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Editorial Policy

Research & Publication Ethics

The author of the manuscript must submit the manuscript in compliance with the regulations of this journal as follows.

1. The authors of the thesis are responsible for research misconduct (forgery, falsification, plagiarism, unfair dissertation author labeling, intentional interference with investigations, behaviors outside of normal tolerance, etc.) Shouldn't.


① “Forgery” refers to the act of creating false data or research results that do not exist.

② “Modification” refers to the act of distorting the research content or results by artificially manipulating the research analysis process, etc., or by arbitrarily modifying or deleting data.

③ “Plagiarism” refers to the act of stealing someone else's ideas, research results, etc. without proper approval or citation.

④ “Unfair dissertation author indication” is an expression of appreciation to those who do not grant the thesis author qualification without justifiable reason to those who have made scientific or technical contributions or contributions to the research content or results, or who have not made scientific or technical contributions or Refers to the act of granting thesis author qualification for reasons such as courtesy.

⑤ “Intentional interference with the investigation” refers to the act of intentionally conducting an investigation into the suspicion of cheating by the person or others or inflicting harm to the informant.

⑥ “Action that is outside the scope of normal acceptance” refers to an activity that is seriously outside the scope of the research field.


2. Authors of thesis must not submit duplicate submissions (manuscripts published in other journals or being submitted to this journal).


3. The author of a manuscript must not be duplicated (published in this journal or in other journals).


4. Research misconduct, duplicate submission or duplicate publication is decided by reviewing the content of the manuscript by the editorial committee.


5. The author of the manuscript should obtain approval before submission and approval of related parties, and confirm that no dispute over contract or ownership will occur in the future.


6. If a mistake is found in the publication of the submitted manuscript, it is the responsibility of the author of the manuscript to correct it or to withdraw the manuscript.