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2013, Vol.47, No.1

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    A Study on Structure of a Faceted Classification for Organizing Korean Food Information

    Yeon Kyoung Chung | 2013, 47(1) | pp.15~37 | number of Cited : 9
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    The purpose of this study is to develop a faceted classification that enables the conceptualization and the organization of Korean food information. 23,470 terms were collected, categorized, and analyzed from the table of contents in 776 monographs and directory headings in portal sites related to Korean food. In order to develop the Korean food classification, common properties were analyzed in the process of categorizing terms. Then basic facets and subfacets were defined and assigned, and hierarchies among facets and concepts, citation orders, and notations were decided. As a result, the classification scheme consisted of 16 basic facets and 85 subfacets. The citation order of facets was proposed in order of Personality facet (kinds of dishes), Matter facet (materials, cooking utensils/equipment/containers, and nutrients), Energy facet (cooking processes and techniques, eating sense, type of cooking, table services, and agents of cooking), Space facet (countries/ethnic groups/geography, and eating places), Time facet (situation/purposes, season, time of meals, periods, and ages). The result of this study will be used for organizing, searching, retrieving, and providing Korean food information effectively around the world. Also, it will provide a foundation for developing subject-oriented classification using facet analysis in other disciplines.
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    A Keyword Matching for the Retrieval of Low-Quality Hangul Document Images

    Na Inseop , 박상철 , KIM SOO HYUNG | 2013, 47(1) | pp.39~55 | number of Cited : 0
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    It is a difficult problem to use keyword retrieval for low-quality Korean document images because these include adjacent characters that are connected. In addition, images that are created from various fonts are likely to be distorted during acquisition. In this paper, we propose and test a keyword retrieval system, using a support vector machine (SVM) for the retrieval of low-quality Korean document images. We propose a keyword retrieval method using an SVM to discriminate the similarity between two word images. We demonstrated that the proposed keyword retrieval method is more effective than the accumulated Optical Character Recognition (OCR)-based searching method. Moreover, using the SVM is better than Bayesian decision or artificial neural network for determining the similarity of two images.
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    An Analysis of the Characteristics of the Subject-based Classification System

    ji-won baek | 2013, 47(1) | pp.57~79 | number of Cited : 3
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    The aim of this study is to reveal the categorizational and classificatory features of the subject-based classification (SBC) as a subject organization system. For this purpose, 12 SBC schemes of public libraries were selected and a comparative analysis was made between the traditional classification system, such as DDC and SBC in terms of the categorizational aspects, and canons for the classification. As a result, there were significant and considerable differences between the two types of classifications. This study concluded that SBC cannot be clearly explained and understood without a consideration of its essential and distinctive characteristics as a classification scheme.
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    A Study on the U-Library Service

    Chan-Sik Cho | 2013, 47(1) | pp.81~104 | number of Cited : 1
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    The U-library service is a user-oriented library service through which users, after browsing and making reservations using the Internet and smartphones, can borrow and return library materials at an unmanned circulation system located in places, such as subway stations, without visiting the library. However, the U-library service is still in the early stages both quantitatively and qualitatively. In that, this study, in order to enhance our understanding of the U-library service, conceptualizes the unmanned circulation system, investigates current situation by examining and analyzing some U-library service cases, and pinpoints some problems while making some suggestions for improvement.
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    A Study on Designing the Metadata for Integrated Management of Individually Managed Presidential Records 

    Hyun Yang Cho , 장보성 | 2013, 47(1) | pp.105~124 | number of Cited : 5
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    Metadata standardization of resources, having a heterogeneous metadata structure for each presidential archive and presidential library and museum is preferentially required for utilizing and sharing presidential records. An integrated operation model of metadata to manage various types of presidential records is then needed. The purpose of this study is to create a design principle of integrated metadata, and to suggest relationships and attributes of metadata, needed for developing integrated metadata operation system on presidential records. The design principle includes “creation of relationship among presidential records”, “design of each entity, applicable multiple entity data model”, “design to describe various types of presidential records”, “design to reflect lifelong management on records of holding institutes”, and “designing hybrid metadata for long term preservation”. Metadata element set consists of elements for common attributes with all types of presidential records for a unique attribute for a specific presidential record and for reference information among different records related to the production of presidential records.
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    A Study on Effect of the Cognitive Style of Field Dependence/Independence to the Information-Seeking Behavior of Undergraduate Students

    최문정 , Dong Youl Jeong | 2013, 47(1) | pp.125~147 | number of Cited : 7
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    This study analyzed the effect of the cognitive style of field dependence/independence to the information-seeking behaviors of 250 undergraduate students. The cognitive style of field dependence/ independence was examined by Group Embedded Figure Test (GEFT), information-seeking behaviors were examined by information-seeking performances, and survey for information-seeking behaviors. As a result of the analysis, the cognitive style of field dependence/independence affected items of information-seeking performances except one item among items set in this study. The cognitive style, the cognitive characteristics acting in the process of cognitive activity affected the actual activities of information-seeking behaviors. The cognitive style of field dependence/independence affected the seeking process except the results of seeking and general information-seeking behaviors in the areas of information-seeking behaviors. Therefore, the study of cognitive style can be effective in the seeking process areas of information-seeking behaviors.
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    An Action Research on Bibliotherapy for the Improvement of Parent-child Interaction

    Lim Seong Kwan | 2013, 47(1) | pp.149~173 | number of Cited : 4
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    The attitudes and interests of parents toward having better interrelationships with their children will have the greatest positive impact on the mental health of a growing child. The purpose of this study is to elicit how to effectively use bibliotherapy to promote interaction between parents and children. Based on action research methods, and in order to achieve the research objectives, the parent-child bibliotherapy target program was divided into two “lanes” and a total of 25 iterations were performed or observed for every process in detail and with different technologies. According to the result, the bibliotherapy helps improve parent-child interaction.
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    The Role of Public Library in Child Education and the Designing of Constructivist Teaching and Learning Model for Child Education Programs

    Hyoung-Yeon Lim | 2013, 47(1) | pp.175~195 | number of Cited : 1
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    Recently with the emergence of the digital age and the progress of the learning economy, the role of library is expanding from archiving and providing information to education and community service. In this paradigm child education programs at public libraries are strongly demanded by the community. The goal of this study is to analyze the educational roles of child education programs currently being implemented in public libraries. This research tries to incorporate the current child education program into a constructivist perspective. In conclusion, the designed and proposed model in this study was then applied to public libraries’ reading education program, and the case was verified through empirical examination and investigation. These studies revealed that the designing of constructivist teaching and the learning model for child education programs was positively verified and found some strategic implication for the development of child education programs in public libraries.
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    Case Studies and Interviews to Review Public Library Services for People with Intellectual Disability

    Song Kyeong-Jin , Juengeun Lee , Son Ji Young | 2013, 47(1) | pp.197~219 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    This study focused on current status of Korean public library services for people with intellectual disabilities, as well as problems associated with managing the services, in order to suggest future directions for implementation. To analyze the current status, the researcher conducted a case study of current Korean public library services for people with intellectual disabilities. This research also conducted a focus group interview with librarians experienced in providing such services. The results show that the services are provided with the support of a community welfare center, in the form of a program over short periods of time. The librarians agreed on the appropriateness of the services but emphasized various difficulties associated with service management. Based on the results, we suggest possible points of consideration, including support for increased funding, more qualified personnel, adequate policies, and development of a model service for people with intellectual disabilities.
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    A Study of Classification System for Online Bookstore in Korea: Categories and Book Classification

    Chul Wan Kwak | 2013, 47(1) | pp.221~247 | number of Cited : 2
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    The purpose of the study is to investigate and analyze the categories of online bookstores and to propose improvements. For the study, the category conformity was compared among eight Korean online bookstores selected; the book classification on the categories was compared from them. The results show that the category conformity was high among online bookstores, but the book classification on the categories was different on the bookstores. ISBN contents classification codes for books might not help to classify the books on the categories. Thus, the study proposes a new publication category for the book classification on categories of online bookstores.
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    A Study on Limitation of Public Performance Right for Library Service

    Hosin, Lee | 2013, 47(1) | pp.249~268 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    Public Performance in Copyright Law is a wider concept, which people generally think. It includes the presentation of a work to the public by acting, musical playing, singing, narrating as well as even the act of mechanical playing phonogram and cinematographic work. Article 29 in Korean Copyright Act is the restriction of an author’s public performance right. It shall be permissible to perform publicly or broadcast a work already made public for nonprofit purposes and without charging any fees to audience, spectators, or third parties, provided that the performers concerned are not paid any remuneration for such performances. Commercial phonograms or cinematographic works may be played back for the public, if no fee is charged to the audience or spectators, except in cases as set forth by Presidential Decree. In recent year, public performance in libraries became a major issue of the Copyright Law. It is a claim that watching cinematographic works in libraries is one of the act that should apply public performance right, thus to use commercial cinematographic works before six months, which was published, need permission to copyright owners. But this claim is unfair because it can make impossible normal library service. Thus there is a need to revise the Copyright Law to understand the difference between act of viewing and public performance in libraries.
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    Automatic Classification of Malicious Usage on Twitter

    Meen Chul Kim , 심규승 , Namgi Han and 2 other persons | 2013, 47(1) | pp.269~286 | number of Cited : 9
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    The advent of Web 2.0 and social media is taking a leading role of emerging big data. At the same time, however, informational dysfunction such as infringement of one's rights and violation of social order has been increasing sharply. This study, therefore, aims at defining malicious usage, identifying malicious feature, and devising an automated method for classifying them. In particular, the rule-based experiment reveals statistically significant performance enhancement.
  • 13.

    A Study on Developing the Curriculum for Introduction to Library and Information Science Courses

    Younghee Noh , Inja Ahn , Choi Sang Ki | 2013, 47(1) | pp.287~325 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to develop standard curriculum content for the Introduction to Library and Information Science course. We intended to suggest both a syllabus and a textbook for this course. To this end, we collected and analyzed syllabi and textbooks that are used in LIS departments domestically and abroad. As a result, the major course content we found necessary to include in Introduction to Library and Information Science were as follows: 1. knowledge and information society, 2. information and sources of information, 3. the LIS academic system, 4. information professionals, 5. library history, 6. library and information center organization and management, 7. library types and their functions, 8. collection development, 9. information resources organization, 10. information services, 11. digital libraries, 12. information retrieval and databases 13. library cooperation, 14. library policy and information ethics, etc. The table of contents of a final textbook has been proposed including these elements.
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    Measurement and Analysis of the Internet Ethics Observance among Undergraduate Students in Korea

    Hye Rhan Chang | 2013, 47(1) | pp.327~347 | number of Cited : 8
    Abstract PDF
    The use of the Internet is spread over all areas of our lives. However, its features raised serious social issues due to unethical behavior. To understand the level of Internet ethics among undergraduate students, a survey questionnaire of 31 questions regarding netiquette awareness, ethical norms, information credibility, and personal background is devised; data was collected from 830 students. Descriptive analysis shows low level of netiquette awareness, considerable deviation from six categories of ethical norms and problems of network information credibility. Results of statistical testing show gender and grade level as factors affecting Internet ethics. However, there is no significant difference in Internet ethics depending on related education experience. Based on the results, recommendations to promote Internet ethics are suggested.
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    Ways to Revitalize Bibliotherapy Services in Public Libraries Based on User Perception and Need

    김경숙 , Song,Jung-Sook | 2013, 47(1) | pp.349~376 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to understand user perception and need of bibliotherapy services in public libraries. A survey was conducted using a questionnaire that asked 648 public library users in Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongsangnam-do to give their opinions on bibliotherapy services in public libraries, along with the particular areas of the service with which they thought needed the most improvement. The results of the questionnaire were analyzed in order to suggest ways to revitalize bibliotherapy services provided in public libraries.
  • 16.

    The Study on Effective Factors of Reading Discussion for the Young Adults Program of A Local Children Care Center in Incheon

    Inja Ahn , 윤석윤 | 2013, 47(1) | pp.377~398 | number of Cited : 8
    Abstract PDF
    The research has provided elementary and junior high school students at Children's Center in Incheon district and analyzed its effective factors in both educational and operational aspects. The educational factors in reading discussion include reading, writing, presenting, listening, and rethinking. In the result, the influential factors are as follows: the respondents' emotional intelligence, the level of reading completion, the level of sympathy with class participants, and the level of advance preference on reading. There are additional factors that have influences on the result, including suitability of topics, capabilities of leaders, selection of books, and combination of basic educational training, like speaking and writing.
  • 17.

    Attitudes of Students towards Group Projects and Use of Wiki for Effective Collaborative Learning

    Park, Sung Jae | 2013, 47(1) | pp.399~417 | number of Cited : 23
    Abstract PDF
    The purposes of this study are to investigate students’ attitudes regarding group projects and to suggest an effective way to promote collaborative learning using Wiki. This study employed a survey questionnaire, which was distributed to students enrolled in classes provided by a university in Seoul. The result revealed that students preferred individual projects to group projects because various barriers occur in the process of group projects. Students’ responses also indicated that rapport among group members influences the success of a group project. In addition, Wiki, as a Web 2.0 tool for group collaboration, was recognized as being useful in terms of promoting openness, modification, and effectiveness. Based on these findings, this study suggests the following for effective collaborative learning: (1) conducting peer- and self-assessments to avoid social loafing, (2) establishing rapport among group members, and (3) using Wiki in an active manner.
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    Study on the Classification Guideline for the Korean Presidential Records

    정광훈 , Nam Young Joon | 2013, 47(1) | pp.419~448 | number of Cited : 10
    Abstract PDF
    This study is to describe the principles and outcome of the development for a classification scheme of presidential records to manage efficiently and provide them as archival information service productively. First, this scheme accommodates a management aspect, taking consideration into the aspect of archival records as the results of government administrative duties. Additionally, governance aspects are embraced into this scheme since presidential records can be seen as the results of governing purpose. We are considering the functional aspects of the public records too. As a result, this scheme adopts both management and governance aspect. Focusing on reflecting both functional and governance aspects, first analyzes existing classification systems in domestic and abroad. Finally, this study proposes 24 first-level, 114 second-level, and 179 third-level classification categories. Archivists and classification experts examined the classification scheme for verification by advisory meetings.