaurus. The terms was chosen in a English theological dictionary and the number of them are 1,031, but eventually, 984 terms were classified. The facets which classify the terms are 7 fundamentals and 14 sub-facets. Analysing the result of classification, abstract terms are much more than physical terms. They are 70% of the whole. Decimal classification to classify documents comes to dead end, therefore I think the research to classify terms of a specific subject as theology must be active. Furthermore, It is necessary to have knowledge about a specific subject to organize information in a specific subject.
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    A Study on the User Satisfaction and Loyalty of University Library Users

    Kim Sun Ae | 2008, 42(3) | pp.281~299 | number of Cited : 27
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    The research purpose for this paper is adopt the European Customer Satisfaction Index(ECSI) on a survey performed on library users to measure users' satisfaction and loyalty factors. A questionnaire is designed to integrate measurement into the library's management system for visual analysis of what users expect from library. Results from the survey show that users expect more improvement in the library environment and collection of printed publications section. Conclusion from the survey, we were able to make the following suggestions to satisfy user expectations: (1) improve library environment (2) increase collections of printed publications and periodical to meet readers' demands (3) offer more fiendly and helpful user service.
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    A Study on the Library Service Use and Needs of Disabled Users in Korea

    Yeon Kyoung Chung | 김성진 | 2008, 42(3) | pp.301~323 | number of Cited : 28
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    There has been significant movements in the provision of equal access to library and information services for persons with disability. This study aimed to analyze the use and needs of library services of disabled people with a survey. The survey data revealed that the majority of disabled persons did not visit library and not experience library services. The main reason was reported that they had poor information about the library services. Also, they did not satisfy the variety, sufficiency, accessibility, up-to-dateness of the materials in general. And there were difference of favorite programs and needs among different kinds of the disabled. Therefore, active guidance and public relations about library services, improvement of accessibility for the disabled by building digital collection, resource sharing and extension of services by building library cooperation network, and the arrangement of librarians for the disabled and education for them should be back up for improving library services for the disabled.
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    A Study on the Supporting Strategy of Cultural Programs in Korean Public Libraries

    Inja Ahn | Gum-Sook Hoang | 2008, 42(3) | pp.325~344 | number of Cited : 6
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    Supporting strategies of national level are required as the cultural programs in Korean public libraries are becoming one of key tasks which takes more than 30% of total library duties. This study proposed 6 categories of supporting strategies as national and local libraries based on analysis of 88 public libraries's cultural programs and their requirements. The study's research methods mainly include literature investigation, case study and expert panel group discussions. The 6 supporting categories that this study proposes are: ① Advisory committee working, ② Development and distribution of the cultural program models ③ Development of cultural program packages, ④ Development and execution of educational programs for cultural program librarians, ⑤ Financial support policies, ⑥ Human Resources and networks for local level programs.
  • 15.

    Comparative Analysis of Web Accessibility in National Libraries

    Seo, Eun-Gyoung | Hee-Jung Kim | 2008, 42(3) | pp.345~364 | number of Cited : 14
    Abstract PDF
    Proportion and importance of knowledge & information provision through the web are increased continuously. Equivalent accessibility focused on universal service is highly demanded especially for public institutions, such as national libraries. In this study, web accessibility of sixteen national libraries were compared and analyzed by KADO-WAH, web accessibility tool. Characteristics of libraries were investigated and future directions were suggested based on the analysis and results.
  • 16.

    What is the Starting Point of Discussions for theOpen Access of Korean Journals?

    Kyoung Hee Joung | 2008, 42(3) | pp.365~382 | number of Cited : 9
    Abstract PDF
    What is the starting point of discussions for the open access of Korean journals? This study analyzed whether the serials crisis in Western societies are in academic libraries in Korea. The rising of prices of Korean electronic journals in academic libraries and recognition of librarians for it were surveyed. This study found that the subscription fees for web DBs of Korean journals have been increased from 1.3 times to 34 times during the last 10 years. But librarians in the universities did not think that the subscription fees are very high. And the 35% of respondents thought that the subscription fees for the web DBs in academic libraries will be increased to bring to a crisis to libraries. This study suggested that the leading groups of discussions for open access in Korea will be interested in the aspects of public goods and social justice, another values of open access.