Journal of Regulation Studies 2021 KCI Impact Factor : 1.61

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Editorial Policy

Advertising Policy

This journal can be requested to the relevant institution with the following contents for advertisement publication.

1. I wish you the endless development of your organization.


2. The Society publishes academic journals every year for the purpose of academic and technological development, policy development, and information exchange related to regulation and distributes them to government ministries, local governments, and domestic and foreign industry, academia, and railroad industry workers. , In addition, the only academic conference on regulatory research in Korea, the Spring and Autumn conferences are held every year.


3. In relation to the above, we would like to provide you with the opportunity to publish your institution's advertisement (A4 size) in the journals (periodical publications) and the proceeds of the spring and autumn conferences held twice a year. Please check the advertisement application information (official and application form) and apply for advertisement, thank you.