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SUVANNABHUMI(수완나부미)는 동남아시아학 관련 연구논문 발행을 위한 국제학술지입니다. 본 학술지는 독창적 연구의 성과, 이론적 고찰 그리고 기존 연구의 관점, 견해, 방법론의 재해석 등과 관련한 연구논문을 위한 국제적 플랫폼을 제공하고자 합니다. 학문적 범위는 문화연구, 역사학, 고고인류학, 사회학, 정치학, 경제학, 언어학 및 학제적 연구 분야를 포괄하고 있습니다.   SUVANNABHUMI(수완나부미)는 빨리어(Pali)로 '황금의 땅(The Land of Gold)’을 의미하며, 지리적으로는 오늘날 동남아시아를 가리키는 용어입니다.   SUVANNABHUMI(수완나부미)는 연간 2회 발간하며, 각각 6월과 12월 말에 발행됩니다. 정규 발행 외에도 특정 이슈나 지역을 중심으로 특별호를 발행합니다.
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최근발행 : 2021, Vol.13, No.2

  • The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Indonesia's Economy and Alternative Prospects for Untact Society

    이경찬 | 2021, 13(2) | pp.7~35 | 피인용수 : 0
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    This research is an attempt to understand the economic and social consequences that are occurring in Indonesia due to the spread of COVID-19. Indonesia, which has maintained solid economic growth since the inauguration of President Jokowi's government, is also experiencing difficulties to deal with unexpected COVID-19 pandemic as the global economic turmoil has had a very significant impact on its economy. The economic impact of COVID-19 can be felt, starting from the phenomenon of panic buying, the free fall of the stock price index, the depreciation of the Rupiah against the Dollar, sluggish activities in the processing industry, and ultimately it has an impact on slowing economic growth. Various policies and measures have been taken by the Indonesian government to minimize the negative impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy. One such area is electronic commerce business or e-commerce that witnessed a vast increase of online and non-cash transaction amid rising voices that the country needs to prepare for the advent of a new economic system, the so-called New Normal era. The Covid-19 pandemic will temporarily slow economic growth and delay some development projects and policy initiatives as the Indonesian government diverts capital from infrastructure development to help respond to the crisis. However, the Jokowi administration's efforts for continuous reform are expected to accelerate the transition to the digital economy.
  • Mazu – The Chinese Sea Goddess Transforming into Mother Goddess in Vietnam Urban Areas – A Case Study at Mazu Temple in Pho Hien, Vietnam

    Phan Thi Hoa Ly | Tran Hanh Minh Phuong | 2021, 13(2) | pp.37~67 | 피인용수 : 0
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    Mazu is considered the famous Chinese Sea Goddess, venerated by seafarers. Mazu belief was conducted in Meizhou County, Fujian Province. Soon worship of Mazu spread quickly to other parts of over the world, especially in Southeast Asia. In China, the Mazu belief was strongly influenced by marine culture, but its marine factors faded when Chinese immigrants had lived together with the Kinh people in Pho Hien (in the north of Vietnam) for more than four centuries. Applying the Acculturation theory, this paper aims to analyze the migration background of the Chinese and their integration into Kinh culture in Pho Hien. It can be said that historical, economic and social context, as well as native government policies have highly affected the manner and the rate of this belief’s acculturation. Furthermore, the article explains the reasons for the fading of marine cultural traits and their replacement by the Kinh people’s cultural factors in this belief.
  • Tributary Activity in Diplomacy Relations between Vietnam and Mainland Southeast Asian Countries from 938 to 1885

    Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Hạnh | 2021, 13(2) | pp.69~108 | 피인용수 : 0
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    Based on research of documents left by Vietnamese feudal dynasties, the current article reports how it initially reconstructed the process of Vietnamese tribute activity of Southeast Asia from the 10th to 19th century and demonstrates the significance of these activities to how Vietnam is considered central rather than peripheral as a nation. Tribute activity took place during a period when Vietnam was an independent country; feudal dynasties of Vietnam were independent and autonomous dynasties. Vietnam had just escaped from the 1,000-year invasion of China and more recently gotten out from the control of the French colonialists. From the demonstration of the tribute activity, otherwise called requesting investiture, the current article places it in relation to the contemporary Chinese “tributary system” to draw out the characteristics and its essence. At the time the current article explores the underlying causes that contributed to shaping the core characteristics of this “tributary system” and its significance to power relationships.