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Information for Authors

1. 『Regulatory Research』 is a comprehensive academic journal published twice a year for the purpose of revitalizing research related to regulation.Theoretical review of regulation, identification of regulatory issues and policy tasks, introduction of regulatory reform cases, policy evaluation and alternative proposals, etc. Covers comprehensively.


2. Those who wish to publish the thesis must include a copy of the thesis on a diskette or submit it by e-mail, and the submitted thesis will not be returned. In principle, papers that have already been published in other journals and other publications are not published in the 『Regulatory Study』.


3. The composition of the paper is in the order of the cover page, the main body, the appendix, the reference, and the English abstract. The cover should be (1) thesis title, (2) the author's name, organization and position, (3) the classification of the first author and co-author, (4) a Korean abstract within 150 words, (5) no more than five Write them in the order of key words.


4. The size of the manuscript should be around 25 A4 sheets (Hangul font size 11, line spacing 200). Chapter is ‘Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ,… ', the clause is '1, 2, 3,... In', the measures are'(1), (2), (3),… 'And '1), 2), 3),… After numbering in the order of', put one space apart and mark the title.


5. The formula is ‘(1), (2),… on the right side of the equation. It is used by attaching a serial number like''. Although it was not included in the thesis during the process of deriving the formula, it is recommended to submit separately with the thesis that may be helpful for the review.


6. Figures and tables are serially numbered by Arabic numerals as shown in <Figure 1> and <Table 1> in a form that can be directly published. Footnotes are marked with a serial number (ex: 1), 2)) on the upper right of the phrase, and the content is written along with the serial number (ex: 前同) at the bottom of the page.


7. References are separately attached to the back of the manuscript, and when cited in the main text, the author's name in English is not translated into Korean but written in English. An example of two or more authors is shown in parentheses. (Example: As seen in Pleatsikas and Teece (2001) and Lee Jae-gyu and Lee Gyeong-jeon (2000)…) Each is separated by a line between Eastern and Western literature. Korean thesis should be marked as 「」, in English as“ ”, for Korean books as 󰡔 󰡕, and in English in italics without symbols, as shown in the example below.

Example: Jae-gyu Lee and Kyung-Jeon Lee, 󰡔Electronic Commerce and Distribution Revolution, Beop Consul, 2000.

Won Dong-cheol, 「Legal and Economic Analysis of the Radio Market」, 󰡔Regulatory Research 󰡕, Vol.8, No.2, 1999, pp.45-79.

Avery, R. B. and Allen N. B., “Risk-Based Capital and Deposit

Insurance Reform,” Journal of Banking and Finance 15, 1991, pp.847-874.


8. English abstract is (1) English subject, (2) English author's name, (3) English abstract within 150 words, (4) no more than five

Write them in the order of English key terms.


9. Those who wish to publish a thesis must go to the website of the Korea Regulatory Association (www.kosres.or.kr) at the time of submission.

Read the submission ethics regulations and attach a consent form.


10. Where to submit

Postal Code: 01897

Address: Room 709, Hanul Building, Kwangwoon University, 20, Gwangwoon-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul (447-1, Wolgye-dong)

Secretariat of the Korean Regulatory Society

Phone Number: 070-8801-1029

FAX: 031-528-1029

E-mail: kimmy71@hanmail.net

Homepage: www.kosres.or.kr