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Information for Authors

Article 1 (Name) These regulations are referred to as the regulations regarding the submission of papers to the journal of The Classical Chinese Literature Association of Korea.

Article 2 (Purpose) The purpose of these regulations is to determine the procedure for submitting papers to be published in the 󰡔Journal of Korean Classical Chinese Literature󰡕 of The Classical Chinese Literature Association of Korea and to define related tasks.

Article 3 (Copyright) The copyrights of the papers, etc. published in the journal of this society, the 󰡔Journal of Korean Classical Chinese Literature󰡕 , belong to the society and this is deemed to have been agreed upon at the time of submission; provided that, although the authors of published papers, etc. have transferred their copyrights to the society, their works can be used by them through reproduction, distribution, public transmission, or performance for academic and research purposes. In addition, since the authors of published papers, etc., did not transfer the right to write secondary works to the society, they can translate, modify, or change the published papers and use the resultant papers.

Article 4 (Nature of papers) The journal of this society, the 󰡔Journal of Korean Classical Chinese Literature󰡕 , contains Korean Classical Chinese literature and related papers, materials, and translations.

Paragraph 1) Papers should have not been published in any other journals.

Paragraph 2) The editorial committee deliberates and decides on the discovery, introduction, and translation of new materials.

Article 5 (Publication dates) The journal shall be published twice a year; provided that, it shall be published on June 30 in the first half and December 30 in the second half of the year.

Article 6 (Deadline for manuscript reception and submission) Manuscripts are accepted by the publishing director from time to time, and the deadline for submission of manuscripts is May 10 for the first half and November 10 for the second half of each year.

Article 7 (Qualification for submission) Qualifications for manuscript submission are limited to members of this Society. However, in the case of papers on joint research with members and papers planned and requested by the editorial committee, etc., submissions by non-members are also permitted.

Article 8 (Length of manuscript) The length of a of manuscript should be around 100 sheets of 200-character manuscript paper and should not exceed 150 sheets. (Provided that, in cases where a manuscript exceeds 150 sheets, the contributor shall pay part of the publishing cost in addition to the publication fee.)

Article 9 (Submission of manuscript) Manuscripts shall be submitted to the Society JAMS (https://hanmungo.jams.or.kr).

Article 10 (Publication fee) Contributors who have been notified of the decision to publish shall pay the prescribed publication fee.

Article 11 (Manuscript preparation method) All manuscripts shall be prepared in accordance with the 'Society for Korean Literature in Classical Chinese Manuscript Preparation Guidelines.'


First revision on January 20, 2017

Second revision on August 22, 2020.