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2009, Vol.43, No.3

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    A Study on the Reform Plan of the Public Library Administrative System in Korea

    Hee-Yoon Yoon | 2009, 43(3) | pp.5~29 | number of Cited : 8
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    The purpose of this study is to diagnose the changes, complexity and ill effects of the public library administrative system in Korea, to analyze its previous research and improvement issues, and to suggest reform plans and subsequent action. To do so, the author has proposed a unification model for the library administrative system, the library status in the local administrative organization, and the library management plan of the local government. And the author has suggested various subsequent actions for the unification of the library administrative system, that is, the transfer of property, relief of the financial burden, removal of the disadvantages caused by the status change, adjustment of the library director's position, improving the personnel system of librarianship, and amendments to the relevant laws and regulations.
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    A Study on the Between Record Management and Management Quality in Public Institutions: Based on the Malcolm Baldrige Model and ISO 15489

    정기애 | Kim Youseung | 2009, 43(3) | pp.31~58 | number of Cited : 7
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    In the digital information environment records have an even closer relationship with business processes and become a core element of organizations' managerial activities. In practice, management is represented as congregation of business outcomes. The importance of records management is increasingly emphasized in terms of organizations' compliance, knowledge-management and risk management. However, there is currently no academic discussion on a between records management and managerial activities. In this context, the study has the notion that this should be defined and acknowledged for public institutions' effective records management. Based on the Malcolm Baldrige Model and ISO 15489, the study discusses a close between records management and management quality. The records management elements of the Malcolm Baldrige model and the managerial quality elements of ISO 15489 were analyzed. Based on the analysis, both common and neglected elements were explored in terms of records management.
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    A Strategic Approach to the Researcher Information System as Social Capital

    Jungyeoun Lee | Yeon Kyoung Chung | Eunkyung Chung | 2009, 43(3) | pp.59~84 | number of Cited : 0
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    In the context of the knowledge and information society, social capital has been considered significantly in conjunction with human and physical capital. Social capital contains the social capacity which is beneficial to the efficiency and associated capital of social policies. This study aims to examine the strategic plans in order to establish researcher information systems in terms of research and development, and researcher resources at the national level. To achieve the goals of this study, firstly the current status of researcher information systems in Korea was examined. The analysis of researcher information systems includes information systems in the national R&D management institutes, the national distribution institutes, and the government funded research centers. Secondly, strategic plans for researcher information systems as social capital were discussed.
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    A Study for RDA Implementation Scenarios and Future Bibliographic Control

    CHO JANE | 2009, 43(3) | pp.85~105 | number of Cited : 10
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    Disagreements between the technical environment and the conventional library catalog have caused a re-clarification of International Cataloguing Principles (ICP). Review is under way to finalize the publication of RDA (Resource Description and Access) in late 2009 by the Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA. The impending RDA is based on FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records) which re-explains the bibliographic universe focused on entities, attributes and relationships between resources, but tries to maintain MARC as an encoding format for RDA. In this study, firstly FRBR, ICP and RDA were analyzed. Secondly, we propose 3 scenarios of RDA implementation: the future cataloging system based on the FRBR Entity, using a semantic web structure, and the scenario using the existing MARC format with some small changes. Finally, by examining response patterns of overseas bibliographic institutions, we present a set of urgent issues for future directions of bibliographic contro in Korea which includes, but not limited to, relationship between RDA/FRBR and KCR (Korean Cataloging Rules), continuation of KORMARC and authority control.
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    A Study on Conflict Resolution in Korean University Libraries

    Mu-Jin Lee | NamTaeWoo | 2009, 43(3) | pp.107~145 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study aims to suggest desirable means to resolve conflicts in university libraries by measuring conflict levels and by revealing the causes of the conflicts with reference to the conflict level indices which were selected by university library staff. In order to attain the research objectives, a total of 36 university libraries (24 private universities and 12 public universities) were selected. Questionnaires were distributed to 739 library staff members and 515 answer sheets were collected. Among them, 512 sets of answers were taken as data for this research. Six hypotheses were tested through frequency analysis, correlation analysis, and step-by-step regression analysis using SPSS 12.0.
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    A Study on the Metadata Elements for Establishing e-Learning Content Archives

    Young-Hee Ahn | Park,Ok-Hwa | 2009, 43(3) | pp.147~162 | number of Cited : 8
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    In this study, our purpose was to develop the metadata elements for archiving e-learning content being generated by universities. In order to achieve this goal, we first examined the current status of e-learning content providing services both domestically and overseas and then compared each standard for metadata for e-learning content built for educational purposes. We found that KEM (Korea Education Metadata) 3.0, a server being provided by KOCW (Korea Open CourseWare), does not currently accommodate the metadata elements for archiving. In this study, we extended and added the scope of metadata elements for archiving based on KEM 3.0. We also tried to build up metadata for archiving the e-learning content provided based on KEM 3.0+. As a result of this study, a basis for archiving elLearning content is expected to be founded.
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    A Personalized Retrieval System Based on Classification and User Query

    Kwang-Young Kim | Kang-Seop Shim | Kwak, Seung-Jin | 2009, 43(3) | pp.163~180 | number of Cited : 4
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    In this paper, we describe a developmental system for establishing personal information tendency based on user queries. For each query, the system classified it based on the category information using a kNN classifier. As category information, we used DDC field which is already assigned to each record in the database. The system accumulates category information for all user queries and the user's personalized feature for the target database. We then developed a personalized retrieval system reflecting the personalized feature to produce search result. Our system re-ranks the result documents by adding more weights to the documents for which categories match with the user's personalized feature. By using user's tendency information, the ambiguity problem of the word could be solved. In this paper, we conducted experiments for personalized search and word sense disambiguation (WSD) on a collection of Korean journal articles of science and technology arena. Our experimental result and user's evaluation show that the performance of the personalized search system and WSD is proved to be useful for actual field services.
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    Search Portals and Academic Libraries: An Analysis of the Book Services and Academic Information Services of Major Search Portals

    Soyeon Park | 2009, 43(3) | pp.181~195 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    This study aims to perform an evaluation of the book services and academic information services provided by the major search portals of Korea and the United States. This study also investigates the relationships between search portals and academic libraries. The results of this study can be implemented for the development and improvement of the portals’ book and academic information services. Users can refer to the results of this study in choosing services from search portals. The results of this study can also provide implications for the differentiation of academic library services.
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    A Study of Facet Classification System Development for Arts and Cultural Education

    Park, Oknam | Sam Gyun Oh | 김세영 | 2009, 43(3) | pp.197~219 | number of Cited : 11
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    The study acknowledges the need for classification systems in arts and cultural education. The study constructs a faceted classification system for this domain based on systematic methods. The study utilized iterative collaboration between domain experts and classification system developers. The classification system consists of 13 main facets and terms. The classification system has values to manage information resources effectively and efficiently. It is also beneficial for reducing cultural gaps in arts and cultural education as well as providing an information gateway for users.
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    A Study on the Perception of Librarians on the Usefulness of Measures in Public Library Operation Assessment: in the 2008 Korean Library Operation Assessment

    Myung-Hee Yoon | GIYEONG KIM | 2009, 43(3) | pp.221~245 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, we investigate the usefulness of the measures of the 2008 Korean Public Library Operation Assessment as perceived by librarians in practice using a survey. The survey was answered by librarians in large, medium, and small-sized libraries managed by local autonomous bodies and in large-sized libraries that belong to local education authorities. The survey results show that whereas the usefulness of items was higher in planning area and those items that can be easily counted, and usefulness of items in human resources and facilities was lower. There are no significant results in differences by library size and by the characteristics of librarians. Based on the results, we suggest a direction for the improvement of the Korean Public Library Operation Assessment.
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    Examining the Collection Management Process in Public Libraries

    Jeeyeon Lee | 2009, 43(3) | pp.247~267 | number of Cited : 7
    Abstract PDF
    This study attempted to analyze the collection management process and its requirements for public libraries. The survey was designed to examine the detailed collection management guidelines and to grasp its requirements varying across different types of public libraries. The respondents to the survey were librarians who are responsible for managing collections in public libraries which achieved excellence in the 2008 nationwide library management assessment. The study results indicated that most public libraries do not have organized collection management guidelines covering the whole collection management area. In addition, small libraries such as those in hospitals, armies, and prisons have difficulties in managing collections since they do not have proper collection management guidelines.
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    A Study of Metadata Element Design for Broadcasting Records Management-based on the Case Study of MBC TV Program Records

    Jin-Kyung Lee | Hee-Jung Kim | 2009, 43(3) | pp.269~295 | number of Cited : 9
    Abstract PDF
    The metadata elements of TV programs were designed based on PBCore (Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary), which is useful descriptive metadata for TV programs, and on interview results with TV program records managers. TV program information was visualized to extract core information and build a proper schema. Through this analysis, detailed metadata elements were designed in four representative areas: intellectual content, intellectual property, instantiation and extensions.
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    The Effects of Motivational Factors on the Intention to Contribute Knowledge to Online Communities

    Jong-Ae Kim | 2009, 43(3) | pp.297~312 | number of Cited : 21
    Abstract PDF
    This study examined the intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors affecting the intention to contribute knowledge to online communities. It examined enjoyment, knowledge self-efficacy, and commitment as the intrinsic motivational factors, and anticipated reciprocity, image, and subjective norm as the extrinsic motivational factors. The results showed that intrinsic motivational factors, enjoyment and knowledge self-efficacy were found to have significant influences on attitudes towards knowledge contribution to online communities, but commitment was not. Of the extrinsic motivational factors, anticipated reciprocity was found to have a significant influence on attitudes toward knowledge contribution to online communities, but image and subjective norm were not.
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    A Study on the Implementation of an SDI Profiler System for Enhancing the SDI Services in University Libraries

    Chang-Sub Bae | Hyun Hee Kim | 2009, 43(3) | pp.313~333 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Offering subject-oriented services by subject experts is an effective method of enhancing the quality of digital reference services in university libraries. However, it is not easy to implement due to the Korean librarian education system and a shortage of human resources. Thus, as an alternative, we proposed an SDI (selective dissemination of information) profiler system using the concept of a profiler which is used in crime psychology as a specialist who studies a person's behavior for clues to psychology to aid in capturing them, under the assumption that conducting SDI services is one of the subject experts' key roles. And we also mentioned the procedures and methods of how to apply it to the reference services of university libraries. The proposed SDI profiler system can change the roles of university librarians from passive to active. Furthermore, it also allows librarians to provide their clients with customized SDI services, thus improving reference services.
  • 15.

    A Study on Enhancing Web Accessibility for Visually Impaired People in Public Libraries

    Yoon-Hee Cho | 2009, 43(3) | pp.335~354 | number of Cited : 23
    Abstract PDF
    In the knowledge and information society, there is an increasing importance of information, being unable to access this information becomes a huge disadvantage. Blind and visually impaired users who are using assistant equipment such as screen readers are the very class that is having trouble accessing the web content that public libraries provide. In this research 10% of each region's libraries were picked as a research sample. Most of the web content that the public libraries provided did not meet the Internet web content accessibility guidelines as a Korean standard. Also evaluation into web accessibility by the visually impaired was also low. This research suggests some solutions for libraries to reduce the disadvantages that are put upon visually impaired people from various views such as perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust.
  • 16.

    An Evaluation of the Standardization of Records Management

    Seol, Moon-won | 2009, 43(3) | pp.355~377 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    In 2005, the National Archives of Korea (NAK) set up the Records Management Standards Plan in the process of public records management innovation and released 55 standards and guidelines based on this plan. This study is to evaluate the standardization for records management so far with a critical view and suggest implications for rebuilding standardization strategies. For evaluation, it analyses records management standardization policies and the status of standard development through NAK's standardization policy documents and interviews records managers in central government agencies via e-mail. The categories of evaluation are the selection for the standardization areas, the quality of standard content, the standardization procedures, and the policies for sustainable standardization. It evaluates qualitatively with criteria set up in each category and then suggests some recommendations for the improvement of records management standardization.
  • 17.

    A Study on the Development of the Abridged Dewey Decimal Classification

    KimJeonghyen | 문지현 | 2009, 43(3) | pp.379~397 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the development and features of the abridged DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification), one of the main factors for DDC's success. For the study, a comparison table including the publication years and the physical features has been presented based on the general relationship between the full edited DDC and the abridged DDC. In addition, the contents and features have been analyzed from the first to the latest (14th) edition. Lastly, the time of introduction of four supplementary tables used in the abridged DDC and its development have been investigated.
  • 18.

    A Comparative Study on Clustering Methods for Grouping Related Tags

    Han, Seung Hee | 2009, 43(3) | pp.399~416 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, clustering methods with related tags were discussed for improving search and exploration in the tag space. The experiments were performed on 10 Delicious tags and the strongly-related tags extracted by each 300 documents, and hierarchical and non-hierarchical clustering methods were carried out based on the tag co-occurrences. To evaluate the experimental results, cluster relevance was measured. Results showed that Ward's method with cosine coefficient, which shows good performance to term clustering, was best performed with consistent clustering tendency. Furthermore, it was analyzed that cluster membership among related tags is based on users' tagging purposes or interest and can disambiguate word sense. Therefore, tag clusters would be helpful for improving search and exploration in the tag space.
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    A Study on Intellectual Structure of Records Management and Archives in Korea: Based on Syntactic and Semantic Structure of Article Titles

    Gyuhwan Kim | jang bo Seong | Hyunjung Yi | 2009, 43(3) | pp.417~439 | number of Cited : 23
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, the intellectual structure of Records Management and Archival Science in Korea was analyzed based on the syntactic and semantic structure analysis of article titles. The data used in this study were 344 articles from three major representative journals in the field of Records Management and Archival Science, published from 1999 to 2008. The results of the syntactic and semantic structure analysis of article titles show that the three role concepts of keywords are ‘research domain’, ‘research object’, and ‘research focus’. Keywords in article titles were clustered into the core subject areas after they were assigned three concepts. Based on the results of cluster analysis, the intellectual structure of Records Management and Archival Science in Korea was proposed.