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2022, Vol.56, No.1

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    A Study on the Gap Analysis of Public Libraries in Gyeongbuk Region

    Hee-Yoon Yoon | 2022, 56(1) | pp.5~25 | number of Cited : 0
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    In most countries, public libraries are knowledge information centers, complex cultural spaces, lifelong learning facilities, and third places for local residents. The social homage spoken on the premise of this identity and socio-cultural role is the knowledge and information agora, cultural infrastructure, living room in the city, and the university of the people. However, if there is a significant gap between public libraries regardless of country or region, it will inevitably lead to information gaps, regional gaps, and cultural inequality and cultural welfare gaps among local residents. This study is regarded as the essence of regional cultural facilities and premised that the regional gap in public libraries is a factor of regional cultural gaps. Based on this premise, the gap between the location quotient, input indicators, and output indicators of public libraries of regional governments in Korea and basic local governments in the Gyeongbuk region was analyzed. And this study derived core elements through correlation and regression analysis of input and output indicators of all public libraries nationwide, developed a management model for each indicator, and suggested a plan to resolve the relative gap for public libraries by city and county in Gyeongbuk.
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    Information Seeking Behaviors throughout the Settlement Stages among International Students in Korea

    Yoon Jungwon | 2022, 56(1) | pp.27~45 | number of Cited : 0
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    Despite the increase in the number of international students residing in Korea, there is lack of research on their Everyday Information Seeking behaviors. This study investigated the information needs and information seeking behaviors of international students in Korea according to the settlement stages (before entry, initial settlement, and present) through Critical Incident Technology (CIT). International students in Korea reported their daily life-related information needs more frequently than their academic-related information needs. International students used multiple information sources for seeking information, such as websites, social media, and friends. Compared to websites, international students demonstrated higher satisfaction with interactive sources such as social media and friends. It was found that the language barrier is the biggest difficulty that international students experience during the information seeking process. Unfamiliarity with Korean society and culture were addressed as another difficulty. Based on the understanding of international students’ information needs and seeking behaviors throughout the settlement stages, recommendations for helping international students search for information in their daily life were discussed.
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    Analysis of College Students’ Use and Demand for Academic Information Portals: Focusing on ScienceON

    Younghee Noh , Dongho Wang | 2022, 56(1) | pp.47~65 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study investigated college students’ demand for academic information portals and conducted an improvement plan to help ScienceON become an eco-friendly portal for college students. To this end, an academic information portal similar to ScienceON was investigated and analyzed, and FGI interviews were conducted with college students to derive improvements based on the problems ScienceON felt by college students. The improvement measures proposed based on the research results are as follows. First, it is necessary to strengthen the integrated search function and instill confidence that college students can obtain all the information they want from ScienceON. Second, it is necessary to have UIs such as Google and Naver, which are preferred by college students, and improve the current hard design. Third, it is necessary to make ScienceON familiar by promoting it targeting lower grades of the university. Currently, college students belong to the MZ generation, and the MZ generation is expected to become a generation that forms a social core in the future, and related research on the MZ generation is increasing. Therefore, this study can be used as basic data for research on MZ generation, and in particular, it seems that it can be used as a reference for the demand for information search and services of MZ generation.
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    A Study on Perceptions of Users and Specialists for Establishing Mid-to Long Term Development Plan for Libraries in Anyang City

    Song Min Sun , Inho Chang , Hoang Gum-Sook | 2022, 56(1) | pp.67~93 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study purposes for the based data for establishing the mid- to long term development direction of Anyang municipal libraries by conducting a survey of residents in Anyang city and focus group interviews with local experts. Based on the results of the survey and FGI analysis conducted in this study, the main implications and discussions for establishing mid- to long term development plans for Anyang municipal libraries in the future are summarized as follows. First, the services used by users are extremely limited compared to the utilization rate of library, and the utilization rate of library programs is low, therefore Anyang municipal libraries need to actively promote various services operated by the library, provide information, and make efforts to improve service use procedures simply. Second, library satisfaction is relatively high, but as a result of analyzing the reasons for some dissatisfaction, active budget investment for purchasing new library materials and ways to increase library accessibility are necessary. Third, due to the low awareness of the operation of specialized libraries, it is necessary to develop specialized, unique library services to Anyang municipal libraries through benchmarking of other best practices. Fourth, in the future, Anyang municipal libraries need to strengthen functions as a complex cultural center along with the functions as an information center, a lifelong education center, and a living convenience center. Lastly, it is required to construct a control tower that can systematically lead the operation of Anyang municipal libraries in the long term through the reorganization of the organizational system.
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    Video Summarization Using Eye Tracking and Electroencephalogram (EEG) Data

    Kim, Hyun Hee , Yong-Ho Kim | 2022, 56(1) | pp.95~117 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study developed and evaluated audio-visual (AV) semantics-based video summarization methods using eye tracking and electroencephalography (EEG) data. For this study, twenty-seven university students participated in eye tracking and EEG experiments. The evaluation results showed that the average recall rate (0.73) of using both EEG and pupil diameter data for the construction of a video summary was higher than that (0.50) of using EEG data or that (0.68) of using pupil diameter data. In addition, this study reported that the reasons why the average recall (0.57) of the AV semantics-based personalized video summaries was lower than that (0.69) of the AV semantics-based generic video summaries. The differences and characteristics between the AV semantics-based video summarization methods and the text semantics-based video summarization methods were compared and analyzed.
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    A Study about the Deposit Stations in Japanese Colonial Era

    Yong Wan Cho | 2022, 56(1) | pp.119~150 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study attempted to analyze the deposit stations in Japanese Colonial Era of Korea. To do this, this study reviewed the related literature such as articles, records, statistics, books and reports selected from databases, archives and libraries. The deposit stations were categorized by the colonial governmental bodies that included the central and local governments, by the non-governmental bodies that included the quasi-public organizations, the anti-Japanese organizations and the others and religious organizations and by the public libraries. These deposit stations were analyzed according to the time and purpose of establishment, the audience and area of the services, the ways of the services and the theme and quantities of the collections. Finally, the study could find that the deposit stations were widely adopted to supplement the lack of a library infrastructure by various administrative bodies and non-governmental bodies in Japanese Colonial Era of Korea.
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    Public Libraries and the Sharing Economy: From Tangible Sharing to Intangible Access

    seungmin lee | 2022, 56(1) | pp.151~173 | number of Cited : 0
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    The concept of the sharing economy, which has shifted the economic paradigm from possession to access to resources, is consistent with the traditional and current roles of public libraries. Thus, this research empirically analyzed the influence relationships between public library use and the sharing economy. Results showed that participation in public library programs serves as a motivational factor for satisfaction with and trust in the sharing economy, while the use of public library facilities and equipment is correlated with attitudes toward and participation in the sharing economy. The use of library collections positively influences sharing intangible resources such as knowledge, information, and personal experience. By contrast, checking out library resources negatively influences the recognition of economic benefits from sharing, which is contrary to claims of library communities. Based on these results, public libraries should aim to have a complementary effect on the sharing economy founded not only on information networks but also human networks grounded in social relationships.
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    A Study on the Activation Plan through the Analysis of the Operation Status of the Metropolitan Library Committee

    Bo il Kim | 2022, 56(1) | pp.175~199 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study proposed two improved models, depending on each central axis of local library policies, to improve the management of the metropolitan library committee which should play an important role in pursing the policies. The model of draft 1 suggested that the metropolitan library committees’ library policy deliberative functions be reinforced for pursuing metropolitan library policies, around the department of library policy in each central office. The model of draft 2 suggested that the metropolitan library committees play a role in the policy governance, in pursuing the metropolitan representative libraries-based local library policies. In order to efficiently pursue the proposed improvements of the management of the metropolitan library committees, the functions of the metropolitan library committees and each status of the chairmen and the vice chairmen, which are stipulated by 「Library Act」 need to be elevated, according to the draft 2. Then a local laws and regulations (draft) was proposed to stipulate matters concerning the management of metropolitan library committees by metropolitan municipalities, based on the local laws and regulations.
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    Information Literacy Instructions in the Context of IB Extended Essay: Focusing on the application of I-LEARN Model

    Chung Jin Soo | 2022, 56(1) | pp.201~220 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study suggests a theoretical model of information literacy instructions in the context of the Extended Essay included in IB(International Baccalaureate) Diploma Program Core. The study particularly analyzed I-LEARN model as a model to teach and learn with information for inquiry-based learning since the model was developed for the purpose of learning with information. Some school districts in Korea adapted IB programs to address the need for better education. Findings indicate the followings. First, students can achieve deep understanding by applying a model of information literacy instructions that provides scaffolding. Second, the expected roles of school librarians in information literacy instructions for Extended Essay are process specialists, teachers, and instructional partners. Third, I-LEARN model is appropriate as a framework to teach information literacy skills for inquiry needed for Extended Essay. Fourth, I-LEARN assessment rubric is useful in assessing the process and outcomes of students’ information seeking and use. Implications include that school librarians should develop themselves as experts in information literacy instructions for inquiry-based learning such as Extended Essay, and that Korean schools recognize the crucial role of school librarians in teaching information literacy skills for inquiry-based learinng.
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    A Study on Needs Analysis for the Reference Service Model and Guidelines at the National Level: A Focus on the National Library of Korea Case

    HYUN SOO CHAE , Jung Hyun Chun , Jeeyeon Lee | 2022, 56(1) | pp.221~252 | number of Cited : 0
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    The study aims to derive major factors from the results of needs analysis to develop the reference service model and guidelines at the national level. The literature review and case study enabled investigation of the considerations to develop the reference service model and guidelines. The Needs Analysis revealed librarians’ and users’ needs about the reference service. The major factors and implications derived from the analysis suggest the directions of the National-level reference service model and guidelines development process. This study has significance because it presented the implications and the development process of the reference service model and guidelines for domestic libraries, and directly contributed to the development of the reference service model and guidelines for the National Library of Korea.
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    Knowledge Visualization and Mapping of Studies on Social Systems Theory in Social Sciences: Focused on Niklas Luhmann

    Park Seong Woo , Hong Soram | 2022, 56(1) | pp.253~275 | number of Cited : 0
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    Niklas Luhmann is one of the most contentious and difficult theorist in sociology but follow-up studies on his theory gradually increase for recent 10 years. The purpose of this study is to observe how follow-up studies use the difficult concepts of Luhmann. Unlike previous studies, this study adopted a keyword rather than an article as the unit of analysis because keywords are linguistic constructs that can make concepts observable. The study analyzed co-occurrence of keywords in 139 articles retrieved from social sciences category in Web of Science DB. The key findings were following: the most important keywords were the name of Luhmann(Niklas Luhmann) and theory(social systems); keywords were grouped into 4 clusters(social systems theory, systems theory, legal system and political system, the significant of Luhmann’s theory from the viewpoint of the history of social theory); topic terms were systems theory, communication, Autopoiesis, risk, legal system, functional differentiation, environment, social theory, sociological theory, structural coupling, systems and evolution. The significance of the study is following: the study gives keywords as useful access point for beginners of Luhmann’s theory; the study proves that content analysis by keywords network can be applied to trend analysis of difficult theoretical researches.
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    Factors Influencing the Continuance Intention of Public Data Services

    Youngeun Kim , Ji-Hong Park | 2022, 56(1) | pp.277~296 | number of Cited : 0
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    Despite the characteristics of public data with various potentials, few studies have been conducted on general users who lack an understanding of data as well as on expansion of the service uses. This study examined which digital-service-quality factors affect the intention to continue using public data services based on the expectation confirmation theory. As a result of the analysis, satisfaction partially mediated between expectation agreement and continued use intention for understandability and efficiency, which were combined as one factor, and completely mediated the relationship between perceived usefulness expectation agreement and continued use intention. It can be seen that the more the understanding and usefulness of the information provided by the service is satisfied, the higher the willingness to use it. Accordingly, it suggested adding an electronic bookmark function and the provision of online community for users to improve the overall quality of services. This study is significant in that it provided evidence on which part to focus on when designing electronic services from the point of view of general users.
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    A Study on Digital Humanities Research Guides of Academic Libraries in the U.S.

    Jisu Lee | 2022, 56(1) | pp.297~320 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this study, the current status of digital humanities(DH) research support guide service, which is increasing recently in research-oriented academic libraries in the United States, was analyzed by comparing the contents provided by each institution’s Website. Based on the ranking of research-focused academic libraries with the largest volume of books in North America as of 2018-19 in Association of Research Libraries(ARL) statistics, the service contents of 30 institutions providing DH research support guide service were analyzed. The criteria for analysis are 8 components of services presented in previous studies: (1) tools and technology, (2) funding, (3) community, (4) pedagogy, (5) projects, (6) resources, (7) publications and consultations, and (8) workshops and training. As a result of the analysis, it was found that most of the institutions operating the DH research support guide service provided ‘DH resources’, and more than half of the institutions were providing ‘DH tools and technology’ and ‘DH community’ information. In addition, most institutions are operating the DH research support guide service in cooperation with the library itself, on-campus research institutes and centers, or other departments for DH publication and project consultation, so they focused on research support information services through consulting. In the future, discussions on the DH research support guide service operation plan of domestic academic libraries and the competency of service personnel should be continued.
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    The effect of Brand Association in Public Libraries on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Public Libraries - Focused on the 20s

    Seo JungSun , GIYEONG KIM | 2022, 56(1) | pp.321~345 | number of Cited : 0
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    Public libraries have been facing new challenges as the number of channels providing information resources has been increasing due to information and communication technology development. The perception of public libraries of the general public is that they should continue to play a substantial role in information services. However, the libraries’ environments are changing, and the public’s needs are diversifying, so public libraries also need to differentiate themselves from other organizations that provide similar services. This paper proposes branding as a solution to create differentiation. The study conducted a questionnaire survey with Koreans in their 20s. A series of statistical tests with the survey data showed the impact of the brand association elements on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty and identified unique factors in public libraries. For example, Brand associations such as material-based services, benefits, and attitude affected both dependent variables. On the other hand, the non-product association such as space/place images did not. Based on these findings, we provided implications for introducing branding in public libraries.
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    Discussion on Calculating the Required Shelves for Arranging the School Library Collection

    Kang, Bong-suk | 2022, 56(1) | pp.347~364 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to propose a method of calculating the shelves required for the placement of bookshelves in the school library. The study was conducted by visiting 11 school libraries, and current library status was identified according to school levels and major subjects of the Korean Decimal Classification. According to the results of the survey, ideal numbers of arranged volumes are 46.9, 32.3, and 28.4 volumes of books, for elementary, middle, and, high school respectively, which takes up 67 percent of a 90-centimeter-unit bookshelf. However, the more realistic number turned out to be 75%, with 52.8, 36.4, and 32.0 volumes of books for elementary, middle, and high schools, respectively. Based on the results of the survey, a tool was presented to calculate required bookshelves in school libraries. This study is expected to have a positive impact on library operation by making it easier to calculate the bookshelves required for actual placement.
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    A Study on the Social Implications of Data Literacy for the Post-pandemic Era and the Direction of Library Services

    Lee, Jeong-Mee | 2022, 56(1) | pp.365~386 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to understand the changes in human information behavior brought about by the pandemic situation. This study also examines the social context of data literacy as lifelong education. In addition, it was attempted to understand the changed environment and propose library services in the post-pandemic era based on predicted trends. In order to do this, two phenomena that are currently striking our society, datafication and the pandemic, were reviewed in general, and studies related to library information services in response to the pandemic were examined. Based on this, the social meaning of data literacy in the pandemic era was reconfirmed and the environmental changes faced by libraries were examined based on 20 trends suggested by IFLA. Through this process, the study was concluded by suggesting the implementation of data literacy and the direction of library services.
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    A Study on the Influences of the Service Quality of ‘One Library, One Book’ Reading Program in Public Libraries on the Satisfaction and Use Intention: Focused on the Jgu Public Library in Seoul

    Rosa Chang | 2022, 56(1) | pp.387~404 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This study statistically verified the service quality factors(book&contents, writer&manpower, service support, facility&environment of the program) that affect the satisfaction of ‘One Library, One Book’ program, and the influence relationship of satisfaction on the intention to use focused on the Jgu Public Library in Seoul. As a result, first, the service quality factors that have a statistically significant positive(+) effect on the satisfaction of the program were found to be the book&content, author&manpower factors of the program. Second, it was shown that the satisfaction of the program had a statistically significant positive(+) effect on the intention to use. The results of this study can be used as useful basic data to improve the quality of the ‘One Library, One Book’ program in public libraries in Korea in the future.
  • 18.

    A Study on Research Support Service of the National R&D Full Cycle

    Kwak, Seung-Jin , Park Jin Ho , Kang, Bong-suk and 2 other persons | 2022, 56(1) | pp.405~423 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to establish a national R&D lifecycle and to propose a research support service plan. In particular, in terms of providing research support services, a plan to provide services in connection with IRIS and NTIS, which are national research support systems, was proposed. To this end, the current status of IRIS and NTIS was analyzed, a linkage plan according to the role of each system was proposed, and an R&D lifecycle was established by analyzing previous studies and cases at home and abroad. Through current status analysis and case analysis, research support services that can be provided at each stage on the entire R&D lifecycle were proposed.
  • 19.

    A Reflection on Social Perspective of Information Behavior: Around the Theory of Information Worlds

    Park, Sung Jae | 2022, 56(1) | pp.425~447 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to introduce the Theory of Information Worlds which analyzes information behaviors in the social perspective. This study analyzed dissertations using the theory to provide the understanding of the theory and suggest theoretical implications. The theory was developed by Burnett and Jeager in 2008, and since then it was applied in 14 dissertations. Key concepts of the theory include social norms, social types, information value, information behavior, and boundaries. These concepts are intervened in the process of creation and control of behavior through interaction each other. Qualitative research was adopted in more research rather than quantitative research; especially interview and content analysis were applied. It is expected that the spectrum of information behavior research in Korea is broaden and deeper through this study.
  • 20.

    A Study on Information Needs of Senior Users and Service Improvement in Public Library

    OH, EUIKYUNG , Park, Oknam | 2022, 56(1) | pp.449~472 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to investigate the information need of senior users of public libraries and to present ways to improve senior services based on this. To this end, demographics and public library statistics were analyzed, and opinions and demands on book collection, programs, services, and spaces were investigated for senior users of Gangseo-gu libraries. The survey was conducted with surveys and interviews, and based on the results of the survey, it was suggested that the improvement of senior service should be carried out to customized contents collection, program connecting the past, present and future, services with enhanced access and publicity and securing dedicated space for seniors.