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2009, Vol.43, No.1

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    A Study on the Analysis of the Korean Decimal Classification(KDC) and Users' Needs in Libraries for Children in Korea

    Yeon Kyoung Chung , Yoon-Kyung Choi | 2009, 43(1) | pp.5~26 | number of Cited : 7
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    The purpose of this study is to improve the classification focused on KDC 4th edition for children's materials. For the study, literature study, KDC application and user survey in 51 libraries for children were performed. Based on the results, classification for children's materials is proposed to improve in two ways: classification system itself and arrangement in the shelf. First of all, it is required to scatter the subjects that are centered on specific numbers and to allow various types, characteristics and literature genre of children's materials to be classified in KDC. KDC also should provide specific notes and classification guidelines for interdisciplinary subjects. In the shelf arrangement, it is proposed to consider the introduction of user-friendly call number and arrangement principles by ages or titles. In the end, it is necessary to compose various collections that represent users' needs, and the user education program is needed.
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    A Study on the Main Classes of DDC

    NamTaeWoo | 2009, 43(1) | pp.27~56 | number of Cited : 4
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    The purpose of this study is to analyze on the main classes of DDC. The DDC is a general classification system which aims to classify documents of all kinds falling in any knowledge domain. At best, the order of the main classes represents a mix of Baconian and Hegelian philosophy adulterated by the practical exigencies of organization a collection of books. Each of the main classes have been subdivided further into what are technically known as divisions. This division of knowledge into the nine main classes mirrors the educational consensus of the late nineteen-century Western academic world. The DDC thus scatters subjects by discipline, and the subjects are subordinated to discipline. The DDC has been criticised for its rigidity of division by ten at every step of its division. Division by the decimal classification has been likened to the Procrustean bed.
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    A Study on the Direction of Establishing Branches of the National Library of Korea

    Kwack, Dong Chul , 심경 , Yoon, Cheong Ok | 2009, 43(1) | pp.57~86 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this research is to analyze the logical and legal basis for the development of new branch libraries of the National Library of Korea(NLK) and then to propose the strategic direction of planning the branch(es) as an appropriate model for the future delivery of NLK services. In this research, it is emphasized that the branch(es) of the NLK should not be perceived as “another large public library,” but rather be planned to help consolidate and expand the basic roles of the NLK and reinforce its identity as a national library. In addition, it is recommended that the branch(es) should be located outside the Seoul Metropolitan area to facilitate the services to the larger public, and some programs and activities for the underprivileged and the multi-cultural families in our society as well.
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    A Study on the Consulting System for Establishing Public Library

    Sehun Kim , Hyojung Sim | 2009, 43(1) | pp.87~111 | number of Cited : 1
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    In order to fortify a professional approach in the construction of libraries, this study investigates library establishment procedures and examines problems which are raised in them. In so doing, it points to the necessities of professional consideration and engagement in the library construction and underlines a role of central government to support the process. As a way of supporting library construction, it suggests a consulting system which can provide practical support to those who are involved in the library establishment process.
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    A Study on the Scheme to Activate an e-Book Service in Academic Libraries

    정진한 | 2009, 43(1) | pp.113~133 | number of Cited : 14
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    This study suggests a scheme to activate an e-book service through the analysis on the cause of low usage of the services in academic libraries. The data analysis of e-book circulation records was performed for the purpose of preparing the scheme. Frequency analysis and descriptive statistics were used for basic data analysis. Also, t-test, ANOVA, non-parametric chi-square, and correlation analysis were used to examine whether there are any significant differences between treatment groups divided by gender and major.
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    A Study on the Current States and Problems for Multi-cultural Families in Libraries

    Yoonok Han , Mi-ah Cho , Soo-Kyoung Kim | 2009, 43(1) | pp.135~160 | number of Cited : 24
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    The study aims at understanding current states and problems for multi-cultural families in libraries. The study examined multicultural services in Korean libraries as well as overseas. The study analyzed library services and education problems of multicultural families based on multicultural model, assimilationist model, and differential exclusionary model. The study surveyed multi-cultural services librarians and educators as well as immigrants and children who have participated in multicultural problems, and finally analyzed problems and requirements of programs for multicultural families.
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    A Study on Reading Instruction of Subject Orientation in the Focus Before Reading and After Reading

    Sun-Oak Lee , Chang Woo kwon | 2009, 43(1) | pp.161~187 | number of Cited : 0
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    Today's society demands that Individuals need to acquire skills to select information they need, read critically that have been gathered and use them for their advantage. The ability to actively respond to information can be cultivated through reading which facilitates creative, critical thinking, and self-initiated learning. This research presents results from a study in which subject-centered approach to reading guidance was applied to elicit positive changes in reading attitudes and to contribute to the elevation of self-concept among adolescents. Using survey questionnaire, we compared the changes in reading attitude before and after treatment. The results indicate that subject-centered reading instruction brought positive changes in reading attitude among middle school students, contributed positively to the formation of self-concept and the improved student initiated learning.
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    A Study of Ways to Improve Periodical Indexing Services in Korea

    Eun-Chul Lee , Lee Sang Bok , OH, SAM GYUN and 1 other persons | 2009, 43(1) | pp.189~214 | number of Cited : 2
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    The study acknowledges the values of periodical indexing as information resources. The study identified periodicals users' needs of article indexing services based on focus group interviews. The study also conducted a comparative study of periodicals indexing services of libraries and databases in Korea and the US. The study argues for the need of seamless services for users of periodical articles indexing services. The study also recommends the elements needed for improving the current service, which includes establishing a collaborative indexing system, adopting a metadata standard, implementing authority files, incorporating social web services, offering diverse ways of information discovery based on facet approach, and stabilizing identification systems.
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    Comparative Evaluation of Directory Services Provided by Major Korean Search Portals: In the Field of Computer and Internet

    Soyeon Park | 2009, 43(1) | pp.215~234 | number of Cited : 4
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    This study aims to perform an evaluation of directory services provided by major Korean search portals: Naver, Daum, Yahoo-Korea, and Empas. A directory service of Open Directory is also compared. These directory services are evaluated in terms of the coverage, category creation criteria, site selection criteria, breadth and depth of hierarchy, clarity and currency of category names, order of category listing, and overall classification system. The results of this study can be implemented for the development and improvement of portal's directory services. Users can refer to the results of this study in choosing directory services from search portals.
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    A Study on the User Behaviors and Satisfaction of Legislative Employees and Other Library Users for the Government Information Service of National Assembly Library of Korea

    Oh, Dong-Geun , Byung-Ho Yoon , Ji-suk Yeo and 3 other persons | 2009, 43(1) | pp.235~250 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This study analysed the user behaviors and satisfaction for the government information service of Nation Assembly Library of Korea, based on the questionnaires from users including the legislative employees and other library users. The results showed that legislative employees used the services more often and have more needs for the services than other users. Most legislative employees and other library users evaluated that the services should be improved and that it would be desirable to develop a portal system and services providing the integrated search and offering government information as one stop service.
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    A Study on the Plans of Efficient Reading Guidance through a Studying Cartoon

    최영임 , Hahn Bock-Hee | 2009, 43(1) | pp.251~270 | number of Cited : 12
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to suggest effective reading guidance using studying cartoons for the reading motivation. We conducted a survey at 3 junior high schools in Chung-Nam province, consisting of 182 students in 6 classes in an attempt to analyze what motivates reading. We propose strategies that can encourage students to read using cartoons, books, and multimedia guides.
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    A Study on the Management and Practical Use Program of Local Cultural Contents in the Public Library

    Chang Woo kwon | 2009, 43(1) | pp.271~292 | number of Cited : 18
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    The public library strives to foster information use by the public, cultural activities, reading, and life-long education. Public libraries are firmly rooted in local societies providing services that reflect the needs and characteristics of those local communities, while at the same time are structured in a coherent nation-wide network. This study examines practices of managing local cultural contents and proposes ways in which public libraries, as central information hubs in local communities, can provide diverse knowledge information and cultural programs, and local culture contents.
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    Strategies for Expanding Foreign Electronic Scholarly Information Resources

    SHIM, WONSIK | 2009, 43(1) | pp.293~311 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this article is to present comparative analysis of electronic information purchase in Korean university libraries relative to university libraries overseas. An overall comparison is made between libraries in Korea and in the U.S. in terms of their budget for electronic information. In addition, we compared the lists of web databases in service among three top-tier Korean universities and nine foreign universities(6 in the U.S., 1 in Canada, 1 in Australia, and 1 in China). The findings show that Korean universities tend to subscribe heavily to electronic journals packages than competing libraries overseas. However, in terms of providing subject-based reference databases, our libraries are far behind even mediocre institutions in these countries. We propose a number of recommendations to strengthen national licensing of electronic scholarly materials as a way to enhance access to electronic information through university libraries.
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    Classification Performance Analysis of Cross-Language Text Categorization using Machine Translation

    Yong-Gu Lee | 2009, 43(1) | pp.313~332 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    Cross-language text categorization(CLTC) can classify documents automatically using training set from other language. In this study, collections appropriated for CLTC were extracted from KTSET. Classification performance of various CLTC methods were compared by SVM classifier using machine translation. Results showed that the classification performance in the order of poly-lingual training method, training-set translation and test-set translation. However, training-set translation could be regarded as the most useful method among CLTC, because it was efficient for machine translation and easily adapted to general environment. On the other hand, low performance was shown to be due to the feature reduction or features with no subject characteristics, which occurred in the process of machine translation of CLTC.
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    Competency Based Curriculum Development of Subject Specialist Librarians

    Inja Ahn , Dong-Jo Noh , Younghee Noh and 1 other persons | 2009, 43(1) | pp.333~361 | number of Cited : 16
    Abstract PDF
    Aims of subject specialist librarian's education is an improvement of their professionalism which could reinforce librarians' ability to achieve their speciality. The curriculum should be competency based one which could gain knowledge and skills to accomplish subject librarian services. The study aims to suggest competency based curriculum that is needed for specialist librarian's work. The study proposes six educational courses and fifteen subjects. Six courses are as followings: resource development, information services, library marketing, user education, subject research, and library administration.