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2005, Vol.28, No.

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    An Analysis & Task on the “August 31 Real Estate Measures”

    Su Kab Kim | 여갑수 | 2005, 28() | pp.17~39 | number of Cited : 5
    This article studied about the "August 31 Real Estate Measures" in 2005. The "August 31 Real Estate Measures" are more comprehensive than any measures taken previously. They include means to suppress demand for speculative investment and plans for increasing housing supply, and approach housing and land as interrelated. Furthermore, the government's political will appears to be strong. The policy even includes the finance sector, since there are new regulations on secured loans against apartments. This is a positive development, though the measures are not without shortcomings since they essentially exclude elements of the "public concept" of land and focus mainly on taxation and supply. The gist of the "August 31 Real Estate Measures" are to repress speculative demand through heavy taxation and increase the housing supply through new residential developments.The "August 31 Real Estate Measures" are roughly as follows:1) Stabilization measures of the common people's housing life ; ① Stabilization support for the householders of low-income class, ② Extension of a construction plan about a public rental apartment, ③ Revitalization of individual rental apartment2) Cleanliness measures of transactions in real estate ; ① Obligation of a report for local government to transactions in real estate a real value, ② Transactions in real estate a real value register the Real Property Registration Act, ③ Construction of electronic report system, etc.3) Stabilization measures on housing & land market ; Guarantee to efficiency and equity of housing and land market the anti-speculative measures in real estate and expansion supply of housing.We should try to improve problems of the "August 31 Real Estate Measures" suggested up to now through legislative process in national assembly.
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    A study on the regulation of the real estate brokerage fee in the Korean Act

    한병영 | 2005, 28() | pp.69~97 | number of Cited : 5
    This study aims to come up with ideas for fair real estate brokerage fee by reviewing the Korean Real Estate Brokerage Business Act and acknowledging problem in the control of the maximum of brokerage fee through the act. The price regulation is not principally consistent with the market economy. Although, In Korean real estate brokerage business, the price regulation policy is enforced for the name of the stability of the national economy. The fee regulation policy results in cartel and unfair competition. This policy for the low-income brackets runs counter to the aim of the policy. This control of the brokerage fee is not consistent to the principal equality in Korean Constitution. The real estate brokers are treated discriminately with the fee control of the Korean Real Estate Act in compare with the lawyers etc. The violation of the legal limited fee is punished severely. This severe punishment is not consistent with the prohibition of the excessive regulation in the Korean Constitution. In conclusion, I emphasize the abolishment of the real estate brokerage fee limit in Korea. If this abolishment policy comes true in future, I forsee that the fee will come down from the present regulated price through the competition of brokerages in the market.
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    The Basic Understanding on Federalism in the U.S.

    강승식 | 2005, 28() | pp.99~132 | number of Cited : 0
    In the U.S. federal system, power is divided between a central government and a set of regional governments. A unitary system, by contrast, vests all authority in the central government. In the American context, federalism refers to the division of power between the national government on the one hand and the state and local governments on the other.Federalism is one of the two basic structural characteristics of the American constitutional system, the other being saparation od powers among branches of the national government. During the two centuries since the republic was founded, the relationship between the national government and the states has changed dramatically. Today, there is no question of the dominance of the national government in most areas of policy making. Yet states remain viable actors in the political system and in recent years may have become even more important. Thus, as a constitutional principle, federalism retains considerable vitality.As an applied principle of government, federalism requires an ongoing effort by legislators, president, and judges to balance many competing interests and values, among them: individual liberty and public order, local diversity and the national interest, limited government, and social justice. This article examines the constitutional basis and evolving meaning of federalism, giving special attention to the cases of the U.S. Supreme Court in defining the relationship and marking the boundaries between national and state functions.
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    Legal Points in Cyber medical-treatment

    Kim,Dong-Kun | 2005, 28() | pp.155~172 | number of Cited : 1
    Cyber medical-treatment is the model of health-care offerings via the Internet. It can provide necessary medical care to the many people beyond the geographic barrier. And it can save the time to go to the hospital for the business man who can rarely make time. It will improve the quality of medical care and supplement the traditional roles of doctors'.There are so many health-related web sites and medical portal sites in cyber world. And they provide health-care informations. Some of them give medical treatment and diagnosis to the patients by internet. And many sites that provide medical informations are questionable and some are even harmful. So this kind of medical practise need to have a proper guideline and it must be controlled by the medical law.Nevertheless we cannot deny the merits of Cyber medical-treatment. It will provide a more cost-effective and time-saving method of medical care. It can give the opportunity to meet the developed medical techniques to many people. But, to make it proper and useful method of medical practise, some guidelines must be prepared.
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    Die strittigen Rechtspunkte zum polizeilichen Schusswaffengebrauch

    박창섭 | 2005, 28() | pp.247~265 | number of Cited : 4
    Es obliegt der Polizei, die Gefahren abzuwehren. Die Polizei wird zum Schutz des Volkslebens und Eigentums eingesetzt. Sie auch erfllt die Pflichten, dass staatliche Sicherheit und die Gesellschaftsordnung erhalten. Sie hat von der Allgemeinheit oder die einzelnen Gefahren abzuwehren, durch die die ffentliche Sicherheit oder Ordnung bedroht wird. Dadurch kann die Polizei fr den Gebrauch einer Schusswaffen mglich bereitstellen. Einerseits in Sdkorea sind die gesetzlichen Voraussetzungen fr den polizeilichen Schusswaffengebrauch nicht klar gestellt worden. Andererseits auch in den Rechtsprechung sind die bezogenen Lage der Polizeibehrde nicht richtig in Rcksicht genommen worden. Es wre erforderlich, mindestens insoweit klar zu definieren, wann und wo die Polizei berechtigt d.h. ohne Wirrwarr ihr Schusswaffen gebraucht machen kann. Geschehen muss es natrlich nur innerhalb der verfassungsrechtlichen und gesetzlichen Grenzen, aber doch zum polizeilichen Zweck d.h. zur Erhaltung der ffentlichen Sicherheit und Ordnung gegenber dem Verbrechen. Einige Flle werden hier als typische Beispiele dafr gewhlt und bewertet, indem darauf die geltenden Vorschriften in dieser Richtung interpretiert und angewendet werden.
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    Une étude sur le contrat administratif local

    전훈 | 2005, 28() | pp.267~285 | number of Cited : 6
    Existe-t-il une notion de contrat administratif local en Corée? La réponse est difficile car la notion de contrat administratif n'est pas reconnue par la doctrine et la jurisprudence. Certains professeurs coréens ont constaté que le contrat administratif est un catégorie d'activité de l'administration comportant le contrat ayant l'effet du droit public, qui peut être conclu soit entre deux administrations, soit entre l'administration et un particulier. Selon la doctrine française, certains contrats sont administratifs par détermination de la loi(Code des marchés publics). En l'absence de texte, la jurisprudence a recourt, pour qualifier un contrat «contrat administratif», au critère de la participation à l'exécution du service public ou à celui de la clause exorbitante (II). Dans notre étude sur le contrat administratif local, deux catégorie des contrats administratifs peuvent être distinguées : le contrat administratif local en tant que moyen de la décentralisation et le contrat administratif pour l'exécution du service public. Nous pouvons constater que la décentralisation débouche sur des pratiques contractuelles (III). Selon l'explication classique, l'originalité des règles relatives à l'élaboration des contrats administratifs s'agit des procédures de choix du cocontractant ou de la mode d'exécution des contrats (IV).
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    A Study on the Limitation of the Police Power

    조만형 | 2005, 28() | pp.287~324 | number of Cited : 3
    The general function of the police is to prevent public stability and maintain its peaceful order from any danger or jeopardy, and such is legitimate duties of the state. Exercising of the police power may be an intimidating cause to the fundamental human rights of the national, however, such human rights can never be protected without having maintained public stability and its peaceful order. Thus, when considering of this viewpoint, we can see that there has a nature of antimony in the function of the police power. So called "The theory of Reasonable Limit of the Police Power" is a principal law which should be applied only in case of exercising of the Police Power according to the General provisions that defined the duties of the Police. Such principle of proportion, in a vast terms, they said that the proportional relationship must be maintained relationally between objective realization and its means. On the other hand, the police discretion may be reduce to Zero. Such is the result of the Police function in the provisions of discretion which changes into the provisions of the Police Duties, and therefore, the police will have a duty to carry out specific conduct of the Police.Accordingly, there may generate a duties for the Police intervention, and in the premise of such situation, the police shall have a requisition right for intervention when treating violations. Such view points, as I studied and report hereinbefore, may be reasonable and appropriate to the Constitutional Law of States.
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    Die Institutionalisierung der Gesetzesfolgenabschätzung

    Yooncheol Choi | 2005, 28() | pp.325~352 | number of Cited : 15
    Die Gesetzesfolgenabschzung(GFA) ist eine Technik auf die Gesetzgebung, normativen Folgen eines Gesetzes zu evaluieren, um ein besseres Gesetz zu kriegen. GFA ist von Prof. Bhret an der Hochschule Spyer seit 80er intensiv studiert worden. Eine effektive Methode zur Evaluation von Gesetzen versuchen mehre Lnder seit langem. Z. B. in USA entwickelt sich impact assesment als eine Evaluation von Gesetzen auf die Gesetzgebung in der Praxis. Aber sie dient meistens zu den Fllen, in denen neue Gesetze zur Belastung der Fiskus oder zu den wirtschaftlichen Folgen fhren, Gesetze, die auf die Bereiche der non-wirtschaftlichen Folgen Geltung brigen sollte, knnen dadurch nicht geprft werden.
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    An essay on the possibility of judicial review of subsidization and governing system

    허강무 | 2005, 28() | pp.353~371 | number of Cited : 2
    Recently the higher the politicaleconomic importance of a subsidy, the more making a demand an administrative reform such as arrangement and rationalization of subsidy.In this reality, it is necessary viewpoint that the legal issue of subsidization solves with focusing on legal control with usual discussion - a form of an act of subsidization and the existencenonexistence of the necessity with legal reservation especially. This study is aimed to examine that a study on the control of subsidization and the judicial review of subsidization, in addition to the possibility of other controls from the viewpoint of receiver which is not discussed with sufficiency up to now. First of all in the 1st chapter, it is examined that the characteristic of the administration of subsidization and the necessity of control. And in chapter 2, it is focused on considering new viewpoint of the control of subsidization.Also in the 3rd chapter, it is considered that the possibility of control except a court of justice through a study on subsidization and judicial review. In the 4th chapter, it is progressed to describe the conclusion as the completion of this study.