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2017, Vol.51, No.1

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    A Discourse Analysis to Public Library Ecosystem in Korea

    Hee-Yoon Yoon | 2017, 51(1) | pp.5~27 | number of Cited : 2
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    The goal of this study is to suggest various improvements and expanding strategies of the public library ecosystem. For this goal, researcher reviewed and analyzed the realistic landscapes and social recognitions about the public library ecosystem as local public goods, and discoursed the basic principles and structural terrain of public library ecosystem based on natural ecosystem. As a result, researcher proposed multifaceted alternatives (ensure library’s identity and publicity applying Law of Karma, strengthen librarian’s professionalism on the premise of overcoming the Minerva’s syndrome, optimize the library service and collection management based on the Pareto principle, reduce reading room and differentiated program through resolution of Halo effect, eliminate usage bias by life cycle based on the Gauss distribution, acceptance of the digital paradigm and use-friendly spatialization that ruminates the Icarus paradox, incorporate small library into public library system through a clear understanding of the Gresham’s law, and enforce communication and spread social and cultural value through the practice of the Pompeii paradox).
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    An Analysis of Teacher Librarians’ Educational Role Embedded in Inquiry Tasks of Elementary Social Studies Textbooks: based on the 4th․5th․6th Grade in the Second Term

    Yu,Jongyoul | Gi ho Song | 2017, 51(1) | pp.29~47 | number of Cited : 4
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    The purpose of this study is to compare and analyze the inquiry tasks included in the elementary social studies with school library based instruction (SLBI) focused on the information literacy process and select teacher librarians’ educational role under learning for social studies. For this purpose, national elementary curriculum of 4th, 5th and 6th social studies in the second term are analyzed. As results of analysis, the 4th and 5th students who take part in solving the inquiry tasks could compare and analyze illustrations, photographs and texts in their text books individually and present the results with speaking. The 6th students could deal with their tasks using their experience, idea or information found from other resources and express the outcome orally according to the content of inquiry tasks. Therefore, teacher librarians could teach information literacy skills such as comparison, contrast, combination, distinction between opinions and facts, or prediction and inference of conclusion to the 4th and 5th elementary student. Teacher librarians can also participate in whole information literacy instruction for the 6th students from building the solution strategies of tasks, collecting and using materials to completing and evaluating the results under the long term collaboration with the classroom teachers.
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    A Study on a Method to Utilize and Factors to Non-Use Archives

    CHOI JUNGWON | Hyo-Jung Oh | Hui-Jeong Han and 1other persons | 2017, 51(1) | pp.49~67 | number of Cited : 1
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    An archives collects and manages a variety of records and archives including information reflecting the phases of the times and has a role in society as archive information center. Also, archives support that users can efficiently search and use records. Although archives has a variety of records and archives, users and non-users has low recognition on it. This study aims to find factors why people don’t use archives and analyzes requirements to utilize archives activation for users and non-users. To perform the goals, questionnaires were used to collect data from 148 domestic people. Also, this study used descriptive statistics and independent t-test to analyze the collected data. With the analyzed results, this study proposed suggestions to improve user’s perception and factors for activation of archives.
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    A Study on Cognitive Survey about Student Employment of the Department of Library & Information Science’s

    Younghee Noh | Hyojung Sim | Woojung Kwak | 2017, 51(1) | pp.69~102 | number of Cited : 1
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    In this study, the Department of Library & Information Science’s Students are including their cognitive for the employment prospects of library information, it wants to know satisfaction with current curriculum, job preparation, and requirements for job - related programs. The result, first of all, the students of the field of employment hope was that the library was the field of employment and the public library was the highest one of them. Second, areas of employment were that the Seoul Gyeonggi-do Province showed the highest regardless of the location of the university. Third, the satisfaction of the university curriculum is high, It appeared to be desirable that was field - based employment program. Fourth, The difficulty in preparing for employment was the lack of employment information. Fifth, The factors influencing job choice were working conditions, retirement benefits, welfare benefits, and remuneration. Therefore, to increase the employment rate of students, it was required by the establishment of job information system, reinforcement of field - based training courses, and improvement of local employment conditions and the environment.
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    A Comparative Research of Library Law in Korea and Japan: Focusing on the Enactment and Revision Processes

    Hyeonsook Ryu | 2017, 51(1) | pp.103~124 | number of Cited : 0
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    Korea and Japan have been influenced by one another through various points in their respective histories. During ancient times and throughout the Middle Ages, many aspects of culture and modern civilisation were conveyed from China to Japan via Korea. This trend changed in the second half of the 19th century, as Japan opened its ports to foreign trade, completely reforming its own society before Korea followed suit. The aspects of modern civilisation and culture were thus subsequently conveyed to Korea from Japan. Not unlike Western cultures of the time, Japan also engaged in a pursuit of imperialism that resulted in its subjugation of Korea during the Japanese occupation. After Korea regained its independence following the Second World War, Koreans rebuilt their country largely on the basis of the social system Japan had left behind. 70 years later, differences from the Japanese model may nevertheless be observed in various areas. Library legislation is no exception. This paper provides a comparison of Korean and Japanese library laws. The comparison and consideration of the enactment and revision processes of library legislation of both countries reveals how differences in legislation developed and provides an analysis of the implementation of these differences.
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    An Analysis on the Legislation and Amendment of the Inventory Act in the Archives

    강현민 | 2017, 51(1) | pp.125~146 | number of Cited : 1
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    According to the article of inventory in the act of public records management from 29th January on 1999, record repository, special repository and the archives have been doing inventory totally once every two years. As the archives have acquisited incredibly and explosively lots of archives, this has induced a lot of problem in inventory activity due to legacy inventory acts. To solve these problems, the author have revised and legislated on 29th Oct. 2016. The purpose of this study is to point out the problems that prior uniformal inventory cycle and to explain in detail that the contents of the newly revised article, and a benefit and expectations of practical inventory activity. The major revision of article is inventory cycle of at least totally once every four years and the act of obligation on a after-process of inventory.
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    A Study on Improving Laws and Regulations for Open Access of Research Papers from National Research and Development Projects

    Mi-Kyeong Cha | Song Kyeong-Jin | Na-Young Kim | 2017, 51(1) | pp.147~174 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    Open Access(OA) policy to scholarly publications from publicly funded research goes toward making a law at the national level. The purpose of this study is to suggest the ways of improving laws and regulations for OA of scientific publications from national R&D projects. For that purpose, this study analyzed cases of USA, Spain, Germany, and France which have already legislated OA related laws and regulations. Based on the results, the followings were proposed: 1) to unify definitions of research outcomes and to include research papers to the definition. 2) to strengthen OA obligations by amending 「Act On The Performance Evaluation And Management Of National Research And Development Projects, Etc.」 by to specify related articles about submission, making public, enrolling, deposition, and possession of research papers, and 3) to revise administrative rules and 「Regulations on Management of National Research and Development Projects」 which common to all administrative according to amending the law.
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    A Study on Children’s Collection Development for Public Library Based on Library Usage of Children’s Book Awards

    Je-Ho Yi | Kwon Sun Young | 2017, 51(1) | pp.175~199 | number of Cited : 2
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    Children’s literature has a significant impact on children’s intelligence and emotional development. The interest in children’s literature is increasingly growing with the expectation of the award winning books and the educational values of children’s books. Although the interest has brought about a quantitative increase in the domestic children’s books, it has difficulty selecting high-quality children’s books among various books. In such an environment, the Children’s Literature Award will provide an authoritative source of choice, which will help guide the selection of quality books to those who want to read children’s books. In addition to this trend, the library should check the status of winning works and incorporate them into new collection development policies. The purpose of this study is to present the direction of the library book development policy of the public library. For this purpose, 10 public libraries in Seoul, Korea were selected and analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively through the collection status of the children’s literature winning books, loan status, turnover, Bonn’s use Factor, and Trueswell’s 80/20 rule. Based on the results of this analysis, we would like to suggest some issues to be reflected in library development policy of the future.
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    A Study for Exhibition and Education Programs of the National Assembly Library: Focusing on Larchiveum Model

    Park, Oknam | Park Hee Jin | 2017, 51(1) | pp.201~226 | number of Cited : 4
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    The National Assembly Library and its institutions need an integrated exhibition and education programs in order to provide all types of information resources which they produce, manage and preserve as part of history and evidence of democracy. This study aims to present the exhibition and education programs for National Assembly Library based on Larchiveum model. an integrated concept of library, archive, and museum. This study analyzed exhibits and education programs of various national libraries, archives, and related institutions and suggested exhibition and education programs for National Assembly Library based on Larchiveum model.
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    Toward a Structural and Semantic Metadata Framework for Efficient Browsing and Searching of Web Videos

    Hyun Hee Kim | 2017, 51(1) | pp.227~243 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study proposed a structural and semantic framework for the characterization of events and segments in Web videos that permits content-based searches and dynamic video summarization. Although MPEG-7 supports multimedia structural and semantic descriptions, it is not currently suitable for describing multimedia content on the Web. Thus, the proposed metadata framework that was designed considering Web environments provides a thorough yet simple way to describe Web video contents. Precisely, the metadata framework was constructed on the basis of Chatman’s narrative theory, three multimedia metadata formats (PBCore, MPEG-7, and TV-Anytime), and social metadata. It consists of event information, eventGroup information, segment information, and video (program) information. This study also discusses how to automatically extract metadata elements including structural and semantic metadata elements from Web videos.
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    A Study on the Job Burnout of Medical Librarians in Korea

    Hye Rhan Chang | Jeong A Kim | 2017, 51(1) | pp.245~269 | number of Cited : 4
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    To assess and understand the level of job burnout among the medical librarians and identify the factors affecting it, email survey, consisting of questions regarding personal background, organization characteristics, degree of burnout, and coping activities, was administered for two weeks in December 2016, to the librarians in 138 institutions affiliated with the Korean Medical Library Association. MBI-GS is used as a burnout measuring instrument. Data collected from 158 librarians (response rate 65.6%), were analyzed by descriptive statistics, t-test, ANOVA, and correlation analysis methods. According to MB-GS norm, respondents experience moderate level of exhaustion and professional efficacy, however the level of cynicism is extremely high. There are significant statistical differences in burnout, depending on age, medical librarian certificate, work experience, type of library, job coverage, and coping activities. There are also statistical significant correlations between workload, role conflict, decision making process and performance evaluation, organization communication, IT environment, continuing education and burnout. Based on the results, recommendations to alleviate burnout are suggested in individual, organizational, and professional association context.
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    Analysis of Public Library Operations and Uses of 16 Metropolitan Local Governments of Korea by Using the Chernoff Face Method

    Kim, Young-seok | 2017, 51(1) | pp.271~287 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study aims to conduct a big data analysis of public library operations and uses of 16 metropolitan local government of Korea by using the Chernoff face method. This study is the first to use the Chernoff face method for big data analysis of library services in library and information research. The association of variables and human facial features was decided by survey. The study reveals that in general the provincial governments in Korea operate more libraries, invest more budgets, allocate more staff and hold more collections than metropolitan cities. This administration resulted in more use of libraries in provincial governments than metropolitan cities.
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    A Study on the Concepts and Programs of ‘Makerspaces’ at Public Libraries

    Yunkeum Chang | 2017, 51(1) | pp.289~306 | number of Cited : 26
    Abstract PDF
    This study explores the concepts and programs of ‘makerspaces’ at public libraries. It examines the extended and sustainable service outreach strategies of 14 Korean public libraries whose makerspaces were identified as “infinite imagination spaces.” Through interviews with staff members, the study identifies the needs, effects, limitations, and future direction of makerspaces. The study also evaluates the development, types, funding sources, and outcomes of makerspaces in public libraries through related literature reviews and case studies. The study’s findings suggest that strategies with stable and varied funding, staffing, and training are crucial to fostering makerspaces that not only become communal gathering spots, but also become gateways to technological tinkering that ‘make’ spaces for community archives.
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    Enhancement of Library Internship Reflecting Participants’ Opinions based on Activity Theory

    Park Ziyoung | Sungjae Park | 2017, 51(1) | pp.307~332 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to identify contradictions in library internship, and address them. As a case study, students who were enrolled in the internship class opened in the 2016 fall semester in a university in Seoul were interviewed. Through applying Activity Theory, the process of internship and contradictions presented in its process were analyzed. The findings indicate that students were satisfied with their internship experience. The internship experience also makes positive impacts on students in terms of understanding the library and information science and deciding their future career as a librarian. Such contradictions as internship duration, operation of the internship process, level of participation or practice, and overlap of part-time experience in a library were identified. This study suggests to make the internship systematic in order to address the contradictions through that all parties in internship are actively participated in internship and that they share information related with the internship.