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Information for Authors

Policy on the Publication of Articles in Muslim-Christian Encounter

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this policy is to establish the provisions relating to the publication policies and qualifications for articles submitted to the journal Muslim-Christian Encounter (referred to as “the journal” hereafter) published by the Torch Trinity Center for Islamic Studies (referred to as “the center” hereafter).


Article 2 (Notice)

The notice for article submissions will be announced on the center’s website three months prior.

Article 3 (Qualifications)

Anyone who is interested in various issues of Islam with at least a Master’s degree is able to publish in the journal. Those who have conducted research in Islamic regions for more than five years may also publish in the journal without an educational degree higher than a Master’s degree, under the discretion of the Director.

Article 4 (Originality)

Published articles must prioritize issues on the relationship between Islam and Christianity, and its professionalism and originality must be recognized.

(In the case of Master’s and Doctorate degree dissertations that have already been published, partial or summarized versions may be published for the purpose of introducing the material, after a fair evaluation process. In this case, the writer must clearly state in the first footnote that the article is a partial or summarized version of their dissertation. Writers must notify the editors of the journal of this fact when submitting their articles online.)


Article 5 (Article)

Submitted articles must abide by the “Editorial Guidelines for Article Submissions.” (This policy can be downloaded from the center’s website)


Article 6 (Abidance to the Policy on Research Ethics)

The evaluation process for a submitted article begins on the day of which the Editor-in-Chief receives the “Article Submission Request” from the writer of the article. Evaluation or publication of any article that does not abide by the “Policy on Research Ethics” will be cancelled.


Article 7 (Required Documents)

The following documents must be submitted:

1. 1 copy of an article written in abidance with editorial guidelines

2. Article Submission Request

3. Copyright Transfer Agreement

4. If needed: 1 copy of proof of employment (for identification purposes), 1 copy of proof of final grades (can be replaced with proof of educational degree), 1 copy of residence register (can be replaced with certificate of residence).

Article 8 (Method of Submission)

The article submitter should collect and complete all required documents in Article 7 and submit them to the center. However, the submitter must be cautious of disadvantages caused by releasing their name or personal information to the public when submitting their article.


Article 9 (Administration)

Articles that have not satisfied the submission requirements will not be administered.


Article 10 (Content)

Submitted articles must include the following aspects:

1. Article

2. Works cited

3. Summary (abstract) in English

4. Keywords in English

5. 4~7 keywords with the same definition in Korean

6. Title of article and name of writer in Korean and English

Article 11 (Notification of Results)

Evaluated articles will be notified of results on their status of publication [template of the center’s <Results of Article Evaluation>] within three months of administration. The result of the evaluation will be decided from the following. (Refer to the “Policy on Evaluation of Articles” for details)

1. Approved for publication without edits

2. Publication after edits

3. Reevaluation after edits (deferral)

4. Insufficient for publication


Article 12 (Editing Period) 제12조 (수정 기간)

The writer must submit the edited version of the article within 30 days of receiving a request for edits.


Article 13 (Return and Copyright)

Published articles are not returned and the copyright of articles confirmed for publication belongs to the center.


Article 14 (Publication fees)

The submitter of articles confirmed for publication must make a payment of publication fees decided by the Editorial Committee to the center.


Article 15 (Publication)

Articles that received approval for publication and for which publication fees have been paid will be published in the center’s journal within three three months of confirmation.


Additional provisions

1. Issues not addressed in this policy will follow conventional practice.

2. This policy will be in effect once it received approval from the Editorial Committee of the center.

3. This policy will be in effect from February 28, 2018, after amendments are made.