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2012, Vol.46, No.4

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    An Exploratory Study of Developing a Measurement Tool for the Quality of Information Commons

    Ji-Hong Park | 기선아 | 2012, 46(4) | pp.5~25 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to develop a measurement tool for the quality of information commons. Information commons is a physical, technological, social, and intellectual place where library users can experience various educational, research, and cultural activities. It is recently gaining popularity and several libraries have implemented it to help users share knowledge and interact with each other. It also intends to provide a place for collaboration, learning, and rest. Despite its benefits and usefulness, there is no measurement tool explicitly designed for the quality of information commons. This study used in-depth personal interview, compared prior studies, and conducted a pilot study to elicit library users' perceptions on information commons and factors influencing on the perceived quality of information commons. Groups of initial items were emerged through classifying and clustering key concepts in the data. Then, the validity of the items were verified through a pilot study. The findings of this study will be useful for developing more reliable and valid survey measurement tool.
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    A Study on Jeong-Kuk Wonjong Gongsin-Nokgwon

    Na-Young Jin | SongIlGie | 2012, 46(4) | pp.27~60 | number of Cited : 2
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    Jeong-Kuk Wonjong Gongsin-Nokgwon(靖國原從功臣錄券) is a book that recorded the titles of position and the names of retainers who helped the King Jung-Jong's revolution. This study aims to analyze the existing two books of Jeong-Kuk Wonjong Gongsin-Nokgwon, in order to figure out the reasons of grant, structure and forms, the characteristics of meritorious retainers' official positions and social status. The result shows that, Jeong-Kuk Wonjong Gongsin-Nokgwon was printed with the Choju-Gapin(初鑄甲寅) letter metal movable types. This book was composed of the beginning(卷首), the body(本文), and the end(卷末). Jeong-Kuk Wonjong meritorious retainers formed the total of 3,340 persons(1st grade: 418 persons, 2nd grade: 1,016 persons, 3rd grade: 1,906 persons) with 432 official titles. Also an analysis of their social status confirmed that 2,376 persons were “Yang-ban(兩班)” which constituted the largest group(2,376 persons: 71.1%), “Jung-in(中人)” were second group(494 persons: 14.8%), “Yang-in(良人)” were 272 persons(8.2%) and “Chun-in(賤人)” were 198 persons(5.9%).
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    A Pilot Study of the Economic Valuation of Academic Libraries

    Young Man Ko | Soon Hee Pyo | Wonsik Shim | 2012, 46(4) | pp.61~76 | number of Cited : 8
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    The research reports the results from an investigation of various measurement elements and techniques appropriate for the economic assessment of academic libraries, with a view to apply them in future evaluation of academic libraries in Korea. Two libraries participated in the pilot study. In one library, CVM (contingency valuation method) was applied to services ranging from circulation, electronic collection, reference, user education and facility. In the second library, three different methodologies--time value, alternative service value and CVM--were all applied to measure the value of electronic collection. The research provides analyses of measurement elements used, study procedures and measurement results. Based on these analyses, the study also makes suggestions in the areas of measurement goals, service, users and the calculation of B/C ratios that need to be taken into consideration in order to execute reliable and valid assessment of academic library's value.
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    A Study on the Dongsasuchangrok

    MoonYear Park | 2012, 46(4) | pp.77~98 | number of Cited : 1
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    The purpose of this study is to analyze on the Dongsasuchangrok. The major findings are as follows:(1) Tongsinsa refers to diplomatic envoys of Joseon who were officially dispatched to Shogun. Those who participated in Tongsinsa not only produced and left many pieces of paintings and literary works in Japan, but also wrote their experience from that foreign country when they returned to Joseon. These facts indicate that Tongsinsa acted as diplomatic roles and promoted cultural exchanges between two countries. (2) Donsasuchangrok is a collection of 28 poems under 4 titles which were directly handwritten by eight people. The poems portrayed conditions of Joseon and Japan after the Imjin war and feelings of the writers. (3) Considering the implication in poems and a feature that the poems were handwritten by the authors, Dongsasuchangrok deserves to be designated and preserved as a local cultural asset.
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    Identifying Interdisciplinarity of Korean National R&D Using Patent CoIPC Network Analysis

    Hyunseok Park | Wonchul Seo | Janghyeok Yoon | 2012, 46(4) | pp.99~117 | number of Cited : 13
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    This paper proposes a method of using national R&D patents’ CoIPC networks to identify interdisciplinary trends of technology areas related to Korean national R&D. While previous research analyzed interdisciplinarity of national R&D with simple bibliometric descriptions, this research uses the network-based indexes to analyze its interdisciplinarity from the viewpoints of interdisciplinary “diversity of coupling” and “strength of coupling”. In this research, this proposed method was used to form a R&D CoIPC network from the Korean national R&D patents registered from 2007 to 2010. It is expected that the proposed method can be incorporated into a system for a national R&D trend analysis, and used to identify the issues of technology convergence in national R&D and formulate its related research policies.
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    A Bibliographical Research on 'Musim' Presented by Baegun Hwasang

    Kim, Sung-Soo | 2012, 46(4) | pp.119~146 | number of Cited : 7
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    In this study, the concept of ‘Musim’ presented by Baegun Hwasang was analyzed from the viewpoint of a bibliography. Major findings are as follows: First, it is reasonable to translate ‘Musim’ into Korean to mean ① ‘free from cares’, ② ‘there is noting called a heart’, and ③ ‘no anxieties’ according to the context of praises. Second, Musim by Baegun means ‘calm mind without any trembles in ordinary times’, ‘unload any worries’, and ‘the spirit of awakening’. Such concepts of Musim agree with the praises of ‘Awakening by seeing through a person's own heart’ presented by Dalma Josa, and ‘Unloading any worries’ presented by Buddha. Therefore it is understood that Musim is the mental state of ‘being free from cares which seek and hold’, and Baegun Hwasang presents his experiential awakening ‘by keeping his mind calm without any trembles in ordinary times, unloading any worries, and freeing himself from cares’. Third, it is confirmed that Musim by Baegun when compared with the praises presented by ‘Gwageo 7 Buls’ and ‘Seocheon 6 Josas’ in Jikji, firmly holds the ideas of Buddha's ‘Unloading any worries’ and Seocheon Josa's ‘Neutral perspective based on double negations’. Therefore, Baegun Hwasang's ‘Musimseon’ which especially emphasizes ‘Musim’ is the method of meditation which most clearly inherited the nature of Dalma Seonjong or Yukjo Hyeneung, and Imjejong's meditation.
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    A Study on Library and Information School's Practical Training Program: Focused on a Case of S Public Library

    이수영 | Kim Youseung | 2012, 46(4) | pp.147~168 | number of Cited : 9
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    This study aimed to analyze the issues on practical training programs at public libraries and propose alternative strategies for them. This study discusses the theoretical bases of providing practical training programs with the recent change in curriculums of library and information studies. It also explores the current status of both practical training program courses offered by the departments of library and information science in Korea, and the operation of programs managed by 42 public libraries. This study categorizes the programs into three types, including basic task type, participatory type, and proactive type, and examines the characteristics of each type. Furthermore, it researches a case of the cooperative public library practice program, which S public library and C University jointly conduct, and analyzes students and librarians’ needs who participated in the program. As a result, the study identifies all the parties’ challenges and provide a gradual development strategies for the program.
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    A Study on the Characteristics and Considerations of Bibliographic Description of ISBD Consolidated edition 2011

    Lee, Mihwa | 2012, 46(4) | pp.169~188 | number of Cited : 2
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    This study aimed to analyze the characteristics of the bibliographic description of ISBD Consolidated edition published in 2011 and to grasp the considerations in applying the rules of ISBD consolidated edition to KCR4. For achieving this, the four aspects were analyzed such as the description area and data elements, the resource types, the punctuation, and the order of the elements of ISBD Consolidated edition(2011). The characteristics of ISBD Consolidated edition are as follows. First, the content form and the media type area are added in new 0 area and elements are designated by mandatory to confirm to FRBR. Second, content form, content qualification and media type replaced GMD in title and statement of responsibility area. Third, the prescribed punctuations were retained even when this results in double punctuation, and individual square brackets were preferred than entire square brackets when using square brackets to all elements in same area. Fourth, the order of elements in description was set out by patterns of data elements in areas, therefore could reduce the confusion of the order of elements. ISBD Consolidated edition as an international standard would make various rules to maintain the uniformity, but also respects the bibliographic practices of individual countries. Therefore, each country must revise its own rule to conform the ISBD Consolidated edition as well as reflect its unique situation. In Korea, since KCR4 was developed based on the previous edition of ISBD, it should be revised to confirm to the ISBD Consolidated edition. Therefore, this study is expected to contribute to the revision of KCR4.
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    A Study on the Definitions and Characteristics of the Information Poor

    Yoon, Cheong Ok | Kwack, Dong Chul | 심경 | 2012, 46(4) | pp.189~206 | number of Cited : 14
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the current states and characteristics of the information poor related to library and information services in Korea. This study aims to help libraries and the related authorities understand better the information poor and develop strategies customized with the specific needs of various subgroups, by examining the definitions of major terms from laws, regulations and literatures. This study confirms that most of the information poor have more than one disadvantage, and each subgroup has its own uniqueness and diverse subgroups. It also emphasizes that libraries should take into consideration their uniqueness and multiple difficulties, and develop more user-centered library and information services in order to resolve the information gap.
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    A Study on Developing and Proposing the Library Privacy Policy

    Younghee Noh | 2012, 46(4) | pp.207~242 | number of Cited : 7
    Abstract PDF
    A library privacy policy describes the library’s willingness to protect the library users’ personal information, and also serves as a code of conduct for library staff. In recent years, cases of privacy invasion have been growing exponentially in society as a whole, including at the library, and therefore the establishment and application of a privacy policy is becoming more important. In this study, we try to develop and propose the optimal library privacy policy. For this purpose, we derived implications by analyzing the domestic and international privacy laws and guidelines, investigating invasion of privacy cases at home and abroad, and studying different library privacy policies from libraries around the world. The library privacy policy that we propose in this study was created to be a guideline for librarians when dealing with privacy issues and is library specific, diverging in many ways from privacy guidelines used in other fields.
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    A Research on the Establishment of the Medium-term and Long-term Development Plan for Public Libraries in Cheongju City

    Kwack, Dong Chul | 2012, 46(4) | pp.265~283 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    Many local governments in Korea have competitively interested in founding and operating public libraries and carried out various projects for promoting them. Each local government, however, has focused on increasing the number of public libraries, lacking in an effort to enrich the qualitative substance. The purpose of this study is to suggest medium-term and long-term development plan for public libraries in Cheongju by considering internal and external problems of public libraries, and resent government plans for libraries. To identify this purpose, the study investigated the present founding and operating condition of public libraries in Cheongju. In the second, it suggested the medium-term and long-term strategic plans for public libraries in Cheongju using SWOT analysis. In the third, it also reviewed founding and operating changes of public libraries in Cheongju and Cheongwon which were integrated into one city. Lastly, the methods for organizing and operating public libraries in Cheongju were suggested.
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    A Study on the Factors Influencing Citation Speed and Citation Frequency of Scientific Articles Using Bibliometric Analysis in South Korea

    Wan Jong Kim | 2012, 46(4) | pp.285~309 | number of Cited : 10
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to analyze whether bibliographic factors influence citation speed and the number of citations or not and whether citation speed affects the number of citations. Another purpose of this study is that if bibliographic factors carry out a significant role. For this analysis, this study is based on the assumption that all papers published by researchers in South Korea distributed power law shape. The main results of this study are as follows: First, the papers written by foreign first authors or reprint authors were cited more quickly from first citation speed and average citation speed. These papers were cited much more from first citation speed and average citation speed than by domestic first authors or reprint authors. The papers, collaborated by international researchers, were cited more quickly from first citation speed but were not different from average citation speed than by only domestic researchers. The papers, collaborated by international researchers, were cited much more than by only domestic stand-alone researchers. The number of authors and the impact factor influenced first citation speed, average citation speed and the number of citations. Second, the faster first citation speed and the slower average citation speed, the more papers were cited. First citation speed more affected the higher number of citations than the average citation speed. Third, all five bibliographic factors influenced the impact relationship from first citation speed to the number of citations through the moderating effect analysis. Fourth, only three bibliographic factors (the country of the first author; the country of the reprint author; the number of the coauthors) affected the impact relationship from first citation speed to the number of citations but two bibliographic factors did not influence through the moderating effect analysis.
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    A Study on Developing a Model of a Liaison Training Program for Academic Librarians in Korea

    Soo-Hee Park | Dong Youl Jeong | 2012, 46(4) | pp.311~339 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to develop a model of a liaison training program for academic librarians in Korea. The liaison training program model has been developed based upon the literature review and surveys about liaison training practices in foreign countries Expert interviews and case analyses were conducted to demonstrated its feasibility and applicability. This study found that this model identifies core competencies of academic liaison librarians and it helped developing guidelines by the level of each task: basic and advanced exercises, references, and worksheets.
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    An Analysis of the Perception of Elementary School Teachers and School Librarians on Educational Graphic Novels

    Yeojoo Lim | 2012, 46(4) | pp.341~360 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This study is part of a larger project that investigated the patterns of children’s use of educational graphic novels (EGNs), a publication format that has been popular among young readers in Korea since 2000. In-depth interviews with elementary school teachers and school librarians uncovered tension and gaps between these adult professionals and children’s enjoyment of the format. Interviewees’ views on EGNs ranged from limited tolerance to a potential candidate for high-interest / low-vocabulary reading. All teachers and school librarians urged for guidelines and criteria for selecting and evaluating EGNs for children.