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Review Process

[Revised on February 20, 1998] [Revised on June 30, 2010]
The editorial committee stipulates the following procedure for reviewing submitted papers.

Deadline for submission of review papers

·The thesis review of 「Korean Society and Public Administration Research」 is based on the principle of pre-submission, so if you want to publish a

·A person who writes can submit a review thesis to the editorial committee of the society at any time. However, for the thesis review schedule, Issue 1 (issued on May 31) by March 31 in the case of , by June 30 in the case of Issue 2 (issued on August 31), and by 9 in the case of Issue 3 (issued on November 30) By the 30th of the month, or by December 31 in the case of No. 4 (issued on February 28), the society website

first editorial meeting

· The first meeting of the editorial board for thesis review is April 10 (No. 1), July 10 (No. 2), October 10 (No. 3) and January 10 (No. 4)

  The meeting can be held online.

Reviewer Selection

· The editorial committee reviews the contents of the thesis and appoints 3 experts per thesis as reviewers. At this time, writing a thesis

  Persons in a special relationship with the submitter are not appointed as judges.

Number of Review
· In principle, the thesis review is conducted twice.
1st screening
· In principle, the first screening should be completed by April 20 (No. 1), July 20 (No. 2), October 20 (No. 3) and January 20 (No. 4).
Judgment of the first screening result

· The thesis review results are judged in three types: 'publish', 'edit publication', and 'unpublishable'. At this time, as a result of the judgment of the three judges.

If there is more than one 'publish', it is confirmed to be published, and if there is more than one 'unpublished', it is confirmed as not published.

Literature Revision Instruction
· For thesis that has not been confirmed for publication, the thesis review result is sent to the thesis submitter for thesis revision.
2nd Review Request
· The resubmitted thesis is immediately requested for a second review. At this time, in the first review, the same applies to the reviewers who made the decision to 'publish revision'.
Second screening result
· Secondary evaluation results are evaluated in three categories: 'published', 'edited', and 'not published'. The results of the screening will be judged as 'published' at the first screening.
· If the contributor has any objection to the decision on whether or not to publish the thesis, the thesis will be reconsidered with sufficient reasons.

1) The editor-in-chief decides whether to accept the re-examination according to the results of the review of the re-examination subcommittee.

2) The reexamination subcommittee is composed of no more than 5 members by the editorial chairperson for each issue and the editorial director's opinions.

3) If it is determined that the raised objection is valid, the editor-in-chief appoints a reviewer other than the previous reviewer to conduct the review process.


  The copyright of the thesis published in the journal belongs to the thesis author, but only if the copyright holder agrees