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2015, Vol.49, No.2

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    Analysis of British SCONUL's Information Literacy Standards

    Jae-Hwang Choi | 2015, 49(2) | pp.5~26 | number of Cited : 5
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    The aims of this study are to review the changes and trends of information literacy standards in higher education in the U.S. and the U.K.; to examine British SCONUL’s two information literacy standards which were announced in 1999 and in 2011 respectively; and to compare and analyze the two information literacy standards(i.e., Core Model and Research Lens) which were released by SCONUL in 2011. By employing the research methods of literature review and content analysis, this study tries to find the implications that may be used as a basic data when the country’s relevant institutions plan to consider the information literacy standards in higher education in the near future.
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    The Evaluation of Web Contents by User ‘Likes’ Count: An Usefulness of hT-index for Topic Preference Measurement

    송예슬 | Ji-Hong Park | Jiyoung Shim | 2015, 49(2) | pp.27~49 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to suggest an appropriate index for evaluating preferences of Web contents by examining the h-index and its variants. It focuses on how successfully each index represents relative user preference towards topical subjects. Based on data obtained from a popular IT blog (engadget.com), subject values of the h-index and its variants were calculated using 53 subject categories, article counts and the ‘Likes’ counts aggregated in each category. These values were compared through critical analysis of the indices and Spearman rank correlation analysis. A PFNet (Pathfinder Network) of subjects weighted by hT values was drawn and cluster analysis was conducted. Based on the four criteria suggested for the evaluation of Web contents, we concluded that the hT-index is a relatively appropriate tool for the Web contents preference evaluation. The hT-index was applied to visually represent the relative weight (topic preference by user ‘Likes’ count) for each subject category of the real online contents after suggesting the relative appropriateness of the hT-index. Applying scientometric indicators to Web information could provide new insights into, and potential methods for, Web contents evaluation. In addition, information on the focus of users’ attention would help online informants to plan more effective content strategies. The study tries to expand the application area of the h-type indices to non-academic online environments. The research procedure enables examination of the appropriateness of the index and highlights considerations for applying the indicators to Web contents.
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    Exploring the Effects of Task Language and Complexity in College Students' Web Searching

    Wonsik Shim | 안혜연 | Jaeyeon Byun | 2015, 49(2) | pp.51~73 | number of Cited : 2
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    The Web now provides instant access to an unprecedented amount of information that was unthinkable even 20-30 years ago. However, the full potential of the contents available through the Internet can only be realized when one can speak and understand foreign languages, especially English which accounts for more than half of web contents. In this study, we try to investigate the effect of search task languages and task complexity on searching performance. A total of thirty students enrolled at a top private university in Korea were recruited as study subjects. We set up a quasi-experimental design in which thirty subjects are randomly assigned to a set of eight different search tasks containing an equal number of simple and complex tasks and an equal number of tasks in Korean and in English. The results show that there is a significant difference between simple and complex tasks in terms of SERP time, number of queries used, correctness of results and total search time. However, task language does not seem to have affected search performance for this study group. In addition, students with high English proficiency test scores show comparable search performance in English tasks compared with lower test scores. But we note differences in behavioral patterns (different search engines used and search tactics) among the study participants.
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    A Study on Need Analysis for User-Customized Policy Information Services

    Kwak, Seung-Jin | Younghee Noh | Kim, Dongseok | 2015, 49(2) | pp.75~109 | number of Cited : 7
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    This study proposed to develop a model for user-customizable policy information services, based on an assessment of policy users’ demands and a case analysis of customized services. To do this, we analyzed literature related to user customized services, performed case studies, and carried out a survey targeting policy information consumers. In this way, this study suggested that information retrieval and data offerings, reference information services, policy information network services, library marketing services, and personalized service are details which user-customizable policy information services must provide.
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    The Status Quo and Tasks of the Collection Preservation of Public Libraries in Korea

    Hyeran Suh | Kim Sun Ae | Eun Yeong Kang | 2015, 49(2) | pp.111~134 | number of Cited : 4
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    This research was initiated on the basis that public libraries should serve its role as a supplier of intellectual informations to all users and the National Library of Korea should play a role as chief supporter of collection preservation in individual libraries. Situated in such context, this study attempted to investigate several aspects of the present conditions of Korea public libraries, including the current technical ability and technicians available for materials preservation and restoration, current policies for preservation and provisions for disasters, and opinions on establishment of national library preservation and restoration center. Data was drawn from a survey with 208 public libraries in the country. As a conclusion, this study discusses such as 1) securing collection management policies for material preservations and restorations at the level of individual libraries 2) building tripartite system for efficient and methodical material preservations and restorations including public libraries, regional central libraries and the National Library of Korea.
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    A Study on Design of the Curation System of Instructional Materials for Reusing and Sharing

    Park,Yang Ha | Sung Been Moon | 2015, 49(2) | pp.135~168 | number of Cited : 4
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    This study intends to design a curation system to support elementary and secondary schools for reusing and sharing instructional materials efficiently. It is proved through interviewing teachers at the chalkface that they utilize instructional materials, and there are some differences between elementary schools and secondary schools about the media for creating the instructional materials, and the purpose of using them. The functional requirements of curation system for reusing and sharing instructional materials are derived from questionnaires. The investigation of the existing curation systems was conducted to identify the strategies for policy, design, standard, and tools for effective operation of the digital curation system. The tasks and the functions of the curation system designed by reflecting the results of this study are as following. The tasks related to individual workspace include ‘authentication’, ‘system configuration’, ‘registration’ of created materials, ‘material keeping’ for the individual, and ‘reusing (editing)’. The tasks related to sharing workspace contain ‘receiving’ for sharing, ‘archiving’ for accessing, ‘peer evaluation’, ‘accessing’ through the retrieval, and ‘bulletin board’.
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    A National Study of Perceived Outcomes of Public Library Services: Measuring the Perceived Benefits of Public Library Services among Korean Adult Library Users

    Nahyun Kwon | 2015, 49(2) | pp.169~194 | number of Cited : 10
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to assess the performance of Korean public libraries based on the national representative sample using Vakkari and Serola’s (2012) public library outcome scale. Conducting a web-based survey to 1,000 Korean adults nationwide, the responses of 629 respondents who had visited the public library in the past year were analyzed. Results showed that, among the 19 benefit areas, “reading fiction and non-fiction” was the most perceived benefit area followed by “acquiring educational opportunities”, and “self-development during leisure time”. The benefits were considerably lowly perceived in the rest 16 areas. Different from the original four-factor structure, “reading/self development” were emerged as a new factor in this Korean sample. The benefits were perceived differently by citizens with different socio-demographic backgrounds. Results informed the current status of the public library performance and values perceived by the general Korean adults population across the nation.
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    A Study on Professionalism of Librarianship in Public Libraries: The Case of Humanities Lectures at the Dongdaemun-Gu Public Digital Library

    Chan-Sik Cho | 나병준 | 2015, 49(2) | pp.195~213 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    As the role and functions of public libraries have become more diverse and complex, professionalism of librarianship in public libraries is more emphasized than before. Meanwhile, the importance of humanities has been highlighted and as a result, humanities lectures are diffused along with the social change and advancement; something that most public libraries take into consideration. In that, this study look into the case of the Dongdaemun-Gu Public Digital Library with emphasis on 2013 and 2014 when the library tried to develop professionalism of librarianship in relation to lectures on humanities. And, based upon the analysis on the process of the program and survey results, this study intends to examine the relationship between professionalism of librarianship in public libraries and humanities lectures for public in oder to enhance our understanding on professionalism of librarianship in public libraries.
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    Research Design to Evaluate an Academic Library’s Orientation Program Applying Mobile Augmented Reality

    Ji Hei Kang | 2015, 49(2) | pp.215~233 | number of Cited : 0
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    Despite the continuous efforts of academic libraries to develop various user-centered outreach programs, services and new processes, library anxiety still remains a threat to university students’ full use of academic library resources. Meanwhile, a new generation of students, called the “Net Generation,” has grown up with developed information and communication technology enter university and must be persuaded to turn to the library. To serve this new group of patrons better, libraries need to adopt new technologies. However, since an initial introduction cost and labor efforts are involved in the integration of the technology, identifying the right time for introduction and the right scope of innovation is essential but difficult. The study proposes a not-yet-well-known, novel experimental design, Regression Point Displacement (RPD), to evaluate an orientation program applying Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) for STEM students. Since this RPD design requires only one treatment group, the model is expected to be the incomparable and rational way to evaluate the new MAR technology. In the context of an informal learning experience, the findings of the study will determine the effectiveness of an orientation employing the MAR technology.
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    A Preliminary Study on the Effective Management Plan for the International Science Business Library

    박현희 | Lee Sung Sook | 2015, 49(2) | pp.235~254 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The aim of this study is to propose the effective management plan for (New) Library at International Science Business Belt in Korea. For this purpose, this study analyzed cases of domestic and overseas libraries which have been providing the special Science Business Service. Also user questionnaire surveys were conducted for the user demand in (New) Library. Based on case studies and user surveys, the management plan for ISBL was suggested as follow with its division into five realms; that is, information resources and special programs , manpower, space facilities, internal cooperation and international network. The research could be used as basic resources for the International Science Business Library in Korea.
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    A Study on the Definition of User Experience toward Electronic Publication for Education and Research and the Usability Test for the Electronic Publication Devices

    Bae, Kyung Jae | 2015, 49(2) | pp.255~274 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This study aims to define the user experience and to evaluate the usability toward electronic publication for education and research. As research methods, After total 20 people of 10 undergraduate students and 10 graduate students were randomly selected as the subjects, the research was conducted by using the in-depth interview and the e-book reader experimental method. As the results of analysis about subjective preferences in case of using academic resources, The subject relevance and understandability were responded as most important factors for selecting academic resources. And the most frequent purposes for using academic resources were to perform an assignment and to write an article. As the results of analysis about the user experience for using the print media and electronic media, the user experience of the print media is more positive than the electronic media and especially these results were caused by academic situation. Many subjects responded that the electronic media is more inconvenient in case of using academic resources. As a result of the e-book reader usability test, the hardware test score (3.47) is higher than the software test score (3.31).
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    A Study on the Awareness of Teacher Librarians and Public Librarians about Cooperation between the School Library and the Public Library

    Byun,Woo-Yeol | Gi ho Song | 2015, 49(2) | pp.275~290 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Cooperation between school libraries and public libraries is one of strategies to use the libraries’resources effectively and foster an educational role of librarians by providing good services to children and young adults. According to analysis results of the questionnaire on their cooperation, they sympathize necessary of cooperation between school libraries and public libraries and consider programs and materials as the most necessary part of mutual cooperation. They recognize that lack of awareness and attention obstructs their coordination in common. The teacher librarians promote the programs and services for children and young people of the public libraries, the public librarians also introduce their programs to the school libraries and discuss purchasing and providing educational materials with the teacher librarians. Finally, they assist that assignment of professional workforce and network operation are necessary to improve inter library collaboration.
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    Comparative Analysis of Index Terms and Social Tags: Medical Subject Headings vs. BibSonomy and Delicious

    Lee, Danielle | 2015, 49(2) | pp.291~311 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper demonstrates the comparative analysis of the similarity and difference between Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) and social tags. Both types of metadata have the same purpose—that is, succinctly abstracting content of a given document—but are created from heterogeneous viewpoints. The former MeSH terms show the aspects of publication related professionals, whereas the latter social tags are from the perspectives of general readers. When both types of metadata are assigned to the same publications, do they consist of different nomenclatures reflecting the heterogeneous viewpoints or are they similar, since both metadata types describe the same publications? Social tags are also compared with family terms of MeSH terms in the given MeSH hierarchy, so as to understand the specificity of social tags, related to MeSH terms. Lastly, given the fact that readers assign social tags in casual ways without any restricted vocabulary, we tested how many social tags contain consumer health terms, which are familiar to laypeople. Through these comparisons, we ultimately aim to examine how much the highly controlled publication index reflects general readers’ cognitive understandings and stress the necessity of general readers’ involvement in the publication indexing process.
  • 14.

    A Study on the Factors Affecting Sharing of Research Data of Science and Technology Researchers

    김문정 | Kim, Seonghee | 2015, 49(2) | pp.313~334 | number of Cited : 8
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to investigate factors affecting the sharing of research data of science and technology researchers. Data was collected through a survey of 198 science and technology researchers. Independent variables in this study included perception, openness in communication, collaboration, and trust. Latent variable was selected as reward system and dependent variable was research data sharing. The results of analysis of structural equation modeling showed that perception were found to have a positive impact on reward system for data sharing for research. Other factors such as trust, openness in communication and collaboration were not statistically significant in their affect on reward system for data sharing. Finally, reward system was identified as the influential factor on research data sharing.
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    An Analysis of the Middle-aged Adults’ Mobile Information Behavior Focused on their Demographic Characteristics

    Heesop Kim | Mi Sook, Lee | Jiwoong Seo | 2015, 49(2) | pp.335~353 | number of Cited : 12
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the middle-aged adults’ mobile information behavior focused on their demographic characteristics. To achieve the aim of this study data were collected from 50 to 64 years old middle-aged adults who live in different size of cities and towns in Korea using self-designed questionnaire through online and offline survey. Gender, academic background, income level, size of residential zone, physical condition, and occupation were adopted as demographic characteristics, and type of mobile contents use, hour of mobile use, ability of mobile use, persistency of mobile use, and usability of mobile were used as the mobile information behavior in this study. Total of 191 valid data were analysed using SPSS Ver. 21. The results of this empirical study revealed that there exist a significant difference between some of their demographical characteristics (e.g., academic backgrounds, income level, and occupation) and mobile information behaviors particularly in their contents use.
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    Comparison of Factors Influencing Satisfaction of the Field Practice Program in Library and Information Science between College and University Students

    Sung-Jong Cha | 2015, 49(2) | pp.355~379 | number of Cited : 12
    Abstract PDF
    This study was performed to analyze the factors influencing satisfaction of the field practice program in Library and Information Science majors by college and university students and to investigate its effect relationship. So, we are trying to present the appropriate methods of improving the field practice program in Library and Information Science majors. We surveyed 90 college students and 80 university students of Library and Information Science across the country who participated in the field practice program in libraries and information service providers. As a result, the satisfaction level of professional leader were the highest and the satisfaction level of practice preparations were the lowest in the college and university students all. The results of multiple regression analysis between the satisfaction level and the related variables of college and university students indicated that ‘major satisfaction’ factors, ‘interpersonal relationship’ factors are the significant factors in the college students and ‘major satisfaction’ factors, ‘private practice experience’ factors are the significant factors that contribute the satisfaction level in the university students. Therefore, the intervention programs on the basis of the influencing factors such as major satisfaction, interpersonal relationship and private practice experience should be developed of improve satisfaction of the field practice in Library and Information Science students.