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2021, Vol.55, No.3

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    Discussion and Analysis Study on the Introduction Plan of the Librarian Qualification System

    Hyun-Jin Hong | Younghee Noh | Ji-Yoon Ro | 2021, 55(3) | pp.17~56 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study was to focus on the discussion on the introduction of the librarian qualification certification system, which is being discussed as a way to raise the qualification level of experts as a system for expert certification and to raise social awareness as experts. First, the introduction of the library and information science curriculum certification system was discussed. Second, the issues to be considered when introducing the certification system were discussed. In other words, we analyzed in depth what matters we should consider when discussing the certification system. Third, the components of domestic and overseas certification systems were investigated and analyzed, and measures applicable to the librarian qualification certification system were discussed. Fourth, it was proposed to introduce a certification system for the Department of Library and Information Science. Also, based on the results of the analysis, it was suggested what could be a problem when introducing the certification system to the Department of Library and Information Science in Korea and what contents should be reviewed. In this study, in order to propose the introduction of the librarian qualification certification system, the purpose of the librarian qualification certification system, the certification criteria, the certification institution, and the contrast between the university and the Department of Library and Information Science were also dealt with in detail.
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    A Study on the Designated Manager System of Public Libraries in Japan

    Hee-Yoon Yoon | 2021, 55(3) | pp.57~77 | number of Cited : 0
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    The identity of public libraries in Japan is a social education institution under the 「Social Education Act」 and the 「Library Act」. For these identities, the local government’s board of education has operated and managed public libraries, and some have managed by the Management Outsourcing System to public organizations. Then, in 2003, the 「Local Autonomy Act」 was revised to introduce the Designated Manager System in form of administrative disposition, and expanded the scope of application to private institutions and organizations. As of the end of 2018, 18.0% of public libraries introduced the DMS, but the pros and cons surrounding it are sharply opposed. This study outlined the overall status of the DMS and the introduction of public libraries, and critically reviewed major issues. As a result, As a result, there was much controversy over the expected cost reduction, service improvement, employee professionalism, business continuity, and cooperation network establishment when DMS was introduced. The reasons were due to downsizing-based personnel management, contract-oriented employment, short periods of designation, lack of multiple competitive markets, and declining service capabilities of irregular workers. The public library is a knowledge and cultural infrastructure that enhances human values and social dignity based on faithful collection and active service, and is a local public goods that emphasizes non-exclusion and non-competitiveness. Given the increasing number of cases in which public libraries are recently contracting out to cultural foundations in Korea, DMS is not a fire across the river. We need to be wary of the possibility that Japan’s unbearable institutional lightness will be applied to public libraries in Korea.
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    A Study on the New Strategic Direction for Improving the Service Quality of Korean National Bibliography

    Rho Jee-Hyun | Lee, Mihwa | Ji Won Lee and 1other persons | 2021, 55(3) | pp.79~101 | number of Cited : 0
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    According to the Library Act enacted in 1963, the national bibliography of Korea has been publishing annually since 1965. Unlike countries around the world that have been promoting the continuous development of national bibliography and service innovation, Korean national bibliography is rarely used due to service degradation and structural problems of data. The national bibliography has great significance as a symbol that reflects a country’s knowledge culture, as it is a comprehensive records of publications published domestically or related to the country. This study intends to propose a data construction and operation strategy for improving the Korean national bibliography. To this end, this study (1) analyzes trends and key contents of international guidelines for national bibliography, (2) examines the meanings and sustainability of national bibliography at current information environment, and (3) suggests detailed operational strategies to improve the quality and service of Korean national bibliography. Data was collected and utilized through case studies, interviews with stakeholders including national library staffs, and literature reviews.
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    A Study on the Characteristics by Keyword Types in the Intellectual Structure Analysis Based on Co-word Analysis: Focusing on Overseas Open Access Field

    Kim, Pan Jun | 2021, 55(3) | pp.103~129 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study examined the characteristics of two keyword types expressing the topics in the intellectual structure analysis based on the co-word analysis, focused on overseas open access field. Specifically, the keyword set extracted from the LISTA database in the field of library and information science was divided into two types (controlled keywords and uncontrolled keywords), and the results of performing intellectual structure analysis based on co-word analysis were compared. As a result, the two keyword types showed significant differences by keyword sets, research maps and influences, and periods. Therefore, in intellectual structure analysis based on co-word analysis, the characteristics of each keyword type should be considered according to the purpose of the study. In other words, it would be more appropriate to use controlled keywords for the purpose of examining the overall research trend in a specific field from the perspective of the entire academic field, and to use uncontrolled keywords for the purpose of identifying detailed trends by research area from the perspective of the specific field. In addition, for a comprehensive intellectual structure analysis that reflects both viewpoints, it can be said that it is most desirable to compare and analyze the results of using controlled keywords and uncontrolled keywords individually.
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    Library’s E-book Service and Copyright

    Hosin, Lee | 2021, 55(3) | pp.131~154 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study is to in-depth analysis of the copyright issues related to the library's e-book service, which is the cause of the recent conflict between the publishing industry and the library industry. To this end, the purpose and outline of the copyright system were briefly summarized. Then, the jurisprudence of the Copyright Act applied to the borrowing of paper books and e-books was analyzed, and the position of the publisher's association and the library industry were reviewed together. In addition, problems of the current copyright act related to e-book services were diagnosed and directions for improvement were sought. Unlike in the case of paper books, first sale doctrine does not apply to e-book borrowing, so the library cannot acquire the right to service just by purchasing e-books. Based on the contract signed with the distributor in the process of purchasing the e-book, the library acquires the right to service the e-book. However, if the validity period of the exclusive publication right expires, the contract itself becomes invalid, which can cause serious problems in the stability of library services and preservation of resources. In order to solve this problem, it is suggested that the first sale doctrine needs to be extended to digital works.
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    A Study of the Spatial Composition Strategy for Older Adults in the Public Library

    Bae, Kyung Jae | 2021, 55(3) | pp.155~170 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study attempted to find ways to recognize public libraries as social institutions with spatial functions to integrate generations for older adults in the face of Korea’s entry into a super-aged society. In particular, the goal of this study is to find out the implications and strategies for the design of libraries and facilities for older adults. And to this end, major guidelines related to senior citizens’ service spaces and facilities were analyzed to derive implications for senior citizens’ services. In addition, an in-depth interview survey was conducted on elderly users with experience in using library services to identify the priorities of creating spaces and facilities for the elderly. As a result, “Open elderly service space” and “Integrated elderly service space” were proposed as a way to organize the elderly service space in public libraries.
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    A Study on the Current Status and Activities of Korean Library Staffs Who Worked in Libraries during the Japanese Colonial Period

    Sung-Seob Song | 2021, 55(3) | pp.171~196 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to examine the status of Korean library staffs and their role who were alienated as a subjugated class in Japanese Colonial Era and re-evaluate their effort. For these, firstly, this study investigated libraries that Korean librarian worked and the status of Korean staffs. Secondly, examined their position and its role in the library. Lastly, investigated the status of Korean librarians’ participation for training and submission of magazine related to library. As a result, in Japanese Colonial Era, there were totally 241 Korean library staffs in 27 libraries. 73 and 22 librarians each attended the Library Institute and The 29th National Library Conference. And contributors to major library magazins were reached to 40. With this result, it can be evaluated that these library staffs made some parts of efforts making modern libraries in Korea.
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    A Study on the Improvement of the Comprehensive Support System for Reading Education through the Analysis of the Use of Online Tools in the School Libraries in the COVID-19

    Kang, Bong-suk | 2021, 55(3) | pp.197~217 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to analyze the utilization status of the Comprehensive Support System for Reading Education and other Online tools to draw implications for its improvement. The levels of utilization of the system before and after the COVID-19 were compared, in order to analyze the degree of support and the level of contribution of the system to school library education in the COVID-19 situation, where the online platform utilization has been maximized in elementary and secondary education. A questionnaire survey was conducted among teacher librarians to compare the perceptions of the overall online tools and the utilization of the system in the school library education before and after the COVID-19. Requirements for the better system primarily based on teacher librarians’ opinions were analyzed. Based on these, it was possible to discover necessary implications for the improvement of the system in order for the system to function as an online platform for school libraries.
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    How do Formats of Health Related Facebook Posts Effect on Eye Movements and Cognitive Outcomes?

    윤정원 | Sue Yeon Syn | 2021, 55(3) | pp.219~237 | number of Cited : 0
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    Visual information is widely used to deliver health information more effectively on social media, but there is lack of research on how effectively visual information delivers health information on social media. This study reports Facebook users’ reading patterns and cognitive tests (recall and recognition tests) results using health-related Facebook posts. For this study, 21 college students participated in online questionnaire, eye tracking experiment, and recall and recognition tests. First, users paid their attention to the area that contains information (i.e., users focused on the main text rather than photos that do not contain information). Second, in the case of Facebook posts containing infographics, users paid their attention on the infographics, but the recall and recognition test results of the posts with infographics were lower than the posts containing photos. Particularly, when the infographics are in a complex collage format, recall and recognition tests result lower scores. Third, regarding the length of the text, the Facebook posts with short text resulted in higher recall and recognition test scores than the posts with medium or long texts. This study suggested to Facebook health information providers and distributors how to design Facebook posts for delivering health information more effectively.
  • 10.

    Citizens’ Perception, Demands and Expectations of their Public Library Services in Daejeon

    Jeong Yoo Kyung | Park, Sung Hee | Kwon Sun Young and 2other persons | 2021, 55(3) | pp.239~258 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The study examined citizens’ information needs, perception and expectations of their public library services in Daejeon. The study analyzed citizens’ demands and satisfaction(or dissatisfaction) of library services and facilities to develop comprehensive library plans and detailed strategies to satisfy the diverse users’ needs (including non-users’ needs) in the middle of rapidly changing socio-technological environments. To achieve the goal, the study collected the data by using both quota sampling and online and offline survey methods, and analyzed the 1,383 data through the statistical processes. The study found out the significant results and features, and suggested the implication and main points to apply the results to developing comprehensive library plans and strategies.
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    Analysis of the Perception Surveys on Librarians by Type of Library for the Collaborative Preservation and Utilization of Library Materials

    Bae-Jae Shin | Kwak, Seung-Jin | 2021, 55(3) | pp.259~280 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study conducted a awareness survey of librarians by type of library. analyzed the survey results to present the rationale for establishing policies for the collaborative preservation and effective use of library materials. As a result of the analysis, the general awareness of the librarians about the collaborative preservation archive was high regardless of the characteristics of each type of library. the regional Central library was suitable as the main body of the collaborative preservation operation at the regional level.
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    Construction of BIBFRAME-Based Linking Structure for Interrelating Bibliographic Records for Alternative Format Materials

    seungmin lee | 2021, 55(3) | pp.281~301 | number of Cited : 0
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    Bibliographic records for alternative format materials using a flat bibliographic structure based on unit record have limitations in that they cannot be linked with other related resources in record level, which makes it difficult to secure sufficient access to alternative format materials for people with disabilities. In order to address this problem, this research constructed a linking structure which adopted FRBR-based BIBFRAME structure to establish a bibliographic structure that can interrelate the bibliographic records with flat structure and the multi-level BIBFRAME structure. This research proposed a linking bibliographic structure that enables interlinking between bibliographic records for related alternative format materials by composing upper-level linking property categories and interconnecting them to classes and properties of BIBFRAME.
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    A Study on the Effects of Domestic Medical Library Librarians’ Awareness of the COVID-19 Situation on Information Services

    Tae Min Kim | Hai Hin Kim | Min Ji Lee | 2021, 55(3) | pp.303~319 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This study sought to find out the status of medical libraries in Korea that provide information services related to the Covid-19 situation, and how the librarian’s perception of the Covid-19 situation, the main body of the library’s information provision, affects the provision of related information services. For this purpose, we checked the website for Covid-19 information service. In order to understand the degree of awareness of Covid-19, Grunig’s Situational Theory was applied to classify four types of librarians according to the degree of problem recognition, constraint recognition, and involvement recognition, and to analyze how the three perceptions affect Covid-19 related information services. As a result, only 25 out of 144 korean medical libraries provided information services related to Covid-19. The librarian, the main agent of the library’s information provision, found that the problem recognition and involvement recognition in the Covid-19 situation were high, constraint recognition were low, and the level of information service was very active. And only constraint recognition has been shown to have a significant impact on providing Covid-19 related information services. Further research when future sources are available and follow-up research on how librarians’ perceptions affect library operations are also proposed.
  • 14.

    A Study on the Development of the Research Support Service Model of the University Library based on the Research Life Cycle

    Sunhye Oh | Kwak, Seung-Jin | 2021, 55(3) | pp.321~342 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to develop the research support service model of a university library, which prepares for the changing research environment and supports the entire research process. In particular, components of the research support service at each stage of research are developed based on ‘the research lifecycle’ to support the entire research process. First, constructed elements of research support services that should be supported at each stage of the study through literature reviews and surveys of service demand. Next, a survey and in-depth interview were conducted with service providers to ensure effective service operation. This research support service model developed through the processes above are proposed as ‘the research support service component model’ that consists of six steps and 50 components including 20 core elements and as ‘the research support service operation system model’ that is composed of the organic system among government and related organizations, university libraries and organizations inside universities.
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    A Study on the Effectiveness of Using Keywords in Book Reviews for Customized Book Recommendation for Each Personality Type

    Yeon-Hee Cha | Sung-Pil Choi | 2021, 55(3) | pp.343~372 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to select keywords that can recommend books by personality type, and to test whether the chosen keywords can be actually used in the categorization and customized recommendation of books for each personality type. To achieve the research goal, this study chose books that match the level of fifth and sixth grade elementary school students and first grade middle school students and commissioned an expert group to categorize the books into groups that are preferred by each personality type. As a result of the classification, half of the books in which more than five experts agreed showed high consensus. In addition, the results of classifying books by personality type with keywords extracted by the automatic word extraction system by collecting the book review data of the selected books were similar to the results of the final judgement by the expert group, except for a few books. In conclusion, this study proved that it is possible to classify and recommend books that are likely to be preferred by different personality types using review keywords.
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    A Study on the Development of the Template for creating the Data Management Plans

    Juseop Kim | Kim Sun Tae | 2021, 55(3) | pp.373~396 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The government is establishing a national governance system so that research data can be systematically preserved and reused as a national asset. Recently, as DMP submission has become mandatory in some research institutes, it is a reality that DMP preparation is becoming a necessity for researchers. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to develop a template so that the researcher can easily write the DMP that must be submitted when planning the project. To develop such a DMP template, 27 domestic and foreign DMP templates were investigated and analyzed, and as a result, a DMP template for domestic researchers was proposed. It is judged that the DMP template proposed as a result of this study can be used as an exemplary case that can be used in other research institutes and universities.
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    Sentiment Analysis and Network Analysis based on Review Text

    Yumi Kim | Heo Go Eun | 2021, 55(3) | pp.397~417 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    As review text contains the experience and opinions of the customers, analyzing review text helps to understand the subject. Existing studies either only used sentiment analysis on online restaurant reviews to identify the customers’ assessment on different features of the restaurant or network analysis to figure out the customers’ preference. In this study, we conducted both sentiment analysis and network analysis on the review text of the restaurants with high star ratings and those with low star ratings. We compared the review text of the two groups to distinguish the difference of the two and identify what makes great restaurants great.