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This journal aims to cultivate academic and practical knowledge by publishing theoretical and practical research papers on public administration. Research to be published in this journal should be creative and/or analytic, and include, but not limited to, the scope of subjects like below 1) Administrative theory and policy theory 2) Administrative philosophy and values 3) An empirical analysis study on administrative and policy phenomena 4) Research having relevancy with Korean aptitude 5) Analytical diagnosis containing other practical issues
Chae, Won-Ho

(Catholic University)

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Current Issue : 2020, Vol.31, No.3

  • Analysis of Fluctuation Factors in Government R&D Budget Expenditure: Focusing on Japanese Export Regulations

    KIM, HAKMIN | Im, Bokheui | PARK YOON HWAN | 2020, 31(3) | pp.1~26 | number of Cited : 1
    Since government spending is basically affected by policy changes, it is important to pay attention to what factors determine the content of the policy. Especially, Government R&D budget expenditure is an investment for the country’s economic development, and it affects the national competitiveness according to the direction of policy implementation. Therefore, it is very important to understand external environmental changes and reflect them on planning and agenda setting. From a policy-determining factor theory perspective, the purpose of this study is to clarify what are the environmental factors that determine the content of policy in the policy-making process of the government R&D sector based on the incident of Japanese export regulation that occurred in July 2019. To this end, using topic modeling of LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation), one of the big data analysis methods, is used to target the time of policy disruption, that is, the time of disruption showing non-incremental changes, for news articles and government documents. The factors that led were analyzed. Analysis, The environmental factors that led to the fluctuations in government R&D budget expenditure were ‘the president’s policy will,’ ‘the National Assembly’s interest,’ ‘priority of the policy agenda,’ ‘public opinion’, ‘technology independence’, and ‘industrialization’. It was derived as a value. This study aims to overcome the disruption of technology and production through securing source technologies in planning and setting agendas for government R&D support policies, and a major shift in policy paradigm such as reorganizing the industrial ecosystem to respond to the era of the 4th industrial revolution. It is a reminder of the need. This can be expected of policy implications that contribute to improving the efficiency of future-related policy decisions and budget allocation.
  • Exploring Factors of Population Movement in Local Governments: Focusing on Public Services in 25 Autonomous Districts of Seoul Metropolitan City

    Yun, Jikyoung | CHOI JEONG YEOL | 2020, 31(3) | pp.27~51 | number of Cited : 0
    This study purpose to investigate the relationship between public services and population migration in 25 autonomous districts of Seoul metropolitan city. 25 autonomous districts of Seoul metropolitan city were selected for analysis, which are expected to be easy for residents to move according to their preferences due to relatively developed transportation infrastructure. Analysis was carried out by separating the migration between Seoul metropolitan city and other cities and the migration among autonomous districts of Seoul metropolitan city. As a result, for the migration between Seoul metropolitan city and other cities, as residential services increase the influx of the people increase, but for the migration among autonomous districts of Seoul metropolitan city, the influx of the people occurs as all types of public services such as residential services, economic services, social services, and education services. It means the effect of the influx of people differs according to the spatial characteristics. This proves that it supports the Tiebout model, in which people migration among 25 autonomous districts of Seoul metropolitan city, where the transportation infrastructure is developed, reflects residents’ preferences according to public services. In the future, local governments need more interests in policy and supports to l improve the residents' housing satisfaction through the improvement of public services.
  • An Analysis of Mechanisms in the Job Activity Process Based on the Behavioral Changes of Jobseekers: Applying the Vroom’s Expectation Theory

    JUNG SOL | Lee, Suk-Won | 2020, 31(3) | pp.53~79 | number of Cited : 4
    This study focused primarily on individual job seekers from a labor-supply perspective. In addition, we have identified the optional characteristics of individual actions in the course of job-hunting activities leading to job success and will look at the directions that can enhance the intensity of job-hunting activities accordingly. Based on a theoretical study of the relationship between an individual's selective behavior and the contributing motivations, a more detailed analysis of the job search process leading to successful employment is possible. Therefore, on the basis of Vroom's theory of expectations (Vroom, 1964) from the individual perspective of the work-seeker, we designed a model of relationships inherent in the work-seeker's activities and, on the basis of that, explored the variables and the direction of relationships that affect the work-seeker's behavior. Accordingly, the dynamic movements of individuals, ranging from job hunting to successful employment, were attempted to analyze using micro data from individual labor panel surveys. The analysis found that these factors have a link to job quality preferences in conjunction with job periods and job methods through direct and indirect training and education related to job hunting.