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2016, Vol.50, No.1

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    A Study on the Effectiveness of Book Trailers as an Element of Reading Motivation for Teenagers

    Yoonok Han | 최용훈 | 오덕성 | 2016, 50(1) | pp.5~23 | number of Cited : 3
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    It has been shown that in the modern society, teenagers do not read a lot of books. As basic research in order to attract teenagers to reading activities, the effectiveness of booktrailers in affecting reading motivation of teenagers has been studied. As such, 121 middle school and high school students were surveyed with respect to their (1) basic awareness of reading and booktrailers, (2) awareness thereof after watching booktrailers, and (3) reader behaviour reaction applied to AIDMA & AISAS sub-elements. Results show booktrailers to be much more effective in reading motivation than printed media such as book reviews. The preferred booktrailer type is the storyline type. The preferred elements of booktrailers are the storyline, background music, video effects, with their preference in descending order. Also, in terms of the reader behaviour reaction of the teenagers, very positive responses appear across all areas including attention and interest in the book, memories of the book, desire to read the book, search for information, and production of booktrailers. These results indicate that booktrailers can be utilized very effectively in providing reading motivation and in reading expression activities.
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    A Study on the Unified Policy of the Public Library Administrative System in Korea

    Kwack, Dong Chul | 2016, 50(1) | pp.25~47 | number of Cited : 2
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    The 21st century is the era of knowledge and information, and also the age of education and culture. The importance of a public library, which stands in the center of the stream of the times, cannot be overemphasized. A public library is a reservoir of learning and culture as a base camp for achieving a creative economy and the flourishing of our culture. Many problems are caused with the promotion of unification of a public library administrative system coming to the fore as a large issue of library communities in poor surroundings where the public libraries don’t observe the library laws and rules bottom of such a reservoir is splintered by drought, and its embankment is not solid. Accordingly, this study is aimed at suggesting the improvement plan by analyzing all arguments and problems in relation to the promotion of the administrative system unification of a public library. For this purpose, first, the study considered the developmental process of the discussion about public library unification; secondly, the points at issue and problems in public library unification are reviewed; finally, this study arranged and suggested the improvement plan related to public library unification.
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    A Development of Service Quality Evaluation Criteria for Academic Libraries in Korea

    Eung-Bong Lee | 2016, 50(1) | pp.49~69 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study aims to draw implications on development of service quality evaluation criteria for academic libraries in Korea. First, this study review recent academic research trends on service quality evaluation criteria for academic libraries. Second, This paper diagnosed result of ‘the pilot evaluation of academic libraries in Korea’ conducted from 2010 and 2011 and prospect the direction on the evaluation of academic library according to ‘Library Promotion Act’ established in march 27, 2015. Finally, this article was performed comparative analysis of studies or criteria on service quality evaluation for academic libraries.
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    An Uncertainty Study: Focused on the Use of the Edunet System

    Yang-woo Kim | 2016, 50(1) | pp.71~99 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study investigated users’ information seeking behaviors associated with their perceptions of uncertainty. For this study, the data was collected from an user group, who conducted information searches in the field of history, using the KERIS Edunet system and it was analyzed through the comparative analysis of the grounded theory. The results presented users’ uncertainty in the following stages: the identification of information needs, the selection of an information system, the selection of search terms, the actual use of the system, and the evaluation of search results. Major implications pertain to the enhancement of the Edunet system and related services. The former includes the improvement of the retrieval mechanisms related to the search and display interfaces. The latter emphasizes the consideration of the origin of uncertainty in the process of the services. In other words, the study suggested to consider the inadequacy of the system functions, the insufficiency of search experiences and the lack of such abilities of particular users.
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    Developing Subject Guides and Service Model in the Disabled Area

    Chang Woo kwon | Park Seong Woo | Daekeun Jeong | 2016, 50(1) | pp.101~132 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This study aims at developing subject guides for the disabled to provide service effectively. Subject guide and service models are developed on the basis of reference, case study, and user requests analysis and information types in areas are determined. Information types for collecting and building information resources are classified into types are subordinate and also metadata by information types are developed. Subject guides based on customized services contain information, disability type, service target, life-cycle, media type, and organizations.
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    A Study on the Recognition of Users and Librarians of Obstructive Factors in Online Reference Services

    Younghee Noh | Hyejin Park | Youngji Shin | 2016, 50(1) | pp.133~159 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to analyze related studies and domestic/international online reference cases, extract obstructive factors present in online reference services, and reveal whether or not there are differences in perception between the university librarian and the users. The results with respect to the failure of the resources revealed that while the user considers the quantitative/qualitative shortage of content as the greatest obstacle in the online reference service, librarians see the lack of human resources (Specialist Librarian/trained staff) in this light. Users think this is the least of the problems. In addition, other obstacles that are the most highly evaluated by librarians are, in order, the limitation of service because of copyright issues, the difficulty of information retrieval and complexity of methods of use, and a general lack of information in the reference services menu and missing information in the main menu. For the users the other most important obstacles were similar with the limitation of service because of copyright issues being highest, followed by the difficulty of access because of the confusion over service names, and the general lack of information in the reference services menu and missing information in the main menu.
  • 7.

    The Effect of Self-Regulated Learning Components on Attitude and Related Skills of Information Literacy among High School Students

    Seung-Kil Lee | 2016, 50(1) | pp.161~187 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This study determined the effect of self-regulated learning on the attitude and related skills of information literacy in school library project learning. In addition, in-depth interview was administered in order to investigate fundamental reasons for such effects. The results are cognitive regulation ability, motivational regulation ability, behavioral regulation ability proved to have statistically significant effect on the attitude and related skills of information literacy. In-depth interview analysis yielded the following components: cooperative learning, experience in information environment, time pressure, exposure to information literacy education, motivation, relationship with school teachers, delayed gratification, and prior knowledge.
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    Study about Research Data Citation Based on DCI(Data Citation Index)

    CHO JANE | 2016, 50(1) | pp.189~207 | number of Cited : 8
    Abstract PDF
    Sharing and reutilizing of research data could not only enhance efficiency and transparency of research process, but also create new science through data integrating and reinterpretationing. Diverse policies about research data sharing and reutilizing have been developing, along with extending of research evaluating spectrum that across research data citation rate to social impact of research output. This study analyzed the scale and citation number of research data which has not been analyzed before in korea through data citation index using Kruskal-Wallis H analysis. As result, genetics and biotechnology are identified as subject areas which have most huge number of research data, however the subject areas that have been highly cited are identified as economics and social study such as, demographic and employment. And Uk Data Archive, Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research are analyzed as data repositories which have most highly cited research data. And the data study which describes methodology of data survey, type and so on shows high citation rate than other data type. In the result of altmetrics of research data, data study of social science shows relatively high impact than other areas.
  • 9.

    A Study on the Evaluation of Service Quality and Importance - Performance Analysis in Research Libraries

    민윤경 | Dong Youl Jeong | 2016, 50(1) | pp.209~233 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to examine users’ perceived importance for service attributes and performance in research libraries, and further to suggest the improvement strategies for research libraries. The survey was conducted for the library users of 14 government-funded research institutes. The questionnaire for this research was developed from the standard LibQUAL+. Statistical analyses were conducted to identify the relationship between service quality and users’ satisfaction, and the gap between perceived importance and performance by user groups. According to the result of statistical analyses, the priority of service improvement strategies of research libraries were suggested.
  • 10.

    Rorty's Neo-Pragmaticism and its Implications on Knowledge Organization System Development

    Ok Nam Park | 2016, 50(1) | pp.235~259 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The study acknowledges the importance of philosophical basis such as paradigms and epistemology in knowledge organization system development. The study aims at providing implications of Rorty’s neo-pragmatism on knowledge organization system development. The study discussed Rorty’s main concepts - Anti-Dualism, Languages, Ethnocentrism, and Solidarity, and further how these elements are utilized in system design. The study focuses on philosophical basis, knowledge organization system development approach, and methodology. It has values in that it provides implications for other philosophical discussions to be applicable to knowledge organization.
  • 11.

    A Study on Method to Develop Mobile Contents for G-learning Using the Presidential Archives Based on Digital Storytelling Method

    최민희 | CHOI JUNGWON | Han Hye Won and 1other persons | 2016, 50(1) | pp.261~284 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    Presidential archives have higher historical value than other public documentaries. It is a reliable documentary reflecting aspects of contemporary life and has high value and availability in the education field. This study suggests how to intensify the role as an intelligence service of presidential archives and how to develop the utilized-Presidential Archives mobile education contents in G-learning environments to lead the positive awareness on Presidential archives. After suggesting the 7 levels methods about the development of mobile education contents using presidential archives in G-learning environments, This study shows the case of the applied educational contents on the subject of 5th grade at the elementary school. 7 levels methods include pre-planning, pre-design, selecting presidential records, presidential records story-telling, making the storyboard, implementing a game, sharing and assess.
  • 12.

    Information-Seeking within Negative Affect: Lessons from North Korean Refugees’ Everyday Information Practices within PTSD

    Joung Hwa Koo | 2016, 50(1) | pp.285~312 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The study examines how stressful life experiences and negative affective conditions influence refugees’ information seeking and uses. Fifty-five North Korean refugees living in South Korea were invited to participate in a survey to determine their level of PTSD and to investigate the relationship between activeness in information-seeking and their negative affect. Seven subjects with severe PTSD symptoms participated in an in-depth interview to describe their information practices in daily life contexts. The study found that participants with higher levels of PTSD tended to seek information more passively than those with lower levels of PTSD. Almost all refugees were unable to recognize their information needs clearly but some subjects stated latent socio-affective needs and financial needs. Most refugees avoided seeking information and learned information through interpersonal sources―staffs in the Hana Refugee Center and volunteers in local community churches―and mass media. Some unique social phenomena were discovered in North Korean refugees’ information world and the emergent features were discussed. On the basis of the findings, some practical approaches for improving refugees’ information world were also suggested.
  • 13.

    Toward iSchools: from the Perspective of the 5Cs

    Yi, Myongho | 2016, 50(1) | pp.313~330 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    A coalition of information schools, called the iSchools Organization, was established to increase the visibility of library and information science and to cope with the new demands of the digital age. As of 2015, sixty-five schools from many different countries have joined the iSchools Organization. While some other schools are interested in adopting iSchools, there are still some issues that need to be considered before adopting the iSchool charter. This paper presents those issues from the perspectives of the 5C groups: curriculum, competencies, convergence, collaboration, and consensus. A survey was conducted to investigate some aspects of the 5Cs. This study identifies five iSchool-related issues - 5Cs. Providing perspectives in the areas of the 5Cs will be useful to establish stronger iSchools. These five Cs will resolve information problems that we are facing, prepare students or any organizations for the digital age, give students digital service skills, and train future data scientists. This paper represents practical guidelines to build a strong iSchool. With the success of iSchools, societies see us as more than the traditional librarian.
  • 14.

    Exploratory Study of Characterizing Scholarly Communication Patterns in Humanities for Facilitating Consilience in Cyberscholarship Environment: Based on Historians’ Research Activities

    So-Young Yu | 2016, 50(1) | pp.331~351 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Digitalized data and literature in scholarly community has developed the concept of digital humanities and cyberscholarship which indicate the characteristics of a new aspect and approach in scholarly activities with digitalized resources or new media. This study was performed in order to identify the changes in national research activities of art and humanities by using a multi-modal approach. The combined methodology of in-depth interview and content analysis on publishing and citing behaviors in literature was executed. The steps of research process is identified as a non-linear combination of 3 parts: developing research idea, developing the research idea to write, and submitting manuscript to publish. Prominent implementations of cyberscholarship were found in the 2nd step for accessing and using research data and literatures. Understanding the characteristics of scholar communication using cyberscholarhip factors in humanities for interdisciplinarity, sophisticating the environment of cyberscholarhip for data sharing, investing and developing archivist and archives, and providing a various platform for accelerating scholarly communication were derived by the panel discussion for developing interdisciplinary research for humanities.
  • 15.

    Learning with Information in Digital Age: School Library Media Programs as Learning Commons

    Chung Jin Soo | 2016, 50(1) | pp.353~375 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Although people seriously worry that “digital paradox” is a “quiet crisis” to our society as a whole and threatens our future generation, we need to reconsider how we utilize digital media for effective learning as we understand its characteristics and compare the differences among all formats of media that used for learning. The purpose of this study is to suggest and analyze school library media programs as Learning Commons by applying the relevant theories on information, learning, learning with media, and meaningful learning. The study assumes the importance of the school library media programs that manage rich Information in various formats in an educational system. The study provides theoretical grounds and insights to practitioners and researchers in the relevant field as they face the challenges in putting an emphasis of today’s school library media programs for student learning in digital age.
  • 16.

    A Study on the Effects of Communicative Competence on Information Literacy of Undergraduates

    HAN SANG WOO | Wan Jong Kim | 2016, 50(1) | pp.377~394 | number of Cited : 9
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to provide an empirical investigation of the effects of communicative competence on information literacy of undergraduates. The research results were found as follows; First of all, receptive competence has a significant effect on information needs, information retrieval and information evaluation. Secondly, transmission competence has a significant effect on information integration and information representation. Finally, adjustment competence has a significant effect on the overall information literacy, that is, information needs, information retrieval, information assessment, information integration, information representation and information ethics. Therefore, we can understand communicative competence has a closed relationship with information literacy.
  • 17.

    A Bibliographical Study on the Buddhist Scriptures Published in Temples Located in Hwanghae-do Province

    SongIlGie | Ji-Suk Park | 2016, 50(1) | pp.395~416 | number of Cited : 7
    Abstract PDF
    This study analyzes periodic phenomena on publication and characteristics of Buddhist scriptures engraved on woodblock in temples located in Hwanghae Province during the Joseon Dynasty period in bibliographic approach. There are total 85 Buddhist scriptures published in Hwanghae Province, 5 scriptures among them including Yonggamsugyeong appear to be engraved on woodblock only in temples in Hwanghae Province. They, published in 64 printings during the early days of the Joseon Dynasty, occupy 75% of total Buddhist scriptures, and are analyzed to be intensively published with the support of royal family members such as Queen Munjeong in the reign of King Myeongjong. However, as the publication displayed a sharply declining tendency in the late Joseon period after the Japanese invasion, it is understood to be identical with historical fact that the people´s livelihood in Hwanghae Province closed to ruin through invasions from Japan and Manchuria. In addition, the analysis on characteristics of these Buddhist scriptures by subject indicates that over 80% of them are generally sacred books and dogmas. In fact, woodblock engraving works in temples emphasize on the duty of an engraver, and many engravers are investigated that they engraved only 2 to 3 Buddhist scriptures in temples located in Hwanghae Province. Doseong and Suyeon can be regarded as remarkable itinerant monks as they were appeared to engrave Buddhist scriptures in not only Hwanghae Province and also other regions by moving from one place to another. This study is expected to be meaningful as a paper that can be used on future studies to compare Buddhist scriptures engraved on woodblock in other regions in North Korea.
  • 18.

    An Investigation on Non-Relevance Criteria for Image in Failed Image Search

    Eunkyung Chung | 2016, 50(1) | pp.417~435 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Relevance judgment is important in terms of improving the effectiveness of information retrieval systems, and it has been dominant for users to search and use images utilizing internet and digital technologies. However, in the field of image retrieval, there have been only a few studies in terms of identifying relevance criteria. The purpose of this study aims to identify and characterize the non-relevance criteria from the failed image searches. In order to achieve the purpose of this study, a total of 135 participants were recruited and a total of 1,452 criteria items were collected for this study. Analyses and identification on the data set found thirteen criteria such as ‘topicality’, ‘visual content’, ‘accuracy’, ‘visual feature’, ‘completeness’, ‘appeal to user’, ‘focal point’, ‘bibliographic information’, ‘impression’, ‘posture’, ‘face feature’, ‘novelty’, and ‘time frame’. Among these criteria, ‘visual content’ and ‘focal point’ were introduced in this current study, while ‘action’ criterion identified in previous studies was not shown in this current study. When image needs and image uses are analyzed with these criteria, there are distinctive differences depending on different image needs and uses.
  • 19.

    A Study on Improving Perception of Subject - Special Librarian and Subject - Special Services: Focusing on Survey Targeting Students Who Take ‘Medical Terms and MeSH’ and ‘Health & Medical Information Sources’

    Euikyung Oh | 2016, 50(1) | pp.437~456 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This study, based on the need for department of LIS education program that targets training of subject-special librarian, focuses on proving that such education can improve perception of subject-special librarian and strengthen career decision-making. This study is composed of two parts. First, this study investigates case studies about subject-special librarian cultivation. Second, this study includes a survey about subject-special librarian, improving understanding about subject-special librarian, and improving career decision-making which was carried out targeting students who take ‘Medical Terms and MeSH’, and ‘Health & Medical Information Sources’ courses. Results are as follows. First, most of the respondents felt the need for medical librarian and medical information services (88.7%), understood the role of medical librarian (92.5%), got to know more about the types and functions of medical information services (100%), and came to be more aware of the self-esteem a medical librarian feels as a professional. Second, relatively, the percentage of respondents who demonstrated the willingness to work at a medical library (45.3%) or work in the field of medical information services (26.4%) was noticeably low. Third, there were no statistical difference in whether the students took related courses or not, number of courses they took and difference in their school year, and in regard of the level of understanding of medical librarian and medical information services, those who took courses demonstrated higher understanding than did those who did not take those courses. Also, those who took the courses showed stronger willingness to work as a medical librarian. Fourthly, the curriculum carried out by the department of library and information service was effective in understanding medical librarian and medical information services, but makes students more cautious about deciding whether or not to start their career at a medical library. Lastly, it was recommended that there is a need to have the curriculum updated in order to help students overcome the difficulty and unfamiliarity they feel about medical subject.
  • 20.

    A Study on National Competency Standards-based Curriculum Design of the Practical Training Courses in Library and Information Science

    Sung-Jong Cha | 2016, 50(1) | pp.457~491 | number of Cited : 15
    Abstract PDF
    This study was performed to design a field training curriculum model linked to the National Competence Standards(NCS) in Library and Information Science majors by analyzing factors influencing satisfaction of the field practice program and by drawing NCS capacity units suitable as field training configuration factors. It was also conducted to give shape to the standards and guidelines of NCS-based field training curriculum. For this study, first, we analyzed the implementation status of the National Competence Standards(NCS), particularly in Library and Information Science major. Second, we derived influencing factors of the field practice program through the field training satisfaction survey from Library and Information Science students. Third, we have designed a training curriculum model associated with NCS seeking proper matches with actual work of the library site through research methods including focus group interviews. Fourth, education guidelines of the field training required to interns were proposed in detail.
  • 21.

    Evaluating and Comparing the Search & Discovery Features: Focusing on the Public Libraries OPACs and the Internet Bookstores

    Han, Seung Hee | 2016, 50(1) | pp.493~511 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Discovery is an emerging concept to enhance the search capabilities of library resources with the Next Generation Library Catalog. This paper defined the Discovery feature based on the information search behavior, and then derived the elements that make up its function. After that, the 11 regional representatives libraries’ OPACs and 3 Internet bookstores are evaluated and compared against Search & Discovery capabilities. As a result, the Internet bookstores were superior to the libraries’ OPACs for all the elements that make up the Discovery functions. This study verified that the public libraries OPACs are still concentrating on known item search, and it is hard for the users to meet a serendipity which is gained through the Discovery functions.
  • 22.

    Analysis of Citations in Undergraduate Papers

    Sungjae Park | 2016, 50(1) | pp.513~532 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to gain a better understanding of undergraduate citation behavior and to measure the contribution which an academic library makes in the academic writing of students. Citations in 80 student papers submitted in the academic paper competition was analyzed for types of items cited and the number of items in the library collection, etc. The findings indicate: 1) the level of undergraduates’ citation knowledge is very low, 2) undergraduates prefer web resources (44.9%) to such academic resources as books, journal articles, theses or dissertation, and 3) undergraduates find academic resources in their academic library. Upon these findings, this study suggests that academic library staff should intervene to enhance undergraduate academic writing skills and to develope of educational material, including how to search for and cite reliable resources.
  • 23.

    Consolidation of FRBR Family Models Focusing on FRBR Library Reference Model

    Park Ziyoung | 2016, 50(1) | pp.533~553 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    FRBR family models, which is published from 1998 to 2010, will be restructured in 2016 and the new name of the model is “FRBR Library Reference Model(LRM).” FRBR LRM is a consolidated model based on the legacy FRBR family of conceptual models - FRBR, FRAD, FRSAD and the two ontological models - FRBRCore and FaBio, as well as FRBRoo, the cooperated model with museum field. In this study, therefore, FRBR LRM is analyzed in respect to background information, characteristics of the model, such as user tasks, entities, attributes, and relationships. Experimental adaptation to protégé for the LRM’s entities and relationships is also conducted. Through this test, the differences between the original models and the consolidated model was reviewed and the applicability of the FRBR LRM model to the semantic web is also discussed. From now on, we have to select and modify among the various FRBR related models to meet our information needs. It will be difficult to find only one Implementation Methodology for every information needs.