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Information for Authors

  Publication Principle

In principle, this journal publishes only unpublished research papers. Papers that have already been published in other domestic and foreign journals cannot be submitted.

   How to submit

Those who wish to publish an article in this journal must thoroughly follow the journal manuscript writing rules, write a thesis, and then submit the manuscript to the editorial committee. Papers for examination are accepted at any time throughout the year. When submitting manuscript, write a separate thesis cover that includes the thesis title, author, affiliated institution, position, and contact information (phone number and email address must be indicated) and submit it together with the thesis. do. Contributors must submit the result of plagiarism verification using the Korean Journal of Citation Index (KCI) thesis similarity test together with the submission application when the manuscript is written in Korean.

Qualifications for submission

A person who wants to publish a general thesis in this journal must be a regular member of the Korean School Psychology Association when applying for a thesis publication. In the case of co-writing by two or more people, at least one must be a regular member of the association. If the affiliation of the contributor is located in a foreign country, documents proving the relevant matters (eg, certificate of employment, etc.) must be submitted.