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2018, Vol.52, No.2

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    A Study on the Recognition of LIS Students about Public Library’s Subject Special Services and Subject Special Librarian

    Younghee Noh | Euikyung Oh | 2018, 52(2) | pp.5~25 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study is a broad examination researchon LIS students’ perception about public library’s subject special services and subject special librarian. Students majoring in Library and Information Science as respondents, it examined the recognition level of subject special services and subject special librarian, cognition level of necessity, competencies of subject special librarians and students and opinions on special status system of subject psecial librarians. Main factors shown in the results include the the level of students’ understanding and necessity of subject special services and subject special librarian, students’ willingness to work as a subject special librarian, the willingness to put additional effort into equip themselves with competencies as subject special librarians. There were respondents who have equipped competencies as subject special librarians through courses provided by the department of Library and Information Science and school curriculum but have not done anything further. Respondents responded that there is a need to systematize special status system of subject special librarian and that subject specialty is important in implementing subject special services but that there is a lack of subject specialty. Based on the research results, this study suggests that there is a need to put more emphasis on developing curriculum that can help overcoming difficulties faced by students majoring in Information Sciecne and help them become competent subject special librarians.
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    A Study on Improvement Plan of Teacher Librarians’ Placement by a Comparison between Teacher Librarian and Other Teachers Not-teaching the Subject Matter

    Kang, Bong-suk | 2018, 52(2) | pp.27~47 | number of Cited : 4
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    The purpose of this study is to find a better way for placement of teacher librarians. So, the literature research is applied for the study. It is unreasonable to arrange one school librarian staff per 1,500 students, based on the criteria of the total number of personnel including that of teacher librarians and practice teachers and librarian, in accordance with the existing enforcement decree of Article 7. In fact, this clause, linked to other related regulations, makes it difficult to place teacher librarians. And the quota of teacher librarians is noticeably low as compared with that of other teachers who are not-teaching the subject matter. This operates disadvantageously to teacher librarians when it comes to assigning quota in secondary teacher selection test and the accumulation of this phenomenon gradually worsens the current situation. The roles of teacher librarians and librarians should be defined separately when amending the Enforcement Decree of School Libraries Promotion. And we should also take into consideration that the number of students per school is around 500. Therefore, Enforcement Decree of School Libraries Promotion Act should be revised toward placing teacher librarians depending on the size and number of schools. Predictability should be secured in teacher librarians selection test. In addition, flexibility should be granted to the training institute so that many people can prepare the teacher librarians qualification. Finally, it is necessary to increase the teacher librarian capacity for private schools. This study will be the basis of the theoretical foundation for stable teacher librarian placement.
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    A Study on Analysis of America School Library Standards Sets that the National School Library Standards

    Juhyeon Park | 2018, 52(2) | pp.49~72 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to analyze the structure, and contents of the US national school library standards presented in the document National School Library Standards for Learner, Librarian and School Libraries made by AASL, and to provide basic information to refer to the direction and contents of Korean school library standards. AASL’s National School Library Standards provide Learner Standards, School Librarian Standards, School Library Standards and Standards Integrated Frameworks that incorporate three previous standards, and emphasize the growth of learners and school librarians’ competency by focusing on the educational activities of learners and school librarians. With the physical environment of the school library being somewhat established, it is necessary to establish standards for the educational content and competency of learners and teachers. And it is necessary to pay more attention to the materials including the contents of education.
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    A Study on Establishment Strategies toward the Future Library in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution

    Hui-Jeong Han | Park, Tae-yeon | Jinwon Suh and 1other persons | 2018, 52(2) | pp.73~102 | number of Cited : 1
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    This research is aimed to create the foundations that a library can maintain solid roles as repository of human knowledge and achieve sustainable development in the era of the 4th industrial revolution. First, we performed PEST analysis about domestic and foreign trends & cases about policies, libraries, librarians, and information services related to the 4th Industrial Revolution. Based on the PEST analysis, we considered the changing trends about the various environmental factors surrounding the library, and derived the strategic implications for directions of the future library. For the leading system of library in preparation for the era of the 4th industrial revolution, we re-established the roles and functions of the future library and proposed the establishment strategies toward the future library.
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    A Study on the Evaluation of Usability of Unmanned Smart Libraries

    Kwak, Seung-Jin | 손청기 | 장근영 | 2018, 52(2) | pp.103~123 | number of Cited : 1
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    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the user’s perception and usability of the unmanned smart library and to derive the improvements. After reviewing the literature on smart technology and smart equipment, we surveyed users who use unmanned smart library installed in Sejong City and Pohang City, and questioned the use, operation and service satisfaction of unmanned smart library. Based on the results of the analysis, we suggested ways to improve the unmanned smart library and draw users to the library. Unattended smart library users varied in age and educational background, and they were most interested in borrowing books and were satisfied with their overall use.
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    The Economic Feasibility Analysis of A Children’s Library Construction: The Case of C Innovation City

    CHANG, DURK HYUN | 구본진 | 2018, 52(2) | pp.125~142 | number of Cited : 3
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    Local innovation cities that have recently been being constructed have a large share of the population with highly educated young family with children. There are high demand for children’s libraries because of this high percentage of children in the population. In this regard, this study analyzed the economic feasibility of establishing a new children’s library in an innovation city as viewed through the case of the C innovation city, where population inflows are increasing recently. In this study, based on a survey, we conducted a cost benefit analysis, as estimating the cost of constructing the library and calculating the benefits from the construction. The economic feasibility was analyzed by calculating the benefit cost ratio, net present value, and internal rate of return.
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    Personal Values and their Relationships with Public Library Use

    Nahyun Kwon | 2018, 52(2) | pp.143~164 | number of Cited : 1
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    The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between public library use and the individual’s personal value system. The personal value system was measured by Schwartz’s (1992) Theory of Basic Human Values. The theory includes ten universal values, which can be categorized into four higher-order values: namely, self-transcendence vs. self-enhancement; and openness to change vs. conservation. The data were collected on the web from 1,000 Korean adults who were 18 years old or above using a quota sampling method with respect to the distributions of gender, age, and geographic locations of the general Korean adult population. The collected data were analyzed using multi-dimensional scaling method, t-tests, and multiple correlations. The results showed that the public library is more likely to be used by the individuals who value “openness to change” (representing self-direction and stimulation), and “self-enhancement”(representing achievement, power, hedonism/sensuous pleasure) than those who value “conservation” (representing safety, stability of society, conformity to rules, tradition) and “self-transcendence” (representing interest in other’s well-being, and tolerance, welfare of humanity and community). The findings suggest that public library uses reflect the characteristics of major library services, such as reading and self-learning, which are very autonomous and individualistic in their nature. The findings are valuable in understanding the nature of the functions performed by the current Korean public libraries that are reflected in the personal values of Korean adult library users.
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    Domestic and Overseas Research Trends Analysis of Archives and Records Management based on Online Public International Journals

    Kim SungHwan | Hyo-Jung Oh | 2018, 52(2) | pp.165~189 | number of Cited : 2
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    The goal of this study is to determine domestic and overseas research trends of archives and records management. To overcome limitations of existing research trends analysis, we selected 8 international journals and visualized impact factors geographically based on published articles from 2000 to 2017. And then we performed timeline based contents analysis. To compare with domestic and overseas trends, we selected 6 domestic journals of archives and records management and analyzed by same ways. Based on the results, we investigated the marco trends in archives and records management, identified the difference among countries, and finally predicted the future research trends.
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    A Diagnostic Analysis of LIS Curriculum from the Meta-literacy Perspective

    Sa Rah Yoo | 2018, 52(2) | pp.191~220 | number of Cited : 6
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    Using Bloom’s taxonomy model of thinking ability for learning (RBTT) and new ACRL information literacy framework (2016), this study demonstrates the meta-literacy competencies for library specialists and analyses current LIS curriculum of higher education. Some guidelines for reformation of LIS curriculum, emphasizing meta-literacy competencies which are required from Web3.0 information environment, are provided.
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    A Comparative Study of the Perceptions on Public Libraries between Librarians and Users: A Survey of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Public Libraries

    Soon Hee Pyo | Mi-Kyeong Cha | 2018, 52(2) | pp.221~244 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to provide basic information necessary for establishing library development plan and service direction by comparing and analyzing the perception of librarian and user’s public library. For this purpose, a questionnaire survey was conducted with 270 librarians and 820 public users of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Public Libraries regarding the current environment of the library, the role and status of the future library, and the library policy. The results showed librarians viewed the long history and accumulated information resources as strengths, while users had the highest satisfaction with human resources. As for the role of the public library and its future status, both librarians and users perceived reading and education as more important, confirming that the two groups had common expectations for public libraries. Yet the two groups had different perceptions about the policy for enhancing future library roles. Librarians suggested the needs for the improvement of old facilities and continuing education for librarians, users indicated the collections and enlargement of reading room as more important, which suggested the library policy development considering the difference of the perceptions between the two groups.
  • 11.

    A Demand Analysis of the Main Components in the Manual on Library Service for the Disabled

    Bae, Kyung Jae | Ji Hei Kang | Sung-Jong Cha | 2018, 52(2) | pp.245~262 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    It is critical for public libraries to use service manuals to provide library services to the disabled. This research investigated librarians’ opinion and discerned their utilization and importance of the current service manuals. Also, the study identified librarians’ needs and priority of each component of the current manuals. According to the practitioners’ evaluation, ‘installation of convenience facility’ was derived as the most important factor that should be described in detail. In addition, this study suggested that the interpretation of the critical factors should be different regarding to the each library type. The research also suggested various ways to raise low awareness and utilization of the current library manuals for the disabled.