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Information for Authors

[February 13, 2001 revision] [February 13, 2009 revision] [June 30, 2010 revision]
· It should be aimed at theoretical and practical research papers on administration, but it should stand out in creative topic selection or analysis.
Qualifications for Submission of Papers
· In principle, only members of the society can apply for thesis publication.
Manuscript preparation and volume
· In principle, the manuscript should be written in Korean (Korean and Chinese characters) in “Hangul”. Length is 20 sheets based on 25 lines of 40 characters (A4 paper)
Required Information
· The manuscript must be accompanied by a summary (including keywords) in English (or Korean for papers written in English) (about 20 lines)
Manuscript submission

· Manuscripts must be submitted to the editorial board of the society or the editor-in-chief using the thesis review system on the society website.

  Issue 1 (issued on May 31) by March 31 of each year, Issue 2 (issued on August 31) by June 30 each year, Issue 3 (issued on November 30)

  Issued) must be submitted by September 30 of each year, and No. 4 (issued on February 28) by December 31 of each year.

      ※Submission: Eunyoung Hong (sapa21@paran.com, 010-6643-6181)

         Inquiries: Editorial Director Hyangwon Kwon (Ajou University, 010-3355-7998)

Examination fee and publication fee

· When submitting a manuscript, a membership fee (50,000 won) and an examination fee (60,000 won) must be paid, and the application is
  recognized only when the manuscript and the examination fee are received.

  If the publication of the thesis has been confirmed and published, a publication fee of KRW 60,000 must be paid.

  However, a publication fee of KRW 150,000 must be paid for a thesis conducted with special funds or research grants.

  The length of the final thesis submitted after the thesis publication is confirmed must be less than 20 pages.

  You have to pay an additional fee of 20,000 won per page.

 ※Account number: Post office 013201-01-008763 (Account holder: Seoul Institute of Public Administration)