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2005, Vol.14, No.2

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    Sales Stabilization and Efficiency in Korean Lottery Market

    곽만순 | Young Hoon Lee | 2005, 14(2) | pp.3~30 | number of Cited : 10
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    Given the assumption that Korean lottery authority wants to stabilization the sales of its product, this paper analyzes Korean lottery market in the view of sales stabilization and market efficiency. This paper proposes several diagnoses to improve lottery market efficiency; (i) reduce the number of lotteries such as instant games and printed lotteries, (ii) redefine the role of lottery committee to simplify the process of lottery production and sales. This paper also propose how to stabilize lottery sales and lottery profits; (i) reform other lotteries to be more competitive and then to be able to compete with Lotto, (ii) prepare sudden decline in Lotto sales by analyzing consumer's behavior on different lotto games.
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    New Legal Approach for Regulation Policy of Voluntary Prostitution

    Hoyong Lee | 2005, 14(2) | pp.31~64 | number of Cited : 3
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    Prostitution regulation is one of the most important issue in this age. The legal policy of sexuality is beyond dispute as usual, is argued for and against. One part of consent argues that the problem of sex is that of personal self-determination and adapting oneself to opened sexual culture environment is not taken in all part. Another part of opponent argue that it is no doubt about that abnormal sexual-conduct invades social benefit of law, and that opened sexual culture environment should not be leaved alone any more, so that it is necessary that all the more powerful public power is intervened in. However, it is necessary to have cognizance before anything else for resolution of sexuality or prostitution problem, what fundamental cause of problem raising is. When I think of it, collapse of modernistic marriage system is fundamental cause of this problem. Modernistic marriage system is characterized fixation of sex-distinction role, higher position of man, enforcement of heterosexual love, and so on. Therefore various form of sexual love is excluded, subordination of woman and higher position of man are cognized sex-distinction characteristic and so they are neglected and tolerated. In result we see ‘sex' in wife's position and so ‘sex' is recognized entirely holy thing, ‘sex of wife' and ‘sex of prostitute' is distinguished (that called ‘double standard of sex'). To solve prostitution problem, we cast away ‘sex of prostitute' before anything else. This is conclusion of this paper. This concluded by analysis of legal policy, legislation technic, moral justness.
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    A Model of International Comparison Index for Regulatory Reform

    Tae-Yun Kim | 양준석 | 2005, 14(2) | pp.65~108 | number of Cited : 1
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    In order to compare and evaluate the efforts and accomplishments in regulatory reform for various countries, a method of evaluation and comparison is needed. In this paper, the authors suggest an index model to carry out such comparison. In section II of the paper, the authors survey some internationally renowned comparison index models, which include regulations and regulatory reform as a part of its comparison. The authors look at how these models calculate their final index numbers, and how they treat regulation. In Section III, the authors develop the first of two index models to evaluate and compare regulatory systems and regulatory reform. The first, RRI_S, is based on theories of regulatory efficiency and regulatory reform. However, this method requires data which is not commonly available. To deal with this problem, in Section IV, the authors develop a second model, RRI_P, which uses the insights from various international comparison index models and regulatory theory, and tries to use data which is available from various international sources. Section V is a short conclusion.
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    Empirical Study on Behavior Changes of Tax Supporting Policy Effects due to Entry Barrier

    이경락 | 2005, 14(2) | pp.109~132 | number of Cited : 0
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    According to Scholes, Wolfson, Erickson, Maydew & Shevlin (2002), Implicit tax is the result of interaction between tax subsidies and market structure. But most studies related to implicit tax have tested only the relationship between tax subsidies and pre-tax return not considering market circumstance. In other words, the only focuses of previous studies have been adjusted in existence of implicit tax. Therefore this paper generated the three market structure variables (CR3, industrial advertising intensity, industrial capital intensity) from the previous studies on the industrial organization. After bisecting total sample according to relative height of CR3 (market friction), tested implicit tax hypothesis on each subsample group (pre-IMF, post-IMF). The goles of this paper verify whether the differences of market structure have an effect on the generation of implicit tax. The empirical results discovered implicit tax hypothesis in each subsample group was rejected. This results reconfirmed Korean oligopolistic market structure. In Korea, because tax-advantaged firms have higher barriers to entry, new competitors may be experience difficulty in entry into new competitive market. Therefore I discovered tax benefit acts as raising factor of pre-tax return in Korean listed companies. These results suggested market structure analyses should be preceded to maximize the effects of tax supporting policy.
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    The Prospects and Suggestions for Transformation of the Korean Military Service System

    이상목 | 2005, 14(2) | pp.133~162 | number of Cited : 14
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    In light of burden distribution and social costs, as well as efficient allocation of the personnel resources, the questions about reasonable conscription term of military service and alternative national service have been a serious issue and thus been furiously debated. This survey is both a theoretical and empirical study of the supply and demand for military manpower in the future. In addition to them, this paper provides implications for the system transformation in an All-Volunteer Force and suggests some measures for overcoming disadvantages in the existing draft.
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    Some Thoughts on the Reform of Regulation on the Maximum Resale Price Maintenance

    권재열 | 2005, 14(2) | pp.163~188 | number of Cited : 5
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    Early in the United States of America, the Supreme Court ruled that the maximum resale price maintenance (“MRPM”) was per se illegal. Many academics and practitioners criticized the Court's decision., In the case of State Oil v. Khan decided in 1997, the Court abandoned the per se rule for the MRPM in consideration of the MRPM's procompetitive effect. Now, it has been widely accepted that the MRPM improves the comsumer welfare by reducing resale price. In Korea, the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act (“Monopoly Regulation Act”) provides that “no enterpriser shall engage in a resale price maintenance; provided that this shall not apply to the case where there exist justifiable reasons in terms of the maximum price maintenance preventing the transactions of commodities or services in excess of specified prices.” Thus, the MRPM is automatically void except for justifiable reasons. However, taking the MRPM's procompetitive effect into consideration, this Study recommends that the MRPM be permitted in principle and treated as a kind of unfair trade under the Monopoly Regulation Act if it has an anticompetitive effect.
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