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Changes in the Cross-Sectional Area of the Abductor Hallucis During the Toe-Spread-Out Exercise at Different Ankle Positions

Journal of the Korean Society of Physical Medicine
Abbr : J Korean Soc Phys Med
2020, 15(2), pp.121-128
Publisher : The Korean Society of Physical Medicine
Research Area : Other physical therapy

Seong-Tae Kang 1 Sun-Young Kang ORD ID 2 Ki Song Kim 3 JEON IN CHEOL 4 Sung Dae Choung 5

1호서대학교 생명보건대학 물리치료학과
2호서대학교 생명보건대학 물리치료학과
5백석대학교 보건학부 물리치료학과



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