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Review Process

1. The purpose of this regulation is to stipulate matters related to the review of papers submitted to the Journal of Symbols and Sandplay Therapy.

2. Depending on the field of the submitted manuscript, the Editorial Committee appoints two judges for each paper.

3. Each reviewer reviews the submitted thesis based on the following criteria.

* Clarity of research issues and topics
* Originality of research
* Accuracy of related literature and data analysis ․ Fidelity
* Validity of research method and appropriateness of logic development
* Degree of potential contribution to academic and practical fields

4. The results of the examination shall be classified into "Accepted", "Minor Revision", "Major Revision", and "Rejected", and the editorial committee shall inform the contributor of the results of the examination.

1) Accepted: If one or more judges decide that it is "Accepted" and it is unnecessary to revise it.
2) Minor Revision: In the case of one or more judges deciding that "Minor Revision" is possible.
3) Rejected: In the case of one or more judges deciding that it is "Rejected"

5. If the judges decide that the results of the review are “Rejected”, the specific reason must be specified. If two judges judge that “Rejected”, it cannot be published.

6. Even if the review result of the submitted manuscript is judged as a “Accepted”, it violates the code of ethics, or when it is determined that the manuscript cannot be published due to plagiarism, duplication of previously published content, or other reasons. Regardless of this, the editorial committee treats it as “Rejected”.

7. If the contributor does not supplement the review results without justifiable reasons, the editorial committee may decide whether to publish or not.

8. A predetermined examination fee is paid to the judges, and if a separate examination fee is incurred due to "Major Revision", the contributor is additionally borne.

9. Matters not specified in this regulation shall be handled by the editor-in-chief according to custom and reported to the editorial board.