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Review Process

. Aims

This is an examination guideline for submitted articles


. Examination guidelines

1. Following basic research ethics

2. Justification of research propose

3. Validity of chosen research contents and theory in respect of further study of research subject

4. Suitability and adequacy in respect of the on going process of research paper

5. Validity and practicality between the suggesting point and it’s conclusion

6. Possibility of academic contribution in respect of research consequence

7. Logicality and accuracy of described sentence

8. Relevance of citations, footnotes and reference literature


. Examination process

Editorial committee can inform deadline and subject of research papers, then put it together

2. Editorial committee can recommend three research estimators and decide final decision who are going to be estimators through self-screening process.

3. Editorial committee can ask secret examination to three research estimators. And they should answer to the submitted paper with a word ‘permission’ or ‘not permission’ (but research estimators could not know who is the author of paper)

4. Editorial committee can entrust other estimators in case of existing estimators rejecting examination of research papers. Estimators who are willing to examine research papers should submit general estimating paper with the result of examination until 20 days after receiving request.

5. Examination judgement consists of following 4 steps

(1) Permission: To publish this paper, no need modification

(2) Permission after modification: Preserving subject and theme of the research paper, with a little modification of contents and forms of paper, can publish on this journal

(3) Re-examination after modification: It needs to re-examine research paper after modification on the ground that violation of major examination reference.

(4) Not permission: Modification would be impossible in recent time because of serious violation of major examination reference.

6. This is general judgement to publish or not on the basis of three estimators judgement. Principle of examination: After editorial committee’s self-screening process to the submitted paper, this paper should be handed over to estimators. In case of re-examination after modification, a well qualified person of estimators should have a re-examination on the modified paper with a judgement of permission or not permission