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2020, Vol.54, No.2

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    A Study on the Implementation of Eco-friendly Green IT-based Libraries

    Younghee Noh | 2020, 54(2) | pp.5~28 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study was conducted to discuss concrete ways to contribute to the sustainability of the planet by actively applying and using digital and IT resources in libraries. To this end, a survey was conducted for librarians of public libraries, and the results were as follows. First, librarians’ awareness of the seriousness of environmental problems and the degree of eco-friendly activities were very high, but their awareness of library green IT and familiarity with eco-related terms were very low. Nevertheless, there was a high degree of agreement on the importance of applying green IT to libraries. Second, the areas evaluated as having the highest contribution to eco-friendliness and greening of the library were found in the equipment and product operation area, followed by the service area and the network and system area . Third, how do you think library green IT will have a social impact? The highest opinion was given that it could increase the awareness of the library’s social responsibility as a social infrastructure. In conclusion, it seems that the library’s green IT can contribute to improving library perception by making the public perceived as an institution that has a social responsibility as a social infrastructure.
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    Citizens’ Needs and Perceptions of their Municipal Public Library Services

    Kim Sun Ae | Nahyun Kwon | 2020, 54(2) | pp.29~52 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study reports a field study that examined the citizens’ needs and perceptions of library services at a municipal public library system of Mapo-gu, in an attempt to develop a comprehensive service plan that can satisfy the diverse public needs in the changing social environment. We administered a self-reported questionnaire to 800 library users and 300 non-users in the area to examine their reading habits, library use, and perceptions of library services and programs. As a result of the analysis, 53.7% of Mapo-gu residents used one or two libraries among all 16 municipal libraries, and the primary criterion for selecting the main library was accessibility(63.9%). And only 53.8% of library users had experience participating in the library programs. The respondents also showed strong perception that the library is an essential place for the community and the children. Study results indicate that the library system should further expand the collection size, diversify information contents, improve the physical space including library facilities, and build more libraries. In order to fulfill the role of public libraries as the central place of the community, the municipal city should further invest in enhancing accessibility, spatial innovation, and diversifying service contents and media.
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    A Study on Developing the Key Factors of the Oral Collection in National Representative Library

    Yeon Kyoung Chung | Jae-Young Lee | 2020, 54(2) | pp.53~77 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study was carried to analyze the current status of oral history collections of national libraries in foreign countries and to derive key factors to consider when building oral collections in National Library of Korea(NLK). The Library of Congress, the British Library, and the National Library of Australia regard oral records as a national heritage that should be passed down nationally and those have been utilized and preserved successfully. Based upon the analysis of the oral collections of these national libraries, several key elements - legislation, organization, collection policy, services, collection, education and collaboration, funding and sponsorship-to consider when building an oral history collection for the first time in the NLK were suggested.
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    A Study on User’s Perception Survey for the Validity of Establishment of a Public Libraries: Focused on Sasanggu in Busan

    Eun Yeong Kang | 2020, 54(2) | pp.79~104 | number of Cited : 2
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    This is a study to establish the feasibility in terms of the use of the J library, which will be built in Jurye-dong, Sasang-gu, Busan. Accordingly, this study conducted a community analysis and user survey to confirm the necessity of building a library and suggested directions for services that the library should provide in the future. To this end, a community analysis was conducted primarily on Sasang-gu, such as population distribution status, cultural institution status, and Sasang-gu vision. Afterwards, visitors to Sasang Library, Small Library, and Community Center were surveyed on the status of use of existing public libraries and the awareness of J Library to be built in the future. As a result of the survey, the necessity and intention to use J Library were found to be high, and the expectation for prompt provision of sufficient printed materials such as books and magazines was the highest. In the case of the desired space, the demand for ‘open space’ and ‘small meeting space(family room)’ was high, In the case of specialized services, there was a high demand for humanities, arts & music, movies, etc., but it was shown that they showed a general interest in various fields.
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    The Influence Factors on the Numbers of Visitors and Reference Room Users of Public Libraries: Based on the National Libraries Statistical Data 2018

    Kyeong-Jin Lee | 2020, 54(2) | pp.105~125 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study attempts to identify the influence factors on the numbers of visitors and reference room users of public libraries through log-log multiple regression models, using the Korean National Libraries Statistical Data 2018. The fact found is summarized as follows; Even though books collection and seating capacities might be the most important factors in attraction of visitors and reference room users to public libraries in the past when the storage and propagation of knowledge and information was the top function of public libraries, very various and compound factors such as cultural or lifetime education programs, library operation, and user activities have an effect on inducing people to visit and use public libraries at present. This means that these days, public libraries are being transformed into some kinds of comprehensive cultural center where software elements such as cultural programs, user education, events, budget, membership, opening days, building style and age, and group activities rather than hardware elements such as books, literature material, and facilities constitute their essential parts in connection with visitor and user induction.
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    A Study on Identity and Development Direction of Korean Library and Information Science: to Cope with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Decline in School Age Population

    Rosa Chang | Younghee Noh | 2020, 54(2) | pp.127~154 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study recognizes the need for Korean university society to have to prepare for the coming of the Fourth industrial revolution era and for rapid decline in the school-age population, and presents a diagnosis of the current situation of the department of domestic library and information science. To respond to such issues, it explores the identity of the department of library and information science, and the future development direction thereof. The findings of this study reveal as of February 2020 that 36 universities offer the department of library and information science, while 18 universities abolished the department. Further, compared to 2013, 2019 saw the number of the students enrolled and full-time faculty decline by 38.5% and 13.4%, respectively. Thus, the identity and future development direction of Korea’s department of library and information science were examined by dividing the issue into 5 parts. Five proposals thus were presented: First, convergence education is required at the level of academic identity. Second, at the level of law and state, the department of library and information science, it should be guaranteed that the library and information science should be promoted and that the employment should be stabilized. Third, at the level of association, the social image of the department of library and information science should be enhanced. Fourth, at the level of universities, the support for and promotion of the department of library and information science should be boosted. Fifth, at the level of the department, student-oriented education should be bolstered and the employment rate should be enhanced.
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    A Study on the Research Support Services of the University Library based on the Research Life Cycle

    Sunhye Oh | Kwak, Seung-Jin | 2020, 54(2) | pp.155~178 | number of Cited : 2
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    As the research environment, such as Open Science, has recently changed, the scope of research support services conducted by university libraries is also expanding. In particular, there is a movement that needs to develop research support services of university libraries that are suitable for this through a clear understanding of the research life cycle centering on overseas. The purpose of this study is to provide suggestions that university libraries can refer to when developing research support services that can systematically support all phases of the research life cycle. To this end, the research life cycle was divided into five stages, “planning,” “project,” “publishing,” “preservation” and “disseminating” and the research support services provided at each stage were examined around the cases of U.S. and domestic university libraries. Based on the implications obtained from the case, a service plan was proposed for domestic university libraries to systematically support each phase of the research life cycle.
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    Medical Librarians’ Contribution to SR Searching

    Eun-Ja Shin | 2020, 54(2) | pp.179~195 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study searched for the status of medical Systematic Review(SR) publications in Korea and elsewhere for last 10 years, closely analyzing SR research papers by co-authors of Korean librarians. Through interviews with Korean librarians participating in SR, the activities, roles, and difficulties of these librarians were identified, and the results of the interviews helped explore new ways to promote collaboration in SR research. The result of the studied showed that the number of domestic and foreign SR studies has recently increased, and the number of cases where Korean librarians participated in SR research being officially credited as a co-author or acknowledgment source was also grow. The SR librarians in the Korean medical libraries were not only search experts, data collectors, and reference writers, but also did various activities such as designing search strategies, SR search records with complete reproducibility, and DB search tutorship. To promote SR support librarians participated in the interview suggested recruiting new librarians, retraining current librarians, and reformation courses in library and information science. As it is expected that the level of information demand of users and expectations for librarians would also increase in near future, SR librarians’ activities and contributions seem to offer a guideline for academic library services that the others should pursue.
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    Analyzing the Intellectual Structure of School Library Researches with Citation-Weighted Author Profiling

    Lee, Jae Yun | 2020, 54(2) | pp.197~223 | number of Cited : 1
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    In this study, citation-weighted author profiling (CWAP) was developed as a new method that combines the advantages of both author profiling (AP) method and author co-citation analysis (ACA) method. In AP method, words reflect the author’s main topics of study. On the other hand, what words reflect in CWAP is topics that the author mainly influences. This enables detailed topic identification, which is the advantage of AP method, and at the same time determines the subjects in which the author has influence, as with ACA method. The proposed CWAP method was applied experimentally to analyze the intellectual structure of school library research in Korea. The results of the trial application revealed in detail what topics each author has a high influence on, and the change of influence over time was also clearly revealed. The CWAP method proposed in this study is expected to be used as a technique to grasp detailed topics from the viewpoint of research influence on which topics the author has been cited for, not as a research productivity perspective of how many papers the author has published.
  • 10.

    A Study on the Construction of Bibliographic Items of DLS

    Yaejee Kim | seungmin lee | 2020, 54(2) | pp.225~246 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In order to overcome the limitations of the current DLS bibliographic items and to solve the problems in the use of school library collections, this study proposed descriptive items that can reflect the bibliographic and educational characteristics of school library collections. These items were reconstructed based on the ISBD bibliographic areas by unifying and integrating the data input method, which is currently separated into general mode and expert mode in current DLS structure. In addition, a total of 10 upper-level items and 34 lower-level items were organized through a hierarchical structure for the bibliographic and educational aspects of school library collections. This is expected to complement the limitations of the current DLS and to reflect the unique bibliographical and educational characteristics of school libraries, thereby establishing a bibliographic environment that can efficiently support the functions of school libraries.
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    A Study on the Sustainability of Library Service in the Situation of Infectious Diseases​

    Kim, Sungwon | 2020, 54(2) | pp.247~267 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    Libraries are public institutions in charge of information distribution. Libraries need to secure sustainability in providing services so that they can contribute to social integration even in disaster situations. The recent spread of the Corona 19 virus has negatively affected the operation of libraries and libraries have suspended services and users’ visits to prevent possible infections. This study intends to examine responses of domestic and foreign libraries to the unexpected disasters, and also presents measures to ensure sustainability and considerations in establishing these measures.​
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    An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis on University Members’ Information Needs and Behaviors

    Yoonkyung Min | GIYEONG KIM | Jeeyeon Lee and 6other persons | 2020, 54(2) | pp.269~297 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This study aims to understand the information needs and behaviors of university members given the societal shifts incited by the fourth industrial revolution as well as the changes in university research and education. We first conducted several in-depth interviews with diverse university members, and then adopted interpretative phenomenological analysis(IPA) to search the university members’ information needs and behaviors including the contexts for such needs. The interviewees demonstrated more complex and convergent information needs than traditional information needs. They had very individualized information needs according their particular situations and took integrated problem-solving methods through their personal networks and/or making their own communities. When the interviewees’ information needs were not satisfied by libraries, they tended to show low awareness of the libraries.
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    The Influence of Elementary School Students’ Peer-relationship Network Characteristics on the Reading Competencies

    Eun-Jung Lee | Ji-Hong Park | 2020, 54(2) | pp.299~322 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to suggest reading education plan by exploring the characteristics of peer-relationship networks of elementary school students, and grasping the effects of those characteristics on the reading competencies. Social network analysis method was used, and centrality analysis, QAP correlation and QAP multiple regression analyses were conducted to examine the relationship between peers and reading competencies. The findings show that the help relationship rather than peer characteristics and friend relationship was related to reading competencies. However, since the friend relationship has an effect on the help relationship, it is also found that the relationship between the friend and the help relationship network should be considered in order to improve the reading competencies. This network analysis results are meaningful in reading education plan in the sense that they suggest a useful guideline for the formation of members ranging from individuals, small groups, to a whole class, and for periodical activities considering situation and learning purposes such as before, during, and after reading activities.
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    A Study on the Establishment and Management of a Library for Older Adults

    Lim Seong Kwan | 2020, 54(2) | pp.323~348 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to suggest a plan to establishment and management for a library for old adults. Therefore, the library for old adults defined to the concept of providing a specialized service by providing the necessary material with an elderly user over 65 focus. And presenting the basic direction and specific direction, organizational plan, and ordinance on establishment and management of a library for older adults. In addition, after conducting a semi-structured interview based on a pre-prepared questionnaire targeting 30 elderly people aged 65 or older who had experiences using public libraries, the results were analyzed, and 20 responses indicated that the purpose of using the library was a way to participate in the program as an essential service for the elderly. 12 respondents stated that the purpose of using the library was possibly a necessity for such things as writing autobiographies and reflections of historical events. Lastly, investigating the operational cases of two public libraries that already utilize elderly learning and health information rooms, it was concluded that the operation of the elderly library also needs to reflect the regional differences and characteristics unique to older adults.
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    A Study on the Analysis of Educational Content and Curriculum of UNESCO’s Media and Information Literacy

    Juhyeon Park | 2020, 54(2) | pp.349~374 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to explore the concept, contents, and curriculum of MIL(Media and Information Literacy) proposed by UNESCO from the perspective of Library and Information Science to obtain the basic information necessary for the revision of the Library and Information Life curriculum and to derive implications. As a result of the analysis, UNESCO used the term MIL to highlight the characteristics and importance of information literacy in media education. The information literacy and library literacy were key factors in forming the concept and curriculum of MIL. UNESCO also presented ‘information literacy and library skills’ as essential areas of the MIL curriculum, as well as core competencies and achievement criteria. In addition, the MIL curriculum actively embraces information literacy and library literacy, with the five laws of MIL based on the five laws of library science. The results of this study could be used as a basis for the reason why MIL should be actively accepted in Library and Information Science and for the revision of Library and Information Life curriculum.
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    Analysis of Utilization Status and Preference Factors of Reading Room in University Library based on User Log Data: Focusing on the Case of “J” University

    Eun-Jeong Son | Park, Tae-yeon | Hyo-Jung Oh | 2020, 54(2) | pp.375~398 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of the university library’s reading room is to provide a space for reading books. However, with the recent increase in use as a personal learning space, discussions have been made on spaces in university libraries. The ultimate goal of this study is to analyze the utilization status of reading rooms in university libraries that exist to support students’ learning activities, and then to derive preference factors according to spatial characteristics of each room. For this purpose, we selected “J” University as a research target. The log data was collected and analyzed for one year from various reading rooms in “J” University. Based on 218,939 cases generated from 40,753 users, usage patterns were analyzed according to period and space. Through the analysis results, preference factors for reading room were derived. In addition, the considerations for improving space utilization were proposed. The results of the study can be used in the future to improve space arrangement and space utilization in reading rooms of university libraries.
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    Analysis of Relative Importance on Evaluation Elements of Library Discovery

    Kim, Seonghee | 2020, 54(2) | pp.399~417 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, we tried to analyze the relative importance of features for various functions provided by Discovery. We identified a total of 36 assessment items in five categories including contents, search function, serendipity, interactivity, and ease of use based on literature review. In order to objectively evaluate the relative importance of each evaluation element, an AHP technique was adopted. As a result, ‘Easy of use’ received the highest weighted value among the five categories, followed by ‘contents’, ‘search function’, ‘interactivity’, and ‘serendipity’. In addition, among all the 36 assessment items, ‘Quality of data for central index’ had higher weighted value. These findings can be used as basic data to adopt a discovery tool for libraries.
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    A Study on Designing Metadata Standard for Building AI Training Dataset of Landmark Images

    Kim, Jinmook | 2020, 54(2) | pp.419~434 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of the study is to design and propose metadata standard for building AI training dataset of landmark images. In order to achieve the purpose, we first examined and analyzed the state of art of the types of image retrieval systems and their indexing methods, comprehensively. We then investigated open training dataset and machine learning tools for image object recognition. Sequentially, we selected metadata elements optimized for the AI training dataset of landmark images and defined the input data for each element. We then concluded the study with implications and suggestions for the development of application services using the results of the study.
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    A Study on the Publication and Composition of JujaDaejeon Anthologies in the Joseon dynasty

    Choi, Kyung Hun | 2020, 54(2) | pp.435~455 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to examine the publication, composition, method of composition, and acceptance patterns of JujaDaejeon anthologies edited by Joseon scholars in the Joseon dynasty. When a large amount of JujaDaejeon was published in the 16th century, anthologies of JujajaDaejeon was compiled, published and learned as a way to understand it. A total of 13 kinds of JujajaDaejeon anthologies were published, including six kinds in the early Joseon period and seven kinds in the late Joseon period. And the composition of main anthologies showed a trend that was supplemented by Jeong Gyeong-se's Jumunjakhae from Lee Hwang's Jujaseojeolyo, and aggregated into Song Si-yeol's Jeoljaktongpyeon(boyu). JujaDaejeon consists of total 3,645 works except for poems. Among them, 1,734 works were selected by 13 anthologies. The theme of a work with a high cumulative number of selections is the virtue and attitude of the king, policy proposals, the appointment of talent, the duty of subjects, criteria for evaluating historical figures, opposition to harmony with Jin and territorial restoration, and academic discussions. This study is expected to be meaningful in the field of the research on the acceptance of the foreign books and acceptance of the Zhu Xi's works in the Joseon dynasty.