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2009, Vol.43, No.4

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    A Study on the Subject-based Systematization of National Libraries in Korea

    Hee-Yoon Yoon | 2009, 43(4) | pp.5~27 | number of Cited : 0
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    The Library and Information Policy Committee announced a national comprehensive plan for all libraries in August, 2008. The plan includes the re-establishment of a subject-based national library system as one of the major policy challenges. Based on the preceding study (an analysis on systematization and the gaps in subject-based national libraries in major countries), this paper proposed three models: a centralized model focused on the NLK, a horizontally-linked model, and a long-term strategic model for subject-based national library systematization in Korea.
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    The Development of an Instructional Model for the Revitalization of the Schema for Reading Education in School Libraries

    Lee Seung-Gil | 2009, 43(4) | pp.29~57 | number of Cited : 2
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    The research is intended to establish the importance of background knowledge in reading process and suggest a revitalization plan for the schema for reading education. The reading process as fundamental research and the schema conception have been studied and the present situation of reading education in the school libraries has been inspected. This research reviewed the reading strategies which school libraries require for the revitalization of the schema and based on this data, a method of SQ3R reading has been applied and a class model developed. As an outcome, a guidance plan for instruction was proposed and learning-activity materials applying graphic organizer have been produced. Subsequently, a class in school library was conducted. Following the outcome of the class and an expert's review of the class model, this research has developed a class model for the revitalization of the schema for reading education in school libraries.
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    A Study on the Development of the Broadcast Content Creators' Information Behavior Model through Analysis of the Planning Process

    Jungyeoun Lee | 2009, 43(4) | pp.59~81 | number of Cited : 2
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    This study is aimed at developing a broadcast content creators' information behavior model through analysis of the process of information use including an integrated perspective such as cognitive, emotional and environmental aspects. Broadcast content creators have a common cognitive process and pools of information exchange and integration. In order to have emotional empathy with the general public they search and use the news and human and everyday life information seeking (ELIS). The most important thing is the context of social norms and culture in the broadcasting community and information about judgment is subjective and empirical.
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    A Study on the Socio-Psychological Factors in Forming Information Problem-solving Abilities

    배경재 | 2009, 43(4) | pp.83~99 | number of Cited : 2
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    The holistic approach to the variables that influence people’s information problem-solving abilities is relatively scant compared to the importance of the issue. The purpose of this study is to analyze the socio-psychological factors that have an influence on the information problem-solving abilities of youths, and finally to analyze how these factors influence the information problem-solving abilities of youths. In order to identify the critical socio-psychological factors, related literature was reviewed and the model framework for this research was constructed based on the resulting factors and socio-psychological theories.
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    An Analysis of Multiple Intelligences’ Effect on Book Selection Preferences

    최영임 | Hahn Bock-Hee | 2009, 43(4) | pp.101~115 | number of Cited : 2
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    This research was based on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory. The purpose of this study was to describe students’ book selection preferences using the theory of multiple intelligences. We have conducted a survey of high schools in the Chung-Nam province, consisting of 100 students, 50 in the high academically achieving group and another 50 in the low achieving group, in an attempt to analyze the relationship between their book selection preferences and the types of students’ multiple intelligences. We want to assist in the research data for the reading guide.
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    An Exploratory Meta Analysis of Library Economic Valuation Studies

    Hye-Kyung Chung | Young Man Ko | Wonsik Shim and 1other persons | 2009, 43(4) | pp.117~137 | number of Cited : 10
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    This study aims to grasp how to understand the difference in return on investment (ROI) or the cost-benefit ratio in forty-two domestic and overseas studies of library valuation, using a meta-analytical review method. Meta-analysis, a quantitative analysis on the findings of previous studies, was conducted to gather the general findings and lessons from prior empirical research. The results of meta-regression analysis indicate that the pattern of findings is consistent with our expectations regarding the effect of benefit scope and per capita GDP included in the ROI figure. This study appears to be the first meta-analytical review conducted on library valuations and the findings provide strong implications for the policy-making process.
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    A Study on Exploring the Services of Libraries for Babies and Toddlers and the Possibilities of Service Expansion through Bookstart

    Sooyeon Kim | Jeong-Ah Kang | 2009, 43(4) | pp.139~161 | number of Cited : 5
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    This study explored the services of libraries for babies and toddlers and the possibilities of service expansion through Bookstart as a cooperation system for libraries. This study presented the problems of the services of libraries for toddlers by implementing the questionnaire method and the in-depth interviews. In addition, this study showed the impact of carrying-out this program and why libraries should manage the Bookstart program. Results indicated that: (1) even though the membership enrollment standard of children's libraries is usually from babies and toddlers up to the elementary school students, that of a few libraries is still over elementary school students. This will work on restraining the services of libraries for users, especially toddlers, only 54.8% of libraries services are for the toddlers; (2) by analyzing the perception of librarians, we get to know that librarians think that the age of the first use of a library is more appropriate for kindergarten-agers than toddlers; (3) librarians think positively about the Bookstart and that libraries are more suitable for Bookstart than any other institutions; (4) after the introduction of Bookstart to libraries, many changes happened in respect of the function of libraries and the types of users. For examples, there was an expansion of users to babies and toddlers and their parents, an increase in users, focusing on early-childhood reading education and the strengthening of the role of librarians as program planners in particular. This study suggests that the introduction of Bookstart would bring changes to the concept of traditional libraries and the inflexible attitudes of librarians.
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    A Study on the Analysis of the Variables Affecting the Educational Services of School Libraries

    김성준 | Jinwon Suh | 2009, 43(4) | pp.163~192 | number of Cited : 6
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    The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that affect the educational service of school libraries and to seek effective ways to revitalize the services following an analysis of the influence size and the cause and effect of each factor. For this, after deciding the variables through a comprehensive investigation based on documentary research, the variables were operationalized. These variables are school members' recognition and support, teacher librarians' expertise, cooperation between teachers and teacher librarians, the school curriculum, a shortage of teacher librarians' time, the educational environment and educational services. Fourteen hypotheses on the cause and effect among the seven variables were analyzed by applying SEM (Structural Equation Modeling). The result is that the key factors of educational services are teacher librarians' expertise, cooperation between subject teachers and teacher librarians, and the school curriculum. As a result, active methods for the educational services of school libraries were sought.
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    Developing a Basic Framework for the Korean National Collection Policy

    Hye Rhan Chang | Hyun-Jin Hong | Younghee Noh and 1other persons | 2009, 43(4) | pp.193~215 | number of Cited : 2
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    A more sophisticated library collection policy is required due to the changing information environment. Both traditional resources and diversified networked information resources are increasing continuously. The National Library of Korea should construct a systematic collection development policy in order to fulfill its mission. The purpose of this study is to develop a basic framework that is intended to improve the coverage of national collection. Examining previous studies and the national collection development policies of major advanced countries, a model consisting of four sub-models has been proposed. It includes hybrid collection, cooperative linking collection, collection evaluation, and a collection policy statement. Details of the sub-models and strategies are described.
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    A Study on the Research Trends of Records and Archives Management in Korea through an Analysis of Journal Articles

    Gyuhwan Kim | Young Joon Nam | 2009, 43(4) | pp.217~239 | number of Cited : 27
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    This study presents the research trends of Records and Archives Management in Korea by analyzing the articles of the Records and Archives Management in Korea according to subjects, issue periods, journals and researchers. For the study, 374 articles from 3 academic journals published between 1999 and 2009 were analyzed. As a result, several research trends in this field were discovered. The summary of the study is as follows: Firstly, it has been proven that the productivity of the articles of Records and Archives Management in Korea increases as time goes by. Secondly, there are differences in the subject fields among journals in Records and Archives Management. Thirdly, there are differences in the subject fields among researchers' institutions. Fourthly, there are no differences in the subject fields among researchers' specialized areas.
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    Design and Evaluation of a User Tag-based Retrieval Model for Electronic Journals within Electronic Resource Management Systems

    강정원 | Hyun Hee Kim | 2009, 43(4) | pp.241~264 | number of Cited : 0
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    The study proposed an electronic journal retrieval model to be used to improve the retrieval efficiency of e-journals. To do this, firstly, we reviewed the literature on users' information behavior and on ERM (Electronic Resource Management) systems. Secondly, we conducted an e-mail survey of 96 participants (professors and graduate students) to find out about their information behavior on how to access, use and evaluate electronic resources as well as scientific information. Thirdly, we administered case studies on two ERMSs, Ex Libris' Verde and Innovative's Millennium. The proposed model will be operated within ERM systems and it enables to the supply of both system- and user-based services by combining taxonomy-based ERM systems with tag folksonomy. The model is unique in that it includes not only the automatic tagging functions that can be performed using log files but also the tag management functions including grouping similar or related tags.
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    Information Literacy Education and the Impact of Self Awareness on Information Literacy and Libraries

    Jung Young mi | 2009, 43(4) | pp.265~280 | number of Cited : 12
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    This study investigated whether information literacy education contributes to change and improvement in university students’ self awareness of information literacy and libraries. The pre-test and the post-test which comprised the same questions on information literacy and libraries were executed on 47 students in an information literacy-related regular course at D University. The information literacy-related questions in the questionnaire were based on ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education. The collected data were analyzed using Excel and SPSS.
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    Teacher-Librarians' Perceptions of Their Roles

    Jin Soo Chung | 2009, 43(4) | pp.281~306 | number of Cited : 8
    Abstract PDF
    This exploratory study reports how teacher-librarians perceive their roles as practitioners in school library media programs. Conducted within the framework of qualitative research, the study employed a focus group interview (Morgan 1997) with five teacher-librarians at elementary school level in Seoul. The findings suggest: (1) the roles of teacher-librarians are influenced a great deal by many factors in educational systems; (2) there is no consensus on how to define and perform their role as teachers; (3) there seems to be increasing emphasis on their program administrator's role; (4) there is no consensus on prioritizing the five roles suggested by the AASL (2009), but all the participants agreed that the leader's role is most crucial for the success of pursuing the rest of the roles, and (5) there seems to be no clear boundaries as teacher-librarians perform their roles. Putting all the results together, the researcher was able to conclude that teacher-librarians are frequently asked to be flexible and negotiable and have great burden in the affective, cognitive, and physical realm for the roles imposed and expected of them.
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    Exploring the Dimensions of Self Efficacy Scale for Information Literacy

    Wonsik Shim | Hye-yeon Ahn | 김현수 and 1other persons | 2009, 43(4) | pp.307~326 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    The concept of self efficacy, originally theorized by Bandura, has been applied to a wide variety of fields including education, psychology, and business. There has been steady effort to develop relevant scales to operationalize and measure self efficacy. This article reports on the results from an analysis of Kurbanoglu's ILSES (Information Literacy Self-Efficacy Scale), the only reported such scale in the area of information literacy. Over 400 university students responded to the ILSES survey consisting of 40 items grouped in six categories. The main analysis used was factor analysis. The results show high degree of internal consistency of the items included. However, the factors derived from the study differ significantly from the factors in the original study. Overall, these factors seem to reflect the heuristic nature of students' information seeking and use patterns, favoring Internet resources and instant gratification.
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    An Analysis of the Characteristics and Function of Tags Based on Resource Types

    Park, Tae-yeon | Kim, Seonghee | 2009, 43(4) | pp.327~351 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This study analyzed the characteristics and functions of tags in academic libraries and commercial sites. Tags in tag clouds from 6 different sites were collected in terms of tag popularity and importance. The gathered tags were analyzed in terms of tagging purpose, the tagging function, and the physical characteristics of tags. The results can be used to apply the tagging service to academic digital libraries.
  • 16.

    A Study on the Effects of School Libraries in School Education

    Jeeyeon Lee | 2009, 43(4) | pp.353~380 | number of Cited : 14
    Abstract PDF
    Some of the possible effects of revitalizing school libraries are improved personality education and an acquisition of the basic, as well as cultural, knowledge through expanded reading opportunities. The goal of school education is to increase the students’ intellectual quality by providing structured education curriculums. In order to meet this goal, there has been increased interest in ways to enhance academic achievements or to increase the cognitive level of the students. In this study, we focused on the effects of school libraries on learning capabilities. To measure the learning capabilities, we used academic achievements as the evaluation criteria. Based on the statistical analysis, we found that the collection types and the reasons for using school libraries influenced the academic achievements more than the frequency of using school libraries. However, the influences of economic and social factors were too great in comparison to other factors. This paradoxically shows the importance of public education and the school libraries’ role in education in general. In summary, school libraries should provide good quality reading experiences as well as methods to collect, manage, and use information to the students. These efforts will positively impact the academic achievements of the students.
  • 17.

    An Ethnographic Study of Factors Contributing to the Occupational Socialization of Librarians

    김갑선 | 2009, 43(4) | pp.381~430 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    Using Spradley's ethnographic method, the study was designed to describe and understand the factors contributing to the occupational socialization of librarians. Three in-depth interviews and one observation were conducted with each of the sixteen participants who have practiced for longer than 5 years in libraries and were selected by theoretical sampling. Eight factors emerged from the data: education in universities, social changes, work, human relationships, users, the library organizational climate, social perception, and striving to enhance the professional. 'Overcoming a lack of understanding about the profession’ was the cultural theme for describing and integrating the factors contributing to the occupational socialization of librarians.
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    A Study on the Difference among Journal Publisher and among the Academic Disciplines of Factors Influencing the Adoption of Open Access

    Young Man Ko | 김보애 | Tae-Sik Park and 1other persons | 2009, 43(4) | pp.431~449 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to examine the differences among journal publishers and among academic disciplines on factors influencing the adoption of open access. Through the analysis of previous studies, we identified five such factors: journal publishers' attitudes, ability, confidence, social influence and material resources available for open access. The results show that a significant difference among journal publishers from social influence factor. This result implies that efforts toward journal subscribers to have a positive attitude and material resources are important factors for journal publishers. There was a significant difference among academic disciplines in terms of journal publishers' attitudes and ability factors. The findings of this result imply that academic journals need to share more information about open access and that priority should be given to journals that have the ability to influence the adoption of open access.
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    A Study on the Development of a Standard Curriculum for Education of Library and Information Science in Korea

    Dong-Jo Noh | 2009, 43(4) | pp.451~468 | number of Cited : 23
    Abstract PDF
    Since the curriculum of the department of library and information science for nurturing librarians and teacher-librarians is not standardized and the education scope and content of subjects for each exam to recruit librarians and teacher-librarians is also not standardized, the objectivity and credibility required for national exam are not guaranteed. This study is for developing a standard curriculum as one of the solutions regarding the foregoing problem. To achieve the goal of this study, first of all, the requirements for librarians and teacher-librarians and a national exam related to Teacher Certification Examination, regulation, and implementation rules were reviewed. Secondly, the justification of the suggested subjects through analyzing prior studies for developing a curriculum for library and information science was reviewed. Thirdly, the subjects resulted from the two foregoing methods were confirmed as a standard curriculum for library and information science through a focus group discussion among practicing librarians.