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2014, Vol.48, No.1

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    Discourse on the University and Particularity of Public Libraries in Korea

    Hee-Yoon Yoon | 2014, 48(1) | pp.5~25 | number of Cited : 5
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    A public library in most countries is a knowledge and cultural institution, which is established, supported and funded by the local administrative authorities and central government. Public libraries, therefore, should ensure access to knowledge and information through various resources and services equally available to all members of the community. This role of the public library is a world-wide phenomenon and are called the universality which is applied to all countries. On the other hand, the public library's policies and operations in many countries have their own particularity, meaning exceptional cases, and this is due to the different stages of the growth and development, socio-cultural diversities. This study analyzed and discoursed whether expansion policy of the small library, supremacy of lifelong learning, steep increase in the percentage of contracting out, installation and operation of reading rooms in public libraries are examples of tolerance of particularity based on the universality or the negation of the universality packed with particularity in Korea.
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    Policy Implications for the Improvement of Librarianship Employment

    Inja Ahn | Younghee Noh | Jong-Moon Lee and 1other persons | 2014, 48(1) | pp.27~52 | number of Cited : 5
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    The employment prospects of graduates in the Library and Information academic has largely concentrated in the field of librarianship as well as the curriculum of the academic itself. Since there are limitations in increasing the number of libraries and the available posts in the librarianship, the full-time jobs in the field are also limited. Even for the available posts in the field of librarianship, the majority is in contract based posts which does not guarantee a good working environment. The purpose of this research is to make policy implications to improve the employment rates of librarians. The main research methods include literature review of the previous studies and available statistical data, and a questionnaire targeting students and librarians. The targeting policy implications can be categorized into 4 factors, including, as supply side, improvements in the qualification of librarian certificate, in training for librarians, and as demand side, laws on library employment, and improvement of library services for co-operatives. There are 15 detailed strategies to support the 4 factors. For the improvement of strategies in library related laws, the following elements will be considered; supporting system for temporary jobs, the title of librarian post and the library itself, and librarian placement criteria in terms of its realization and mandatory, and obligations in library evaluation. The Council discussions propose the expansion of librarian award system, provision of information systems for librarian jobs, and developments in promotional materials and their deployment for librarians.
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    An Exploratory Investigation on Visual Cues for Emotional Indexing of Image

    Jeong SunYoung | Eunkyung Chung | 2014, 48(1) | pp.53~73 | number of Cited : 4
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    Given that emotion-based computing environment has grown recently, it is necessary to focus on emotional access and use of multimedia resources including images. The purpose of this study aims to identify the visual cues for emotion in images. In order to achieve it, this study selected five basic emotions such as love, happiness, sadness, fear, and anger and interviewed twenty participants to demonstrate the visual cues for emotions. A total of 620 visual cues mentioned by participants were collected from the interview results and coded according to five categories and 18 sub-categories for visual cues. Findings of this study showed that facial expressions, actions/behaviors, and syntactic features were found to be significant in terms of perceiving a specific emotion of the image. An individual emotion from visual cues demonstrated distinctive characteristics. The emotion of love showed a higher relation with visual cues such as actions and behaviors, and the happy emotion is substantially related to facial expressions. In addition, the sad emotion was found to be perceived primarily through actions and behaviors and the fear emotion is perceived considerably through facial expressions. The anger emotion is highly related to syntactic features such as lines, shapes, and sizes. Findings of this study implicated that emotional indexing could be effective when content-based features were considered in combination with concept-based features.
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    A Study on Improvements for High Quality in National Library of Korea Subject Headings List

    CHOI, YOON KYUNG | Yeon Kyoung Chung | 2014, 48(1) | pp.75~95 | number of Cited : 2
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    The purpose of this study was to propose the improvements for high quality of National Library of Korea (NLK) Subject Headings List which was developed as a subject access tool in 2002. For this study, literature review, case study for subject headings lists of national libraries, and data analysis of headings and relationships were performed. Several problems were found as follows: inconsistency of subject headings descriptions, unclear and unnecessary relationships among headings, inconsistency of hierarchical relationships, lack of currency, incorrectness of classification numbers, duplication of newly requested terms, and assignment of non-preferred and unregistered terms in bibliographic records. Focusing on these problems, modifications of subject headings and bibliographic records, installation and operation of an review committee on subject headings, and supplementation of a manual were suggested to improve NLK Subject Headings List.
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    A Study on the Import to Chosun and It’s Distributions of the Saseodaejeon Published by Yongle Emperor of the Ming Dynasty

    SongIlGie | 2014, 48(1) | pp.97~116 | number of Cited : 11
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    When the Yongle Emperor of the Ming Dynasty seized the power as the emperor of China, he issued a royal order to Hokwang and others, to publish a book entitled “Sambudaejeon,” in the name of following the death-bed instruction of Taizu. The book was completed no less then 10 months after the order was issued in September 1415(Yongle 13). With the first copy imported from the Ming Dynasty as the original script, Sambudaejeon was engraved on wood by going sharing with 3 provinces including Gyeongsang-do, Jeonlla-do, and Gangwon-do, during the period of 1427~1428(Sejong 9~10). The result of surveying and analysing the distribution of the Ming Dynasty was imported to Chosun, shows that the engraving copy of the original script from the Ming was published more then 18 times in Chosun, among which only 50 types are identified to exist currently. As a result of analyzing these 50 existing types, This status of publication suggests that the books were intensively published and distributed in Gyeonggi and Gyeongsang provinces where the demands for the books were urgent, to meet the needs when the books were rapidly lost during the period of Japanese invasion.
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    A Study on Perception Changes Before and After an LIS Student-Librarian Mentoring Program

    Younghee Noh | WonTae Choi | 홍수지 | 2014, 48(1) | pp.117~147 | number of Cited : 3
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    Mentoring programs have proven highly successful in many industries, and therefore there is an increasing demand for such programs in other fields. Therefore, this study proposed to design and operate an LIS student-librarian mentoring program. To accomplish this, mentees were selected from the LIS students at K University, and mentors were selected by mentees from a pool of LIS workers. The mentoring program was then operated for three months, and all participants were surveyed before and after the program. As a result, first, it was revealed that the librarian mentoring program allowed mentees to enhance their understanding of the practical field, and help them to set career paths and goals. Second, participants insisted that six months is a more appropriate mentoring period, 2-3 hours per meeting is proper as a mentoring time, and considered that the information for mentors and mentees must be provided to each other before mentoring. Third, the intention to rejoin a mentoring program in the future was very high in both groups, but they insisted that the financial support, locational support, and providing sufficient information about mentoring program must be considered.
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    A Comparative Study on Authority Records for Japanese Writers in Japan and the United States of America

    Songie Kim | Yeon Kyoung Chung | 2014, 48(1) | pp.149~170 | number of Cited : 0
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    Name authority control is important for not only library catalogers but also end users, since it provides uniform access points. The national libraries in Japan and the United States have constructed and controlled authority records for writers from early days, and have provided them on the web sites. The purposes of this study are to extract common fields and differences in Japanese writer’s name authority records of the U.S. and Japan, and to propose the ways of desirable description of authority records in Korea. Several suggestions of building authority records in National Library of Korea such as open to the pubic of authority records, provision of various forms of authority files, suggestion of the ways of writing the names of foreign writers, and the links between the authority records and library catalogs for retrieval are proposed.
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    An Analytical Study on the Books Selected in ‘One Book, One City’ Reading Campaigns in the U.S.A.

    Yoon, Cheong Ok | 2014, 48(1) | pp.171~194 | number of Cited : 5
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    The purpose of this study is to understand the current status of ‘One Book, One City’ community-wide reading campaign by analyzing the characteristics of the books selected during the past fifteen years. According to the lists of ‘One Book, One City’ Reading Promotions Projects’ available from the website of the Library of Congress, the Center for the Books, a total of 1,037 books were selected by 2,220 ‘One Book’ programs. Major findings are as follows: First, 278 books(26.8%) and 759 books(73.2%) were selected by more than two ‘One Book’ programs and one program, respectively; Second, three most popular books were To Kill a Mockingbird(chosen in 84 programs), Fahrenheit 451(in 53 programs), and The Kite Runner(in 50 programs); Third, with the wide diffusion of ‘One Book’ campaigns, the selection of unique books by individual ‘One Book’ programs has increased, and the impact of the books selected by ‘Seattle Reads’ and ‘One Book, One Chicago’ has gradually decreased.
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    Promoting Children's Love of Reading through Vacation Reading Programs in Public Libraries: Focusing on Four Public Libraries in Seoul

    Chung Jin Soo | 2014, 48(1) | pp.195~214 | number of Cited : 3
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    The purpose of the study is to suggest a conceptual framework for the vacation reading programs in promoting children’s love of reading in public libraries. Within the conceptual framework of free voluntary reading (FVR), the study identified the concept of reading that public libraries should pursue in developing children’s reading programs and analyzed current vacation reading programs that four public libraries in Seoul held during winter and summer vacations of 2013. More specifically, the study analyzed (1) their purposes, (2) durations, targeted children groups, the number of children users, (3) their instructors, (4) the content design of the programs, (5) selected books, and (6) completion certificates and rewards for participation. Lastly, the study discussed whether the programs satisfied the characteristics for promoting free voluntary reading and played the roles for vacation reading programs in public libraries. The results of the study suggest the need for shifting the current vacation reading programs to be more inclusive, so that more children can develop to learn love of reading.
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    An Analysis of Research Behaviors in Bibliotherapy Study among 5 Fields

    Myeong-Hee Lee | 2014, 48(1) | pp.215~235 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    This study was conducted to analyze research behaviors of bibliotherapy studies in order to improve the level of bibliotherapy study in the LIS. 130 articles of journals were divided into five major fields, and analyzed using major areas, research subjects, research methods, affiliation of authors, and participants. The results showed that bibliotherapy studies in LIS have been conducted rather broadly by the practitioners ever since the 2010s. However, diversification of research topics, research methods, and theoretical foundations are found to be problems that need to be solved. Based on the statistics, suggestions are made: to expand the target of bibliotherapy to various ages, classes, experience groups, and situation groups; to combine reading books with further activities such as discussion, role-play, and play therapy; to take advantage of a variety of diagnostic test tools and to utilize clinical treatments; to conduct qualitative and quantitative research simultaneously in order to achieve the benefits.
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    An Analysis on the Library-Related Articles in the Rodong Shinmun of North Korea

    SONG SUNG SUP | 정종기 | 2014, 48(1) | pp.237~256 | number of Cited : 6
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    The purpose of this study is to review what the Rodong Shinmun newspaper which represents the social communication of North Korea seeks, to search that the newspaper of North Korea consider the libraries to do certain roles in North Korea, and to review how these things, Rodong Shinmun and library, have developed themselves from historical and cultural aspects. First, it was reviewed whether the Rodong Shinmun and library had been closely related each other. Then, it was analyzed whether the formats and contents of the articles related with the libraries in the Rodong Shinmun had certain particular points or not. As the results, the 62 articles which were related with libraries were searched from 1971 to 2012 in the Rodong Shinmun and they had been analyzed by the aspects of subjects and styles. It was revealed that the actions of libraries in North Korea had been the special characteristics in formats and ways.
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    An Analysis on the Internet Uses and Barriers of the Older Adults in Korea

    Heesop Kim | Pansoo Kim | Mi Sook, Lee | 2014, 48(1) | pp.257~276 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the patterns and barriers of the Internet for the elderly adults in Korea. Data was collected through the face to face interview using a questionnaire for the residence of Daegu and Kyungsang Buk-Do areas targeted over the 60-years-olds elder adults. A total of 119 valid response data were analyzed with the descriptive statistics and the group differences by age and gender using SPSS 18.00. It found that the most of the elder adults access the Internet to seek the entertainment contents, the knowledge-related contents, and the cultural and art contents. They spend most of the Internet online session to do searching information and enjoying movie and music. However, there were age differences and gender differences within the subjects. The complexity of computer and the Internet usage is one of the barriers for the Internet access, and they suggest that a customized education and training courses of computer literacy for the elderly adults would be the ways of resolve those obstructions.
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    Reflections of Libraries and Librarians in Korean Children’s Literature

    Woo, Yunhee | Jong-Sung Kim | 2014, 48(1) | pp.277~298 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to examine the images of libraries and librarians in Korean children’s literature. For this purpose, fourteen children’s fictions that the main background is library are analyzed. Library’s role appeared in the children’s fictions is focused on reading books. In the children’s fictions, librarians are usually women and described as friendly and active people. And their role is shown as strongly committed to children’s reading activities. Library services and activities for information literacy education and cultural development of children is hardly reflected in the fictions. It implicates that the libraries and librarians in children’s literature is very reflective of those in the real world.
  • 14.

    Political Issue and Problem of School Library Education in Korea

    Juhyeon Park | Myounggyu Lee | 2014, 48(1) | pp.299~328 | number of Cited : 11
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to suggest present issues and problems in producing educational performance of school library and to manage school library education ordinarily. For this purpose, after searching the principle and main policies related to school library education, we analyzed the previous researches concerned with behaviors and outcomes of school library education. As the results, professional development of human resources, curriculum improvement, modification of promotion and supporting system, and the amendment related to principles are established as political goals before suggesting progress direction and better method.
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    A Study on the Effects of Users’ Use Patterns and Their Recognition of Service Benefits on the Value Assessments of University Library Services

    Young Man Ko | Soon Hee Pyo | Wonsik Shim and 2other persons | 2014, 48(1) | pp.329~343 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    This research investigated the effects of university library users’ use patterns and their recognition of service benefits on the magnitude of service value assessments derived from users’ statements using contingent valuation method (CVM). Library users’ use patterns were operationalized by the number of library visits, library website visit counts and the degree of dependence on their own libraries. User benefits variables were measured by the level of satisfaction on the benefits of library use for teaching & instruction, research & writings, and employment & external activities. University library services were divided into circulation, journal articles (domestic & foreign), reference service, user education, reading room service and WTPs for each service were measured. The results from hypotheses testing show that the number of library visits affect WTP amounts for circulation, foreign article use, reference service and user education. The degree of library dependence seems to affect WTP amounts for circulation and user education. With regards to the hypotheses related to the recognition of library service benefits, the degree of satisfaction for teaching & instruction benefits seems to affect WTP amounts for reading room use.
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    A Study on the Development Plan for Public Libraries

    Chang Woo kwon | Park Seong Woo | Jin-Won Yeo | 2014, 48(1) | pp.345~367 | number of Cited : 14
    Abstract PDF
    Public libraries are core organization of knowledge information and culture creation in the knowledge-based society in 21st century. The purpose of this study is to propose a development plan for public library as a user-friendly cultural space that provides service and utilization of efficient knowledge information resources. To achieve this goal, the study carried out a survey targeting 525 users of 21 public libraries members of Jeollanamdo education office. The results identified the perception gap in respect of operation satisfaction, creation of social capital, and area development contribution. This research also proposed an alternative approaches to overcome difficulties.
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    An Analysis of the Growth, Education and Academic Research Trends of iSchools

    Yunkeum Chang | 2014, 48(1) | pp.369~386 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    The iSchool movement has been rapidly spread out since the foundation of iSchool Caucus (iCaucus) in 2005, which currently 52 schools have joined across 16 countries. This research aims to investigate the advances in this movement and its impact on education and research in the field of library and information science (LIS) in order to explore future trends in LIS education and research. To do so, this study classifies 21 ALA-accredited iSchools into three groups suggested by King (2006) and comparatively analyzes each group in terms of its temporal advances and curriculum characteristics. Moreover, as the new movement of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) has been rapidly progressing with the initiative of North American schools since 2012, this study also intends to diagnose the possibility of its spillover effect in LIS education by examining application cases.
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    A Study on Copyright Exemption and Fair Use on Library Service

    Hosin, Lee | 2014, 48(1) | pp.387~413 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this paper is to understand copyright exemption for libraries including Copyright Act Article 31. Especially, it is focused on the impacts on fair use article which is recently introduced in Korean Copyright Act. It looks into completely copyright exemption which libraries can make use of. And then it also rearranges the resources which library can use without the copyright owner’s permission. Further, it explores the meanings of fair use and the detail requirements for adoption to library services. And it analyzed some cases which can be applied substantially for library services.
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    A Study on the Evaluation of the Mobile Web Accessibility of Public Library Services

    Park, Oknam | 2014, 48(1) | pp.415~439 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to analyze mobile web accessibility of public libraries. To achieve this, accessibility checklists were driven from mobile web and application guidelines. The study also conducted automatic and manual evaluations. As results, the study found that text alternatives for resource image, main menu, image for text contents were mainly missing. In addition, focus for retrieval, operating system accessibility for retrieval, and id & password label, color difference for library calendar and seat reservation, brightness difference for main manu and resource display, and space between controls for retrieval were mainly missing. The study also suggested focal missing areas for main library services. It will be utilized as checklists for development of mobile services.