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2010, Vol.44, No.1

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    Library Service Users' Information Seeking Behavior Model Based on the Grounded Theory Methodology

    Seongsin Lee | 2010, 44(1) | pp.5~28 | number of Cited : 7
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    This study analyzed the characteristics of library service users' information seeking behavior based on the grounded theory methodology. After interviewing twelve undergraduate students, the researcher coded the data based on the grounded theory methodology. As a result of the entire coding processes, this study constructed the library service users' information seeking behavior model. According to the model, the following ten factors are important when explaining library service users' information seeking behavior: the information users' environment, other people, users' experiences, recognition of information sources, information provided, memory, a need-creating environment, information gathering, information use, and satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction.
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    A Study on the School Library for Constructivism in Teaching/Learning

    you yang keun | 2010, 44(1) | pp.29~51 | number of Cited : 5
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    A knowledge-based society values creative and independent individuals. This study depicts operational approaches to the effective utilization of school libraries as teaching/learning media center in order to support independent learning in relation to the way in which constructivist teaching-learning(CTL) improves learners' self-learning abilities. The result of this study seems to imply that self-learning based on constructivism is possible only when school libraries are managed as teaching/learning media centers and that the more variety there is in learning materials and when more direct interaction exists, there is more creativity and self-learning abilities are achieved in the learning process.
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    A Study on Types of Content and Venues for Faculty Self-archiving

    김지현 | 2010, 44(1) | pp.53~74 | number of Cited : 4
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    This study investigated the self-archiving venues that university faculty members have used, the types of content that they have made publicly accessible on the web, and their rationales for such decisions. The present study was based on the analysis of 480 survey responses and 41 telephone interviews from professors at 17 Carnegie Doctorate-granting universities in the U.S. It was found that faculty members tended to self-archive referred articles on their personal websites or research group websites. This indicated that the faculties perceived peer-review process to be important in self-archiving practices as a quality-control mechanism. The rate of self-archiving in institutional repositories was low, although several interviewees envisioned the potential of the repositories regarding the ability to preserve various types of research works in digital form.
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    Current Status of Information Literacy of Foreign Students in Korea

    Yong-Wan Cho | Soosang Lee | 2010, 44(1) | pp.75~99 | number of Cited : 23
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    The authors of this study tried to explore the current status of the levels of information literacy of foreign students in Korea where many foreign students, mainly from several Asian countries, have been moving continuously into various universities. To do this, a survey was conducted of 202 Chinese students enrolled in universities in Busan and its neighboring area. They responed that their level of information literacy was slightly above the middle range and that the fields of ‘information ethics’ and ‘information communication technology’ were relatively high whereas ‘information production, communication and sharing’ and ‘information investigation and search’ were relatively low.
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    The Multimedia Searching Behavior of Korean Portal Users

    Soyeon Park | 2010, 44(1) | pp.101~115 | number of Cited : 7
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    The main difference between web searching and traditional searching is that the web provides and supports multimedia searching. This study aims to investigate the multimedia searching behavior of users of NAVER, a major Korean search portal. In conducting this study, the query logs and click logs of a unified search service were analyzed. The results of this study show that among the multimedia queries submitted by users, audio searches are the dominant media type, followed similarly by video and image searches. On the other hand, among the multimedia documents clicked on, video is the most popular collection type followed by image and audio collections. Entertainment is the most popular topic in both multimedia queries and clicks. The results of this study can be implemented for the portal's development of multimedia content and searching algorithms.
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    An Experimental Study on Semantic Searches for Image Data Using Structured Social Metadata

    Hyun Hee Kim | Yong-Ho Kim | 2010, 44(1) | pp.117~135 | number of Cited : 3
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    We designed a structured folksonomy system in which queries can be expanded through tag control; equivalent, synonym or related tags are bound together, in order to improve the retrieval efficiency (recall and precision) of image data. Then, we evaluated the proposed system by comparing it to a tag-based system without tag control in terms of recall, precision, and user satisfaction. Furthermore, we also investigated which query expansion method is the most efficient in terms of retrieval performance. The experimental results showed that the recall, precision, and user satisfaction rates of the proposed system are statistically higher than the rates of the tag-based system, respectively. On the other hand, there are significant differences among the precision rates of query expansion methods but there are no significant differences among their recall rates. The proposed system can be utilized as a guide on how to effectively index and retrieve the digital content of digital library systems in the Library 2.0 era.
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    A Study on the Analysis of Information Disclosure in School Libraries

    Jung-Eok Gu | 2010, 44(1) | pp.137~155 | number of Cited : 2
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    This study was conducted to propose the improvements by analyzing the actual state of Education Information Disclosure related to the school libraries of elementary and middle schools and by grasping its problems. In order to do that, we examined the Education Information Disclosure standards in school libraries in Korea. The actual state of information disclosure on 13 items related to school libraries was analyzed, using S High School in Seoul as a case study. In addition, in understanding the values of school libraries easily and informing them exactly through Education Information Disclosure, it was judged that the forms and guides for disclosure and the level of school introduction services were somewhat insufficient. On the basis of that, some improvements were proposed, which could help to make the operation and management of Education Information Disclosure in school libraries more efficient.
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    The Modeling of Scholarly Information Services in Order to Support Lecture and Research Activities for Faculties-Based Web 2.0 in Korea University Libraries

    Eung-Bong Lee | 2010, 44(1) | pp.157~180 | number of Cited : 5
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    This research aims to analyze the recent status and problems of scholarly information service supporting lectures and research project activities for faculties in Korean university libraries, and to explore the current issues of same fields in U.S. advanced university libraries. Notably, this research suggested considerations for a new model of scholarly information service which is based on web 2.0(/library 2.0) supporting lectures and research project activities for faculties appropriate to Korea university libraries.
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    A Study on Applications for Linked Data in Libraries

    Myungdae Cho | 2010, 44(1) | pp.181~198 | number of Cited : 12
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    In this paper, the necessity calling for a paradigm shift in information organization is summarized: an attempt is being made to move from a web of documents to a web of data. In this, the principles used to make a universal library network, as part of the semantic web, or linked data, are described. Popular RDF vocabularies are also briefly introduced emphasizing FRBR and RDA vocabularies. Some library-related linked data projects are also summarized, describing the steps necessary to make a library catalogue available as linked data, as well as a rationale for doing so. Lastly, proposed models for a universal library network focusing on linked data are suggested. Some implications for the use of library applications for linked data, among others, are also presented.
  • 10.

    A Study to Facilitate Public Children's Library Operations and Services

    Yunkeum Chang | 2010, 44(1) | pp.199~215 | number of Cited : 10
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    This study aims to explore the key elements to facilitate public children's library services by investigating the current status and limitations in services. For this, data were collected through observations and in-depth interviews with library directors and children's librarians in public children's libraries in Seoul. The interviews were conducted based on the semi-structured interview technique. The content of the interview consisted of the vision and service status of the library, the competencies and roles of children's librarians, and ways to facilitate and improve children's services. The study discovered that libraries do not have a policy manual for operations and guidelines, and that their operations vary substantially according to the characteristics of the operating institutions. To resolve these problems, suggestions were made to facilitate children's library operations and services in order to enhance the professionalism of children's librarians.
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    A Model On Voluntary Activity in Library Services for Disabled People in Public Libraries

    Hae-Joo Kim | 안인자 | Miyoung Park and 1other persons | 2010, 44(1) | pp.217~241 | number of Cited : 7
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    Recently, as voluntary activity has become more widespread, there have been some voluntary activity movements in the provision of library services for people with disabilities. This study aimed to develop a model on voluntary activity in library services for disabled people in public libraries. Survey data collected through three data collection methods showed that volunteer activities in public library services for the disabled were very poor, and recommended the training of library staff and volunteers serving disabled people, the management of educational programs for librarians about the disabled and the dissemination of standardized manuals. From the results of the survey, a voluntary activity model, based on three factors, the aims of library services, the types of the disabilities, and volunteer services including specific sub areas of services, was developed. Finally, this voluntary activity model will contribute to the theory development of library services for the disabled.
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    A Study on Open Access Journal Evaluation Criteria

    Eun Yeong Kang | CHANG, DURK HYUN | 2010, 44(1) | pp.243~265 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This paper strives to shed a light on open access journals as academic resources for libraries and repositories. It also seeks the measure for the evaluation of information resources. It first attempts to draw outcomes and suggestions on the basis of the issues and implications identified through analysis into aspects of management, service, and infrastructure of repositories. For this task, research methods such as interviews and on/offline literature review were employed. Specific projects were analyzed via literature and website review, although not detailed in nature. Next, the paper discusses issue such as the current quality measures of OAJ. For this, a thorough comparison on the background, outlines and characteristics of the projects and an analysis of the specifics of each project were conducted as well.
  • 13.

    A Study of the Cooperative System Models for the Regional Central Library

    Hahn Bock-Hee | Lee Sung Sook | 이상호 and 1other persons | 2010, 44(1) | pp.267~295 | number of Cited : 10
    Abstract PDF
    The Library Act, which was revised in 2006, stipulates that systematical organizations should be established concentrating on the responsibilities and roles of the central government and local metropolitan municipalities in connection with the application of library policies. According to the Act, the Regional Central Library is supposed to apply the library policies covering all kinds of local libraries. Through trial cooperative operation led by the Regional Central Library and survey and discussion among staff, this study reviewed the possible alternatives for coordination in a region focusing on the Regional Central Library. The study proposed a ‘Cooperative systematic model led by the Regional Central Library’, an ‘Operational model’, and a ‘Step-by-step execution plan’ in consideration of the types of regions, the class of the libraries, and their fields. In addition, it presented a ‘Scheme for the appointment, establishment, and coordination of the Regional Central Library’, a ‘Scheme for systematic enhancement’, and a ‘Scheme for the capacity building of respective libraries’.