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2017, Vol.51, No.2

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    An Analysis on Teaching and Learning Strategies of Inquiry Tasks in the Elementary Moral Textbooks by Multiple Intelligence

    Jeong-Im Noh | Gi ho Song | Yu,Jongyoul | 2017, 51(2) | pp.5~22 | number of Cited : 4
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    The purpose of this study is to analyze the teaching and learning strategies included in the inquiry tasks of elementary moral textbooks with multiple intelligences (M.I), and to propose educational information services of teacher librarians. It was found that the tasks were mainly designed by the linguistic intelligence, logical & mathematical intelligence and spatial intelligence. In terms of the information literacy process, linguistic intelligence and spatial intelligence are mainly applied to the analysis-understanding stage. Logical & mathematical intelligence is applied to the stage of comprehensive-application and linguistic intelligence is applied to expression-delivery step. In order to cultivate the insufficient M.I in inquiry activities, teacher librarians should improve room and teaching materials of their school library and provide workbooks using the graphic organizer after analyzing the linkage of the inquiry tasks between the subjects.
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    A Study on Visual Literacy for Picture Books: Implications for Librarians Providing Reader’s Advisory Services

    민경록 | 2017, 51(2) | pp.23~48 | number of Cited : 1
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    Picture books, as a genre, are characterized by conveyance of ideas through linguistic texts, visual texts, and the complementary interactions between them. The writer of a picture book develops and delivers his or her ideas with textual contents written in a unique style, while the artist conveys the writer’s ideas through pictures where things, objects, and figures are imbued with various emotions. Understanding a picture in a picture book requires an understanding of both the structure shown on the surface and the underlying structure that adapts and visualizes the philosophy and ideas of the writer. In light of the discussion above, this study proposes a method to help librarians improve their understanding of visual literacy for picture books, as visual literacy is required for the provision of readers’ advisory services regarding picture books. This method, which is based on behavioral psychologist Rudolf Arnheim’s theory of visual thinking, is expected to help librarians write picture book reviews or other secondary materials.
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    Organizing Bibliographic Information of Korean Classic Materials Using FRBR Library Reference Model

    SoYoung Yoon | Park Ziyoung | Lee Hye Won | 2017, 51(2) | pp.49~71 | number of Cited : 4
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    FRBR Library Reference Model is a consolidated model of FR Family Model-FRBR, FRAD, FRSAD developed by IFLA in early 2016. This means the creation of upper model for the consistency of FR individual models. It can be used for the expanding of the discussions on FRBR model in Korea that have been mainly discussed only for the first group of FRBR model. In addition, it can be an opportunity to apply the whole FR Family model to domestic literature in a comprehensive manner. In this study, we analyze the draft of FRBR LRM and apply the model to the Korean classic materials. There are various work, expression, and manifestation related to a work of korean classic material, so it is good to represent the structure of bibliographic information using FR Family model. We built on our experiment using Protégé to design korean classic materials’ ontology modeling, which propose a new orientation of korean classic materials’ organizing based on FRBR LRM. As a result, we find out the applicability of the FRBR LRM model on upcoming bibliographical data control environment.
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    A Study on Library Sign System: Focusing on the National Library of Korea

    Manho Choi | Taekyung Kim | 김보일 | 2017, 51(2) | pp.73~93 | number of Cited : 1
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    The National Library of Korea installs and operates various signs for the purpose of efficient use of visitor and information transmission. In this study, the present status of the existing signatures of the National Library of Korea was surveyed and the satisfaction survey was conducted for the patron and staff. Based on this, we suggested the improvement of visual continuity (connectivity), changing the installation location, reduction of excess sign, limitations of temporary attachment signatures, and easy to understand contents as user’s guide to efficient library use and improvement of National Central Library sign system.
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    The Effects of Project-Based Learning on Self-Efficacy for Group Work in LIS Education: a Cast Study

    Hyunjung Kim | 2017, 51(2) | pp.95~116 | number of Cited : 13
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    This study investigated whether applying the Project-Based Learning in LIS education affects students’ self-efficacy for group work in a positive direction and if the authenticity of the project has any relationship with their self-efficacy for group work. 26 students were surveyed before and after they took the “Evaluating Digital Library Systems” course with the same set of questions asking about their perceptions on the individuals’ capabilities to successfully perform group tasks and their perceptions about the project’s authenticity. The paired sample t-test showed statistically significant differences between the results of the pre- and post-test, in terms of their capabilities as a leader as well as exchanging, evaluating, and integrating ideas when performing group activities. In addition, the authenticity of the project’s task shows some correlation with subfactors of students’ self-efficacy for group work.
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    The Impacts of Authorship on the Future Citations of Conference Articles in ‘Information Science’ Field

    Lee, Danielle | 2017, 51(2) | pp.117~132 | number of Cited : 1
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    This paper aims to explore the impacts of various authorship-related factors on future citations of conference articles in ‘Information Science’ discipline. A large body of bibliometric studies has suggested that the impacts of various authorship-related factors on the future citations vary by the discipline and there is no well-grounded factor that is unanimously significant across all academic fields. That is, it is necessary to separately assess the impact of authorship-related factors on ‘Information Science’ articles. Moreover, while a number of bibliometric studies have focused on journal articles, the exploration of conference articles has been significantly fewer. Therefore, this study, which is based on 1,957 conference articles in ‘Information Science’ field, examined several factors about authors and the contributions of the factors to the future citation. The sources of citation rates of conference articles were Google Scholar and Scopus. As the results, among eight factors considered in this paper, the first authors’ publishing tenure and job title and the average number of publications of other authors significantly contributed to the changes of citations. However, the number of authors, the number of affiliated institues, the number of the first authors’ publications and the average publishing tenure of the other authors made little contributions on citations.
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    A Study of Practical Instructors’ Recognition on the Field Practice Program in Library and Information Science

    Sung-Jong Cha | 2017, 51(2) | pp.133~156 | number of Cited : 2
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    This study was performed to find out how to improve the usefulness and effectiveness of the field practice program in Library and Information Science by diagnosing the practical instructor’s perception of the overall field practice in the Library and Information Science. To achieve this goal, we conducted a research on the current situation and a measurement in perception of the field practice program through a survey of practical instructors at practical training institutions. We, then, analyzed the factors affecting the perception and examined the relationship between the effects. As a result of investigating the factors affecting the perception of field practice, ‘operational accountability for the field practice program’ was found to be a significant factor among other factors such as the general characteristics of the practical instructors, the characteristics of library related work and the field practice status of the practical training institutions. And factors of ‘practice environment’ and ‘practice instruction method’ have been identified to have a significant impact as a result of analyzing how the six factors constituting the perception of field practice effect on the overall perception of field practice of the practical instructors.
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    A Study of Student Search Behavior in an Academic Library: Using Theory of Planned Behavior

    Chul Wan Kwak | 2017, 51(2) | pp.157~178 | number of Cited : 1
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    The objective of this study is to investigate college student search behavior in an academic library. The theory of planned behavior was applied for identifying relationship among variables on search behavior. Data were collected in an university. For data analysis, ANOVA, factor analysis, regression analysis, cluster analysis were used. The result shows: the theory of planned behavior can be used for finding search intention in an academic library. Student major and library use frequency are different statistically in attitudes, perceived behavioral control, behavioral intention. Student characteristics are divided into four types: conservative, independent, friendship, fashion. Friendship type of students influences search behavior. From cluster analysis, the cluster included friendship and independent types of students and students who have high frequency of library use has more active intention for search in academic library.
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    A Study on Development of Acquisition Policy for Establishing Private and Community Archive: Focused on Daegu Yakjeon Alley

    Um SoYoung | kim Hye Young | Myung Hyun and 1other persons | 2017, 51(2) | pp.179~205 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    With industrialization in urban area communities containing local cultures are becoming hard to be preserved. Therefore, this study aims to develop acquisition policy of record as an way to activate the community by using the locality records containing strong regional characteristics. This study examined the history, current status and problems of district in Daegu Yakjeon alley and extracted the types of records and the components of communities. As an acquisition plan, this study developed step-by-step acquisition policy based on the results of analysis on the archives of Shiheung Varagi Archives case, the records of Chongneung Village Records case and Stadtteilarchiv Ottensen.
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    Developing a Competency-based Continuing Education Program for Library and Information Professions based on the National Competency Standards (NCS)

    Jongchang Yi | Nahyun Kwon | 2017, 51(2) | pp.207~235 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to develop a competency-based continuing professional development (CPD) model using the National Competency Standards (NCS)-Library & Information Management. This study specifically examined various competency standards for librarians developed in and out of the country, conducted a survey research and focused group interviews to obtain professional librarians’ needs for continuing education and their opinions on the NCS for library professions. It analyzed the contents of the NCS elements and mapped with elements in the five other competency standards for library and information professions. It also scrutinized the current training programs at the National Library of Korea in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses. The results of the study informed the areas to enhance the current NCS by identifying underdeveloped competencies and identified the course contents that should be developed with priorities. The study also developed a modified National Competency Standards for Continuing Professional Development (NCS-CPD). Continuing education institutions can utilize this scheme as a useful guideline to develop balanced continuing professional development curriculums for the practitioners working in various library and information centers.
  • 11.

    Vehicle Routing for Maximizing Interlibrary-Loan Requests under Time Constraints

    Heejong Lim | Lee, Sangbok | Sungjae Park | 2017, 51(2) | pp.237~253 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    There are many systematic approaches to manage Interlibrary loan (ILL) efficiently. In this paper, we propose an operating method reducing user-waiting in ILL. Users are usually informed to wait around two to three days in a regional ILL service. The reason of the waiting is that there is inefficiency in running material-delivery vehicles. A mixed integer programming is employed to resolve this issue. It provides an optimal vehicle-route maximizing material-deliveries subject to time availability. We used an actual data of a regional ILL system to provide optimal vehicle routes under different time settings.
  • 12.

    User Satisfaction related Perception of the Web Portal for Scholarly Information: Focused on the Academic Version of NAVER Search Engine

    Yang-woo Kim | 2017, 51(2) | pp.255~279 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In a qualitative approach, this study investigated users’ perceptions associated with their satisfactions in the process of using the scholarly resource search functions of the academic version of the NAVER search engine. For this study, the data was collected from a group of undergraduate students, who conducted academic information searches in the field of own major disciplinary areas, using the Web portal. Based on the data, students’ satisfactions and dissatisfactions along with the reasons of their perceptions were analyzed. The results presented users’ perceptions in various evaluation criteria based on the three major domains: system interfaces, retrieval mechanisms and search results. Based on the results, the study proposed the following suggestions: 1) the enhancements of the system interfaces and HELP guidances based the limited user knowledge on basic system terminologies 2) the improvements of the retrieval mechanisms associated with understanding the contexts of the search terms presented by users 3) the necessity of the user education due to the insufficient user knowledge of the retrieval mechanisms and the search functions.