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2016, Vol., No.51

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    A Study on the usage and values of ‘變’ in 『Zhuang-zi』

    Kim Dug-Sam | 2016, (51) | pp.1~23 | number of Cited : 1
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    The purpose of this study is to identify the use of ‘change(變)’ in the text ≪Zhuang-zi≫, and to review the value of the messages released and the meaning of ‘change’ in ≪Zhuang-zi≫. The fact that the meaning of “Change(變)” in modern society is used even more important is the reason to place importance in the meaning of “Change(變)”. Under these circumstances, it is meaningful to investigate how Zhuang-zi, the free spirit of the axile era thought about the meaning of “Change(變)”. To do this, the meaning of ‘change(變)’ and the usage of ‘change(變)’ in ≪Zhuang-zi≫ are looked through. The number ‘change(變)’ used in ≪Zhuang-zi≫ is a total of 31 times with the exception used in the sense of 辯. Of course, the use of “change(變)” in ≪Zhuang-zi≫ is not very different from normal use. In some sense this is a kind of Tautology, because “change(變)” in some sense already contains the meaning of “change(變)” in premise of “change(變)”. In this paper, based on these objective indicators, the characteristics of those used in each example and the features of the back side of each used example are examined. This is similar in relation of Signifier and Signifee in semiotics. In this paper, focusing on Signifier, patterns of “change(變)” found in ≪Zhuang-zi≫are learned.. This work was approached structurally in connection with ‘nature(自然)’. Unlike the other ideas, “Change(變)” in ≪Zhuang-zi≫ has a deep connection with nature. Zhuang-zi discovered the changes in nature, and it was philosophically sublimated through the reason in that place. Phenomenon changed, but the principles and the source of its back has always maintenance. Knowing Tao and Reaching the state of acquaintances is possible when one interacts with the maintenance to face the changes, This can be still valid to be applied to the modern world. To observe the nature and to apply the Tao of the change to the human society seems in line with analogical and correlative characters of Oriental Thought. Humans can not live away from nature. At large human beings also is a natural after all. As the correlative thoughts has been extended to Chinese medical to heal human body, the natural principles of “Change(變)” observed in nature also can be extended correlatively to treat human and cure human society meaningfully. So today even though fatigue of change is experienced here, the philosophy of ‘change’ in ≪Zhuang-zi≫ can present a plan of solving the problem faced in this era beyond refreshing to us.
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    A Brief Study of Mao Dun’s 『Ziye(Midnight)』

    Lee, Hyun Bok | 2016, (51) | pp.25~50 | number of Cited : 0
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    So-called April 12 Incident was the turning point of National Revolution of China. The practice and values of previous revolution was reconsidered and various group and class came to try to find new imagination and practice of revolution. Under this circumstance, aims of literature had shifted from establishing modern morality and enlightening the nation to awaring the historical stage and realities of current society and imaging new modernity. Mad Dun’ Ziye(子夜, Midnight) showed the collapse of the Principle of Minsheng and the promotion of industry which was corresponded to the national bourgeoisie, Wu Sun Fu’s various activity in the system of Nanjing Nationalist Government.
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    The Meaning of Changes in the Ritual System of Late Shang As Seen the Oracle Bone Inscriptions: Focusing on the Cyclical Ritual

    Lim Hyunsoo | 2016, (51) | pp.51~75 | number of Cited : 1
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    The purpose of this essay is to research what means the appearance of the ritual according to the pre-decisive manual in the religious history of ancient China. The Shang Dynasty originally decided whether the various rituals would be committed or not by divination. But the establishment of the ancestor worship called the cyclical ritual(周祭) brought on the moment those practises were modified wholly. The cyclical ritual involved five rituals, rong (彡), yi(翌), ji(祭), zai( ), xie( ). It was committed repetitively in the prescribed rule. The cyclical ritual indicates that there was a standard manual on recipient, time, oblation, method etc. of ritual. In this essay the meaning of the cyclical ritual was considered to make the divine capacity be under the control of human. The establishment of the cyclical ritual minimalized the burden of Shang kings given the responsibility of grasping the divine will through divination.
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    The Overview on the Digital Construction of Chinese Stone Inscriptions

    조영란 | 2016, (51) | pp.77~99 | number of Cited : 0
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    Stone inscriptions is basic data, which has thousands of years ancient manuscripts, and information materials important as academic worth. Stone Carvings unearthed text is well on the collection and retrieval of data from the research work of the problem. However, in accordance with the evolving computer technology, makes it possible to solve these problems is a fundamental. In this paper, China's current database outlines the achievements of Stone inscriptions and discusses about the Application to do. Stone Carvings of data when compared with traditional type, clearly advantage of the database of several ways. 1. The database is the infinity of data collection has come true. A lot of Stone Carvings written material is allowed to read stored on computer via the treatment of digitized. 2. The database, and easy use of materials. DB search of the corresponding data computer with a perfectly real. 3. DB data processing of changes to come true. The database is provided through all skill levels can search the data. Thus, DB technology are sharply improved the efficiency of study. Stone Carvings character study is also systematically diverted. The 21st century is the information age. Each library in China or college of study centers have been accomplished made remarkable achievements in the fields of digitalization of old manuscripts. The significance is, of course, the Stone Carvings character will not be limited to areas of research. Users Stone Carvings brass rubbing, Stone Carvings corpus characters became more convenient using the information made him popular. The user research road map for the specific and smoothly and quickly became able to cope with it. Stone Carvings of literature, DB The enhancement of modern technology and cultural heritage is Stone Carvings for a meeting that allow her to a rich history of culture that contained in the literature of scientific value.
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    A New Perspective on the Study of the History of the Relations between China and North Korea

    徐 行 | 2016, (51) | pp.101~121 | number of Cited : 0
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    To study the historical change process of China and North Korea, it can be a new study from the perspective of the purpose, the results and the profound influence of the senior leaders of the two countries contact in 1950s. From 1950 to 1959 years, Sino- North Korea high-end contact was divided into early, middle and late three times according to the core issues. the early 1950s (1950-1953), the senior leaders of the two countries focus on the war, the question of military command and the armistice negotiation consultations; in the mid Fifties (1954-1957), the senior leaders of the two countries held a series of negotiations on mainly North Korea's economic recovery and aided by China after the Korean War; in the late 1950s (1958-1959), The senior leaders of the two countries to negotiate mainly on the issue of china troops withdrawal from North Korea and China continued to aid North Korea. Since the two sides were considered from their own national interests, the beginning of each negotiation, there were always differences of opinion, but finally basically reached a consensus. In 1950s, China and North Korea's frequent high-end contact for the consolidation the regime of the two countries; for the reconstruction of the North Korea's post-war; for the maintain peace in Northeast Asia, for the special relationship between the two countries have produced significant and far-reaching impact. On the cold war has already ended, and the world political pattern has changed a new era, the relations between China and North Korea have also changed. China began to reconsider the positioning anew of bilateral relations. China firmly that his position: the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and maintaining peace and stability in Northeast Asia, and will continue to efforts for peace on the Korean Peninsula.
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    Earnings Management in China Stock Exchange

    JEONGTAEBEOM | 2016, (51) | pp.123~145 | number of Cited : 4
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    Recently, direct stock investment in China company is going to be emerging while the China’s economy grows in a rapid speed and Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect was introduced in China stock exchanges. This paper tries to analyze the trend of earnings management of Chinese company listed in 3 stock exchanges in China which are located in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen respectively. The earnings management is measured by discretionary accruals using the model suggested in Kothari et al.(2005). Empirical test result shows us that the earnings management of Hong Kong stock exchange company was significantly lower than that of Shanghai or Shenzhen stock exchange company. This means the several restrictions in Shanghai and Shenzhen reduced the diversity of stakeholders of companies, which made the management to exercise more discretionary power in accounting judgement. In addition, I tried to discover the difference of discretionary accruals between the domestic companies of China and the cross-border listing companies because there is common understanding that the cross-border listing results in increase of various stakeholders of companies leading to the decrease of discretionary activities in accounting choices of management. But the empirical results did not strongly support my expectation. The earnings managements of cross-border listing companies are not significantly lower. In the near future, many studies on the China stock exchanges is expected to be increased in Korea to keep pace with the extension of interest in direct investment in Chinese companies together with the implementation of Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect(扈港通) and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Connect(深港 通).
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    Translation and Annotation of <Rui Liang Fu Bi(芮良夫毖)> in Tsinghua Bamboo Slips

    Lee Yeon-Ju | 張崇禮 | 2016, (51) | pp.147~175 | number of Cited : 3
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    Rui Liangfu Bi( <芮良夫毖>) is one of ten old documents contained in the 3rd release of Tsinghua Bamboo Slips(清华简) - a collection of Chinese texts dating to the Warring States period, which was acquired in 2008 by Tsinghua University. Rui Liangfu Bi( <芮良夫毖>) is written by Rui Liangfu(芮良夫) during the reign of Zhou King Li(厲王, 879 – 841 B.C.) of West Zhou and is one of the lost poems of the pre-Qin period. It contains the caution and admonition to the ruling class and the king while showing Rui Liangfu’s concern about the disorder and confusion of the country. It is one of the typical expostulation poem(毖詩) of the pre-Qin period. This paper introduces the background of the poem and makes an exegesis of the first piece.