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1. Transfer of copyrighted rights
   The author transfers all copyright rights for this paper to the Korean Regulatory Society. The author transfers the copyright for this paper to the Korean Regulatory Society within the scope below.
-Distributed through paper documents such as academic journals
-Distribution using microfilm
-Online distribution through electronic media such as online database
-Online distribution to the society's website
-Permission to be recorded or disclosed in institutional repositories or electronic libraries for non-profit purposes

2. Exercise of author's rights after transfer of author's property rights
The author can apply for a patent right, apply for a utility model right, set a design right, and register a trademark with the contents of this paper.
Except in this case, the author cannot transfer the rights to the manuscript to commercial organizations in order to commercialize the manuscript.
Authors may reproduce and distribute all or part of the manuscript for personal purposes such as education or personal research.
Authors may submit all or part of the manuscript to their personal website, the website of the institution or organization to which the author belongs,
It can be posted and distributed on the website of the organization that supported the research fund.