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2014, Vol.48, No.2

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    A Study on the Task Analysis of Public Libraries in Korea

    Hyun Yang Cho , Kim Hong Ryul , 류희경 | 2014, 48(2) | pp.5~23 | number of Cited : 3
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    The purpose of this study is to identify the core tasks, degree of professionalism on tasks, and job importance recognized by the library staff through job analysis. The results of this study will be able to take advantage of political materials about the staffing and organizational structure of public libraries in South Korea. Survey to target 49 librarians of public libraries in Gyeonggi Province was performed to job analysis. The 21.1% of library tasks was confirmed to be a high job importance, and the 69.6% of entire tasks had the high professionalism. And library staff members recognized that 73.1% of library tasks should be performed by librarians.
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    Evaluation of the Accessibility of Library Mobile Applications

    Bo Seong Jang , Nam Young Joon | 2014, 48(2) | pp.25~44 | number of Cited : 4
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    This research evaluates the accessibility of the mobile applications for the South Korean libraries based on the accessibility guideline from the Ministry of Security and Public Administration. In order to enhance the credibility of the evaluation, this current research covers both the accessibility for the visually impaired and the accessibility for the people without disabilities. The research found four main results. First, we found that only 21 libraries (31%) provide alternative texts. Out of the 21 libraries, only one provide alternative texts across all sections of the mobile applications, including the main page, data search, information assistance, etc. Second, most of the mobile applications provide contents in texts, and the subtitles, sign language, blinking and background music provided as required or recommended standard by the guideline lack correlation. Third, alternative texts, focus movement, accessibility of operating system, button motion control, spacing between control and alarm functions must follow the standard guideline for the people with disabilities to use the mobile applications. Fourth, follow-up research on the development of accessibility standard for library mobile application is necessary in order to enable people with disabilities to freely use the library mobile applications.
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    A Study on Effect of Reading Guidance Program based on Enneagram of Personality

    백 진 환 , Yoonok Han | 2014, 48(2) | pp.45~64 | number of Cited : 4
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    The present study aims to examine the effect of the reading guidance program that applied the Enneagram of Personality to a group of 6th year elementary school students. In order to verify the effect of the program, three variables with the highest correlation—self-encouragement, self-efficacy and sociality—were selected as the assessment tools for the present experimental study. Based on a group of 6th year elementary students as participants, the reading guidance instructions were given applying the Enneagram of Personality, and in order to verify the effect of those instructions, the students were divided into two groups and assigned to either an experimental or a control group.
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    A Case Study of Collaborative Classes between a Teacher Librarian and a Chinese Language Teacher Applying Problem-based Learning: With a Main Focus on Students' Degree of Interest in Learning at S High School

    Mi-ah Cho | 2014, 48(2) | pp.65~88 | number of Cited : 10
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    This study analyzed cases of collaborative classes between a teacher librarian and Chinese language teacher by applying problem-based learning (PBL) and intended to propose a desirable direction for class in operating collaborative classes of PBL. In order to achieve this purpose, methods to raise problems by BPL at the library of S High School, class content by each round of class, and cases of students’ achievements were presented. In addition, statistical analysis of interest in subjects on 101 students in their sophomore year who had participated in PBL class was conducted. According to the study result, students’ learning-related desire to accomplish, executive ability of learning, and interest were significantly improved.
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    A Study of Identifying Areas to Measure the Effectiveness of Public Library Reading Programs for Children

    Yeojoo Lim , Yeon Kyoung Chung | 2014, 48(2) | pp.89~107 | number of Cited : 6
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    The purposes of this study are to analyze the effectiveness of public library reading programs for children in qualitative way and to apply the outcomes to identify areas to measure the success of library reading programs. Interviews were conducted with children who participated in ‘2013 Reading Books with Libraries’ program and adults who were in charge of managing the program. Observations on the program were also conducted. The findings indicate that children who participated in ‘2013 Reading Books with Libraries’ program positively changed in various aspects. Selected areas to measure the success of library reading programs include: reading behavior; attitude to books; awareness of libraries and librarians; participation of library reading programs; the ability to read aloud; the ability to comprehend stories by listening; aggression; the ability to express one’s own feelings; speech ability; concentration power; and undiscovered potential. The elements that affect the success or failure of library reading programs include: librarian’s enthusiasm on running the reading program; environmental condition of the community child care center; age differences between child participants; running style of the instructor’s program; selection of books; child participants’ reading abilities and interests in reading; available time for free voluntary reading.
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    A Study Analyzing Donation Cases for Establishing Library Corporate Donation Culture

    Younghee Noh | 2014, 48(2) | pp.109~135 | number of Cited : 2
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    Library is a social institution that satisfies the intellectual needs of the community and provides information, cultural enjoyment, and continuing education to the community. However, it is true that a library may face with difficulties in satisfying the diverse and advanced needs of its users and performing its newly acquired roles because of the limited financial resources of state and local governments. Therefore, this study proposed the introduction of corporate donations as one of the options for library funding, both for expansion of critical library infrastructure and for the internal stability of library operations. To this end, this study determined corporate donation goals, donation targets, campaign donations, the number of libraries being built and renovated, and the effects on libraries that obtained corporate donations by investigating and analyzing known corporate donation cases. The results of this study could be used by libraries hoping to attract corporate donations.
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    Analysis on the User Behaviors of Elementary School Students of Winter Vacation Programs of Public Libraries at Daegu Metropolitan City

    Oh, Dong-Geun , Lee Gyeong Hun | 2014, 48(2) | pp.137~157 | number of Cited : 2
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    This study analyzed the general user behaviors and the perceptions on service quality, satisfaction, loyalty of the users of the special winter vacation programs at the public libraries in Daegu Metropolitan City. Among the 444 collected questionnaires from the participants in the programs at 8 public libraries in the City, a total of 300 were analyzed for the study. As results, many participants have visited the libraries with their family members, and have applied the programs through the helps from their parents. They rated higher the service quality, the satisfaction, and the loyalty than other child users of the children’s services as well as the adult participants of the cultural programs and of the public libraries. In the analysis of the structural equation model (SEM) on the service quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty, all of the service quality factors of special winter vacation programs, namely program contents and instructors, staff supports and services, and facilities and equipments, have significant effects on the user satisfaction. Staff supports and services factor of the service quality has significant direct effects on loyalty along with the overall satisfaction, but program contents and instructors factor and facilities and equipments factor have no significant direct effects on loyalty.
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    An Analysis of Relationship between Older Adults’ Online Information Activities and their Life Satisfaction

    Bora Kang , Heesop Kim , Mi Sook, Lee | 2014, 48(2) | pp.159~175 | number of Cited : 16
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    The purpose of this study is to analyze the relationships between the online information activities of older adults and their life satisfaction. Online information activities were categorized into ‘information use ability’, ‘information use time’, and ‘information device use ability’, and the life satisfaction included such as ‘feeling of happiness’, ‘physical condition’, and ‘economical condition’. A total of valid 341 responses were examined and analyzed to test the research model using SPSS 19 and Amos. It found that the online information use ability and the online information use time had a positive effect to the information device use ability; it showed that the higher the information device use ability the higher their life satisfaction. However, the online information use ability and the online information use time had no effect to the older adults’ life satisfaction in this study.
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    A Study on Expansion of Headings for Digital Trends of Korean Decimal Classification

    Ok-Kyung Chung | 2014, 48(2) | pp.177~199 | number of Cited : 2
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    The purpose of this study is to propose the expansion of headings for digital trends of Korean Decimal Classification. In order to achieve the purpose, this study first analyzed the change process of classification items related to digital resources in DDC and KDC. Second, subject names related to digital in LCSH and Korean National Library Subject Heading were analyzed. Third, comparisons between the items related to digital of DDC 23rd with LCSH and KDC with Korean National Library Subject Heading were conducted. The result of comparative analysis was identified that KDC 6th edition faces with difficulties in reasonable classification because item names related to digital of KDC 6th edition have 11 items. Therefore, the item related to digital has to be expanded to new classification item name and has to add include notes and class here notes in KDC.
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    A Study on the User Satisfaction and Information Behavior of Information Commons in the National Digital Library of Korea

    Yunkeum Chang , Jisu Lee , Hyeyoung Lee | 2014, 48(2) | pp.201~220 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    This study examines user satisfaction and information behavior of information commons in the National Digital Library (NDL) of Korea through survey method. It analyzed service quality factors that affect the overall user satisfaction, and users’ information behavior according to the physical spaces/facilities in the information commons. User satisfaction factors were developed to measure library satisfaction in all aspects of the eleven physical spaces/facilities of information commons service, and information behavior on eleven physical spaces/facilities in information commons were explored by users’ character. According to survey findings, overall level of user satisfaction was maintained highly since the beginning of NDL. In particular, the facility of ‘Productivity Computer Cluster’ was ranked highest as 83.8 and the ‘UCC Studio’ was ranked lowest as 70.8 among the eleven facilities in information commons.
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    A Study on Intention of Accepting for Consumer Health Information Services in Public Libraries

    Nam, Jaewoo , Park, Tae-yeon | 2014, 48(2) | pp.221~240 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    This study aims to analyze contents of websites which provide health information service. The study reviewed 5 websites and selected 15 sample contents among them. Based on the case model that extracted the contents from the websites, this research analyzed the usefulness of the contents. As a result, the usefulness of all the contents are rated above the average. Among the contents, The active core contents include ‘information for librarians’, ‘information bout cancer’, ‘health related database’, and ‘multi-lingual health information’.
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    Publication Fact of Seonunsa Temple Version of Seokssiwonryu

    Song Il Gie | 2014, 48(2) | pp.241~257 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    Seokssiwonryu originally published in China’s Ming Dynasty was published twice in our country. While the engraved period of Bulamsa Temple version was clearly known from its obvious colophon indication, that of Seonunsa Temple version was not clearly identified with its colophon mentioning only its publishing temple. Thus, this study examined the relevant data such as Seonunsa Temple’s history of its records and collection of the National Library of Korea, and as a result found a new fact that it had been engraved in 1710 not in 1649 as previously known.
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    The Research of an Analysis of Community Consciousness in Local Area for Developing Reading Contents: Case of G City

    Inja Ahn , Hoang Gum-Sook , Miyoung Park | 2014, 48(2) | pp.259~285 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Public policies in regard to developing reading culture programs and the contents, and in running public libraries have been used to overcome existing social issues such as regional self-centeredness and cultural lagging. It means that public libraries are playing an important role to encourage communications within local communities. The purpose of this research is therefore to analyze the concept of local community, and develop reading culture and contents to reinforce the concept. This research also targeted to analyze the required contents in reading culture. Through the case study of “G” city, the research analyzed their citizenship and sense of local community and the requests. As a result, the requited subjects were for economics, unemployment, poverty, aging, and housing order. For the subjects of environment were environment pollution and energy order. For the subjects of human rights, disabilities, and multi-cultural were requested. For the subject of education, school violence, tutoring, and truly teaching were requested. Based on the requirements, 221 items of reading lists, DVD clips, and abstracts are developed as well as 4 programs of reading culture.
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    A Study on Category Analysis and TOC-based Structuralization of Research Records in Atomic Energy Field

    오정훈 , Eung-Bong Lee | 2014, 48(2) | pp.287~306 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Many researches have been processing on research records management and way of service for efficient usage of various records from R&D process. Especially, a study on type analysis and structured method of research records is very important for efficient knowledge transfer system. This study, as a basic study for integrated research record management system, is about how to structuralize records efficiently reflecting features of research records. First, analysis and systematization of broad records type made from atomic energy technology R&D process were conducted. Second, efficient methods for contents structuralization in terms of usage to maximize usage of research records were studied. This research tried to structuralize all records based on TOC enable to link, search and use of data for reflecting of integrated and systematic structure which is a feature of research record.
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    A Study on Measuring the Benefits of Public Libraries

    Soonhee Pyo | 2014, 48(2) | pp.307~329 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to explain the benefits of public libraries in Korea. While many studies had focused on measuring the economic value, this study sought to investigate how do user benefits from public library service and how are these benefits associated with major demographic factors. The questionnaire was developed by two question formats, which is open-ended and 5 Likert scale on ‘enjoyment indicators’ in earlier studies. Total 313 responses data were collected in S public library in Seoul. As a result, respondents most frequently perceived benefits from library services is reading, saving the money and relaxation. Also, user’s benefits level had measured based on the ‘enjoyment indicators’. According to the analysis, respondents perceived benefits from library for reading (4.31) and saving the money (4.14). The results show the public libraries’ benefits differ in age and careers in ‘family relations’, ‘reading of children’, ‘cultural life’, ‘career improvement’, and ‘saving the money’.
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    A Content Analysis of Picture Book Reviews in Korean Periodicals

    공정자 | 2014, 48(2) | pp.331~352 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, the picture book reviews shown in Korean periodicals were analyzed to provide the developmental foundation for picture book reviews and expand the professional area of librarians as the producers of book review. Through the literature research and the Delphi Technique the desirable standard of book reviews was suggested, the contents in domestic book review mediums were analyzed for the rightness of describing based on the standard of the book review and henceforward the way of development was suggested. The result from analysis of book review showed that the outstanding book reviews should be more produced based on the desirable standard of book review and the evaluative statements should be developed more than the descriptive statements. Depending on the mediums the contents of the book review were different by the book reviewers’ occupations, so the book reviewers should develop their professional knowledges in literature and art. Because the longer book review made the outstanding book review with the rightness of the desirable standard of book review, the certain quantity of book review should be needed and the role of librarians as the book reviewers should be further extended.
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    A Study on the Factors Influencing Semantic Relation in Building a Structured Glossary

    Kwon Sun Young | 2014, 48(2) | pp.353~378 | number of Cited : 8
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to find factors to affect on the formation of semantic relation from terminology and what is to be affected by these factors to build the database scheme of terminology dictionary by a structural definition. In this research, 826,905 keywords of 88,874 social science articles and 985,580 keywords of 125,046 humanities science articles in the KCI journals from 2007 to 2011 were collected. From collected data, subject complexity, structural hole, term frequency, occurrence pattern and an effect between the number of nodes and the number of patterns which were derived from the semantic relation of linked terms of established ‘STNet’ System were analyzed. The summarized results from analyzed data and network patterns are as follows. Betweenness Centrality, term frequency, and effective size affect the numbers of semantic relation node. Among these factors, betweenness centrality was the most effective and effective size. But term frequency was the least effective. Betweenness Centrality, term frequency, and effective size affect the numbers of semantic relation type. Term frequency is the most effective. Therefore, when building a terminology dictionary, factors of betweenness centrality, term frequency, effective size, and complexity of subject are needed to select term. As a result, these factors can be expected to improve the quality of terminology dictionary.
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    Exploring the Effect of Mental Demand in Web Searches: A Pilot Study

    Kyoungsik Na | 2014, 48(2) | pp.379~398 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This pilot study explored the effect of mental demand on a Web searcher’s thoughts, emotions, efforts, and performance in Web searches in order to address whether or not there is any difference between searchers exposed to mental demand manipulation and searchers not exposed. Research data were collected via think-aloud protocol (TAP) with a dual-task in experiments and interviews with 10 subjects who participated in this study. For the searcher’s thoughts, relevance judgment was found to be hindered by mental demand. For the searcher’s emotions, the experimental group was more frustrated than the control group. With respect to the searcher’s efforts, searchers for the experimental group with mental demand manipulation were more likely to spend more time, make fewer queries, and visit fewer pages but work harder to find more relevant information that they needed. Lastly, with regard to the searcher’s performance, it is likely that performance was highly dependent upon the completion of the search tasks for both groups. The NASA-TLX six components and cognitive load scores of searchers did not make a significant difference in the outcome. The findings support the use of a dual-task methodology as a promising approach for the assessment of cognitive load induced by complex Web searches.
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    The Influence of the Library Manager’s Communication Ability on Job Performance and Role-Conflict of the Library Staff

    Chan-Sik Cho , Hang-Sok Choi | 2014, 48(2) | pp.399~414 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    The library manager’s communication ability can influence organizational management because the types and ways of organizational management is carried out can be determined by the manager’s communication ability. In that, this study intends to examine the influence of the library manager’s communication ability on job performance and role-conflict of the library staff. To do so, on top of the conceptual framework of communication and the library as an organization, this study builds theoretical underpinnings on the library manager’s communication ability, job performance and role-conflict of the library staff. Using a questionnaire survey method, this study surveys 127 library staff from 8 public libraries in Seoul, statistically analyzes the response through the SPSS20 statistical package, and examines the relationship between and among the variables. Based on the analysis, a discussion on the influence of the library manager’s communication ability on job performance and role-conflict of the library staff follows.