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Information for Authors

Submission Regulations

- The content of the manuscript

- Academic and cultural exchanges with institutions related to domestic and international affairs, Multi-cultural Society and Education Studies publications three times a year.

- Publishing : Submitted manuscripts are reviewed by editorial meetings and then published.

- Publication fees and manuscript fees

- Papers that are confirmed to be published must pay a publishing fee. For the adopted manuscript, in principle, the author is presented with a copy of the original copy and a few separate copies of the manuscript as a manuscript fee.

- Homepage publication : In principle, all manuscripts published in this journal are to be disclosed on the academic information website.

- The copyright of the paper : The copyright of papers already published in this journal or published in the future is deemed to agree to be used by the Society in connection with academic activities by submission of the manuscript.

- For details on manuscript preparation, refer to the <How to Write a Manuscript>.