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2011, Vol.45, No.1

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    A Case Study of the CDRS for Effective Operation of Collaborative Digital Reference Service in Korea

    SoonJa Bae | 2011, 45(1) | pp.11~27 | number of Cited : 6
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    This paper aims to seek ways of optimizing the operations of Collaborative Digital Reference Service(CDRS) in Korea. CDRS tries to specialize the reference service through world-wide collaborative service. In this study seven international CDRS services including “QuestionPoint” operated by ALA and one national service, “Ask a Librarian” by the National Library of Korea were surveyed. A focused analysis of CDRS in Korea shows not only a sharp increase in use by the public, but also much application in research and academic activities by university students and workers.
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    A Study on Developing Modifications to the Dewey Decimal Classification for Korean Foods

    Yeon Kyoung Chung , yoon-kyung, choi | 2011, 45(1) | pp.29~49 | number of Cited : 5
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    Based upon its variety and specialties, Korean food has the potential power to become globalized, and a national public relations strategy for global competitiveness. In this process, a proper organization of information about Korean foods should be given a priority. The purposes of this study are to analyze the classification status and case studies of Korean foods in Korean libraries, to understand how much Korean foods are represented in the classification scheme and what should be improved, and to suggest a modified expansion of DDC 22. In so doing, an attempt is made to provide some evidences of the revision of DDC 22 as well as useful practices of modified DDC 22 in Korean libraries.
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    A Study on Improving the Evaluation System of School Libraries in Korea

    Byun,Woo-Yeol , ByeongKi Lee , 김성준 | 2011, 45(1) | pp.51~73 | number of Cited : 7
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    The purpose of this study is to improve the evaluation system of school libraries in Korea. Major issues to improve the evaluation system were identified through school library evaluations and an analysis of the existing evaluation system of the Committee on Library and Information Policy. The issues include evaluation organizations, purposes of evaluation, selection of objects, evaluation period length, systems of evaluation, and ways to receive results. Alternatives for improving the evaluation system were selected through surveys and professional consultation. Finally this study proposed a more effective evaluation system which emphasizes the self-regulation and responsibility of provincial education offices in Korea.
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    An Analysis and Web Accessibility Assessment of Mobile Service of University Libraries

    Jung-Eok Gu | 2011, 45(1) | pp.75~101 | number of Cited : 16
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    With the popularization of smartphones, the mobile demand for information from libraries is increasing and mobile library service will soon be quired. This study analyzed the mobile library services for the mobile webs established by 4 university libraries in Korea and 56 belonging to ARL in the United States. It examined 42 mobile applications developed by universities and university libraries in Korea, and 18 mobile applications developed by the universities and university libraries belonging to ARL in the United States. Mobile accessibility was assessed by conducting mobileOK test for the mobile websites of the same libraries. The study shows that university libraries in Korea should establish mobile websites focusing on key contents which reflect the demand for mobile information of users, and secure mobile web accessibility which the users could conveniently use.
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    The Perception of Librarians and Multicultural Users on the Multicultural Library Services of Public Libraries in Seoul

    Young-Me Kim , Insook Cho | 2011, 45(1) | pp.103~124 | number of Cited : 10
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    The 21st century society is becoming globalized rapidly due to mass immigration and South Korea has become a multicultural nation since 2007 with over one million foreigners living here. Due to these social environmental changes, there was a need to provide multicultural programs and services in public libraries. In order to develop multicultural library services, we need to look into what librarians and users of public libraries know of the existing services. We assumed that comparing the two groups, librarians and users, and establishing a fit model would be the most effective way to provide information. According to the survey, there were differences in understanding between the two groups. By providing services that help fill in the gap, public libraries could be closer to multicultural families, and help them become integrated into Korean society. We have presented a multicultural service model based on the results of the survey.
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    A Study on Developing the Classification Scheme of Library Goods

    Younghee Noh , Inja Ahn , 박미영 and 1 other persons | 2011, 45(1) | pp.125~147 | number of Cited : 2
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    Recently, with a high demand for the construction and remodeling of libraries, and the rapid increase in the number of libraries during the last two years, the concern and need for library goods is also increasing sharply. The purpose of this study is to develop a new classification scheme of library goods by clarifying the terminology which could provide an accurate information on library goods and allow for their smooth circulation. In this study, library goods are defined as all kinds of products required for effectively collecting, organizing and providing services with library materials, and classified into library equipments and library supplies. The term, library equipment is principally used for those things that do not wear out within a certain time period, such as furniture and machinery. Library supplies refer to those things that are expendable. As the terminology is clarified, the classification scheme can be further refined. Library equipment, for example, can be classified as furniture, library system solutions, and computers and multi-media tools. Library supplies can be classified into library organization and repair supplies, sign systems, and miscellaneous articles. Finally, six major categories which include 117 different items are presented.
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    An Action Research of Bibliotherapy Supervision for Improvement of Bibliotherapeutical Effects

    Lim Seong Kwan | 2011, 45(1) | pp.149~167 | number of Cited : 0
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    The research started with the idea that the proper supervision of bibliotherapy would improve its therapeutic effect. Revealing therapeutical effect is, to therapists more than just therapy process itself. Bibliotherapists, however not only feel the pressure by the term ‘therapy’ and have a low conviction over self-activating therapy. Therefore, the therapeutic value of bibliotherapy has not been well approved, and the need for improving the situation has grown among bibliotherapists. The bibliotherapy supervising action research was triggered by such need. This research takes the form of interpretive action research which emphasizes a ‘methodical’ approach to the research process. The purpose is to observe the problems of supervisees, make each session better, and help both the researcher and participants during the research process.
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    A Study on the Effects of Reading Instruction Programs for Developing Multiple Intelligences Related to Personality

    youngim choi | 2011, 45(1) | pp.169~188 | number of Cited : 6
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    The purpose of this study was to develop a reading instruction program which could help improve multiple intelligences related to personality, and then show its effectiveness. We conducted a survey of one junior high school in Chung-Nam province, consisting of 500 students in 18 classes to analyze what develops the three areas of multiple intelligences(intrapersonal intelligence, interpersonal intelligence and naturalist intelligence). We then want to proceed by developing reading instruction programs focusing on the growth of multiple intelligences.
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    A Qualitative Exploration of Folksonomy Users’ Tagging Behaviors

    Park Hee Jin | 2011, 45(1) | pp.189~210 | number of Cited : 5
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    This study aims to explore how users are tagging in order to utilize a folksonomy and whether they understand the social and interactive aspects of tagging in three different folksonomic systems, Connotea (www.connotea.org), Delicious(http://delicious.com), and CiteULike(www.citeulike.org). The study uses internet questionnaires, qualitative diary studies, and follow-up interviews to understand twelve participants’ tagging activities associated with folksonomic interactions. The flow charts developed from the twelve participants showed that tagging was a quite complex process, in which each tagging activity was interconnected, and a variety of folksonomic system features were employed. Three main tagging activities involved in the tagging processes have been identified: item selection, tag assignment, and tag searching and discovery. During the tag assignment, participants would describe their tagging motivations related to various types of tags. Their perception of the usefulness of types of tags was different when their purpose was for social sharing rather than personal information management. While tagging, participants recognized the social potential of a folksonomic system and used interactive aspects of tagging via various features of the folksonomic system. It is hoped that this empirical study will provide insight into theoretical and practical issues regarding users’ perceptions and use of folksonomy in accessing, sharing, and navigating internet resources.
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    A Study on the Changes in Standards Related to Controlled Vocabulary and Their Implications

    Kim, Sungwon , Jeong-Woo Kim | 2011, 45(1) | pp.211~232 | number of Cited : 1
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    Thesaurus, a well-known form of controlled vocabulary, has been widely used for indexing and searching of information during the last 50 years. There also have been developments of international and national standards to provide guidelines for developing thesaurus in diverse subject areas. In recent years, the revisions of thesaurus-related standards have been made. Among them are ISO 25964 and BS 8723. This article examines the current status of revision of these standards, and discusses its implications. Based on this examination, it suggests functional requirements of thesaurus in the present information environment, and also proposes elements needed for the development of these functions.
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    A Study on Disclosure & Utilizing Plan for Closed National R&D Reports Information

    Kwang-Nam Choi , 윤종민 | 2011, 45(1) | pp.233~254 | number of Cited : 1
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    According to the current legislation in Korea, some of national R&D reports cannot be disclosed or registered, when they need external security or the interested parties require them to be classified for a certain period of time. Therefore, there are some effects on the collection and circulation of information about R&D reports. Since those closed national R&D reports are the important outcomes from national R&D projects, they should be properly open, circulated and used by the public, when the reasons for closing those reports are removed. This study examines the present condition of the closure system of national R&D reports, and proposes a plan for collecting and utilizing the closed national R&D reports at the national level.
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    A Study on Developing Road Map for Digitalizing Library Information Resources

    Chang Woo kwon , Lee, Myounggyu , Na Inseop and 1 other persons | 2011, 45(1) | pp.255~285 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to propose a model for building a road map which could be used for digitalizing library information resources. For this purpose, 941 libraries were surveyed via mail and e-mail. The survey dealt with four strategic areas: production and circulation, construction and management, the sharing and preservation, and application of library resources. It’s expected that the model proposed in this study could be applied to develop a plan and road map for digitalizing library information resources.
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    A Study on User Satisfaction with e-Book Services in University Libraries

    Young-Joon Nam , Sung-Eun Choi | 2011, 45(1) | pp.287~310 | number of Cited : 21
    Abstract PDF
    This research surveyed college students in Korea on their satisfaction for e-book services provided by university libraries. Their usage behavior was investigated, and the satisfaction rate for e-book usage and its service quality were analyzed to comprehend the status of e-book usage. The analysis showed that overall satisfaction for e-book service of university libraries was 2.93 on average. Moreover, the more frequently a student used the service, the more satisfied the student was; junior/senior-level and graduate school student groups showed higher satisfaction for e-book service than freshman and sophomore students. The most influential factor for satisfaction based on the e-book service quality was the content of the service, followed by the library support service system. Based on the findings, reinforcement of library public relations and user education, and the maintenance of the variety and up-to-date status of the contents were proposed to stimulate future university library e-book services.
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    A Study on the Model of Multicultural Services in Public Libraries

    양수연 , Mi-Kyeong Cha | 2011, 45(1) | pp.311~332 | number of Cited : 20
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to establish core elements required for the implementation of multicultural library services, to analyze the features of each element, and to develop a model of effective multicultural library services. This model was aimed to improve multicultural services and programs currently managed on a short-term basis by public libraries in Korea and help those libraries develop more systematic and long-term multicultural services. To proceed with this study, the literature review, a case study and a survey(the exploratory factor analysis, T-test and ANOVA analysis) were conducted. In this study, it is found that more effective operation of multicultural services in public libraries requires cooperation and integration with not only other libraries and related social and educational institutions in a community, but also international network. Based on this idea, the model of operating multicultural services in public libraries in Korea was proposed in this study.
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    A Study on Classification of Interdisciplinary Subjects in DDC

    김비연 | 2011, 45(1) | pp.333~351 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    As the boundaries between disciplines have been weakened and interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary subjects have increased, there is a limitation to express subjects with DDC. This study evaluates DDC instructions using interdisciplinary numbers and classifying more than one discipline through Delphi research. As a result, it is found that there is a need for defining separately ‘interdisciplinary subjects’ and ‘multidisciplinary subjects’, based on the level of integration among disciplines, and improving the instruction to maintain the consistency in assigning and filing classification numbers. It is also discussed that to enhance the symbols’ power of expression, an analytic/synthetic method could be adopted.
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    Repeated Reading Experiences of Adults: Centered on Lifelong Education Center Students at Chonbuk National University

    Seung Chae Lee | 2011, 45(1) | pp.353~376 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    The goal of this study is to examine what kind of repeated-reading habits adults have, what sort of books they read repeatedly, and what preferences they have depending on their age or gender. A questionnaire was distributed to the students at Lifelong Education Center of Chonbuk National University to survey their repeated reading experiences. The results of the statistical analysis are as follows: 1) Most adults have experienced repeated reading. 2) Women have more experience with repeated reading than men, and in terms of age, more people in their forties read the same books repeatedly. 3) Most repeated readers read their books twice: Women tend to read their books repeatedly more than men do. 4) More than half of the adults in the sample group have read their favorite books several times. 5) The importance of books in this study was judged on the basis of the number of repeated readers and the frequency of reading. The order of important books is as follows: The Little Prince, The Tale of Three Kingdoms, The Giving Tree, The Greek and Roman Mythology, Meu Pe de Larania Lima, No Possession, Hope for the Flowers, and Demian. 6) More than half of the male repeated readers read The Tale of Three Kingdoms while female repeated readers tend to read a wider variety of books. 7) Adults read the same books repeatedly to enjoy and learn something.
  • 17.

    Trends and Changes of Web Searching Behavior

    Soyeon Park | 2011, 45(1) | pp.377~393 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This study aims to investigate trends of internet searching behavior of users of NAVER, a major Korean search portal. In particular, this study analyzed trends of query submission behaviors, behaviors related to typos, multimedia searching behaviors, and click behaviors. In conducting this study, query logs and click logs of unified search service were analyzed. The results of this study show that there were little changes in the topic and length of queries, the pattern of typos, and multimedia seeking behavior over a year's period. However, click counts of documents have gradually increased over time. The results of this study can be implemented to increase the portal's effective development of internet contents and searching algorithms.
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    A Research for Administration Strategies of English Reading Programs at Public Children's Libraries

    Yunkeum Chang | 2011, 45(1) | pp.395~415 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    This research intends to evaluate the validity and suitability of English reading programs at public children's libraries and provide their effective administration strategies. For this, the study investigated the current operational practices of public children's library programs. Further, it conducted the survey for parents at ‘S Children's Library’ in Seoul on their perceptions and satisfaction of the English reading programs. In addition, the study performed the survey of the elementary school students participating in the programs as well as the observations of their studies. Based on the results, some suggestions have been made to improve administration strategies for English reading programs.
  • 19.

    A Study on Children's Book Selection Behavior

    Chung Jin Soo | 2011, 45(1) | pp.417~437 | number of Cited : 17
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of the study was to understand how children age 10-13 select books in libraries and to identify their attitudes toward reading itself and library as a space for reading. The study was conducted within the framework of a qualitative study, and the data was collected from 32 children who visited urban public libraries in Seoul during the summer of 2010 through individual interviews. The data collected were analyzed with QSR NVivo9. The results show that (1) children seem to consider libraries as reading places, (2) children seem to understand that reading is an activity conducive to their learning, (3) children themselves selected their books for reading, (4) children used browsing and keyword searching to find the books they like to read, (5) children mentioned the importance of “their interests” and “appropriateness” in selecting books, and (6) there were a variety of factors affecting children's book selection; titles, cover images and illustrations, accessibility of books, genres and subject areas, treatment, favorite authors and books, and publishers.