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pISSN : 1975-311X / eISSN : 2287-7215

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Influence of Hip Abduction Velocity and Position on the Onset Times of Gluteus Medius and Tensor Fascia Latae Relative to Quadratus Lumborum in Healthy Subject: A Pilot Study

Journal of the Korean Society of Physical Medicine
Abbr : J Korean Soc Phys Med
2016, 11(3), pp.105-110
Publisher : The Korean Society of Physical Medicine
Research Area : Other physical therapy

김정빈 1 Chang-Kyo Yun 2 KAK HWANGBO 3

1대구대학교 재활과학대학원 재활과학과
2대구대학교 재활과학대학원 재활과학과



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