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Editorial Policy

Peer Review Policy

All submitted manuscripts will initially undergo a “Desk Review” process, a preliminary editor screening, to determine relevance in light of the Journal’s aims and scope, appeal to an international audience, and conformity to the house style of this Journal. 

Manuscripts evaluated as “potentially relevant” will go through a “Double-Blind Peer Review” process, typically by a minimum of two to a maximum of three reviewers. The peer-review process may be lengthy. In cases where it takes time, contributors would be updated on developments. For instance, if the manuscript requires more than two peer reviewers, or if its sensitive issues need careful discernment, among others.

If the manuscript is recommended for revision and resubmission, it will normally be reviewed by the same reviewers. However, there is no guarantee that the revised manuscript will be accepted. Submissions recommended for revision and resubmission may only be resubmitted once.  


Declined manuscripts will not be re-reviewed by this Journal.


Book reviews and research reports are not peer reviewed.