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2019, Vol.53, No.3

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    A Study on the Determinants of the Public Library Budget of South Korea: Focused on Macro and Micro Environments

    Jeong-Kwon Cho | 2019, 53(3) | pp.5~23 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study was conducted with a view to examining the determinants of the public library budget in the local governments of south korea. To the end, this study used the public library budget data and macro/micro environments data of 167 local governments in 2017. The analysis results shows that the determinants which have an effect on the public library budget are metropolitan area, the level of education, the population size of young adults in terms of the macro environment, and the number of users, books, and librarians in terms of the micro environment.
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    Analysis on Topics of Digital Preservation Researches and Courses

    Uiyeon Jeong | Sanghee Choi | 2019, 53(3) | pp.25~43 | number of Cited : 0
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    Recently there has been a growing interest in digital preservation and digital curation with rapid increase of digital resource. This study aims to investigate the research topics and the course topics related digital preservation and digital curation. The course information is collected from the curricular of library and information science departments and archival science departments in leading countries such as US, England, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand. Title keyword profiling and network analysis were adapted to discover core research and education areas. The key topics in the abstracts of research papers and the contents of the course were also illustrated by these methods. In the research analysis, archival system is the biggest area of researches related digital preservation and digital curation. Courser analysis shows digital curation education and process is the important area of education. As a result of content analysis, plan and strategy is a notable topic of research and record management process is a major topic of courses for digital preservation and digital curation. In addition, format of digital resource is an important topic for research and courses.
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    A Study on Stability of Internet Information Resources for Academic Communications in LIS Domain of Korea

    Kim, Sungwon | 2019, 53(3) | pp.45~62 | number of Cited : 1
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    Rapid development and dissemination of ICT have brought about vast change in people’s lives, including academic research and communication. Considering that the purpose of constructing Internet was to facilitate information exchange among research institutions and to secure stability through distributed preservation of critical information of the countries, increase in utilizing Internet resources for academic research seems to be natural consequences. This study examines the stability of Internet information resources by analyzing the following four factors. First, monitoring whether there is a change in accessibility to information resource as time passes. Second, examining various factors affecting the accessibility. Third, checking if there is a change in the content of information, if still accessible. Lastly verifying if any alternative access path is provided in case of original resource is no longer accessible.
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    An Analytical Study on Research Trends of the Library Services for the Information Poor in Korea

    Younghee Noh | Rosa Chang | 2019, 53(3) | pp.63~82 | number of Cited : 1
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    Libraries are recently emerging as the core institutions designed to resolve the information equality that is forecasted to further deepen with the arrival of the fourth industry revolution era. This study thus analyzed the trends of studies on the library services offered to people suffering information inequality in Korea, and proposed measures for the activation of the research and future studies so as to strengthen the domestic library services targeting the people suffering information equality and to promote the research. As a result, proposed as measures for the activation of research were ① Policy support and project expansion at the national level, ② Various approaches and research environment creation at the academic level, ③ Strengthening of services for the various levels of people suffering information inequality and deployment of professional librarians at the level of libraries, and ④ Encouraging librarians to enroll with graduate schools and to conduct research. Further, proposed were the future studies that can be approached according to the various levels of people suffering information inequality, such as disabled people, multicultural family members, elderly people, children, youth, agricultural and fishing areas, low-income people, and refugees(North Korea defectors).
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    A Study of Policy and Agenda Adoption Trends of University Library in Korea

    Jae-Won Lee | 2019, 53(3) | pp.83~99 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study tried to present rational policy direction of future university libraries through the policy process related to university libraries and the change of policy tasks adopted in the policy making process. The 2009 Development Comprehensive Plan was established with the aim of supporting the collection of information resources at university libraries, and the plan in 2014 was developed with the direction of policies to enhance the role of librarians for competition in university research capabilities. The Promotion Comprehensive Plan for 2019 was aimed at strengthening the role of university libraries in upgrading their research support. Through the research on the policy of the university library by the government, the policy direction of the future university library in Korea was presented, and the plan was to provide an institutionalized platform (labor, physical space, resources, etc.) for the university library to maximize the research productivity of the university.
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    Reconsideration of Research Framework for RRM in the Perspective of Linked Open Data

    Sa Rah Yoo | 2019, 53(3) | pp.101~120 | number of Cited : 1
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    The cognition of Research Record Management (RRM) scholars about research framework is important as a pre-condition for future Linked Open Data (LOD). Researchers will be directly engaged to the research data-process with Cloud Computing Data-Infra, which is considered as a Nation-wide R&D Data Projects. The purpose of this paper is to diagnose researcher’s cognition of research framework and to provide some guidance of finding a new meaning of the structural requirements of resarch record.
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    The Role of Public Libraries as a Mediator between Social Capital and Sharing Economy

    seungmin lee | Jong-Do Park | 2019, 53(3) | pp.121~141 | number of Cited : 2
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    This research analyzed the characteristics of social capital and sharing economy, which are the new paradigm in the development of the entire society. In addition, it identified the social roles of a public library as a mediator that promotes the social benefit by conducting a survey questionnaire. As the results of the analysis through correlation analysis and hierarchical multiple regression analysis, social capital and sharing economy are the co-related societal phenomenon, and public libraries positively effect on the construction of social capital and the participation in sharing economy. From the perspective of the roles of a public library as a mediator between social capital and sharing economy, it was identified that various programs provided by public libraries positively effect on mediating social capital and sharing economy.
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    Collaborative Research and Publishing of Librarians and Research Teams from Other Academic Fields

    Eun-Ja Shin | 2019, 53(3) | pp.143~159 | number of Cited : 0
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    In the many countries including United States, numerous librarians participate as research project members and publish papers in related/non-LIS journals. In recent years, the quantity of papers published by librarians in LIS journals and the non-LIS journals is similar. This study analyzed whether librarians join the research team in various academic fields in South Korea, carry out the research together, and publish the papers in co-authorship. This study collected and analyzed 319 articles of the authors affiliated with libraries published in the last 10 years from the Korea Citation Index. As a result, there were not many articles published by the authors in the non-LIS journal. Nonetheless, specific examples of librarians collaborating closely with other disciplinary research teams were observed; Medicine, Architecture, Materials Engineering, etc. Librarians’ contribution in research projects in South Korea is expected to increase in the future. Therefore, it is desirable to prepare for this such as opening courses on research projects in the library and the department of LIS which is training librarians as well.
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    A Study of Public Library Makerspace Operations

    Yunkeum Chang | Sehun Kim | Kyungsun Jeon | 2019, 53(3) | pp.161~183 | number of Cited : 5
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    This study explores the development strategies, impact, and limitations of public library makerspaces through active case studies. By examining related literature reviews, this study analyzes principles, objectives, programs, services, and strategies of public library makerspaces. Survey results from library staff and makerspace program participants show that both groups perceived the value and the effects of makerspaces positively; however, they suggested the need for greater program variety and accessibility. Additionally, this study evaluates makerspace programs through in-depth interviews with makerspace staff. Interview results raise diverse issues, including the need to further explore the justifications for and values of public library makerspaces, stable funding strategies, and phase-by-phase operating guidelines.
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    A Study on the Opening Hours of Public Libraries According to the 52-hour Working Week: Focused on Gimhae Municipal Library

    Su-Kyoung Kim | Lee tae an | Woon-Woo Lee | 2019, 53(3) | pp.185~213 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to propose a rational operation plan for opening hours of public libraries in accordance with the 52-hour workweek of public institutions. The subjects of the study were six Gimhae Municipal Libraries. For the efficient operation of the Gimhae Municipal Library, the survey was conducted for the library users and staff. As a result, two proposals were made for the closed days and opening hours of the Gimhae Municipal Library. In order to balance work and life and to operate an efficient library, it is necessary to balance the cultural welfare of the citizens and the welfare of employees.
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    A Study on Space Evaluation Factors and Case Analysis of Teen Space in Public Libraries in Korea

    Gi Young Kim | Gi-Ri Lee | Yeon Ji Kim and 1other persons | 2019, 53(3) | pp.215~245 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to derive evaluation elements on teen space in public libraries in Korea and to study current status and implications for teen space in public libraries. To this end, six items of space evaluation factors; Convenience, Accessibility, Safety, Diversity, Comfort and Emotionality - were derived based on the teen space guidelines by the Young Adult Library Service Association and previous studies. The research also conducted a case study on teen spaces of five public libraries in Seoul. As a result, teen space in libraries requires use guidance and convenience facilities, access to information resources, maintenance of user guidelines, various spaces for teens, pleasant library environment and learning motivation promotion, and provision space to support all necessary resources of teens.
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    Network Analysis between Uncertainty Words based on Word2Vec and WordNet

    Heo Go Eun | 2019, 53(3) | pp.247~271 | number of Cited : 0
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    Uncertainty in scientific knowledge means an uncertain state where propositions are neither true or false at present. The existing studies have analyzed the propositions written in the academic literature, and have conducted the performance evaluation based on the rule based and machine learning based approaches by using the corpus. Although they recognized that the importance of word construction, there are insufficient attempts to expand the word by analyzing the meaning of uncertainty words. On the other hand, studies for analyzing the structure of networks by using bibliometrics and text mining techniques are widely used as methods for understanding intellectual structure and relationship in various disciplines. Therefore, in this study, semantic relations were analyzed by applying Word2Vec to existing uncertainty words. In addition, WordNet, which is an English vocabulary database and thesaurus, was applied to perform a network analysis based on hypernyms, hyponyms, and synonyms relations linked to uncertainty words. The semantic and lexical relationships of uncertainty words were structurally identified. As a result, we identified the possibility of automatically expanding uncertainty words.
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    A Study on Issue Tracking on Multi-cultural Studies Using Topic Modeling

    Jong-Do Park | 2019, 53(3) | pp.273~289 | number of Cited : 11
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    The goal of this study is to analyze topics discussed in academic papers on multiculture in Korea to figure out research trends in the field. In order to do topic analysis, LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation)-based topic modeling methods are employed. Through the analysis, it is possible to track topic changes in the field and it is found that topics related to ‘social integration’ and ‘multicultural education in schools’ are hot topics, and topics related to ‘cultural identity and nationalism’ are cold topics among top five topics in the field.
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    A Comparative Analysis of the Research Trends on Disinformation between Korea and Abroad

    Heesop Kim | Kang Bora | 2019, 53(3) | pp.291~315 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    The aim of the present study was to compare the research trends on disinformation between Korean and abroad. To achieve this objective, a total of 283 author-assigned English keywords in 104 Korean papers and 3,551 author-assigned English keywords in 861 abroad papers were collected from the whole research fields and the publication periods. The collected data were analyzed using NetMiner V.4 to discover their ‘degree centrality’ and ‘betweenness centrality’of the keyword network. The result are as follows. First, the major research topics of disinformation in Korea were drawn such as ‘Freedom of Expression’, ‘Fact Check’, ‘Regulation’, ‘Media Literacy’, and ‘Information Literacy’ in order; whereas, in abroad were shown like ‘Social Media’, ‘Post Truth’, ‘Propaganda’, ‘Information Literacy’, and ‘Journalism’ in order. Second, in terms of the influence of research topics related to disinformation, in Korea were identified such as ‘Fact Check’, ‘Freedom of Expression’, and ‘Hoax’ in order; whereas, in abroad were shown such as ‘Social Media’ and ‘Detection’ in order. Finally, in an aspect of intervention of research topics related to disinformation, in Korea were ‘Fact Check’, ‘Polarization’, ‘Freedom of Expression’, and ‘Commercial’; whereas, in abroad were ‘Social Media’, ‘Detection’, and ‘Machine Learning’ in order.
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    The Functional Requirements of Core Elements for Research Data Management and Service

    KIm Ju-Seop | Kim Sun Tae | Choi Sang Ki | 2019, 53(3) | pp.317~344 | number of Cited : 9
    Abstract PDF
    Increasing the value of data, paradigm shifts in research methods, and specific manifestations of open science indicate that research is no longer text-centric, but data-driven. In this study, we analyzed the services for DCC, ICPSR, ANDS and DataONE to derive key elements and functional requirements for research data management and services that are still insufficient in domestic research. Key factors derived include DMP writing support, data description, data storage, data sharing and access, data citations, and data management training. In addition, by presenting functional requirements to the derived key elements, this study can be applied to construct and operate RDM service in the future.
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    A Study on the Composition of Manuscript Collection 『Maesanjip(梅山集)』 and the Works of Other Authors included in the Book: Focused on the Manuscript of the National Library of Korea

    Lee Hyung Yu | 2019, 53(3) | pp.345~372 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This study investigated the total number of works at the Hong Jik-pil(洪直弼)’s manuscript collection 『Maesanjip(梅山集)』 (total vol.224) in the National Library of Korea, and then identified the list and characteristics of works written by other authors in the 『Maesanjip』. The total number of works of the manuscript 『Maesanjip』 is 3,017poems and 10,090proses, except for 260works created by others. The number of works by genre in the 『Maesanjip』 is as follows: 3,017 poems(詩), 52 appeals(疏啓), 8,290 letters(書), 257 letters for encouragement(書贈), 1,491 epitaphs(墓文). And the 260works by others are listed in vol.111․147․171․205․218~220․222~224 and these works were used as a reference for the compilation of 『Maesanjip』. Through this study, it was shown that when analyzing the works and studying the compilation of manuscript 『Maesanjip』, it should except for the 260 works by others from the book.