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2010, Vol.44, No.2

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    Research on the OASIS, a Web Archive in Korea

    Yoon, Cheong Ok | 2010, 44(2) | pp.5~27 | number of Cited : 7
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    The purpose of this research is to examine the characteristics and problems of OASIS, a web archive, developed and operated by the National Library of Korea, and then to propose how to improve the quality of its contents. An analysis of the contents in ‘Literature’ and ‘Social Sciences’ in the OASIS website shows problems, including low quality of some contents, lack of balance in subjects and creators/publishers, duplicate collections of web documents and web sites, lack of currency and evidence of unique or scholarly value of collected web resources, etc. Suggested are the use of ‘real-name’ of subject specialists to ensure their responsibilities in selection process and the addition of metadata elements to evidence the appropriate application of selection criteria.
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    Introducing an Integrated Library Information Service with Learning Management System: Library on Blackboard from Murray State University Libraries

    김동완 | 2010, 44(2) | pp.29~50 | number of Cited : 2
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    The purpose of this study presents a model of the integrated online library service with LMS (Learning Management System). The new library service is called ‘Library on Blackboard’ which was developed and implemented by Murray State University Libraries in Murray, Kentucky, USA. This user-centered service with applied information technology has the potential to enhance the quality of the library performance in university libraries. The introduction of the Learning Management System in South Korea has a potential to enhance the education environment and promote new library services. With the emergence of new information technologies and growing popularity in online classes and distance education programs, the importance and usage of Learning Management Systems in higher education has increased.
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    A Study on the Library of Congress’s Subject Headings as an Information Access Point

    Yeon Kyoung Chung | 2010, 44(2) | pp.51~72 | number of Cited : 13
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    The purpose of this study is to explore usefulness of the Library of Congress Subject Headings(LCSH) for librarians as an information access point. Sixty four librarians at the University of Washington(UW) and 67 librarians from the Council on East Asian Libraries(CEAL) participated through web surveys about LCSH and 9 librarians from UW and 10 librarians from CEAL joined in-depth interviews and e-mail correspondences. It was concluded that LCSH was very useful for finding other related materials as a subject access point. However, there were two necessary improvements recommended for the LCSH. First of all, in aspect of terminology, subject headings should be more familiar to the public with currency and show clear definitions and relationships. Second, with regard to the structure of LCSH, it should have simplicity, ease of use, and consistency when using combinations of subject headings. Since many other countries are using or adapting LCSH, its effect can be very strong. Therefore, the meaning of “Tok Island (Korea)” in LCSH is very important. It was found that the total number of results in a Google search, which includes the total number of publications in the world, diplomatic and research activities relating to “Tok Island(Korea)” were important factors for listing in LCSH as authorized subject headings. So there should be a great deal of efforts in studying and publishing materials related “Tok Island(Korea)” as well as diplomatic and scholarly efforts with sensing movements of other countries.
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    A Study on the Perception of Space and Facility Use of Public Libraries in Daegu Metropolitan City

    Hee-Yoon Yoon | 2010, 44(2) | pp.73~95 | number of Cited : 5
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    The purpose of this paper is to investigate and analyze the general perception on space and facility use of public libraries, including the individual weight and importance of libraries, frequency of use, accessibility(distance between home and library), and user satisfaction of spaces and facilities in Daegu Metropolitan City. In order to carry out this purpose, the researcher investigated the perception of 700 people live in Daegu Metropolitan City, analyzed the factors of user dissatisfaction by gender, age, and residence, and suggested some alternative improvements. Through correlation and regression analysis of library use and the relevant variables, the researcher suggested some of the major use factors.
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    A Study on Improvement of the System of Teachers' Training to Strengthen Teacher Librarians' Expertise in Korea

    김성준 | 2010, 44(2) | pp.97~116 | number of Cited : 5
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    Since the present training system of Korean teacher librarians is not adequate to strengthen their expertise, the training system should be changed. The purpose of this study is to suggest an improvement of the system, which prescribes their curriculums. To do this, first of all, the requirements for being given a national teacher certification are explored. Secondly, three major previous studies are reviewed. As a result, three subjects have been added to the present curriculum which consists presently of eight subjects. The added subjects are library and information education, information literacy and collaboration and collection development.
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    A Study on the Historical Changes and Improvements in Food and Culture in the Korean Decimal Classification

    Lee, Mihwa | Yeon Kyoung Chung | 2010, 44(2) | pp.117~137 | number of Cited : 6
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    The purposes of this study are to review the historical development of food and culture in the KDC (Korean Decimal Classification) and to propose improvements of the KDC to classify materials of food and culture by using the KDC effectively. First of all, changes of classification numbers and headings related to food and culture from the 1st edition to the 5th edition of the KDC were examined. Recent books about food and culture were examined and were classified according to the latest edition of the KDC. Several problems were found including a lack of headings, including notes in food and culture, a lack of headings about Korean foods in particular and reflections about various foods from other countries, a lack of detailed relative headings, and the remaining western oriented headings. Other classification systems about food and culture were analyzed and it was found that there was a need to have new headings for classifying Korean traditional foods and table services, new formats for a relative index, detailed notes, and changes in western oriented headings.
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    A Study on the Effects of Transformational Leadership on the Empowerment and Organizational Effectiveness in University Libraries

    Eun-Chul Lee | Inhwa Baek | 2010, 44(2) | pp.139~156 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to examine how the transformational leadership of university library managers affected the empowerment of university librarians and their organizational effectiveness. In this study, we examined the impact of transformational leadership on empowerment, and the impact of empowerment on organizational effectiveness. We then examined the mediating role of the empowerment between the transformational leadership and organizational effectiveness. Empirical results are as follows: empowerment and organizational effectiveness are significantly influenced by transformational leadership, organizational effectiveness is significantly influenced by empowerment, and the impact of transformational leadership on organizational effectiveness is mediated by empowerment.
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    The Analysis of the Differences of Information Needs and Usages among Academic Users in the Field of Science and Technology

    배경재 | 2010, 44(2) | pp.157~176 | number of Cited : 13
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    The purpose of this study is to analyze information needs and information usage of academic information users. This study aims to identify more specific information needs through an analysis of the gap between undergraduate and graduate users. Interviews with 20 users of K and S University were conducted for this study. As the result of this study, we found that the information needs from undergraduate and graduate users are different. The undergraduate users were less satisfied (30%) with information results than the graduate (90%) users and types of their needed information were more diversified. Additionally, the study suggests that information services for undergraduate users should be developed more seriously because their information satisfaction was considerably lower even though they actively utilize information.
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    A Study on the Construction of a Cooperative Network for Public Libraries

    Yoon-Hee Cho | 2010, 44(2) | pp.177~197 | number of Cited : 9
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    Public libraries in Korea have increased dramatically in number through the last 45 years. However, compared to the public libraries of the United States of America, United Kingdom of Britain, and Japan, public libraries in Korea tended to have a higher rate of capita visits per a public library, so public libraries' infrastructure in Korea is very inadequate. This research analyzed cooperative network cases for public libraries of London Borough of Camden, Ootaku in Janpan, and Bucheon City in Korea to deduct a plan to broaden the service area and to make management more efficient by managing based on the single-administrative district area as a regional library system. With these results this research excogitated a cooperative network model and a plan to make the management more efficient. As a conclusion, as public libraries increase in numbers we need to examine the proper scale, and we need to construct a central-concentrated system to enhance management efficiency between a central library and branch libraries or small libraries.
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    A Study on the Effect of Reading Program for Alienation Children: focused on The Reading with Library Program

    조미아 | 2010, 44(2) | pp.199~220 | number of Cited : 8
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of ‘The Reading with Library’ program in the national library for Children and Young Adults. For this study, data was collected through surveys with 590 children in 46 institutions that participated in ‘2009 The Reading with Library’ program. The study mainly focused on three factors - Children's Self-Esteem, Sociality, and Reading Ability and Questionnaire surveyed. The study revealed that 42(91.3%) among 46 institutions showed improvement in the Children's Self-Esteem, Sociality, and Reading Ability test. As the result, 11 institutions (23.9%) were influenced by the program.
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    A Study on the Development & Application of Project-Based Learning Program for Promoting the Pre-Education Librarians' Self-Efficacy in Education Services

    정종기 | 2010, 44(2) | pp.221~239 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to cultivate the educational competency of pre-librarians in the Department of Library & Information Science. To achieve this, first, the program is developed which is based by PBL(Project Based Learning) method for LIS education. Second, the questionnaire for education librarian self-efficacy is developed to measure the education librarian self-efficacy. Third, data were collected from 42 LIS undergraduate students at the beginning and end of the semester-long program during which it was adopted. The data were analyzed by paired t-test with SPSS. Analysis shows the program has a significant effect on the improvement of educational self-efficacy for pre-education librarians. Also, it is hoped that for this program will be applied to continuing education programs for education librarians and teacher librarians.
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    An Analysis of Service Classification Systems Provided by Major Korean Search Portals

    Soyeon Park | 2010, 44(2) | pp.241~262 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This study aims to perform an evaluation of classification systems provided by major Korean search portals, Naver, Nate, Daum, and Yahoo-Korea. These classification systems are evaluated in terms of the consistency of classification system, logicality of classification system, ease of interface, clarity of category names, order of category and site listing, and hierarchical structure. The results of this study show that each search portal provides separate classification systems for their services. These results imply that it is crucial for search portals to implement a common classification system and a common interface for their services. This study could contribute to the development and improvement of portals’ classification systems.
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    A Study on the Strategy Plan for the Utilization on Free Use License of Digital Works

    Sang-Hoon Oh | Young-Sun Choi | 2010, 44(2) | pp.263~283 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    Free Use License is an effective means of allowing many people to freely use works in the public domain. It can also prevent copyright infringement problems. This article analyzes the current service and domestic and foreign technology as it applies to free use license. It then proposes a plan which incorporates diverse requirements including technical aspects. Strategies are formulated from the technical, service and the resources connection perspectives for applying license in addition to searching and using licensed works. This article suggests a three-stage utilization plan to encourage the use of free use license. First, a connection plan between digital archiving and free use license, is developed. Then, a connection plan between UCI identifier and free use license is developed, and finally, the plan for the use of public resources is presented.
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    Examining the Intellectual Structure of Housing Studies in Korea with Text Mining and Factor Analysis

    Lee, Jae Yun | Heejeon Kim | ryoo jong duk | 2010, 44(2) | pp.285~308 | number of Cited : 17
    Abstract PDF
    This study analyzes the intellectual structure in domestic research of the Housing field, by utilizing text mining technique. Unlike the existing research that mainly uses text clustering in statistical analyses to identify subject specialties, core authors, and relationships between research areas, this study applied author profiling and factor analysis. To supplement the analysis of intellectual structure generated by text mining, and to perform evaluation on intellectual structure itself, two professionals in the housing field were interviewed. The intellectual structure, generated through text mining, was evaluated and showed its division of valid research areas that is slightly different from the traditional intellectual structure in the housing field.
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    A Study on the Empowerment of Mobile Services using Barcodes and RFID(Radio-Frequency Identification) in Korean Libraries

    Jung-Eok Gu | 2010, 44(2) | pp.309~331 | number of Cited : 20
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, the characteristics and types of 1D, 2D barcodes were examined. It is necessary to provide mobile services by making full use of the advantages of the technologies, such as 1D, 2D barcodes, and RFID, and by complementing the disadvantages of them mutually in Korea. Especially, in a mobile environment where the spread of smart phones and mobile networks are expanding, barcodes and RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) were analyzed as a very useful information media which is able to connect offline analogue media and online digital media. In addition, library automation systems and the cases of mobile student ID services using barcodes and RFID in Korean libraries were analyzed. The cases of mobile services using barcodes in foreign countries were also analyzed. With these cases, we propose a method to empower mobile services using barcodes in Korean libraries.
  • 16.

    An Experimental Study on Small Library Collection Evaluation Utilizing Circulation Statistics and Interlibrary Loan Data

    박영애 | Lee, Jae Yun | 2010, 44(2) | pp.333~356 | number of Cited : 15
    Abstract PDF
    Small libraries, with their insufficient quantities of materials and lack of diversity within the collection compared to larger general public libraries, may need to be assessed and develop collections based on empirical analysis. This study suggests a method for collection evaluation with other cases analyzing ILL (interlibrary loan) data, which is especially heavy in Small libraries in addition to the holdings and circulation data that are traditionally used in collection development. Collecting and analyzing materials proceeded from 14 Small libraries which operate ILL in a city and tried to figure out features of each library comparing collection statistics with usage statistics including circulation and interlibrary loans. It also identified subject areas heavily used in a Small library, based on the analysis of collection and usage statistics, for the purpose of formulating future policy.
  • 17.

    The Study on the Genealogy and Impact Factor of Papers by Citation Analysis

    JunMinChung | 2010, 44(2) | pp.357~379 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    The citation analysis is not applied to group measurements but to individual papers finding their impact factors among citation chains which are created by tracing citing-cited relationship between any two papers in data set. The individual impact factor is measured by adding each value derived from citation chain. Each paper's impact factor index is calculated by adding the values of each index by direct citing-cited relationship, and the values of each impact factor made by indirectly influencing to the papers in the citation chain. The research introduces a grace period, in which the system holds the papers not cited by other papers yet, but are expected to be cited within this period. Eventually not cited papers after the grace period would be eliminated by the system. The experiment suggests a reasonable database in which the highly influenced papers are gathered, and could be serviced in stead of buying databases filled with worthless not-cited-papers.
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    A Study on the Construction of New Towns and the Establishment of Public Libraries: Focusing on Milton Keynes in the U.K.

    Kim, Young-seok | 2010, 44(2) | pp.381~403 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    It was considered that the construction of new towns between the late 1940s and the early 1990s affected the increase of the number of public libraries in the U.K. Many new towns are being built in Korea. This is a very good chance to build more public libraries in Korea. This study selected and examined Milton Keynes which is one of the best new towns in the U.K. to see how the public libraries were built in the new town. It was revealed that the plan of building public libraries was included in the new town plan and public libraries were built according to these plans.
  • 19.

    A Diagnostic Analysis of Metadata R&D Status in Korea

    Sa Rah Yoo | 2010, 44(2) | pp.405~426 | number of Cited : 17
    Abstract PDF
    Functions of metadata, semantic and syntatic schemas, metadata service such as registries, repositories, the optimal metadata retrieval, and several considerations of implementation of digital libraries were the research scopes of this investigation. R&D outcomes of metadata subjects in the domestic community for the past 10 years were searched and analyzed. It illustrated the major results, distinctive trends as well as some insufficient aspects to satisfy the researchers and operators of metadata system development.
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    Success Factors in Effecting Cultural Change in Organizations: A Case Study

    노정란 | 2010, 44(2) | pp.427~445 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    In our knowledge-based society, a corporation’s main growth engine consists of its unique core competences and how these are organized rather than materialized competitive advantage. Intangible factors such as creative organizational culture, learning capability, brands, marketing ability and technology are notable examples of such core competencies. To ensure constant development of a corporation, it is important to understand the environment in which these factors operate. Drawing on literature research, this paper looks at organizational culture and change, and employees’ attitudes and resistance factors to such change. To strengthen the explanation of this study the Korea Asset Management Corporation was used as a case study. From the point of view of information science, knowledge has been viewed as that which is found in books and databases. Such “knowledge” is storable, passive and unchangeable. However, more recently it is seen by many researchers that this approach is limited in that it ignores the knowledge that “sits” in human “bodyminds” and organizations. Such knowledge forms the backbone of organizational culture and should be considered in any meaningful study of information.